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Title: They Will Meet My Teeth 

Pairing: SidLink

Rating: Teen and Up 

Tags: Graphic Violence, Angst, Hurt / Comfort, Feral / Protective Sidon

Summary:  He’s injured, losing blood quick but there is a murderous Centaur hot on his trail. However, the problem with going after the Champion of Hyrule with the intent to grind him into minced Link is that his boyfriend is a very large, very strong shark man who’s got no issue with using his teeth against those dumb enough to try.

A/N: Thank you for the request! I’m sorry it took so long. Anyway, I’m not so sure I got the “feral” aspect quite right but I hope it’s close enough. Regardless, I hope you like it! 

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The fear in his mouth tasted like copper, though it was more likely just the flavor of the blood pooling under his tongue.

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Hook and David arguing over who hit them harder. "She left a scar on me, Hook! A scar!" "She used a large rock, Dave. Of course it would leave a scar. Now, my Emma hit me with nothing but a compass and left me conscious-" "That's because your face was weak."

Give this to me. Give it.

With a side of Emma and Snow smiling behind their hands as well as face palming, because why bring that up. It was a long time ago. Or David now is not the time lol

This crater, ‘The Sedan Crater’, remains from the Plowshares program, the purpose of which was to test the peaceful use of nuclear explosions. The operating hypothesis was that a nuclear explosion could easily excavate a large area, facilitating the building of canals and roads, improving mining techniques, or simply moving a large amount of rock and soil. The intensity and distribution of radiation proved too great, and the program was abandoned. The “Sedan” device was thermonuclear—70 percent fusion, 30 percent fission—with a yield of 100 kilotons. The crater is an impressive 635 feet deep and 1,280 feet wide. The weight of the material lifted was 12 million tons.
[Taken from the book Nuclear Landscapes, by Peter Goin]

Context: The group is investigating a necromancer who’s been terrorizing the region. To find more information, the group must cross a lake on row boats.

DM: Roll a 20 to see how the trip went.

Me a Warlock (OOC): *rolls a 1* Fuck

DM: You hit a large rock and fall off your boat. You are now drowning, roll a 20 to save yourself.

Me: *rolls another 1*

DM: Ok, you get 2 more tries

Me: *rolls a 4* I’m gonna die here

DM: One more shot

Me: *rolls a 2*

DM: Shit…

Me: So I’m dead?

DM: No. As you drown your demonic patron appears infront of you. He will save you, but only if you do something for him.

Me: Yes. Yes. I’ll do whatever.

DM: K, you’re on shore and there’s a parchment in your bag.

Me: Thank you Satan.


Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 1,635

A/N: Leave me requests in my DM’s 

Summery: Jughead and y/n get caught up in a heated moment by the lake


The heat radiated off my skin as I stepped out of the water onto the riverbank. There was a warm subtle breeze hitting my face as I join the others sat on a large rock, beer cans and food around us. The gang had decided to start off the new term at school on a high note so we all met up by the river for the day and had a couple of drinks. The group consisted of Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica, Jughead and myself.

We all sat round on the rock sharing laughs and making plans for our future summer together. Although some moments weren’t as perfect as others due to there still being tension between some members of the group. There was an ominous feeling about the day as we’d all pushed aside the Jason Blossom case to free our minds of the stress for one weekend.

I sigh and take in a deep breath of fresh air, feeling cold, refreshing water droplets spin down my back from my wet hair. I run my fingers through it to untangle the knots that had appeared. I look to my left to see Jughead awkwardly looking around unsure of what to do with himself. A look of slight discomfort contorted onto his features.

“You okay Juggie?” I ask him quietly not wanting to draw the attention of others. He just looks at me and shrugs, a solemn look about him.

“You gonna strip those clothes off for us Juggie” Veronica cheekily flirted towards the only one still fully dressed at the time. Jughead just scoffed and looked away biting back  “Are you gonna learn to keep your clothes on Veronica?” gaining awkward hisses and coughs from the others.

