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A random thought about Yuri’s love for tigers

We know that Yuri loves cats, but he definitely doesn’t enjoy the fact that his fans compare him to a kitty and throw kitty ears on him and all that. I totally get that, because Yuri really hates the feeling that he’s not in control of his own image, and I’m sure it really galls him that his fans are focusing more on his cute and youthful appearance than on his skating talent and his personality (which, although it is kinda cat-like, is very at odds with the “cute and youthful” thing). 

On the other hand, it’s a major part of my Yuri Plisetsky headcanon that Yuri is drawn to clothes and stuff with tigers and leopard print and stuff like that because he really identifies with big cats. They’re still beautiful, but rather than being cute and sweet, their beauty comes from the fact that they are strong, graceful, powerful, and dangerous. Yuri doesn’t want to not be aesthetically pleasing; he actually really loves the fact that he’s beautiful and can entrance audiences with his beauty. However, he wants to be beautiful on his own terms, and he wants his beauty to be derived from his strength of character and his talent, not from his looks or age. His love for everything related to tigers and leopards and other large predatory cats is a probably-subconscious manifestation of that.

Plus, whenever anyone is talking down to him (like JJ), bullying him (also JJ), ignoring him (Victor), or just getting on his nerves (everyone at one point or another), he can just imagine them all getting eaten by a tiger and suddenly he feels a lot better. 

…and then a kindergartner was like “I got this.”

6 Shockingly Brave Kids Who Make You Look Like a Coward

#6. Six-Year-Old Saves His Little Brother from a Cougar

Bryce Forbes, a 6-year-old boy from British Columbia, was headed outside to his garage one day when he ran into a wild cougar, just out there waiting for him, because this is apparently the kind of shit you have to deal with in British Columbia. … Rather than flee into the house and never come back outside ever again like a sensible child, Bryce ran past the cougar to grab his younger brother, Tucker, who was playing just beyond the child-feasting mountain lion in the backyard, presumably wearing a sensory-deprivation helmet that prevented him from noticing the large predatory cat prowling alongside their parents’ Chrysler.

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Morning After (WTNV Mini-Fic)

Fluffy Cecilos piece I’ve been meaning to post. May have a follow-up at some point but I liked this part enough to post it stand-alone. Vague references to sex so everyone can decide exactly what happened, but mostly Cecil being a dork about waking up with Carlos in bed beside him. Set any time between “First Date” and “Yellow Helicopters” but most likely pre-“Subway.”

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