large group of animals


closely related to sharks but with long, flat bodies and wing-like pectoral fins, mobula rays are ideally suited to swooping through the water - here off the gulf of california - yet seem equally at home in the air, so much so that they have earned the name “flying rays”. mobula rays can reach heights of more than two metres, remaining airborne for several seconds. 

mobula rays are quite elusive and difficult to study, so biologists are not quite sure why they jump out of the water. theories vary from a means of communication, to a mating ritual (though both males and females jump), or as a way to shed themselves of parasites. they could also be jumping as a way of better corralling their pray, as seen with them swimming in a circular formation. 

what is known about mobula rays is that they reach sexual maturity late and their investment in their offspring is more akin to mammals than other fishes, usually producing just a single pup after long pregnancies, all of which makes them extremely vulnerable to commercial fishing, especially as a species that likes to come together in large groups.

A party: TaehyungXreader (M)

Word count: 3.6K

Genre: Smut

Summary: You don’t like parties at all, but your sister does. So you are forced to go to the parties, simply because all the parties are held at your house. Boys mostly toy with you because you aren’t very good looking, just like Taehyung. But there is something different with todays party.

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Runt: "a pigeon of a large domestic breed"

runt. The runt of a group of animals born to the same mother at the same time is the smallest and weakest of them. You call a small person a runt when you are annoyed with them and are expressing your dislike for them.

Publicly Acknowledging Your Wrongdoings: The Kirbopher 2016 Edition

I met Chris Niosi over the internet in 2004. That is, as of 2016, twelve years ago for those who are counting. In 2005 I attended Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland, and got to meet Niosi in person, as well as abusive pedophile Bryon Beaubien, the living cupcake Christina Warren, and several others. Between 2004 and 2008 I had near-daily experiences with Chris Niosi through Skype calls that lasted hours upon hours. Many of our conversations are documented in the audio podcast ‘Wha-Chow’. Did you know that back in those days, you could only have around 4-5 people in a Skype call before the program wouldn’t allow any more to join? It was Chris Niosi, to my knowledge, who found out a way to hack an unlimited number of people in.

What I’m getting at is that I’ve known Kirbopher for a good long while, and I am well versed in Chris Niosi circa 2005-2010. 

The Fallout Shelter forums were where I met a lot of people back then, and among the masses Kirbopher was a star. His original run of TOME was a huge hit on he site due to Kirb’s constant inclusion of well known forum goers as guest stars or voice actors. It was a good way to earn a following and I’ll admit, the pull was strong when you were 18 and first starting to make friends online as I was. I entered a fanart contest and had my character appear in a tournament. I got to voice one of the characters. All fun and games.

Then Fireball20xl happened. The Wha-Chows happened. And suddenly every day there was a Skype call with Kirb and I began to KNOW Kirb. I saw inside his life, his mind, and I began to understand.

The people that the ‘Kirb Defenders’ have been attacking and harassing have all been right, and all these victims and witnesses of character have a RIGHT to speak up and warn others, especially if it could bring closure. If I chime in I HOPE it makes a lick of difference but there’s a reason that the saying ‘Don’t Meet Your Heroes’ exists, kids. What you see of Chris Niosi online is the tip of the iceberg that he WANTS you to see. You are only privy to the 1% that Niosi has full control of.

You will never meet someone more self-absorbed and selfish as Chris Niosi. 

It’s the long and short of it. The bagel story, the constant abuse he engaged in of various people, the horrifying petty and disgusting actions? That’s who Chris Niosi is. That’s the other 99%. A screamy, self absorbed ass who used his Aspergers as an excuse to act out while condemning those who also had autism. A jerkoff whose sole purpose in life is to get ahead.

