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i'm so excited that you started making your art into designs for shirts. i just ordered a couple of tank tops and i can't wait to wear them!!!

hey thanks! I’ve been on a LOT of greyhound buses lately & pulling out my laptop to prepare shirt files while I travel has been oddly relaxing

this one’s from the ride home today - you can grab it here, if you like


Hey! It’s a v emo give away by @dre–a and me @robberz

▪️Must be following both @dre–a and me (we will be checking)
▪️reblogs only (you can like for bookmarking)
▪️ We will be shipping internationally
▪️ No giveaway blogs
▪️Must have parents permission if under 18
▪️Shark blue ion semi hairdye
▪️Purple argan oil semi hairdye
▪️dark blue x2 argan oil semi hairdye
▪️Azure ion semi hairdye
▪️White fob shirt (size large)
▪️American beauty America psycho shirt (size medium)
▪️Anchor fob shirt (size medium)
▪️The devil wears Prada shirt (size medium)
▪️OM&M tanktop (size medium)
▪️SWS tanktop (size medium)
▪️Black veil bride shirt X3 (size medium)
▪️A7F shirt (size small)
▪️21 AP magazines (all posters still in tact, and been looked through maybe like 2 times so v good condition)
▪️Tøp shirt (size medium)
▪️Revenge! Mcr shirt (size medium)
▪️Centuries Fob shirt (size medium)
▪️Gerard way mcr shirt (size medium)
▪️May death never stop you mcr arm band

Starts: July 12th 2017
Ends: September 20th 2017
If this gets more than 1000 notes I’ll throw in $60 towards merch from your favorite bands store.

!!!keep your ask box open, when we choose the winner you’ll have 3 days to respond or we’ll choose another winner. Also if the winner doesn’t want one of the items it’ll go to the next person!!!

Sick Day

This is for @rowanismybae who is super sick and I can’t take care of her from so far away so this is the best I can do. Hope you feel better soon Milly!

Rowaelin - super fluff

Of course. The day of the ball - the huge party for Lysandra’s birthday that Aelin has been planning for months - of course she had to wake up sick. Rowan had told her. He had tried warning her that the stress of the planning and the countless hours of making invitations would lead to her body breaking down. Aelin had just been hoping it would happen after the celebration.

She knew it the moment she woke up, before she had even opened her eyes. Her throat stuck when she tried to swallow, and her chest tightened every time she took a breath. Queen Aelin is sick, but there is no way she is letting her King know. Today is not the day for ‘I told you so’s.

So, Aelin cracks open her tired and most likely bloodshot eyes, squinting against the harsh light coming in from the window. She stifles a groan as she sits up, her limbs feeling heavy. Standing on wobbly legs, Aelin attempts to walk towards the closet. Perhaps if she can get dressed and out of their chambers before Rowan wake up, he won’t find out about her dreadful state. Through sheer willpower and stubbornness, Aelin is sure she can make it through the day.

Sniffling the whole way, Aelin makes it to her closet, picking an outfit that will not cinch her already tight chest, or hinder her stumbling legs. Looking down at herself, Aelin sighs. It’s not the most queenly thing she could be wearing, but it’ll do until she needs to get ready for the party.

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Kinks. Bucky X Reader.

(Anonymous asked- If you’re still accepting prompts/requests - how about Bucky/Reader where he tries spanking the reader and the reader just isn’t into it and they find other kinks to explore? (Though please not daddy kink.) It would be SO refreshing to read a fic where spanking isn’t the best thing ever.)

Warnings: Smut.

A/N- Kinda what you wanted i guess.

