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anyway they’re watching kingsman, as per oikawa’s only non-scifi-related request and lbr kuroo’s enjoying it but nobody lets go of a chance to tease oikawa

anyway yeah just some quick doodle stuff while i reconcile the thought that i ship pretty much every combination of captains out there

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"You think you're funny?" #14

This is Josephine and Iske Cadash! (Who I will have to make in-game, because I love her after one fic.)


“You think you’re funny?”

Iske watched Josephine pace her quarters. She had known this conversation was coming, known since Josephine had stormed into the Herald’s Rest soaking wet. Didn’t make it any easier, though.

“It was just a prank-”

“What if I had been with an important delegation? Or carrying parchments that could not be replaced? Or what if-”

“Of course I checked your schedule,” Iske said, flopping onto the ridiculously large sofa. She might love the woman, but Iske would never understand why Josephine furnished a dwarf’s bedroom with human size furniture. “If you had anything planned that afternoon, I would have stalled Sera. But it was going to happen, one way or another. You know how determined she is.”

Josephine sniffed, which Iske decided to interpret as a yes. But Josephine still pouted a bit, and Iske knew it would be up to her to mollify her lover’s feelings.

“Come here,” she said softly. Josephine stopped pacing and stood in front of the fireplace, her chin raised. Well, it was a start. “Please?” Josephine crossed her arms over her chest and looked out the window. Iske sighed, knowing she needed a different tactic. “Pouting doesn’t become you, love.”

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  • Baby Watson: *curious* Uncle Sherrrlock?
  • Sherlock: *in the kitchen* Mmmm?
  • Baby Watson: Do you love Aunt Molly?
  • Sherlock: *making tea; sighs* No. Tea?
  • Baby Watson: But she's going on a date-
  • Sherlock: *opens the fridge* -with Jeremy, yes. Pancakes?
  • Baby Watson: *confused* But Mummy said that you told her-
  • Sherlock: *rummaging in cupboards* I was drunk. Rice? Coffee? Cereal?
  • Baby Watson: *proud* My Daddy thinks-
  • Sherlock: *mutters* Yes, that's his problem.
  • Baby Watson: *folds her arms* You're an idiot.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *glances at her over his shoulder; smiles* Bart's?
  • Baby Watson: *rolls her eyes* Yes, of course. C'mon *grabs his hand and pulls him out of the flat*
  • Sherlock: When you tell your parents, it was my idea.
  • Baby Watson: *giggles* Okay, Uncle Sherlock.
Librarian. (LAY vampire story) 1/2

Originally posted by luludeery

Your university library was one of your favorites because of two reasons- because of the beautiful atmosphere, the tall bookshelves groaning under the weight of dozens of hundreds documents. The whole library was dressed in warm colors, rich wood and red drapes and comfortable chairs and sofas. Large desks were in the middle, surrounded by the bookshelves where you could use your laptop if you needed, but you decided never to take electronics when you have so many beautiful and antique books surrounding you. You often found yourself strolling through the library, inspecting the large shelves and deciding what you should read, instead of doing schoolwork.

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Paul Beatty: ‘For me, Trump’s America has always existed’
Booker prize winner says president’s rise is not a shock and race relations have improved very little, even under Obama
By Vidhi Doshi

“I don’t claim to offer any special insight,” he says. “I read the same newspapers you all do.” Reclining on a large sofa hidden from the crowds of literature enthusiasts attending the festival, Beatty slumps as though a dark cloud is hanging over his head. His pessimism about America’s future seems to reflect the gloom of many Americans who watched the former reality-TV star take the oath on Friday.

“It’s like a big test – and it’s like, is the world going to fail? [Trump’s victory] is so symptomatic of so much that’s happening [in the world]. In the States everybody pays attention, because supposedly the States is different. But this xenophobia, this fear, this insecurity, with [Indian prime minister Narendra] Modi here, [Rodrigo] Duterte in the Philippines, they’ve always been there, but the fact that they’re making progress, that’s scary.”