Don’t get me wrong, with his PR stunts and his word warping he’s VERY good at putting on a mask for the public. He WAS Psyguy’s ‘best friend’ for the longest time, thus he was able to learn from the best. (Granted every day was spent with both Psy and Kirb shit talking each other to ME PERSONALLY, but I digress. The two of them fed off of each other for attention constantly). I remember he’d corner every guest star Psy had on Wha-Chow in order to coerce them into doing a voice he’d shoe-horn into his animations. Then Kirb would go and EDIT WIKIPEDIA ARTICLES to include HIS work on other people’s articles (Don’t think I didn’t notice you putting your name into JonTron’s Wiki page, Kirb. You little leech you). Each step Kirb takes is to step on one person to get into the spotlight of someone higher up. 

Kirb has an interesting backstory where his education is concerned. Kirb entered college alongside four other young gentlemen, all of them going to college for art in one way or another. All of them graduated and one by one they all traveled out West save for Kirb who was the LAST to go because out of all of them, only ONE person had in no way improved despite many years of art college and that was Kirb. He went into it thinking that his style was perfect and he left, all on his parents dime, without having improved in the slightest.

(Oh, and I have to mention that it was on his parents dime because they DID pay for his tuition (along with everything else he’s ever wanted in life) during that time, because Kirb was asking people to help FUND his college efforts (the efforts he put no effort into). This spawned the joke in Spazzkid’s Street Fighter Chode of Kirb screaming “Pay for my college”.)

What is interesting is that these four gentlemen I spoke of all DESPISE Kirb. He’s been a black spot in their lives and a leech off their success and talents for god knows how long. One of them in particular found love in New York with a girl that Kirb was fancying and the two artists moved west and Kirb lost his damn MIND over this girl falling for his friend and rejecting him. When it came to Kirb and women, he would stop at nothing to invade every aspect of a girl’s life, stalking them and obsessing over them. I saw it with this girl, I saw it with Liz, and I saw it with tumblr user Audioerf who I remember would come into calls with complete strangers (such as me) just to hide from Kirb.

Despite these artists HATING Kirb’s guts they have always been lax on speaking out against him, as if KNOWING Kirb in person somehow gave them reason to clam up. Really, they have the bigger voices than most since they experienced Kirb’s nonsense firsthand for YEARS in college and beyond. It’s not like it would be a damning move in their animation industry to openly criticize someone like Kirb who already blacklists HIMSELF from every major studio thanks to how self centered he is. There’s very little talk I see going around about the Deviantart page dedicated to venting about Niosi’s constant bullshit in school. I see very little talk about the Niosi puppet. It exists, somewhere, a monument to mock Niosi for being such an asshole.

Kirb being a self centered and boisterous asshat has been a public thing for ages. Newgrounds was Kirb’s home for the longest time, and even THERE he earned the hatred of a very famous GRUMPY person who Kirb leeched off of for years. Who remembers the ‘Brawl Taunts’ days back on Newgrounds? Where, utilizing Rina-Chan’s horrible voice acting and garbage writing paired with Kirb’s garbage animation skills, the dynamic duo shat out video after video that constantly made the front page of Newgrounds? Tom Fulp was basically held hostage by the views that the videos garnered despite their awful quality. That, coupled with Kirb’s TOME episodes and the god awful Parody Rangers episodes getting tons of traffic thanks to Fireball20xl, Kirb was a big name on Newgrounds and his bolstering and public jerking that he engaged in earned him the ire of basically every major Newgrounds animator at the time. (Kirb would later on try to claim that he didn’t enjoy making Brawl Taunts but he certainly made THREE of them and suckled that sweet teat of popularity the whole time without a complaint).

In fact, I went and checked before writing this. Go to Newgrounds. Look up Brawl Funnies. A large group of animators got together to mock how awful Brawl Taunts was and to shit all over how much of a shitter Kirbopher is. The scene that sums up EXACTLY who Kirbopher is not exemplified better than Kirb in a hot air balloon, dumping bags of self-respect out of the basket in order to reach a cloud that says ‘popularity’. 

Listen. I understand people wanting to stand up for their heores, and if you like TOME, well then you’re free to like what you want in life. But don’t…..don’t sit there and assume that just because you LIKE this one thing that the creator can’t be a raging douchebag on top of it. You DON’T know the guy. You can’t make that type of judgement logically. And thus you have no right to try and jump down the throats of those who HAVE had the balls to speak out.

