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✨ Rajkumari Zelda ✨

This is something I’ve been meaning to draw for almost two years now, but the reason it took me so long was because I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan so this had to be JUST RIGHT. When I was younger, I wanted to cosplay as Princess Zelda for a local anime convention, but I talked myself out of it because I figured I’d look silly as a brown girl dressed as a white princess. I definitely came to learn that I do not need to accept these dumb, invisible restrictions that I placed upon myself, but since I can’t sew to save my life, I decided to illustrate what my kind of Zelda would look like. I have started, erased, and re-started this illustration countless times so it’s so rewarding to have finally completed this! No aspect of her outfit is arbitrary; I carefully considered the “look” of Zelda’s outfits throughout the games, current Indian fashion trends (I’m definitely not a professional fashion designer!!), and a bit of my own personal touch.

I drew inspiration from Zelda’s outfits from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. The triangles in her jewelry are references to the Triforce and the blue stones (especially the one right at her chest) are meant to resemble the Zora Sapphire/Crest of Wisdom. The colour blue also correlates with Zelda’s own Triforce of Wisdom. Her pose is demure yet stern, kinda like a Sabyasachi model. The cape is connected to a large necklace which was inspired the upper body armour/harness she has worn in previous games.

I hope you enjoy viewing this as much as I did creating it!



At the Russian Court (2/?)  R U S S I A N    I M P E R I A L    W E D D I N G 

It had been a tradition since the 19th century that every brides of the Russian Imperial family would wear the same jewels on their wedding day.

The imperial nuptial jewels consisted of the imperial nuptial crown, created in 1840 by the jewellers Nickol and Plincke, using diamonds set in the great girdle of the time of Catherine the Great. The diamond tiara of the Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna with at his center the Paul I pink diamond. The collier d’esclave, a total weight of 475 old carats, some of the diamonds have a blue or pink tint, producing an enchanting effect. Diamond earrings in the form of cherries that belonged to Catherine the Great. These earrings were so heavy that they had to be supported with wires looped around the top of the ears, as the day wore on, the wire cut into the flesh, causing Alexandra much pain. Her niece Maria recalled on her wedding day :My earrings hurt me so that in the middle of the banquet I took them off and hung them, to the great amusement of the Emperor [Nicholas II], on the edge of the glass of water before me.“  

 And the great clasp of Catherine the Great’s imperial mantle.They also wore a mantle of crimson velvet. Except for the wedding of Alexandra, as a concession to her rank as bride of the emperor, her imperial mantle was of cloth-of-gold, lined and edged with ermine. These robes were so heavy that eight pages - four on each side - and the chamberlain, carrying the hem, had to help carry them; without their assistance, Alexandra could scarely move.
Their hair were swept back and coiled into a bun at the back of their heads, by tradition two ringlets hung down on either side of their faces. 

“These were, first, the diadem of the Empress Catherine, with a pink diamond of extraordinary beauty in the centre and the small crimson velvet crown all covered with diamonds.  Then came the diamond necklace of large stones, the bracelets, and the earrings in the shape of cherries, so heavy that they had to be attached to gold hoops and ringed over the ears. […] Finally, they laid upon my shoulders the crimson mantle of velvet, with cape and edges of ermine, fastened by an immense [diamond] buckle.  Someone helped me to rise.  I was ready.”  Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna

A witness on the wedding of Alexandra recalled : "How beautiful she is! That expression followed her all along her path, and it is true that her appearance was positively magnificent as she stood there in her bridal array of silver cloth… Her unusual height helped her to bear the weight of her dress and set off its splendor in its best light.”  This imposing yet formidable ensemble dazzled everyone and was a formidable mirror of the pomp and splendour of the Russian court.

Sources : The Jewels of the Romanovs : Family and Court by Stefano Papi || The Court of the last Tsar by Greg King.