-Anon request

“Hey, Y/N,” Dean called through the bunker.

“What?!” you shouted back, munching your way through a large sandwich on the sofa in the living room.

“It’s Cas!”

“The dude with the wings?”

“Yeah, the dude with the wings,” Dean yelled. “Now are you coming to finally meet him or not?”

Rolling your eyes, you heaved yourself off the sofa and marched through to the kitchen when you saw Dean standing with a ragged looking brunet in a tan trench coat.

The man, Castiel -angel-, turned to face you and greeted monotonously, “Hello, Y/N. I understand that you are a timelord.”

“I understand that you’re an angel,” you retorted, flipping him a smile. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?” With the offer hanging in the air, you unzipped your jacket and took his hand in yours to press against your chest, resting just over your hearts.

“Two?” he frowned.

Smirking, you corrected him, “Three.”

“I though Gallifreyans had only two hearts?” Castiel checked, furrowing his brow.

Shrugging, you replied, “Well, I’m extra special, sugar. But what about you then? I was promised wings…”

With the flickering of lights around the three of you, the sudden whoosh of feathers signified the wings’ appearance and a second later you could clearly see two huge feathered wings sprout from between his shoulder blades. They were the colour of time and space- like the vortex your TARDIS went through whilst travelling.

“They’re beautiful,” you murmured, stepping forwards to gently stroke the tips of your fingers across the fibres of the fluttering feathers.

“Well,” Castiel smiled as he watched you, “I’m extra special.”

good boy

Genre: Smut (TW: sex toy, dirty talk)

[Before reading: chastity device or chastity belt is a locking item used in BDSM for orgasm control and prohibition from intercourse or masturbation from the wearer.]

sub!bangtan series

Hoseok was craving to be touched.

  The night came and Hoseok was finally home. Running his fingers through his hair, you saw Hoseok entering the apartment you shared with him. You got up from the large sofa in the living room and went to meet him, putting your hands gently on the sides of his face and softly kissing his lips.

“How was your day at work, sweet?”, you asked, watching Hoseok get rid of his jacket and shoes. It was all already set up from the moment he got in your house.

“Hard”, he uttered, holding a sigh. You smirked whilst his eyes were admiring your body in the black satin nightgown.

“Tell me”, your words were soft and calm, like that was an ordinary talk.

“I thought about you all day”, he said leisurely, his eyes never looking away of yours as you raised an eyebrow, in a mute question, “All I want is to touch you. Feel your skin, hear your voice. Please, mistress.”

  The eager in his eyes was almost tangible. Your gaze went to his crotch, just before you could look into his wide eyes again, a contemptuous look on your face. At that moment, all you could think was Hoseok being at work all day with a chastity device, having to deal with the sensual pictures of you and text messages that you sent him during the day.

“Did you enjoy the pictures?”, you enquired.

“Y-yes, a lot”, he answered you, choking with his own saliva, remembering his struggle in the middle of the office, “You are always stunning”.

“I guess you want to be freed”, you licked your lips, holding the tiny key that was pending on your gold necklace, the one that could open the chastity thing that wasn’t allowing him to touch his neglected member. Hoseok’s eyes got darker.

“I really want to”, he almost couldn’t control himself. However, as good submissive man he was, Hoseok knew he had to follow your commands if he wanted to be rewarded. If you wanted to reward him.

“You only have to be a good boy”.

  Just after you pointed at the sofa, Hoseok was fast to reach it. With only a look, he knew he was being told to take off his clothes. After walking at to him, your cold hands held his face and kissed him passionately. His hands worshiped every inch of your body, slowly sliding into your nightgown. You let him squeeze your butt cheeks, massage you boobs and even take off the single piece of cloth you had on. He already had a boner and you thought it would be more interesting to uncage it. Taking off your necklace, you got on your knees, still catching his lively gaze. Few seconds later, Hoseok could finally feel his hard member free.