“That’s a little harsh isn’t Jug, considering it’s still basically summer, are you not planning on getting in the water with the rest of us later on then?” I ask him discreetly smirking his way.

“If it gets too hot then sure i’ll come in, but it’s not necessary for me to sit here half naked and be even more uncomfortable” he passive aggressively comments throwing his arms into the air.

We all just let out breathy laughs and go back to coordinating normal conversation. Not that any of us could really have a normal conversation as our minds had been constantly filled with the conspiracies towards Jason’s death.

“So Archie, how’s your music coming along?” Betty questions the red headed boy sat opposite us. “Yeah it’s good, I’m just really trying to throw myself into writing really, right enough of this sitting around, who wants to get in the water with me?” Archie suggests standing up, Betty, V and Kevin all stand up and follow Archie into the water, all smiles and laughs. I really did love my friends.

“You don’t have to sit here with me because you feel sorry for me you know?” Jughead suddenly snaps looking towards me. “I’m not staying with you because I feel sorry for you, I’m staying here because I enjoy your company dumb ass” I laugh and playfully shove the raven haired boy. He chuckles and grabs my hands to stop me from pushing him. Goose bumps travel up my arms as his hands come into contact with mine. I lean in towards him and let myself collapse in his lap, my head looking up at him, while our hands were still intertwined he fiddled with my fingers.

“I love the way you act around me, you’re just more free” I say looking up at his beautiful face. His green eyes catch mine and he smiles, Not something many people got to see very often, but I had always had the ability to bring it onto his face.

“Well that’s because I’m comfortable with you, I don’t have to pretend to like you it just comes naturally” there was a few minutes silence after his confession, where we just sat enjoying each others company listening to the sounds of our surroundings. You could hear the water splashing and our friends laughs were heard over the buzzing of the nature. It was a truly breathtaking moment in time.

“Do you think we should tell them?” I ask him quietly not wanting to spoil the atmosphere.

“Tell them what?” He replies dumbly knowing exactly what i was talking about, just then he let go of one of my hands and brushed it through my hair, making loops around his fingers with the locks.

“About us” I retort flatly, not taking his sarcasm to heart.

“meh, why do they need to know right now, I don’t care just as long as you’re happy, but not everyone has to know our business, let them just sit and ship us for a while longer” he breaths out.

“yeah it is kinda fun watching them freak out over the little things isn’t it” I giggle and look down at our still intertwined hands. Jug just smiles and nods down at me.

“Right” I sigh standing up and pulling him with me, “take your clothes off we’re going for a swim” He groans in distaste pulling a face but still he shrugs his shirt over his head, kicking off his shoes. I couldn’t help but stare at his body as he removed the layers of clothes. His slightly indented stomach sort of gleamed as the sun hit his skin. He was perfect to me, not completely ripped like Archie, he had a slightly toned lanky figure which suited him well. Once he was ready I lightly pushed him back yelling over my shoulder.

“Race you to the water” I giggle running ahead. It didn’t take long for him to catch up and we joined the others in the water.

“well look who decided to show up” V commented splashing water up at me. I let out a small screech as the cold water splashed up at my body, I just laughed and splashed her back. Bad move. We had started a splashing war between the group, everyone screaming and laughing kicked and thrashing in the water to get everyone wet.

Even Jughead joined in and genuinely looked happy, something that goes a long way in my eyes, I loved to see him happy and smiling, a nice difference from his usual grumpy disposition.

We all carried on messing around in the water for a matter of time, when Betty suggested taking a swim around the lake, Her and Archie swam off and Veronica and Kevin were heavily enthused in competing on ‘who can do the better handstand’

“You wanna take a walk?” Jughead nudges me, his arm comes up to my waist and he tugs me towards the river bank again. I ring out the water from my hair as we walk towards the rock where his clothes were. He just shimmies on his jeans and hands me his flannel shirt, I look up at him and smile, putting the flannel on over my body.