Hogwarts Houses as my Favourite Things
  • for a really sweet anon (thank you!: ) )
  • Gryffindor: The little red bow and three yellow arrows I bought in a market in Quebec and don't know how to use properly, but use anyway, often with consequences
  • Slytherin: My far-too-large collection of necklaces, of all lengths, both fandom, aesthetic, and just plain cool, that I store on two coat hangers in my bathroom
  • Ravenclaw: My massive stockpile of books- fiction, non-fiction, instructional, lorebooks, art books, story compilations, anything I've ever learned and loved
  • Hufflepuff: The seemingly endless sketchbooks, most half-empty, filled with work dating back to before I knew anything about art, showing my progression and also just how much I doodle

European Silver Medallion with a Rider Killing a Chimera (Bellerophon?), Migration Period, 5th-7th Century AD

The medallion is surrounded by a stylized laurel wreath interspersed with flowers and shells. The center is occupied by a horseman galloping from left to right. He is armed with a spear that he points at the open mouth of a chimera. He wears a long tunic and a cloak floating behind his shoulder. The harness of the animal is rich and composed of pendants (croup and chest), as well as of a blanket, the edge of which copies the dotted pattern of the lower tunic of the rider. The chimera (a mythological creature with body and head of a lion, the head of a goat and the tail of a snake) moves to the opposite direction of the horseman. The open mouth of the creature is pierced by the pole of the spear, while the goat’s and snakes heads exhale their last breath.

This iconography strikes our visual memory, because it is close to the representation of the horseback saints, such as St. George. Nevertheless, this representation stylistically refers to the early Middle Ages, during which the cult of this saint had not appeared in the West yet.

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Barbarian Week: Fleshing out the Barbarian

Many times when making a character whose main focus is just being angry and hitting things (barbarian is as barbarian does), we tend to forget about what makes the character unique. We fall back on tropes like “Grog the barbarian likes his grog” and “Axenar has an ancestral axe that she carries with her” and “Buhbarry-An is a barbarian who likes sex, gambling, drinking, and killing.” Unfortunately, this is extremely boring and cliche to build an entire character around. Your character can enjoy those things, yes, but so can literally everyone else in the party! So I will try and offer some thoughts on how to make your barbarian truly a diamond in the rough… or at least a gold piece in a pile of bloodied corpses.

I plan to go more in-depth on characters and story over the next few weeks. Therefore I will go into the more superficial characteristics.


Just because your barbarian doesn’t wear armor doesn’t mean they are naked all the time! Although…

I guess nudity does have its merits.

Try to come up with an outfit that speaks to who your character is; what they like, how they act, what they are afraid of… show the character’s history through what they wear. Here are some examples.

  • You wear a thick leather vest. It used to have arms but one was damaged in a previous battle, so you tore the other one off to match.
  • Wolf leather shirt studded with polished wolf bones. You made it from the first creature you killed after your rite of passage into adulthood. You believe its power runs through you.
  • You cover yourself with a patchwork cloak made from creatures you have killed. During every battle that matters, you dramatically toss your cloak to your feet to bare your chest at your foes.
  • You have a high metal collar from a set of full plate that you wear over your leather armor. You were once struck a near-fatal wound to the neck, and are always wary to avoid another such blow.
  • You wear metal bracers padded with feathers from a Peryton that you saved a traveler from. You wear them as a reminder of what you’re fighting for.
  • You have a necklace of large scales were given by your parents, to remind you to return to your fishing village one day once you have enough wealth to save them all.
  • A helmet you wear is covered in spines of a manticore. You are afraid of manticores after one attacked your tribe when you were young. You wear the spines hoping to strike the same fear into your enemies.
  • You wear the fancy clothes of nobles you’ve killed to mock the ruling class, and the idea of society as a whole.
  • After befriending some dwarves and saving them from bandits, you were rewarded with lots of gemstones. You fitted your armor with them so the items appear magical.
  • You wear a pelt of a creature that was killed for sport by some stranger and left to die. You made use of the entire creature so its life wouldn’t be wasted.
  • You wear a ring left behind by a one-night-stand whom you fancied, but left who before you awoke. Should you ever find them again, you can give it back to them.
  • Your boots are in constant state of half-repair as you refuse to get new ones. Your constant travel by foot keeps wearing them out so you strap or tie new leather to them.

These are just a few ideas but you can start to see how they hint at the rest of the character. Some show their fears, their flaws, their traits, their ideals, their bonds, and their story. Keep this in mind while describing your character.


Barbarians, like everyone, have quirks. They aren’t just piles of muscle for the party to use as a tool for lifting rocks and absorbing damage. Think hard about your quirks. You can try turning the barbarian trope on its head with an ironic quirk or else highlight your background and personality.