“You are being lucky, don’t you think so?”, you whispered on his ear, running your fingers through his shoulders and nape.

“Thank you”, Hoseok’s voice was lowered as he smoothly kissed your neck.

“But things are not that easy, my dear”, you said and he looked at you, “you won’t be able to touch yourself until I tell you so.”

  Stating that, you pushed him onto the sofa, sitting on his lap and adjusting to his slim body, his erect member often touching your stomach. In that night, Hoseok was more lover than ever. It wasn’t new to you that, after putting him in that chastity thing, he would become even an even harder adorer of you. Whilst being unable to have any pleasure, Hoseok would give his full attention to you. His kisses felt more lovable, his hands worked harder. You couldn’t deny you loved that.

  The feeling of his thumb touching your sensible clit was nothing but awesome. Hoseok calmly rubbed that point, making your body shiver just before he slid two fingers into your wet pussy. You stopped him, sitting now on the sofa and being followed by Hoseok getting on his knees, in front of your body. Holding you close to his face, he left sloppy kisses around your thighs and groin before reaching your hot spot. Seeing you like sighing and your body react to his mouth and tongue made him feel good.

“You doing a great job, baby”, you said, hands deep in his hair, pulling him closer. The little sounds Hoseok did while sucking and licking you cause nice vibrations over there. “Keep going, Hoseok”, was the only sentence you could say properly, soon reaching your orgasm.

   The shine on his eyes showed how amazed he felt seeing you cum. But he still had a problem down there. Knowing that and recovering from the sensation of your climax, you pulled him back to seat next to you, going one more time to his lap.

“You are being such a good boy”, you were probably leaving hickeys on his neck, “but I see you’re still horny as fuck”, moving your hips, you grinded on him, feeling your pussy going wet again, “how bad do you want me to touch you and let you cum?”.

So much”, Hoseok whimpered, hands grabbing your butt, “can my master touch me?”.

“You’ll be rewarded, my boy”, you announced and he bit his lip.

  Suddenly, Hoseok’s eyes went surprised when you left his lap just to get on your knees. He could count on his fingers how many times you did it and the memory of how good your mouth felt on his cock made him longing. This time, you wanted to work on Hoseok, give him some pleasure. Not wasting time on tease, your hands softly stroked his balls while your mouth worked on his tough member. Hearing Hoseok groaning for you was one of the best sounds you could ever appreciate.

Please, let me be inside of you”, he begged as soon as you slowed down on him, his voice still trembling because of the sensations. Leaving his member, you licked your lips, grabbing a condom strategically positioned near you, putting on him.

“Today might be your lucky day, honey baby”, you told him as you sat on him again, sliding two fingers inside of yourself, feeling how wet you were again and then sliding them into Hoseok’s mouth, watching him clear them up, “I’m going to ride you until I cum”, you bit his earlob, “and until you cum”.

  An extra excited feeling got Hoseok’s sweaty body. The moves your hips made on him caused his eyes to shut close, hands never leaving your body. But, as always, he could not forget you, his thumb was clumsy rubbing your clit as he felt that sensation growing on his stomach.

“Cum for me, Hoseok, do it like the little dirty boy you are”, you teased him, getting closer to your own climax once again.

“I-I’m going-”, Hoseok tried to say but was brutally hit by his orgasm, howling. With deep breaths and sweaty bodies, you kissed slightly, a simple touch of lips.

“That’s what you get for obeying me”, you whispered and Hoseok gave you a pleased smile .

Push and Pull

“I know what you just saw but it’s not what it looked like” Taecyeon pleaded.
“Oh what a classic line, and I’m supposed to believe that?”
Everything was fine until now. You and Taecyeon were at a party of his friend’s and were having a great time dancing and socializing, having a few drinks here and there until you saw something you couldn’t even believe.