We walk through the forest into a more secluded area, talking about nothing in general. I stop to look at the scenery before us. You could still see the lake peaking through the trees, and sunlight streaking through the gaps of branches. Jughead pulls me towards him by my waist and presses his lips against mine briefly. he pushes his forehead onto mine and breathes out “Beautiful” raising a hand to my face he strokes my cheek, his rough thumb stroking over my bottom lip, I look up into his eyes and notice the contentment in them.

He leans down pressing his lips to mine again, harder than before, his grip around my waist subconsciously tightens. My arms sling around his neck, one hand coming into contact with his face the other falling to the back of his head grasping the wavy raven locks in between my dainty fingers.

He slowly starts to walk me backwards not breaking the kiss until my back hits a tree. Both of his hands now resided on my waist tugging at the shirt he had so graciously handed to me. Our lips moved roughly against each others, both of us pouring our passion into the other person. My hands slipped down from his neck and rested on his smooth chest. Jughead pressed himself closer against me our chests now flush together. I could feel the rough bark from the tree behind me digging into my back. Giving me a slight sensation while our lips were meshed together.

I captured his bottom lip in between my teeth and lightly sucked on it before returning my lips to his. His hands slid round my waist to my lower back where he pulls me closer into his, if that’s even possible. The closeness between us right now was why we enjoyed being with one another, the raw connection we both felt never hesitated to send shivers down my spine.

“Woah! what’s going on here then guys” We hear the smug comment from Veronica, causing us to pull away from each other in shock. she just laughs and shakes her head. “I knew something was going on between you two” and walks away yelling to the others that she had some “big news”

“Well i guess the cats out of the bag then” Jug smiled and looked down at me, still holding onto my waist.

“Do you want me to go and tell her not to say anything?” I enquire looking up to him shyly, not really caring we were caught.

“Nah, let them all see I’m a fool for you” he replies pressing his forehead to mine smiling down at me. I just smile and lean up to press my lips to his once more. This really couldn’t have been a more perfect day.

A Look at the New Gem Designs

So, we’ve learned about the two new gems: Aquamarine and Topaz. People have already begun to criticize them for being cheap designs, but how about we take a closer look?


Aquamarine has been described by the leaker as smaller than Peridot and extremely childish. The first piece of info is already evident, as she seems to be even shorter than Steven. Her personality can be drawn from her appearance: the tear-shaped gem under her eye calls into mind how children, when they don’t get what they want, will become angry and cry. However, her gem also gives a darker hint to Aquamarine’s capabilities- after all, the Diamonds wouldn’t send anyone to deal with gems on Earth. Criminals often get a tear-shaped tattoo under their eye to signify that they’ve killed someone. Since Pearl recognized her description in the leaks, it’s likely Aquamarine was in the War, and possibly shattered gems.

Aquamarine’s outfit itself continues this trend. It seems innocent at first glance, but also implies power. The dress, flats, and small pixie-like wings are typical of a childish and usually-harmless fairy in most media, but look closer. The vest and cut of Aquamarine’s dress look more like an office dress, as if she can get down to business when needed to. In fact, the top of her dress under the vest even looks like an office tie. This is continued with the gloves and hair: her hair is short and seems childish, but is also the haircut of a businesswoman, and the gloves are short, for manual work, instead of the long and elegant gloves meant for decoration that are seen on Sapphire. She may look like a fairy, but Aquamarine is a cunning magician.

This trend is continued in the above photo. What we see is possibly Aquamarine’s weapon- a wand. While most people see a wand as a silly stick, wands were always seen as dangerous and valuable in fairytales and myths. This is, once again, the essence of Aquamarine: silly in one moment, deadly in another. Let’s move on to Topaz.


