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[An article from Vogue Magazine 22 years from now. Something a little different but fun to write all the same :P thanks for the prompt dude!]

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Vogue Magazine – Autumn 2039


Shooting to fame at the tender age of twenty five and becoming a multi-millionaire by thirty isn’t exactly everyone’s story, but for DJ and music producer BECA MITCHELL, it’s just another chapter in her eventful life. Here she discusses work, love and motherhood.

-words by PENNY CORKETT-

Stepping up to any large Beverly Hills home is an odd feeling, but when that home belongs to one of the most powerful (and often regarded as one of the most intimidating) women in the music industry, the feeling turns more to nerves. I had no idea what to expect, having never met Beca Mitchell before. All I had seen of her is what most people had seen of her: a few red carpet interviews at awards ceremonies, paparazzi photos, the odd photo or video posted on social media by her children, and more recently a guest judge on the 35th season of ‘The Voice’.

However, the moment I reach the large front door it swings open and there stands the very woman who I thought I feared. Except she didn’t appear to be the scary dragon everyone depicts her to be. Standing at just barely 5ft 4in, the forty seven year old gives me a warm smile and asks if I had a safe journey.

The woman invites me into her home and I follow her through to the large kitchen at the back of the house, passing an impressive array of awards. “Music has been in my blood since I was a kid,” Mitchell shares as she moves past the award cabinets, “I was always the one tapping out a beat with my pencil in school, or writing terrible lyrics on the back of my hand in pen.” And it was thanks to a teacher in high school that informed her of the role of a ‘music producer’, “I just remember him telling me that if I wanted to make it big I needed to go to LA. So that became my soul focus through high school.”

The only problem with the focus was trying to convince her father, who had other ideas. “He made me go to the college that he worked at.” The brunette says, rolling her eyes, “He hated the idea of me potentially wasting away in LA with no real hope of making it in the music industry. And I hate to admit it but he was right. Knowing what I know now about the industry - it’s not enough to just want it, you’ve got to really work to make contacts, seize opportunities, but also have a heap of luck!”

And a heap of luck came in Beca’s first year of college, not on a professional level but on a personal level. The awards that we walk past are not exclusively music-based, they are also some of the top accolades in the theatre, film and TV industry which have been awarded to Mitchell’s wife over the years.

Beca Mitchell is often depicted as hard-nosed, stern, and unforgiving – a stark difference from her wife of twenty years, Hollywood actress Chloe Beale. The two met in college and became fast friends, beginning a relationship shortly after graduation.

“She sort of didn’t give me much choice,” Beca admits with a smile as she reminisces about the first time she met the woman who would one day become her wife, “Chloe has this unbelievable ability to make anybody feel like a somebody. I was a total nobody-freshman and she was a senior who saw me across the campus quad one day and I guess the rest, as they say, is history.”

Beale has mentioned in several interviews in the past how she’d purposefully failed one of her college classes three years in a row so she could spend more time with Beca, who at the time had been her best friend and co-Captain of their collegiate acapella group (The Barden Bellas - worth a look on YouTube.) “Yeah I had no idea at the time that she had a thing for me,” Mitchell laughs, “I was in a long-term relationship with a guy all through college and it wasn’t until the final part of that relationship that I realised I was starting to develop these feelings for Chloe that were more than platonic.”

A year after graduating Beca had begun building a name for herself in the music industry in NYC. Chloe meanwhile, had travelled home to South Carolina, unsure of what to do next. “I remember hearing a song by an artist who was pretty unknown at the time, and the lyrics of this song I was working on just rang through to me.” Mitchell says with a small smile, “Every lyric reminded me of Chloe. And that’s when I realised I had to do something about it.” The woman travelled down to South Carolina and asked Beale out on a date. “She didn’t believe me at first - until I kissed her.” Beca laughs, “I just came right out and kissed her and that’s when she knew I was being serious.”

Beale moved up to New York City and in with Mitchell shortly after their first date (“We’d known each other for five years already so it wasn’t like we were strangers.”) and it was there that the redhead auditioned for and won the leading role of ‘Satine’ in the critically acclaimed Broadway adaptation of the 2001 Baz Luhrmann movie ‘Moulin Rouge!’

During the two year stint Beale had in ‘Moulin Rouge!’, Mitchell had her own success landing a US tour under the stage name of ‘DJ B-Mitch’, “That tour was the most difficult tour I’ve ever done,” the woman admits as she hands me a coffee and joins me at the kitchen table, “I was away for twelve weeks travelling the country and because Chloe was performing on Broadway six days a week neither of us had time to see each other.” The moment Mitchell returned home from her tour she proposed to Beale (“It was a no-brainer. I’d missed her so much.”) and within weeks they married in a small ceremony in Central Park with their closest family members and best friends.

Two years on from that and Mitchell would be out on the road again, this time with her wife and their baby daughter in tow. “I can’t even put into words how it felt to be up on a stage DJing to a crowd of 100,000 people and I would turn to my right and see the two most important people in my world stood side of stage cheering and dancing along.”

Two people turned into four with the arrival of twins two years later, and the Mitchell family were fast becoming not only high profile within celebrity gossip columns and papers, but both Beca and Chloe were shooting up the ranks in their respective careers. In 2022 Beale was nominated for her first Academy Award in a Leading Role – an award she would end up winning three times over the following 17 years (unfortunately she did not win that year), and with her wife’s success and subsequent role offers, DJ B-Mitch hung up her decks and became a full time music producer as ‘Beca Mitchell’ instead, “[Chloe and I] agreed we needed to provide the kids with stability, so we bought this house and I stopped touring. I stayed here in LA to work, while Chloe shot whichever movie or TV show she was working on.”

The couple split responsibilities when it came to caring for their three kids when they were young, “It was always a long day in the studio if it was my day to bring the kids into work. But now I look back on it and agree it was a good decision.” Mitchell says with a confident nod, “I love my kids and we’re a tight-knit family.”

Daisy (20), Brody (18), and Ben (18) are no longer in need of babysitting. Daisy, like her Mother, is starring on Broadway in the very role that shot Chloe Beale to stardom in the first place, playing ‘Satine’ in the revival of ‘Moulin Rouge!’.
“I couldn’t be prouder of her,” Mitchell says with an air of pride, admitting, “Daisy’s always wanted to be an actress, which is probably due to spending so much of her childhood on sound-stages with Chloe.”

And the boys? Well Brody and Ben Mitchell were both accepted at Harvard University, “They chose Barden though, for some absurd reason.” Mitchell says in a sarcastic tone, shaking her head slightly. Barden University, down in the state of Georgia, was the very college that their mothers met, “Which may have something to do with it,” Mitchell shrugs, “but I think they secretly just want to get away from the madness that can be a highly-populated college. Oh and getting away from their Mom’s may be a perk for them.”

So what’s in store for the music producer’s future? “Professionally, I’m helping out an old friend with a music score he’s composing. He’s always struggled with composition.”

And personally? “I’m not keen on divulging much about my personal life, but I think Chloe and I plan on going on holiday with our best friends from college if we can find a space in our calendars. The kids have technically flown the nest now.”

After the hour long chat and (arguably) the best cup of coffee I’ve ever tasted, I bid the Music Producer farewell. Having always envisioned the woman as a bit of a robot who had no compassion or emotion, this time spent with Beca Mitchell has truly provided me with the opportunity to see the real person behind that guarded, serious façade.

And I have to say, I liked it.