  • You collect a trophy from every kill, provided you dealt the killing blow.
  • You have no respect for the dead, and find the idea of memorials or burials ridiculous.
  • You have tremendous respect for the dead, especially those fallen in battle. You will bury and say a few words for anyone you have slain.
  • Despite being a barbarian, you have a mature concept of honor and will not fight in a one-sided fight, sometimes ending your rage early if someone isn’t putting up a good fight or lost their weapon.
  • Unlike most barbarians, you enjoy the idea of observing your enemy before rushing into combat. It gets your blood pumping and you share a kinship with rogues and assassins this way.
  • You have a comically small pet that you care for and will viciously protect from harm.
  • You leave a signature marking on every kill, drawn in the victim’s blood.
  • You are very hygenic, often stopping mid-adventure to clean off your weapon, hands, and face.
  • Your character has a thing for big ole’ cigars. You hold that cigar in your teeth until you meet a challenging foe, then you dramatically spit it out and tighten the grip on your weapon.
  • You love trying new things, especially exotic or weird food, even if it seems gross.
  • You keep a journal despite being unable to read/write. You instead doodle little images to remind you of what things happened that day. Your drawing skills are actually improving.
  • You thrive for excitement and danger. If there’s a choice between stairs and a ledge, you hop the ledge. You grab the Gorgon by the horns.


People often forget that even big strong burly barbarians have fears. Those fears and flaws should guide the way you roleplay and interact with other characters.

  • You have a gentle side that you keep hidden from others. You are afraid if others discovered this, you would lose your powerful presence.
  • Your race does not have darkvision and after living alone in the wilderness for so long, you have a cautious fear of the dark.
  • You have an irrational fear of a harmless and adorable creature.
  • You have a completely rational fear of a terrifying and deadly creature.
  • You do not trust magic, even magical forms of healing. You claim it’s because only weaklings use magic.
  • You dislike a particular race and have trouble interacting with them. You didn’t have the best upbringing. Through your adventures, though, you are learning to tolerate them.
  • You are afraid of harm befalling your friends. You lost someone once and don’t want it to happen again. This also makes it hard for you to get close to anyone.
  • You have a fear of not being remembered. You often take steps to preserve your memory and are nice to others so they will tell your tale.
  • You reject responsibility. You know that you have duties to fulfill, but you often avoid or run away from them. Your life of adventure started by running away from your old life. It often haunts you.
  • You are wary of religion or whatever higher power is out there. You respect clerics and clergy if only to save your soul. This sometimes affects how you make decisions even when no one is watching.
  • You have trouble talking to people you are attracted to, despite your great strength and combat ability.
  • You don’t trust society and assume the worst from people in authority positions. You often spin tall tales of conspiracy based on shreds of evidence.

So make your barbarian something special! I hope you all enjoyed barbarian week and took something away from it. Those Magic Items will always be an interesting add to any campaign, if anything. Next month I will assume the correct alphabetical order and do a Cleric week! Expect new deities/domains, more new items, and ways to use fantastic religions in your game!


Part 1/?

Jim Kirk x reader AOS

Summary: Jim helps you out of a sticky situation at a bar and you are both intrigued by each other, but you like to play hard to get. Will you two see each other again after this wonderful night?

Warnings: kissing in this one, I love me some smut so there will be some in later chapters. Not sure how long this will be as I’m writing as it comes to me.

Words: 1,274

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Welcome To The Club (Teen Dad AU Jimin)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can you do a jimin(teen dad au) please? Thanks ❤️❤️❤️

Can you please do a jimin bts angst/fluff scenario together, how ever you like it to be please

Jimin had recently moved to a new town after all of the drama his mistake caused. His family didn’t disown him but were heavily disappointed and wanted a clean start with their son and 4 month old grandson Sinyang. He had it good for about a week before he, in a tired rush stuck a onesie in his bag and rumors began to surface. Oddly enough another student from the school which confused him. Unknown to him a girl in his class was a parent as well. But had been out of school for the month due to giving birth.

“I feel like we’re starting a club or something here” a girl joked “one student is weird but two students with kids and in the same class” he hears as stopped writing “stop worry about my life and some other person’s. You should focus on your work because you seem like you’re failing horribly” he hissed at them as they looked at him in shock. He went back to work as they began whispering and looking at him. His eyes drifted to an empty desk in the back of the room. The girl sat right there and understood his situation completely.


