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Say You’ll Haunt Me Pt. 1 (A Kenny Omega Story)

Kenny Omega x Reader

So, this is my first time posting a fic on here. I’ve never shared my writing before so be gentle. A huge thank you to @daintymissdevitt for the encouragement and inspiration <3

Warnings: One character gets attacked by a wolf early on but it’s not too graphic.

It was the middle of the night and I was out laying under the stars. I had set up camp at sunset and settled in for a night of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city I called home. Sometimes I just needed to get away. I dealt with a lot of anxiety and had unhealthy stress levels on a daily basis. Nature helped me let go of all of that for a while and I looked forward to it once a month. The dark sky was blanketed with stars and I laid back on a large plush wolf blanket admiring the beauty. I felt the stress slowly melt away.

I was feeling pretty good until I heard a howl. It was loud and close. It echoed off the trees that surrounded the clearing. I heard steps and rustling nearby. I stood abruptly listening carefully to the noises around me. There was a rustling in the trees to my left that sent a shiver down my spine but it was the pair of glowing blue orbs radiating from the brush in front of me that made me tremble. My brain screamed for me to run but it was as if my body was frozen in place. Something told me running wouldn’t save me anyway so I stood there paralyzed with fear staring into the eyes of some unknown creature snarling in the darkness. The bushes shook violently and I saw a huge mass of black and gray leap through the air. Giant paws slammed against my chest, the claws digging painfully into my flesh as I was pushed back to the ground with enough force to knock all the air from my lungs. My vision blurred as the creature looked down at me with it’s teeth bared. My life didn’t flash before my eyes like I expected as I looked into the wolf’s icy blue stare. The last thing I saw was a set of sharp teeth headed straight for my neck. My vision faded as unbearable pain took over.

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So I just saw a video promoting “Fiesty Pets” to prank people this holiday season and I want to warn you all!

They look like large Beanie Boos, big plush animals with huge cute eyes BUT

There is some kind of switch on the back that makes them open their mouths showing fangs and their eyebrows move down and basically they become terrifying if you’re not expecting it.

You can google image search (sorry I’m on mobile) to see what they look like. I really think they’d only be scary if you’re not expecting it, I just don’t want anyone’s holiday ruined.

Zodiac Face and Body

Aries: sharp; strong brow bone or jaw; shorter height; fierce eyes

Taurus: buxom; plush lips; large, rounded eyes that flare up and out; solid, shapely body

Gemini: foxy; quick moving, playful eyes; small features; long fingers; fairy-like

Cancer: kawaii; round face & body; small eyes, with pale, muted color; prominent forehead

Leo: raw; noteworthy brown or reddish hair; athletic frame; cat-like eyes; smaller lips

Virgo: dense; fine, well proportioned features; luminous eyes; ample shape (even if skinny)

Libra: cherubic; dimples; soft features, with everything balanced; androgynous

Scorpio: shadowy; sinewy body and limbs; deep set, serious eyes; strong and straight nose and jaw-line

Sagittarius: titanic; big features; very tall; widow’s peak hairline; equine features that are very long and large

Capricorn: classic; straight, almost hard-looking expression, sturdy frame;  earnest eyes with deep, rich colors

Aquarius: kaleidoscopic; bright, iridescent eyes; one or many striking, unique features that vary 

Pisces: languid; wide, relaxed eyes with subdued hues; full, small mouth, dark hair


Chara (Undertale) Fiction-Kin Gifts
(Candy, Soft things)

Lemongrass Bath Bomb - $5.60+
6x Gogi Berry Lolipops - $8.60
Yellow Flower Cushion - $5.96+
Yellow Petal Soap - $9.00
1lb Lemon Lime Jelly Belly Beans - $10.21
Large Heart Plush - $21.99
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Queen Size Fleece Throw Blanket - $25.00
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Imagine Newt going to his first carnival with Jacob, Tina and Queenie.
Though Newt would be more than slightly overwhelmed by the amount of people there, because he was with people he cares about he would be fine.
Jacob would get lost in the Hall of Mirrors and Queenie would have to rescue him, who then describes her as his “Knight in shining armour!”
Newt would learn he is surprisingly good at carnival games and end up winning himself and the others multiple unnecessarily large plush animals which were awkward to carry but refused to put them in the case.
Tina would get genuinely terrified in the Haunted House and every time something scary happened she’d swap between clinging to Newt or Queenie.
Queenie would insist that they all go on a roller coaster that take reaction photos then buy copies of the photos for them all so they have a good way to remember the day, regardless of how hilariously terrible they all look.
They would end the day by watching the sunset from the Ferris Wheel, watching the blues turn a brilliant gold before fading to a soft red then finally the darkest of blues.