After dancing for a bit you both decided to sit down a take a break.
“You want something to drink?” Taecyeon asked you as the song ended.
“I was just going to ask you the same thing” you said with a laugh.
He laughed with you and said “Great minds think alike” before heading heading towards the bar area.
In the meantime you made your way to a large leather sofa that looked incredibly comfortable. You sat down and took a look around at the party once more. You didn’t really know anyone there but Taec stayed by your side the whole time and saved you from having to endure any awkward small talk by yourself. While looking around at all the decor and the other guests your eyes found Taecyeon. He was talking to a woman, which is something that you usually wouldn’t mind, until you saw how “friendly” they were being with each other. They were sitting at a couple of stools laughing together while she had her hand on his upper arm and he playfully nudged her with his elbow.
Although it wasn’t anything too big, you weren’t a fan of how touchy-feely they were being so you decided to go over to the bar and have him introduce you to her.
But as you were just about to reach the bar what you saw made your stomach turn. The woman he was talking to kissed him, right on the lips.
You froze mid step in complete disbelief.
Taecyeon’s eyes met yours and it took everything in you to just turn around and leave instead of closing the distance between you and him and causing a scene. You squeezed past the guests and headed towards the front door as quickly as possible, just wanting to be out of this place and away from Taec. You could feel him trying to catch up to you but you didn’t want to hear whatever he had to say. What excuse could he possibly have for letting some else kiss him?
As you got outside you felt a strong hand grab your arm and turn you around.
“________, please. I know what you just saw but it’s not what it looked like” Taecyeon pleaded.
“Oh what a classic line, and I’m supposed to believe that? It looked like you and someone else were kissing and there’s absolutely nothing you can say to change that.”
“Okay, that is true but she kissed me! I had no idea she was gonna do that, I swear. You know I would never do something like that.” His voice sounded sincere but it just didn’t make any sense to you.
“That’s a little hard to believe when you two were being all touchy-feely right before she kissed you. Just leave me alone, I don’t wanna hear anything you have to say right now” you said as you pulled your arm free from his grasp and walked to your car before he could speak again.
You got in, started the engine, and sped off.
You really wanted to just go home and forget about what happened but you knew Taec would get there right after you and try to convince you that he really didn’t kiss her back and you were not in the mood to deal with that right now. You drove around not really sure what to do until you saw a sign for the club that your best friend worked at and found a place to park.
As soon as you got in you were relieved to see she was working at the bar and ran over to her giving her a big hug as always before sitting down and telling her what had happened.
She listened intently and waited till you were done speaking before she said “Wow. I don’t even know what I would’ve done if I were you. But honestly, maybe you should hear him out. From what I’ve seen of him when you guys are together he definitely doesn’t look like he would do anything with another woman.”
“I know” you sighed “but I saw what I saw. Right now, just thinking about him makes me think of him kissing her and it makes me angry. I just need a moment before I talk to him again.”
She nodded her head in agreement “Thats probably a good idea. Well, want a shot while you’re here?” she said with a shy smile while presenting you with a shot glass and a bottle of vodka.
“A shot would be great right now.”
Somehow “a shot” turned into two shots and then three and four which was more than enough to make you drunk considering you had a couple drinks at the party earlier.
“My best friend” you called out singsong “I’m gonna need one more shot.”
“_______, you said that after your last shot and now you’re drunk. I’m not giving you another one.”
You tried to say “What? I’m not drunk” but it sounded more like “What? I’m no skunk”
She laughed and said “Yes I’m sure you’re not a skunk. Do you want me to call you a cab home?”
“Home? No way! I’m gonna go dance.”
You could see she was about to say something but stumbled your way to the dance floor before she could speak.
Dancing was always fun for you and it was even more fun when you were drunk because you could dance all night and not feel tired at all. You sashayed through the crowd until you found the perfect spot to dance and let loose.
It wasn’t long before you were moving completely in sync with the music, feeling it’s vibrations run through your body. It was almost as if your mind and body agreed to sober up enough to dance well but not so much that your mood would be killed.