You think that Kirb owning up publicly to what he’s done, FOR ONCE validating the claims of abuse that people have kept receipts of over the years, FINALLY dropping the facade and admitting that he’s done some pretty fucked up things and treated people badly….you think that him owning up publicly to that is going to make things WORSE? That’s SQUARE ONE of how things start to get BETTER.

I was a part of Kirb’s friend group. I was a yes-man to Bryon Beaubien just like Kirb was. I watched ten girls in two years get abused, shat on, and I did and said nothing that would have stopped it. I even flirted with a girl several years my minor during and after Psy had been courting her. I said crude things, THOUGHT in a toxic way that was not even my own. I was a huge asshole and I was guilty by association and guilty thanks to inaction, just like Kirb.

But I owned up to it.

I PUT myself out there for ridicule, so that the poor girl who I wasn’t even AWARE I had hurt could hopefully find some closure. So that the brave person who called me out publicly could have the satisfaction of knowing that I took responsibility and did what I could to make things right. So that I could try and make a difference for the people I had witnessed get abused.

I witnessed Kirb mock these women in his flash cartoons. I witnessed Kirb mock these girls in Skype calls. I witnessed Kirb obsess and foam at the mouth over women he was stalking. I witnessed Kirb make a mad grab at fame no matter the cost over and over and over again. Nothing makes me more furious than knowing that Kirb looked these victims in the eyes and called what he KNEW had happened to them ‘Gossip’, all to cover his tail, just for him to turn around and take the high road in a vague and non-confessional manner weeks later when the creator of Clarence was called out for sexual abuse because he knew it would make him seem more popular.

Nothing is as far greater an insult to me than for me to extend my hand to him to have us both stand tall and open ourselves up about the sordid hands we played in such abuse only to have him turn his back on me, his deeds, and the people he had hurt. 

I did my best to change my outlook on life and change myself so I could be a better person to my then-girlfriend. Now we’ve been married for over two years here in 2016. Kirb has never changed, not in twelve years. I called him out back in 2014 but it seems that it needs to be said again. There is nothing stopping you from trying to become a better person. When you are as a guilty of so many shitty things as Niosi is, I know that it seems daunting to even make an ATTEMPT. But that’s the first step, and the first step is ALWAYS the hardest. Change who you are. Admit to your transgressions, ACKNOWLEDGE your victims of abuse, own up to your bad behavior, and DO something about it.

It’s far better to face consequences than it is to live as a guilty coward.

I cannot remember who it was (and I apologize for forgetting) who made the post saying ‘Name ONE Thing Kirbopher has done that wasn’t for himself that wasn’t a PR stunt’, but oh my god. You’re absolutely right. Kirb has NEVER done anything that didn’t further his own social goals. If you “Can’t Accept” that this Chris Niosi is the TRUE Chris Niosi, then I’m sorry for how short sighted you are. I implore you to go seek out Brawl Funnies and do your own digging. Listen to old Wha-Chows where Kirb HAD to dominate every conversation and make it about him or else he’d get angry and snappy and begin insulting others or cutting them off. Actually READ what the other people who have stepped forward have to say. It’s all there. If Kirb is still a raging and unapologetic douche then I simply wish that, if he won’t change, hopefully those who blindly follow him will. 

SERIOUSLY. It’s okay to like someone’s work and still acknowledge that the creator is NOT a good person. Skyler Page sexually abused a female coworker and was kicked off Clarence, his own show, but people still watch it and sometimes even enjoy it. I adore Ren & Stimpy and it is public knowledge that John K, it’s creator, is a huge asshole. HECK, I enjoy the artwork of Andrew Dickman and he’s a sexually abusive rage monster. Will I publicly endorse the artwork from this writhing waste of space through likes and reblogs? No, he does not that deserve that. But I can still enjoy, from time to time, a piece of artwork that he creates. 