If Aquamarine is the brains of the mission, Topaz is the brawn. Topaz may also serve to keep Aquamarine in check when she becomes childish. But let’s move on to design. Topaz, according to Pearl in the leaks, is a fusion. She seems to be made of two Topaz gems, with one gem on either side of her head. Her outfit, compared to Aquamarine, is relatively simple, but still interesting. Let’s start from the top. Topaz has a buzz cut, as an army soldier would, giving the sense that she is a no-nonsense type of woman. This trend continues with her simple outfit, as she isn’t trying to impress someone since they would know her power, and with her visor, which implies a level of intelligence and concentration not seen in other soldier-type gems, such as Amethysts and Jaspers. That’s not to say those types aren’t intelligent, but Topaz gets down to business. Her muscles are huge, with hands bigger than Aquamarine’s hands, yet also seem gentle and able to do precise operations. Perhaps Topaz gems usually serve as the leaders of military operations- she seems more levelheaded than Jasper, and may even be her superior.

Topaz’s weapon is seen above. It is best to keep in mind this is a fusion weapon- either the Topaz gems each have a mallet/club of some sort with a large rock on one end, or perhaps one gem has a staff while the other has large rocks as their weapon. Either way, this is a weapon that can be used both for offense and defense. With the shaft of the weapon, Topaz can block oncoming attacks, as seen in the picture, and with the ends of the weapon she can deliver painful blows. It is interesting to note that, compared to other soldier-type gems, Topaz is extremely calm while fighting. Amethysts and Jaspers usually have more frustration or joy in their features depending on the events of a fight, while this Topaz, other than her eyebrows, slight frown, and tense muscles, keeps a poker face. Instead of throwing herself into the battle, Topaz is keeping herself in check, and not allowing herself to become cocky or reveal weaknesses.

Other Notes

  • Aquamarine doesn’t have a nose, just like Sapphire. 
  • The blue bits above Aquamarine’s head in the first picture may be a bow or hair ribbon of some sort.
  • Aquamarine’s wings don’t seem to be made out of water, as with Lapis. Perhaps they come directly from her gem, instead of from a different source, or are always present, compared to how Lapis can make her wings disappear. 
  • Aquamarine may actually be wearing a shirt or top of some kind underneath her vest, since her skin seems to be a different color where it meets the dress.
  • Aquamarine is also wearing tights.
  • Aquamarine’s wand may be able to manipulate and hold objects in mid-air, as Peridot’s limb enhancer fingers did in earlier episodes. A magician often has a levitating act.
  • It is possible each Topaz in the fusion has a one-sided visor of sorts, each on different sides, which combine into one big visor when they fuse.
  • Topaz seems to be able to absorb people and objects into her body. When they are absorbed, people seem to become smaller as they sink into her.
  • It could be due to how the scene is shaded, but Topaz’s pants may become shoes at the bottom?
  • Topaz’s lips and nose are shared with Yellow Diamond and other gems in her court.
  • If we follow the Color Rule, Topaz and Aquamarine belong to Yellow and Blue Diamond respectively.
  • Topaz and Aquamarine have worked together before, and are known for their strength. It is unknown if they’ve worked together since then, but this is the Diamonds pulling out the big guns.

This is mostly speculation, but thanks for reading!!! Please don’t repost.

Things that I associate with the types (by an ISTP)

ESFJ: foreign music, aesthetics, makeup on point, mother figure, olive green, sunlight through trees at sunset, laughing till you can’t breathe

ENFJ: upbeat music, childhood, colorful bedspreads, suntans, bright pink, running around outside all day and coming home still full of energy

ESTJ: organized playlists, pie charts, schedules, greyscale, glass, speaking in front of hundreds of thousands of people without faltering

ENTJ: classical music, corkboard, dayplanners, warm greys, leading small teams in difficult situations

ENFP: BUBBLES!!!!!, edm, highlighters and markers, teal, reuniting with old friends and everything being just the same

ESFP: best day of my life on repeat, youtube, pale pink, big cities, always wanting to be around people and yet always feeling alone