You were entranced by the way the neon laser lights seemed to dance on your skin with you when you felt a pair of strong hands grip your waist. You were ready to turn around and tell whoever was touching you to back the hell off but you knew these hands.
Your friend must have told him you were here when she saw how drunk you were.
“What are you doing here?” Taecyeon whispered in your ear “you should be at home with me so we can talk about what happened.” You could tell he was annoyed and almost laughed out loud thinking about how annoyed he would be once he heard what you were going to say.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You should’ve just called your new girlfriend over and continued your make out session”
You twisted your waist out of his hold and danced past him, stealing a glance to see he was definitely annoyed and shocked.
It was time for him to have a little taste of his own medicine.
When he finally snapped out of it and turned around to see where you were he saw you approaching another man. You noticed he had been checking you out earlier and figured he wouldn’t mind dancing with you.
You looked back at Taec to make sure he was watching you and sure enough he was.
Without breaking eye contact with him, you reached up to bring the man closer to you and brought your lips to his ear to ask him if he wanted to dance.
Taecyeon was furious and you were loving it. Maybe now he would understand how you felt when he kissed that woman.
You watched him advance toward you while you danced making sure to give him a full show and making him even more angry. He reached you in no time and yanked you away from the guy much to his confusion and disappointment.
You let him lead you outside to your car with a proud smirk knowing you had made your point.
“Keys” he demanded.
You fumbled around in your jacket pocket and handed him the keys. For some reason he unlocked the back doors and motioned for you to get in. You were about to ask why but his facial expression told you it would be better to just get in.
He got in after you and immediately pinned you down to the seat with the weight of his body.
“What are you-”
He kissed you roughly not letting you finish your question.
“You’re really something else, you know that?” he said against your lips.
“I told you she kissed me not the other way around. I pushed her off but you were already turning around and didn’t see that. Now you’re here dancing with someone else and you’re making me insane.” His eyes were blazing at the point as they stared into yours.
Oh. Well you weren’t expecting that.
“How was I supposed to know” you mumbled feeling embarrassed.
“You would’ve known if you had let me talk. But now” he spoke quietly as he whispered in your ear “now we have another problem.”
He pressed his hips into you and you gasped feeling how hard he was through his jeans.
“Seeing you dance like that already made me want you but seeing you dance with that guy” he shook his head making his lips brush against your ear and causing a shiver to run through you.
“Now I can’t wait. It seems like I need to show you you’re mine so you’ll never forget it.”
“But we can’t do this here”
“Mm, we can, you just can’t be too loud” he teased as he kissed down your neck, biting and sucking.
A long moan escaped your lips and you knew there was no use fighting what you both wanted. You brought your fingers to his hair and pulled him into a heated kiss that he deepened even more. This kiss was different than your usual soft and playful kisses, it was passionate and a fight for dominance over the other. He wanted you to submit to him but you weren’t going to give in that easily.
He bit your bottom lip causing you to moan into his mouth and grind against his erection.
He let out a groan before pulling you up to take off your jacket and unzip your dress letting it fall down your hips and exposing your breasts.
You arched your chest up allowing him to kiss and suck on your breast while he brought his hand to the other and pinched your nipples gently.
As you reached for his shirt to take it off, his free hand grabbed yours and held them above your head.
“No no, I’m in charge, babe.” he said as he moved away from you. You grimaced at the empty feeling he left until he pulled your dress off completely and started to leave kisses down your stomach and your hips, then your thighs and going back up the same path ignoring the part of you that wanted to feel his lips the most.
You bit your lip in an attempt to hide how much you wanted him but you knew he wouldn’t go any further until you begged for him.
“Please, Taec. Don’t tease me.”
“But it’s so much fun to see you worked so worked up already” he chuckled and you could feel his lips brush past your already wet core.
Your hips intuitively moved upward but he moved away faster than you.
“Baby, please. I’m sorry for making you jealous I just- I need you. I need to feel you.”
You saw him smirk before he bit down on your inner thigh and pulled down your underwear.
He flicked your clit with his tongue and you let out a silent scream desperate for more.
He immediately sucked on your clit as he held your thighs apart preventing you from moving while he continued sucking and licking.
The combination of his tongue and not being able to move was driving you insane and you couldn’t control the loud moans and whimpers that escaped you. You were so close and he knew it.
His tongue left you causing you to whine and reach out for him.
“Ah ah” he teased while sitting up out of your reach “you have to earn it.”
Within moments you had stripped him down to his boxers and pulled them down freeing his erection.
Now it was your turn to get him worked up.
You pushed him onto the seat as you brought your knees to the floor of the car and slowly moved your hand up and down his length. He let his head fall back and groaned, already leaking pre cum from teasing you for so long.
“Taec, baby” you cooed waiting for him to lift his head and look at you. As soon as his eyes met yours you took his length into your mouth flattening your tongue as you went down making his eyes flutter shut in pure ecstasy. You loved seeing him so overwhelmed with pleasure just by your mouth and you took him even deeper earning a small whimper from him as he tangled his fingers in your hair and held you there.
You swallowed around him making his hips jerk up into your throat before you brought your lips up to his tip almost releasing him completely. Knowing how close he was, you sucked his tip hard and dug your nails into his thighs before moving off of him and giving him a wicked smile.
He opened his eyes and looked at you with confusion before realizing you did exactly what he did to you.
“Oh, you’re gonna regret that” he said with an equally wicked smile before pulling you up and onto his length in one move.
You cried out as he filled you up completely and he whispered in your ear, “We’re just getting started.”