So if you love TOME, I IMPLORE you to distinguish the person from the product. I get that TOME can be something someone might like. I myself enjoyed it back in the day ten years ago. But do not throw yourself against the rocks to defend someone you know nothing about. NEVER do that. The victims that speak out are not at fault, only Kirb is. And even then, don’t let Niosi being a huge assface turn you away from something you enjoy. If him being a waste of oxygen is enough to make you give up TOME then so be it, but the victims here aren’t ASKING for you to give up TOME. They’re not asking anything. They simply want people to be informed. 

If you need any base proof of Kirb’s true character, note how he’s not at all called for his fans to NOT attack those who have come forward and how he’s not condemned the actions of those who have gone after these victims. But he SURE WILL take time to speak to the ‘little people’ that he normally ignores when they pop up to dump praise on him.

As for those who DO hate Kirb who have known him the most intimate through school and such, I DO hope you can find it in you to at least…be more public about Niosi. You know better than anyone else how much of an unapologetic leech he is. If he can’t bring himself to change, you have every bit of power in you to help get him blacklisted further and further. I know that, sometimes in the animation industry, shit talking someone can lead to you having trouble getting employed but in this instance, with Kirb, I don’t think you’ll lose ANY face. You’re only adding more testimonies to the pile. You would do far less harm than good. Your voice is important when people who share your opinion on how shitty Kirb is come under attack for that very opinion.

What do schools of fish and clusters of neurons have in common?

The answer lies in a concept called ‘emergence’, or the spontaneous creation of sophisticated behaviors and functions from large groups of simple elements.

Like many animals, fish stick together in groups, but that’s not just because they enjoy each other’s company. It’s a matter of survival. Schools of fish exhibit complex swarming behaviors that help them evade hungry predators, while a lone fish is quickly singled out as easy prey. So which brilliant fish leader is the one in charge? Actually, no one is, and everyone is. So what does that mean? While the school of fish is elegantly twisting, turning, and dodging sharks in what looks like deliberate coordination, each individual fish is actually just following two basic rules that have nothing to do with the shark: one, stay close, but not too close to your neighbor, and two, keep swimming. 

As individuals, the fish are focused on the minutiae of these local interactions, but if enough fish join the group, something remarkable happens. The movement of individual fish is eclipsed by an entirely new entity: the school, which has its own unique set of behaviors. The school isn’t controlled by any single fish. It simply emerges if you have enough fish following the right set of local rules. It’s like an accident that happens over and over again, allowing fish all across the ocean to reliably avoid predation.

What makes emergence so complex is that you can’t understand it by simply taking it apart, like the engine of a car. Taking things apart is a good first step to understanding a complex system. But if you reduce a school of fish to individuals, it loses the ability to evade predators, and there’s nothing left to study. And if you reduce the brain to individual neurons, you’re left with something that is notoriously unreliable, and nothing like how we think and behave, at least most of the time.

Regardless, whatever you’re thinking about right now isn’t reliant on a single neuron lodged in the corner of your brain. Rather, the mind emerges from the collective activities of many, many neurons. There are billions of neurons in the human brain, and trillions of connections between all those neurons.3:28When you turn such a complicated system like that on, it could behave in all sorts of weird ways, but it doesn’t. The neurons in our brain follow simple rules, just like the fish, so that as a group, their activity self-organizes into reliable patterns that let you do things like recognize faces, successfully repeat the same task over and over again, and keep all those silly little habits that everyone likes about you.

As more and more neurons are connected, increasingly complex patterns of activity emerge from the network. Soon, so many neurons are interacting in so many different ways at once that the system becomes chaotic. The trajectory of the network’s activity cannot be easily explained by the simple local circuits described earlier. And yet, from this chaos, patterns can emerge, and then emerge again and again in a reproducible manner. At some point, these emergent patterns of activity become sufficiently complex, and curious to begin studying their own biological origins…not to mention the concept of emergence itself!