“Be safe and don’t listen to them too much” your elder brother Seokjin comments as you given him a look. “I screwed myself over Jin. I’m always going to be judged” you tell him sadly as you climbed out of the car. “After school make sure you hurry home. I can only watch Jeongjin for bit because of work” he told you as you nodded. You had gotten pregnant by someone who lived in your old building. Your parents didn’t kick you out persay but they did at the same time. Luckily you had a super supportive brother who helped take care of you and your newborn son.

You closed the door from the car and headed towards the school as you clutched your bag straps tightly. You had eyes on you as you entered the class as you quickly rushed to the back of the classroom. You pulled out your belongings as the whispers in the class seemed to stop as you look up as a male stood in the front looking at you before he began walking. Your eyes went back to your phone as you smiled at the picture of your new born.

“He’s what a month?” a kind voice asked as you saw the boy from the front of the room was sitting beside you. You nodded but looked down again. Soon a phone was in your view “he’s 5 months now” he comments as you look over at him again. He gave a soft smile “I thought you and I could be friends because we get each other” he spoke. You smiled softly as you nodded. “Park Jimin” he spoke holding his hand out for you to shake. “Kim Y/N” you say back as you put your hand into his.


You and Jimin had become rather good friends after that point. He taught you different tips for your son. You had to say you had a serious crush on the kind guy who seemed to only have eyes on his son’s health and life. The end of high school came quickly as you two were getting ready to graduate. You sweet little Jeongjin was roughly 4 months old now and a happy mama’s boy. And you even got to meet Sinyang who was 8 months old now and was always a bubbly boy.

Jimin waved to you in his robes and well dressed son clung to him. You two had just graduated not more than 20 minutes ago and the first thing you did was get your children and decided to meet up. “Jeongjin" he said excited as the small boy smiled and leaned on you. “He looks so excited” he comments as Sinyang reached out for you. “Hey buddy” you cooed as you took him “wow you’re so much heavier” you comment as he played with your necklace before Jeongjin reaches for it. Sinyang yelled tugging it away. “Yangy stop” Jimin demanded “here just take Jeongjin” you say as he reached out and took the smaller boy. “Hello handsome” he cooed as he pressed a kiss onto your son’s face.

You smiled as you glanced at Sinyang brought the large necklace to his mouth “you shouldn’t do this” you coo. “You know its really amazing seeing you with him” you were told as you glanced at Jimin who was smiling largely. He moved closer to you as he leaned in and you thought he was going to kiss you but he kissed his son’s cheek. “You seem disappointed” he says still rather close before you looked at him confused. He smiled as he leaned over and pressed one onto your cheek. “I hope you and I can have more than this soon” he whispered “but for now let’s go out to eat” he says as you were still a bit warm now. “My brother was gonna take me out but I think you can come” you say as he smiled. He slid his hand into yours “alright” he says as you began pulling him along to locate Seokjin.

this is the only instance in which i find Jungkook really attractive (and somewhat older looking) cos usually he’s more of a handsome-cute younger brother-ish kid guy that i’m fond of & adore (but not attracted to), but in this outfit, with that hair and face and being grabbed like that, just exudes an attractive quality for a guy which I can somewhat see him as a male lead in a teenage drama show where he’s the bad boy and he has this love-hate relationship with a badass girl (i’d cast Ava) who detests him haha….../end here before my imagination gets ahead of myself lol

Payback (Feysand Week: Day One)

Day one of Feysand Week: Movie Night 

Warning: NSFW, but no actual smutty smut smut! 

Summary: Feyre’s friend group has had a movie night as long as they’d been friends. This one’s just as dysfunctional as any other.

Real World AU (an easter egg: the movie they’re watching is a movie adaptation of Throne of Glass!)