ENTP: instrumental music, Pinball machines, go-karting, edgy jokes, winking, coming up with different ways around rules but not acting on them

ESTP: pop rock, large groups of friends, black ripped skinny jeans, dark grey hoodies, glass buildings, running outside at night

ISFJ: Disney soundtracks, sunshine through windows, sundresses, pastel pink, reading a book in a tree at sunrise

INFJ: soft rock, flower crowns, kittens, dresses with combat boots, staying up late having a really deep conversation with a friend

ISTJ: electronic music, computers, film theory, greys and blues, instruction manuals, editing videos till 3 am

INTJ: cultural music, memes, ripped skinny jeans, politics, art, dark blue, a little bit of knowledge on a lot of subjects

INFP: just music, inside jokes, purple, smirks with raised eyebrows, headphones, either being very social or disappearing for months without a trace

ISFP: fairy sounds, mythical?, do you even exist????, literally, I’ve never met one of your kind????, smiles, running through a field of sunflowers

INTP: heavy music, cool af, I want to be you, alone a lot, dark purple, books smart, but not street smart, converse hightops, doing bad in school but you’re really f-ing smart

ISTP: rock music, graffiti, black, combat boots, BASE jumping, doing stupid shit smartly, running around at night with friends, always feeling alone, either really deep or shalow af

All of our players are very new to DnD and as such the DM is being lenient with us, so 30 minutes into our session we’re fighting a boss who is angel like.

Ranger: Alright, I want to throw one of you at her since she’s in the air.

Me: Well I’m the shortest and I have a shortsword so-

Ranger: I want to throw the elf druid.

Proceeds to roll well enough to throw our 6 foot tall elf druid at the angel being.

Our druid who goes by the name Noot Newt: Alright, what can I do, help me guys I need suggestions.

Me: Well you could use your thorn whip to bring her to the ground or burn her wings.

Ranger: I’ve already done my part.

Druid: I have an idea!

Druid, instead of doing anything practical kisses the angel lady on the cheek, making her blush a little but only for a moment before she slaps our druid away to the ground.

Me to Ranger: Why did you throw the unarmed druid and not the short lightweight bard with a shortsword, I could have done more.

Ranger: I just grabbed the nearest thing and threw.

He had also tried to throw a large rock later which caused him to get stabbed by four spears of light.

Serenity of the Night | M

↳ “What exactly did you see?” He snarled, and you somehow found the strength within you to slap his hand away from your face; quickly fixing Taehyung with a glare.

“Nothing.” You said, your petrifying mien being erased from your visage in seconds. “Absolutely nothing.”

Précis: Within the forest and over the moutains lies many secrets, ones you should stay away from; but some things are meant to come across.

Note: Finally, it feels good to have this back up, btw spring day reference; can ya catch it? | boxer!tae

Genre & Warnings: Drama, soft angst & fluff. Smut. | Words ➳ 12.4k

Gripping the straps of your backpack, you wearily stared at the stony underpass littered with weeds, branches and scattered leaves; wondering if passing through the entrance and walking inside the forest filled with trees and who knew what else was on the other side would be worth it. You wondered if walking for ten miles up a mountain would in any way be okay as you glanced towards the chipped and tattered wooden sign that indicated how long and what to beware of for the hike that would soon ensue, but it wasn’t like you had a choice of turning back now.

You were then pushed into the other side of the underpass, stumbling slightly before blinking as you watched the boys laughing while someone patted your back softly. “Lighten up,” you heard Hoseok say, walking passed you before eyeing you over his shoulder, “it’s going to be amazing!”

Gulping, you turned behind you to see the parking lot void of any life as your cars settled side by side, completely empty as you all carried your needed necessities inside your packs. You were told that the trip was going to be fun, that the mountain you were supposed to be residing in was one of the most beautiful ones in the country, but somehow, something was eating at your brain as you felt a strange feeling prickling in the darkest pits of your stomach; that once you were off the mountain..