And what we found in emergent phenomena at vastly different scales is that same remarkable characteristic as the fish displayed: That emergence doesn’t require someone or something to be in charge. If the right rules are in place, and some basic conditions are met, a complex system will fall into the same habits over and over again, turning chaos into order. That’s true in the molecular pandemonium that lets your cells function, the tangled thicket of neurons that produces your thoughts and identity, your network of friends and family, all the way up to the structures and economies of our cities across the planet.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How do schools of fish swim in harmony? - Nathan S. Jacobs

Animation by TED-Ed


Mesopotamian Kudurru (Boundary Stone), 2nd Dynasty of Isin, 1157-1025 BC

The upper section of this finely polished black limestone kudurru is decorated in intricately carved raised relief with symbols and sacred animals representing a large group or “gathering” of Mesopotamian gods and goddesses. Kudurrus, sometimes referred to as “boundary markers,” were actually land grant documents used by kings to reward their favored servants. These monuments were set up in temples to record royal land grants. The full force of the Mesopotamian pantheon was utilized both to witness and guarantee the land grant by carving the symbols and sacred animals of the deities on the kudurru. In the shape of a cylindrical ovoid, this particular kudurru was not inscribed, perhaps because the person who was to receive the land grant died before it could be finalized, or because the king changed his mind and decided not to make the land grant after all. Each kudurru is unique; a good deal of variation exists in the number and choice of deities which appear.

Front: On this standing monument, the Mesopotamian pantheon is presented. The four great gods come first. Anu (“father of the gods” and god of heaven) and Enlil (god of wind, kingship and the earth), are shown as a multi-horned divine crown each on its own temple facade. Then Ea (god of water, magic and wisdom), is shown as a curved stick ending in a ram’s head atop a temple facade pulled by the foreparts of a horned goat. Above the first two deities, a female headdress in the shape of an omega sign, symbolizes Ninhursag (“mother of the gods” and goddess of fertility).

Reverse: The leading Babylonian god, Marduk, and his son Nabu, appear next. A triangular spade pointing up and a scribe’s wedge-shaped stylus, respectively, each sits atop a temple facade pulled by the foreparts of a snake-dragon known as a Mushus (Mushhushshu). All five temple facades float on fresh, underground waters known as the Apsu or the Deep. Following these divinities, we find the mace, perhaps a local war god, the scepter with double lion heads of Ninurta (god of war), the arrow, a symbol of the star Sirius, and the two-pronged lightning bolt of Adad. This storm god is called by the similar name Haddad in the Levant. The running bird Papsukkal (minister of the gods, associated with the constellation Orion), is followed by the scorpion Ishara (goddess of oaths), the seated dog Gula (goddess of healing) and a bird on a perch, symbolizing both Shuqamuna and Shumalia (patron deities of the Kassite royal family).

Top:The top of the kudurru, representing the heavens, is surrounded and enclosed by the body of a large snake. Nirah (the snake god) encompasses four astral deities the crescent moon of Sin (the moon god), a multi-rayed circular sun disc of Shamash (the sun god), a star inside a disc for Ishtar (the goddess of love -especially sexuality- and war) and the lamp of Nusku (the god of fire and light). Ishtar, considered the most important Mesopotamian female deity, is associated with the morning and evening star, the planet Venus.

Rokahal and its Environs

A Historical Thesis by Castile of the Halls


Although I am a native to the country somewhat further south, I have spent enough of my life in Rokahal to be confident in my ability to represent knowledge of its history, its inhabitants, its language, and its culture. While Rokahal is a rival of Frinn in many ways, I have come to understand that they are also quite similar, and rather than approaching this thesis from the typical perspective of a foreigner dismantling a strange land, I intend to take a more scholarly attitude.

I will discuss the inhabitants of Rokahal that share their relations with Frinn, namely caelings and earthlanders, and examine the ways in which they differ from their southern counterparts. I will examine their relations with themselves and each other, as well as their culture and traditions (and, perhaps most importantly, their religions, which differ vastly from those in Frinn). At the risk of seeming too dry, I will also discuss the political machinations of those involved in such things.