Ethel Sands ‘The Chintz Couch’ ca.1910-11.

Ethel Sands inherited a fortune that enabled her to live an independent life, painting, travelling and socialising. In this painting she depicts the interior of her home in Belgravia, London, richly decorated with a number of framed landscapes and a delicate arrangement of long-stemmed white arum lilies beside a large chintz sofa. The objects presented combine both old-fashioned and modern tastes, reflecting the personality of the artist.

.starter for @asy-kyuhyun – .&i’m just a daydreamer

When Taemin finally got comfortable around people, he was hardly any trace of the boy they once knew upon first meeting - those shy and silent glances are gone, replaced by crooked grins and bouts of excited speech. A wild lavender-head of bed-hair is quick to bounce into view and he excitedly shoves a new drawing into Kyuhyun’s lap, offering the rare chance for someone to see his artwork.

He’d been finishing it off at the coffee-table, bent knees on the floor, and now had shuffled across to the male who sat watching T.V on the sofa. The large shirt on his body rustles over bony shoulders but Taemin is all smiles, looking like a proud creator over the vibrant piece in the male’s hands.

“—- well, watcha think?” He asks, an elbow propped on the free cushion next to Kyuhyun. “S’a real good one this time huh?”


Azazel listened to what his black diamond? Pale spade? He’d been trying out a few different names for the dual quad, had told him to do and was waiting in the sitting room.
He stared to fire going to keep it warm in the warm and sat on the large sofa. He still was kinda iffy feeling of the room, considering what he had done in it, but he tried not to think about that.

a concept: sat with your future wife on a large, comfy sofa. you’re both reading in silence with faint strains of soft jazz music coming from the kitchen where dinner is simmering on the stove. the window is slightly cracked open and the smells and sounds of midsummer twilight stream through the window. you are calm, peaceful, slightly tanned and freckled from days outside. tomorrow is a Sunday and you can lie in bed until noon.