Ships: Feysand, Nessian, Amren x Varian, Mor x OC


It’s been a tradition for as long as I can remember that my friend group has had a movie night every other Friday. I had encouraged the idea when the group were all still in their early days of high school, when I had first joined the tight-knit group that, at the time, had consisted only Mor, Cassian, Amren, Az, and Rhys. Now, the group has expanded to include me and my oldest sister, Nesta.
Each person has a job on movie night.
Rhys and I’s spacious loft is the location this time, so our job is only to clean up and ensure the TV is working properly.
Cassian and Azriel are in charge of bringing whatever alcohol they feel like bringing, and, whenever they get drink duty, all of us are in no condition to go home, so the night turns into a sleepover.
Amren and Mor are in charge of food—popcorn, candy, whatever, but I’m inclined to believe that Amren has likely left Mor to do everything herself.
And finally, Nesta chooses the movie.
At sometime around 8 PM, Azriel shows up at our door, holding a bottle of red wine, ever the classic man, and rocking a stunning, toothy smile.
“Turn down the charm, mister,” I tease, smiling and giving him a hug.
He laughs, and greets Rhys before setting down the bottle on the counter.
“My partner in crime’s held up back in our apartment. Nesta stopped by right before I left, and with the look on her face, I think he’ll… be a while.” Azriel says with raised eyebrows, causing Rhys to snort.
“A lucky man,” Rhys says, and I shoot him a playful glare, “Of course, not as lucky as I am…” he adds quickly, dodging me when I step around Azriel to try and slap his shoulder. He grips my waist to hold me back, but ends up leaning in and placing a soft, gentle kiss on my lips. The kiss quickly deepens, and we make no move when we hear the door open again and Amren’s groan as she walks in.
I move my hands to Rhys’s waist and break the kiss, stepping to his side. I smile at Amren, who grimaces back, taking off her long, black cardigan (it’s the middle of summer—I have no idea why she was dressed so warmly), showing off her large ruby necklace—something new, as I had never seen this necklace before.
“Did Varian get you that?” Rhys beats me to the question, and Amren answers it in passing, hanging up her cardigan.
“Yes. For our three-year anniversary last year.” She says simply, sitting down at the kitchen table and getting out her phone. I hear the FaceTime ringtone a moment later, signaling the end of the conversation.
“Five’s a party!” says a new voice coming from the doorway, and I turn to see Cassian holding 2 6-packs, who clearly had been dressed to impress, but now his pants are wrinkled, his hair has come out of its bun, and—
“Your shirt’s inside out, Cas.” I say, turning my laugh into a cough. As if on cue, Nesta shows up in the doorway, clad in a short dress with cutouts that leave very little to the imagination, and she’d actually bothered to do her makeup—not that she needed it, anyway. So she had intentions when she went to Cassian, then. And they weren’t necessarily… pure.
Exasperated, she reaches in her bag and pulls out a DVD. I recognize the cover art, knowing it as some sappy love tradgedy about war. That’s so like Nesta that I stifle my laugh.
Cassian kisses her forehead, and she stares him down as he unbuttons his shirt, turns it the right way, and buttons it again.
“One more left,” says Rhys, breaking the silence that had settled over the room—except, of course, the sound of Amren talking to Varian, who was away on business in the city of Adriata.
Cassian sets down the beer, and a light air of chatter settles over the room as each person busies themselves. Rhys and I alternate between fetching blankets from the hall closet and stealing kisses where Amren can see them to get her annoyed, while Cassian and Azriel have eached cracked open a bottle of beer and are slowly sipping. Nesta pours herself a class of wine after inserting the DVD into the player.
Amongst the preparations, Mor finally decides to show up, holding a reusable grocery bag full of snacks. This elicits a positive cheer from the room—we all prefer it when Mor brings the snacks.
Trailing behind her, a tall brunette with striking green eyes smiles, carrying another bottle of wine—white—and smiling.
Mor sets down the snacks on our counter, smiling.
“Guys, meet Raphaela. Raphaela, this is Azriel, Nesta, Cassian, Feyre, Rhysand, and…” she cranes her neck to see Amren, “Amren.”
Raphaela smiles wider, revealing a charming, gapped smile.
“I brought wine,” she says, holding up the bottle like a peace offering. I step forward, gladly taking the bottle while Azriel gets out more glasses.
“Thank you,” I say, “The more the merrier—speaking of which, Mor, can you unpack your surplus?” I tease, and Morrigan laughs in response, taking Raphaela’s hand and kissing it before taking out all the food.
Thirty minutes later, everybody’s settled. Mor and Raphaela sit alone on the smaller of the two couches, Mor’s legs tucked beneath her and head resting on Raphaela’s chest. Azriel and Cassian sit next to each other on the couch, and Nesta’s sitting between Cassians legs, on the floor, his arms both draped down her shoulders. Rhysand and I share the armchair, my legs draped over his lap and off the side of the chair. Amren, however, has not moved from her place at the kitchen table—but now she’s connected her earbuds and is talking lower. Usually, she’d pay attention on movie night, but her favorite boy toy isn’t here and she’s… preoccupied.
The opening sequence begins, introducing the plot, characters, and settings, and I’m beginning to get cozy and invested in the movie when Rhysand shifts, moving his hand that had previously rested on my thigh much higher. I brush it off initially, until I feel Rhys’s gaze on me. It’s clear that he has no intention of watching this movie.
He moves his head to rest in the crack of my neck, and for a good twenty minutes, I’m able to focus on the movie. That is, until his hand starts making idle strokes on my thigh. I inhale sharply, and feel the fingertips of his other hand dig into my hip that’s exposed because of my cropped shirt. I try to slow my breathing, but I know I’m still breathing heavier than usual.
Slowly, as if he has all of the time in the world, he moves the hand on my hip, inch by inch, as the plot of the movie progresses on. About halfway to the point that I know he’s aiming for, I realize that I’m not wearing any bra. Rhys realizes it too, when I accidentally shift at the realization, moving his hand higher up, to the underside of my breast. He lifts his face up to where we’re almost eye to eye, and I can’t resist claming his lips with mine. This sets him off, as his calloused fingers begin working my breast. I stifle a moan, biting down on his lip, probably hard enough to draw blood. The calm that had settled over me disappeared, and I’m suddenly hyperaware of every point where his body is touching mine. He pulls away from my lips, but I can feel the evidence of the his excitement under my legs, resting on his lap.
When I feel his hand quickly move from my breast, and I almost groan in dissappointment, before his hand moves down to the waistband of my leggings. The moment I feel his hands slip underneath my leggings, I get up quickly, leaving Rhys looking confused. I mutter something about having to use the restroom and walk towards Rhys and I’s bedroom, unplugging my phone from the charger. I send him a simple text of “bedroom”, and, in less than thirty seconds, the door of the bedroom is opened, a feverish look on Rhys’ face.
I slowly rise from the bed, sauntering to where Rhys stands, easing his back onto the door. I nip at his neck, one hand in his hair.
“You,” I mutter accusingly against his neck, “Payback time.”