Additionally, I will explore the flora and fauna, both magical and mundane, that reside in Rokahal and compare them to their counterparts in Frinn. This ties into the Rokahalian attitude towards animancy. I believe Rokahal’s exceptionally unique vampire society is worth particular examination …

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reasons to why sports animes aren't sexist

-they sexualize large groups of male characters

-they often give male characters many feminine like qualities

-they empower women by creating singular important female characters (coaches/managers) and putting them at top positions of power and in control of the male characters

-they overall just reverse gender roles and explore different ways to sexualize male characters and put female characters in control  

so everyone stfu and stop talking shit just because sports animes are male character driven

also fyi sports animes were literally created by women for women because before that the manga industries were completely controlled by men

so think twice before you disparage all these female viewers and turn them into “stupid little fangirls” just because the show is about a boy’s sports team

the way that sports animes are written is bringing us forward towards gender equality 

"With us" zootopia fanfic

It had been years since he last saw Zootopia. Martin DeClawe moved away when he was young to fulfill his dream to become a detective for the Zootopia police force. After gaining the smarts and skill, he was finally qualified to join the top team. He thought he deserved a little reward after his first day on the job, having caught a bank robber just hours ago.
Martin twiddled with the small cigarette he had in between his fingers, placing in between his lips. He tilted his hat down, trying to protect it from the harsh pouring rain while he made his way to the Tundra Club. There you can sit and listen to music and the singers while enjoying a nice chilled drink by the bar.
Once inside, he took of his dark blue trench-coat passing it off to one of the employers who rushed to place it on a hook to dry off at the side. The club’s walls were made out of solid once, carved precisely to resemble the inside of an igloo. Martin’s nose twitch, smelling the tobacco smoke that filled the air. He pulled on his suspenders while he made his way to an empty table near the far end of the ballroom. On stage, soft music was being played by a young polar bear dressed in a red, bright suit. He typed on the piano keys while some animals listened while eating their meals.
Martin took out his lighter and put it up to his cigarette but cursed when he found it limp and soggy, from the rain. He didn’t escape it fast enough.

“It’s not polite to swear, you know?” Said a gentle voice. A voice that he haven’t heard in years after he left Zootopia. He whirled to his right to find a bunny, an albino. With shiny snow-like fur and bright red eyes, still as curious as to when he met her when they were children. She was wearing a golden shimmering modest dress, and around her neck was a thick black strap to help carry the small box of cigars and cigarettes. Yet, when he looked at her, he had found that she had really matured over the years to when he was gone, noticing the tight and slim curves. She giggled softly when his cigarette fell out from his open mouth.
“Hello, Marty.” While his real name is Martin, he expected animals to call him by his full name but she was the exception. .

“Martha? What in the hell are you doing here?” He asked, making her smile politely.

“I’m working, this is the only job I can get in this club…I have to pay my rent somehow.” She tilted her head at him, holding her smile. “It’s so wonderful to see you again, Marty.”

He held his breath, and swallowed. It has been ten years since he last saw her. He haven’t seen her since he was thirteen but even now, he still recognized her. They met when they were just kits, at six years old. They were next-door neighbors and completely different, including being a fox and bunny. She was shy, and still is, even now he can tell by looking. Him on the other paw, was a little tyrant. Loud and obnoxious.
But one look at the shy girl behind the white picket fence and something inside changed. He did not know it then and he did not know it until after he left.
They were meant for eachother. He fell in love with her at first sight and he could never tell her. A fox and a bunny becoming mates? That seems to good to be true. Also it does not take a genius to notice that inter-species relationship is frowned upon. Sometimes even hated but that won’t stop him from ever loving her.

“I can’t believe you found me here.” He said, rising out of his chair giving her a friendly hug. He found that he had grown intensely over the years, when they were teenagers they were the same height and now he loomed over her by a foot. Her head right to his chest. She noticed it as well taking a step back while blushing lightly.

“Oh my, Marty…you have gotten tall.” She laughed, putting a paw on lips hiding back her large smile.

“I’m not the only one who changed, Cottontail.” He replied slyly. Hearing her old nickname made her stop laughing, letting out a small scowl while still holding her blush.