A rich man visits the house of his friend, who shows him with pride his new wardrobe, handmade of fine oak wood. The rich man asks him, “My dear friend, where have you bought this piece? It would be perfect for my summer home. Between the large sofa and the grass carpet, I know exactly.”
His friend sighs, and admits with a hint of shame, “Ah, in a flea market. From an old man who didn’t know it’s worth. I could have gotten it for half the price, but I took pity on him.”
The rich man thought for a moment of asking him to sell it, but he well knew his manner of collecting, and that with this wardrobe his friend would not part until the day he died.
“Well,” he said, “I will learn where such wardrobes are sold, and I will buy one.”

[image transcription: “I will learn where such wardrobes are sold, and buy one,” which translates to “Я узнаю, где продают такие шкафы, и куплю.”]

Love in Panem Presents: I've Loved You Forever

By @titania522

I’ve Loved You Forever - Valentine’s Day Outtake (otherwise known as Chapter 5)

Many thanks to @akai-echo for the exquisite banner, @mega-aulover, @thegirlfromoverthepond, and @akai-echo for their pre-reading magic. Thanks to @loveinpanem for hosting this challenge (yes, I realize I’m thanking myself - allow me a moment to be silly) and to all of you for reading the fruit of my brain.  Hope you have a wonderful day every day.

Parts 1-4 can be found here:


“Let me feel her!” Prim said excitedly as she put her hand over Katniss’s stomach.  Katniss reclined against the large pillow of her sofa, the compact swell of her six month belly round and firm beneath her sister’s hand.  They’d found out the sex of the baby - a little girl, just like Peeta predicted - during her last ultrasound.  After several moments of resting her palm against Katniss’s stomach, Prim’s eyes widened and her other hand flew to her mouth.

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its 2043. youre sitting in your living room drinking tea in a large sofa. your daughter comes up to you, bright eyed and eager. she says, “mommy, im doing a project on the eu referendum. can you tell me what it was like back then?” you smile softly. fond memories replay in your mind and youre filled with nostalgia. “of course honey,” you say. “why dont i show you instead? i took a lot of pictures back then.” your daughter is grinning, she’s so excited. you reach under the sofa and pull out a large photo album. you point to the first page and say, “this one here is from right before the votes were counted… ” your daughter looks at the picture then starts tearing up. “mom” she says, choked up ”…….those aren’t pictures……..those are…..those are meme screenshots……” you smile and flip the page, “shhhh. look at this one, sweetheart. it’s mr. krabs. do you see how the picture is blurry? thats how cameron felt when the votes were counted. isnt it funny sweetheart? ” your daughter is sobbing, and you just flip the page. 

Would you take care of a broken soul?

Part 1

I don’t remember the drive to his house. Maybe I passed out? I wasn’t sure, I wasn’t sure of anything, I wasn’t even sure if Harry was really here, it wouldn’t be the first time I had dreamed of him. His arms felt warm carrying me though; they made me feel the warmest I had been in weeks, they felt real.

 He lay me down on his large sofa in his vintage looking living room. It was perfectly soft and smelt like him, like burning wood and fruity wine and everything I desired. Harry left the room and had soon enough returned with a large glass of water which I could not have been more thankful for, my head had begun the throb and I had a feeling it would be like this all day tomorrow also, but I had become quite used to the pain.

 I chugged half the glass with Harry watching with cautious eyes and then proceeded to put the half empty glass beside Harry, who was sitting on the dark wood coffee table placed in front of me. My surroundings weren’t clear; making it obvious to me that alcohol was still strong in my system. I brought my eyes to look up into his. He looked sad and desperate.

 “What happened?” he said in a voice just slightly above a whisper, sounding strained.

 Suddenly I felt angry. He didn’t have the right to ask me what happened, he knew what happened, he happened.

 “Are you joking?” my words came out bitterly. “You up and leave when I gave up my whole life for you, I sacrificed everything for you and you ask me what happened! You’re what happened! You’re a selfish dick Harry Styles and I wish I never met you, I wish I never feel in love with you because I know for sure it would have saved me a whole lot of pain!” I shouted, my words coming out harsh and I knew they were uncalled for but with the feeling of so much pain and alcohol heavily in my system it all just came pouring out.