Things would never be the same.

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Witch problems #07

Me: Ok universe got anything you want to give me? Anything super important I really need to have?

Universe: Yeah here’s a rock

Me: Yeah…. umm… thanks? Do I… do I use this?

The Most Gryffindor-y Gryffindors That Ever Were

Rereading this scene from CS and it kind of blew me away.

Next moment, [Harry] was standing alone, gazing at a solid wall of broken rock.

“Ron!” he shouted. “Are you okay? Ron!”

“I’m here!“ came Ron’s muffled voice from behind the rockfall. "I’m okay — this git’s not, though — he got blasted by the wand —”

There was a dull thud and a loud “ow!” It sounded as though Ron had just kicked Lockhart in the shins.

“What now?” Ron’s voice said, sounding desperate. “We can’t get through — it’ll take ages…”

Harry looked up at the tunnel ceiling. Huge cracks had appeared in it. He had never tried to break apart anything as large as these rocks by magic, and now didn’t seem a good moment to try — what if the whole tunnel caved in?

There was another thud and another “ow!” from behind the rocks. They were wasting time. Ginny had already been in the Chamber of Secrets for hours…Harry knew there was only one thing to do.

“Wait there,” he called to Ron. “Wait with Lockhart. I’ll go on… If I’m not back in an hour…”

There was a very pregnant pause.

“I’ll try and shift some of this rock,” said Ron, who seemed to be trying to keep his voice steady. “So you can — can get back through. And, Harry —”

“See you in a bit,” said Harry, trying to inject some confidence into his shaking voice.

And he set off alone past the giant snake skin.

That’s pretty heavy for a pair of 12-year-olds.

Both of them know that Ginny is probably dead. 

Earlier in the scene, Ron had asked Harry if he thought there was “any chance at all she’s not — you know—,” and Harry privately couldn’t see how she could be alive.

Obviously, Harry is being extraordinarily brave. He knows what needs to be done, and he knows that he’s the only one who can do it. He can’t not try, not when there’s the “faintest wildest chance” that Ginny is still alive. And while it’s not the last time Harry will have to go it alone or confront the reality that he might not come back, I think it’s the closest he comes to actually having the “if I don’t come back” conversation.

But Ron deserves credit too.

There’s no question in my mind that Ron wanted to be on the other side of that barrier with his best friend. He was the one who suggested they stop moping in the common room and go to Lockhart’s office to tell him what they know.

For a Gryffindor like Ron, fighting the basilisk is infinitely preferable to playing the waiting game.  If Harry and Ginny had died, imagine how Ron would have felt. He would have spent the rest of his life grieving for them and feeling guilty that he didn’t go along with them. *If I had gone with them, maybe Harry and I could have fought off the basilisk. Maybe we would have been able to save Ginny.* In some ways, I think he would prefer to die along with them then be the only man left standing.

So he could have said, “No, let’s try to move some of this rock so I can come too!”  He could have refused to let Harry go alone or argued for his right to come because Ginny was his sister.

But Ron knows as well as Harry that the clock is ticking. Delaying might give Ron peace of mind and allow him to be part of the action, but every minute they spend trying to free Ron lowers Ginny’s chances. It would be selfish of Ron to try to come with Harry.

He knows they don’t have time to find a way through the rocks right then, he doesn’t have a working wand, and they’ve got Lockhart to worry about. He knows that if Harry/Ginny make it back, they’re going to need to get through to the other side.

So he stays behind. Ron’s going to spend an indeterminate amount of time heaving rocks out of the way, babysitting a lunatic professor, and praying that his sister and his best friend aren’t dead. It’s not exciting, cool, or heroic as Harry’s actions. But in some ways, it’s just as brave.

TL;DR: Ron/Harry are so fucking amazing, and the most Gryffindor Gryffindors there ever were.