Large Wooly the Sheep Plush for Sale!!
Really want this one gone I know shipping is going to be a pain so I’m only looking for $15 plus shipping for it, let me know if you’re interested!!

Also for sale right now I have the following Large Alpacasso (shipping not included);
Purple Soda (no paper tags) $45
Light Pink Lovely Baby (damaged) $30
White School Mates Boy (no tags) $35
Rainbow Adult (no tags) $20
Pink Sweet Day Kid $35
Pink Attack on Titan $25

Measured in Millimeters

For day four of Shallura week (prompt: distance). Because I needed something a little fluffier, after yesterday.


The blame all fell on Lance.

He thought grabbing the large, plush flower off the surface of the planet they’d visited was a good idea, insisting that the blue color of the petals was perfect. And he’d been the one to bounce up to Allura and offer it out with an overdramatic bow, grinning when she said, “Oh, um, thank you,” and took it from him.

“It reminded me of your eyes,” Lance purred.

Allura wrinkled her nose and murmured, “I see.” She raised the bloom to take a sniff of it and, really, it was only lucky chance that Shiro walked up behind her at that moment and that he stood in the position to catch her when she made a soft, pained sound and dropped like a lead weight.

Shiro grunted in surprise and grabbed her automatically, curling an arm around her back and, when she continued to collapse, sweeping up her legs. She hung limp in his hold, her head tilted back at a terrible angle, her eyes shut and her mouth open, completely dead weight.

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selling woes

so i have a medium-large pile of plush that i wanna sell just quick and easy comment style. my problem is, the best platforms for that kind of thing (livejournal, deviantart, instagram) are not where i have my follower base. would it be a giant pain to sell something on tumblr just through replies?? sort of like a comments section on livejournal? so people can comment and other people will be able to see if something is sold, but then we’d take our actual business to email or something. 

is that too convoluted??? ugh.

anyways i have a whole bunch of old stuff to sell, so keep an eye out for that soon. if i can’t figure out a good way to do it i might just take it to etsy :T


I will tag my spoilers from what happened in the RWBY panel!!

RWBY Chibi:
TeamSSSN will be in RWBY Chibi.
We saw a clip of Neptune and Sun as Chibi junior detectives!

RWBY will return Oct. 22, 2016 New Grimm revealed! Grimm Gorillas! Ruby has a new fighting style and it crazy and fast! All four girls have new outfits, time has passed and they are a little older! RWBY Grimm Eclipse: The full game will be out Tuesday July 5th! There will be a new story, villians, Grimm
RWBY: GE will come to consoles at the end of the year!
The game will have a famous voice actor probably the villain
RWBY Merchandise Hot topic merchandise is already available, there will be more and this is just the beginning! There will be a: 2 inch figurine line, will be a blind pick. A four inch doll line
And a six inch doll line
Small and large plush of the girls, Grimm, Zwei
Villians full wave of interlock toys like team RWBY and JNPR. RWBY Japan: Rwby Japan: vol 2 and 3 will be released! At the end of the year and they will be In sync with the English version More Japan prints

The chill air brushed across her bare shoulder. She hardly felt it, though, and made no move to adjust her sweater back into place. Anger still colored her cheeks and roiled in the deepest pits of her stomach, her skin still hot from it. She hugged herself tighter as she continued to stare out of the large window, crimson curtains plush and inviting. How many months had passed since she stood here in this room? A room that had once brought her comfort, joy even. 

Another breeze brushed across her skin but the shiver that coursed through her wasn’t from the cold. She could feel the presence looming behind her and in that moment she wanted nothing more than to escape this room, to descend the mansion steps, down down down into the tiny room she had learned to call home. 

Daniella is clear of all charges.

Her lip trembled. 

Be truthful and as faithful as her.

Her jaw tensed.

I mistook her as otherwise.

She squeezed her eyes shut.                                                                                   How could she forgive? How could she forget?