large septum


closeup face tattoos and huge septum piercing von nolimit2s

This handsome gentleman is so fantastic! Mic did his eyebrow surface anchors a while ago, and he recently popped back in to upgrade his septum piercing with this incredible 8g 9/16" solid 14 karat yellow gold captive bead ring from Body Vision Los Angeles. We just love that our clients know how to treat themselves!

And for those who are interested, we have a pretty fair selection of large gauge solid gold pieces in stock ready to be snapped up!

anonymous asked:

Can you do what the tomato gang would wear to Halloween? Also iggy?

Tomato Gang:
Spain/Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo:
Antonio would have convinced the rest of the tomato gang to go as animals as well, and so he went as a bull. It gave him a reason to put some of his ear piercings back in and wear an obscenely large fake septum piercing.

South Italy/Lovino Vargas: A mouse. Lovino dressed up as a mouse only because Emma begged him to. He actually wasn’t even going to dress up for Halloween.

Belgium/Emma Jacobs: A cat. In a french maid outfit. Very unsurprisingly.

Netherlands/Lars Jansen: Much like the previous year as the big bad wold, he chose to go as a werewolf instead. Not fully animal, but Spain could suck it.

England/Arthur Kirkland:
Arthur went as a a knight. Not those full out armored knight but a real knight with infantry armor. It was a throwback, and he had the stuff up in the attic so…