Originally posted by itsfuckingvampire

Today was Bucky’s birthday and unlike any other day, today you let him do anything he wants. You were in the kitchen setting up his birthday cake–waiting for him to get home from the gym. As you placed the candles on the cake, you heard the door close. “I’m home.” He called out, “In here.” You responded,He walked in the kitchen–looking you up and down, You were wearing one of his large t-shirts, with some lace panties. “Looks like I get my gift early.” He smiled, licking his lips. “Oh shush.” You rolled your eyes, He walked over to the fridge getting a beer out– only to smack your ass.. You hated when he did that. It made you feel dirty, and not in a good way. You just shook it off, and continued getting the food and stuff ready, bending down to grab a pan for the chicken, you felt once again a smack on your bum. “BUCKY!.” You jumped up, quickly facing him. “What?” He chuckled, “You know I hate that.” You combed your hair back with your finger tips, “Oh come on, its my birthday.” He pulled you closer, “Stop.” You pushed him off–walking out of the kitchen. 
About an hour or so had passed, you had gotten ready for the small gathering. Sam, Steve, Wanda, Scott and Thor were all coming over. 
The whole time Buck was still a little mad about what happened early, but he was just gonna have to deal with it. “So Bucky, you’re like what 150 now?” Thor joked… “Very funny.” Bucky just shook his head–Looking over at you. He had sexual tension in those blue eyes of his. You just fixed your dress and walked off.

A few minuets later, you felt someone pull you into the bathroom, “Heres the plan, I’m gonna turn you on all day.” Bucky bit his lip, “And then tonight, you’ll probably beg for it, but ill deny.” He smirked walking out of the bathroom, You gulped and knew what was about to happen. 

Sitting at the picnic table on your patio, Bucky sat by you, he kept his metal arm on the table using it to eat with, while the other hand, was under the table. He used his finger tips to run up your leg and across your panties. You moved in your seat a bit. And just took a sip of your drink. “Anyone else hot?” Bucky asked around.. “Y/N?” He looked at you, As you just glared at him.. 


You were back in the kitchen, scrapping off some plates, the day was finally coming to an end. Scott had left already and so had Thor and Wanda. You didn’t hear Bucky come into the kitchen until he started kissing your neck. “Buck..”, “Shh.” He whispered slipping his hand inside your panties, “Bucky, Sam and Steve are right outside.”, “That’s what makes it more fun.” He started to nip at your neck. You started moving your hips against his hand, “Beg for me.” He mumbled against your neck, “Please… Bucky.”, “That’s what I thought.” He pulled him self away, and walked off. “Jerk.”  

That same night Buck was already in bed, you walked out of the bathroom, in your nighty– hopping into bed. “Turn off that light please?” You asked Buck and He did as told.. 
You started scrolling through your phone, not even caring what Bucky was doing, you felt him moving around in the bed. But he does that every night you just thought he was getting comfortable. Until you felt his cold metal arm pull you under the covers. “Bucky!.”, “You thought we were actually finished did you?”, He pulled you on top of him, you could feel his member through the fabric of your clothes… “What happened to denying it?”, “I gave in.” He smiled, You just shook your head… and decided it was your turned to take over. “Beg for me.” You bit your lip, Buck’s eyes widened at what you had said, “Y/n, I need you.”. “Good.” You got off him. “Wait what just happened?”, he looked at you. “Denying it.” You laughed–Planting a kiss onto his plump pink lips. 

Just Go With It (Prof! Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: (AU Professor Rogers) For years you’ve worked your way up to become a partner at your company, having the hots for your coworker, and many unpromising relationships. When your boss presents an ultimatum, you ask a complete stranger for help.

Word Count (2,420)

AN: This has been in my mind for WEEKS after watching this cute 90′s movie with my girl Jennifer Aniston and I had to just share this with y’all. Long chapter to get into it :) also had no idea what to call Vision so Vis it is

A pair of fumbling bodies pushed their way into an apartment, the lights from the street still dark and dimmed as they seeped in through the closed curtains. Heels were kicked across the floor and a suit jacket flung over a chair. Gasping for air, they pushed each other to the couch and plopped down awkwardly, a pair of lips returning to the bare skin of a neck. A soft moan escaped a soft pair of lips, and they reached towards a drawer.

“I.. I don’t really need to wear one,” the male grumbled against your soft neck, roughly sucking against a sensitive spot. You moved under his weight and moved your head.


“Yeah. I tested negative, and um,” he moved his lips down to your chest, his hands bringing your dress up, “I have this unbelievable control..”

You cleared your throat and placed your hands on his chest, “Uh, yeah. Excuse me.” you pushed him up, and he reluctantly moved to the other side of the couch. You switched the closest lamp on and ran a hand through your messy hair.

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