“Oh! I hoped you wouldn’t call me that.”

“But it’s perfect, cottontail.”

“Oh stop.” She huffed before letting out a smile. “Would you like a cigarette, Martin?”

He reached inside his pant’s pocket, feeling for his wallet. “Sure, I could use a smoke while we talk, how much?”

“It’s on the house.” She said under her breath while she hands him a lone stick. “I insist.”
He smirked and plucked it out of her paw, placing it in between his lips and lighting it with his matchstick by the flick of the wrist.

“How about that talk, eh?” He snickered motioning her to sit down beside him. She shared in his playful laughter but waved it off.

“Oh I couldn’t, my boss would get so mad, my shift haven’t ended yet.”

“Than when does it? I’ll be happy to wait all night.” He winked, making her blush again. He found it quite easy to make her feel embarrassed. “We can talk in my apartment, I’ll even treat you to some take out.”

“That sounds wonderful. I stop working in a hour, until then, I have to hurry and sell these as soon as possible.” She moved away, placing her paws underneath the large wooden box. She picked up her feet when she rushed onto the floor, hiding out cigarettes to the large group of animals waiting to buy. He watched her scurry along the room, handing out the boxes with a smile on her face. Even though she hated Tobacco. She never had a fancy for the stuff. The same thing with alcohol. He stifled a laugh noticing the glass of scotch in front of him. They really were polar opposites, like yin and yang.
He watched her more than the entertainment. Never removing his sight for more than a few seconds. It wasn’t long until it was time for her to check out. He watched her more than excited to come meet with him, practically picking up her feet. He grinned lifting himself off of the booth and suddenly a sharp cry rang out. He whirled to find that Martha, had tripped over her small heels and landed face down onto the carpet.

“Martha!” Martin yelled out rushing to her. Most of the patrons were already moving towards her, ready to pull her up. She lifted her head up slowly, rubbing the back of her head. Her face completely red.

“Oh my, no I’m okay!” She smiled towards a bison gentlemen trying to lend her his hoof. Martin bent down on one knee, looking her over.

“What happened Martha?” He asked, giving her his paw. Her ears went down becoming timid as her face grew redder.

“I-I wasn’t looking to where I was going…oh, I’m so clumsy today.” She said with a timid voice before taking his paw. He gently pulled her up to her feet.

“Ow!” Martha winced lifting her left foot. “Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I-I think I twisted my foot, oh I really am clumsy! that’s what I get for not looking.” She winced again when she tried moving it, her eyes becoming watery. “I don’t think I can walk…”

Martin sniffed. “Well that’s not a problem…” He swiftly picked her up bridal-style. Sweeping her off of her feet and into his arms. She was light as a feather when he began walking towards the exit.

“M-Martin?! P-please put me down!” Martha demanded. He had never seen her face so red before. He grinned.

“No way Cottontail. You ain’t escaping that easily, I’ll give you a ride to my apartment so we can catch up and do something about that nimble ankle of yours.”

“Please!” She continued, noticing the stares of the other animals from outside the club. “E-every animal is looking!”

“Because you’re shouting Martha.” He smirked, she closed her mouth, looking down and avoiding eye contact with the patrons. Martin chuckled as they made their way outside. He gently placed her in the passenger seat of his hardtop black convertible. Martha eyes widened by how new the car way, straight out of the warehouse. She never knew Martin could own such a car. She glance at him when he closed the door in the driver’s seat and the car into gear.

“When did you buy this Marty?”

He grinned at her question. “Ya like it? Just bought it a week ago working with the ZPD, they pay good dough.”

Her mouth moved into a happy grin. “You finally made it in the police force?”

“Sure did. Been working with the law for about two years and I got promoted. Just hearing the word Zootopia made it easy for me to accept.”

She hummed,tilting her head at him. “I’m glad you came back, Marty.”

Martin gripped the wheel when he heard the tone of her voice, it sounded genuine, almost as if she really did missed him as much as he did her. He was right.

“What about you bunny? You work as a seller now?”