I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for Day 2: “I could have lost you”!

The Locket: Loki x reader

So a while ago I said I’d write this and here it is. I have a migraine right now and I feel kinda crummy so Loki is a bit out of character I think and it’s just kinda a silly drabble (but really long) and I figured I’d make it into 2 parts but felt like sharing so hopefully it’s not as eh as I feel like it might be. Just somethin’ somethin’.

“So the mission at hand.” Steve interrupted the quiet chattering of the group. He stood up, walking to the large projection screen at the opposite end of the room. “I was instructed to remind everyone that Loki has agreed, as per his punishment, to assist the team. This particular mission was brought to our attention thanks to our two Asgardians, so Thor, Loki, I’ll let you take it from here.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi, gorgeous! I saw an ask from your blog from a long time ago, about witchy hairstyles, and I was wondering if you could suggest some witchy outfits? Thank you so much! You're a beautiful person with a beautiful blog, and thank you for all that you do.

oh my goodness!! i truly loved answering that ask, aha! coming up with pretty visuals and ideas is one of my favorite things to do; i’m so glad you asked. (and thank you endlessly! you’re a lovely soul, and i am so touched. :,) ♡

💫 witchy outfit ideas: 💫

- stevie nicks aes: a long, flowy maxi skirt in a sheer fabric, a lace, peasant, or velvet crop top, flat lace-up sandals, a choker (that matches the top), mala bead and hemp bracelets and necklaces, earrings with astrological symbolism on them

- studious goth: a collared dress paired with stockings and heels or combat boots, pearl earrings, a matching handbag, and a hair barrette or headband

- outdoorsy spirit: a soft sundress with a lovely silhouette, a large floppy hat, layered necklaces, and too many rings

- divination babe: a skater skirt in a deep color or covered in a star/moon speckled pattern + a color-coordinated top of any style, pointy ankle boots, an oversized infinity scarf, and crystal-pendant earrings

- i put a hex on you: dark skinny pants or cut-off shorts paired with boots or creepers, a tank or crop top with a flowy robe layered over, pentagram or ouija jewelry, and smoky eye makeup

- mermaid dreams: a chiffon skirt, either floor-length or short and pleated, a matching bustier or crop top, layered shell/mixed jewelry, gladiator sandals or shiny flats, lots of highlighter

(✿◠‿◠) ♡♡