 Harry looked like a wounded bird, his eyes wide and glossy. I had never spoke to him in such a way, had never been much of a fighter and hated to ever have him angry at me or to know that I caused him hurt, but in this moment in time that was all out the window and I had to let it all out, I knew I would regret it in the morning but for now, I was too stuck in the present to care.

 “You don’t mean that” I could hear him choking on his words, “I know you don’t”

 “Too bad I do” I spat.

 Harry started to come towards me, wrapping his arms around me, I pushed him, I pushed and I pushed but he was too strong.

 “NO, NO NO NO NO NO!” I kept shouting, continuing to push Harry away and hit his shoulders until my shouts came out as sobs and fat tears ran down my checks. I was now melted into his arms and there was no getting out. I knew deep down I didn’t want to.

I could feel Harry repeatedly planting soft kisses to the top of my head and in between each one murmuring sorry, over and over again.

 “I’m so sorry Harry” I whimpered into his shoulder, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it, you didn’t deserve that.” “No!” he pulled back suddenly looking into my eyes and I could see that small tears were running down his face also, “You have nothing to apologise for, don’t ever apologise” he spoke softly.

 He lay is forehead against mine, before slowly connecting our lips. We kissed slowly at first, our tears mixing but then it became faster, more desperate, like we were parched of each other. “I missed you so much” he murmured breathlessly against my lips, “I’m never going to leave you again baby, I promise, my heart couldn’t take it. I’m gonna take care of you, I’m always gonna take care of you.”

 And I knew he really meant it.

The Houses As Places/Scenarios

House 1: A performance hall. All light are on the stage, as the actors play the parts they have been given with vigor and confidence. The audience watches intently as the performers draw them in through the entrancement of characters.

House 2: A luxurious mention where freshly lit candles illuminate the walls lined with beautiful art and a grand piano whispers is soft melody in the corner of the room. A binder of financial records sits on the coffee table in front of a large sofa.

House 3: In the middle of a library a book of dozens of stories is read aloud to a circle of children, each story evolving from the one before in such a way that each tale is both entirely alike and dissimilar at the same time.

House 4: A small suburban home where the only light shines on the dining table. A father hangs his coat as he comes home from work, meanwhile a mother asks about her children today. Hand sewn pillows line the couches and a home-cooked meal is served.

House 5: An easel stands in the center of a child’s craft room with a painting of the child and their best friend standing underneath the tree. Toys and plastic instruments line the brightly colored walls as the sun illuminates each corner of the room.

House 6: A hospital room. Get well soon balloons and cards line the windowsills and flower petals reflect the light of the sun. The nurse sits across from a patient, telling them that they will be going home on Sunday.

House 7: In her bedroom, a teenager looks into the mirror almost entirely obstructed by photos of friends. Love letters are scattered across the desk and her phone vibrates as a text comes through from her partner

House 8: An abandoned library filled with ancient books of unknown wonders is explored as a young person blows the dust off and begins to read by the light of candle.

House 9: Businessmen and women board the plane destined to fly around the world. Filled with cultural experiences and new beginnings, they think of all the preparation they’ve done. They know all there is to know about they places they will visit and will soon experience it for themselves, for life is just one big adventure.

House 10: A man sits down in his study, reading through bills and answering phone calls, a consistent occurrence with his job. His already existing headache is amplified by the sound of a crying baby in the next room, which his wife promptly takes care of.

House 11: A schoolyard. A group of kids sit underneath a tree to eat lunch together on their first day of school. The sound of laughter fills the air as they joke and talk with one another. They have just met, but will be friends for years to come.

House 12: In a bright room with four white walls and no windows a woman crawls into a ball and screams, for she is trapped in her own infinity.