“Yes, not really the job I want, what I really want to do is sing to the crowd.” She sighed happily, imagining it. “If only…maybe one of these days I’ll get a chance.”

“They’re idiots if they don’t give you a chance, Martha.” He replied sternly, he bit his cheek before asking her the next question. “And what about…a mate? Got some guy you fancy?” He asked slowly, not really sure if he wants to hear the answer. Martha twiddled her fingers, her cheeks turning a shade of pink.

“I…I had a few.” Martin’s mouth went into a straight line. “But they weren’t the right choice for me.”

He smirked slightly, careful to not let it show to her. “Good to know.”

“And you?”

He snorted. “Too busy for that sort of stuff, plus, I think my personality scare the girls.” He chuckled deeply, he wasn’t wrong about that. The way he carries himself always seen to affect those around him. Martha smiled.

“I suppose they don’t know you like I do.”

Except Martha. “Exactly, Cottontail.”
“-And down we go!” He set her down gently on his couch, making sure her legs were elevated on a pillow. Martha giggled at him as he grabbed ice from his freezer.

“Martin, I’m sure it’s not that bad.”

She winced when he placed the cold bag down over her ankle. “Not that bad eh?”

“M-maybe you’re right.” She cringed letting out a soft laugh. He collapsed right beside her, sitting down fully as he removed his coat, showing off his suspenders and white collar shirt. He felt Martha lean her head on his shoulder while she looked up at him.

“You changed so much.” She bluntly stated, making him shrug his shoulders.

“You think so? I should say the same about you, you changed a lot.”

“How so?”

“You’re more curvy.” He flinched when he felt a harsh slap on the knee.

“That is very crude.” She said playfully. She gave out a set of giggles making him laugh along. He set his head down over her own, making her ears do down.

“Well, it’s true.”

Martha eyed him coyly. “You look very strong, Marty.”

“That’s because I am, Cottontail. Got the scars to prove it.”


“More like bullet holes…” He said bluntly, she gasped sitting up fully as she whirls at him.

“Bullet holes!?-are you playing with me?” She said with a huff. Martin flick his wrist and grabbed the collar of his shirt, giving her a grin.

“Want to see? I got one right on the shoulder.” Her eyes widen in curiosity as she leans in, nodding slightly. He pulled the collar down, popping the buttons. He moved aside the fabric, revealing his left shoulder. Right next to his collarbone, was a pinkish scar of what looked like where the bullet went through him. Martha gasped slightly, her paw shooting out towards his scar.

“What happened?” She demanded, rubbing against it with her index finger. The scar was the size of a silver coin. “When did this happen?”

“About a few months ago-!”

“A few months!?” She shouted making his ears go down.

“Hey, hey, it wasn’t fatal! I also have another one on my right side. Now that one hurt.” He laughed but quickly stopped when he noticed Martha holding a frown. He felt her fingers circle around his scar, her paw shaking slightly.

“It could have hit your heart…” She whispered grimly. Martin’s ears sprang up when he felt her paw stroke at his scar. She stared at it in a sad frown as she nimbly stroked the pinkish flesh wound. He slightly blushed, he never noticed how shiny her lips were from the red lipstick.
“Does it hurt?” She asked softly, with a hint of concern. His fur went on end when he heard her sweet angelic voice.

“Nah.” He whispered. “Nothing hurts me, this just a paper cut, you should see the one on my back.” He said raising his eyebrows mischievously. She gave him an unamused scowl. “I was just playing a joke…there’s nothing there.” He grabbed her wrist making her place her palm against his scar fully. She looked up at him and noticed how close his muzzle was to her. “Remember what you did every time I hurt myself?”

Her breath caught, a soft blush appearing. Remembering a time when they were children running into danger. Martin was the one who got hurt the most with his reckless behavior. She found the one thing that helped soothe his wounds, was a secret. Both of them wouldn’t dare tell their parents about their innocent adventures. Whenever Martin got hurt, she would lean in.

She closed her eyes. “I kiss you.”

And her lips brushed against his. He didn’t hesitate to kiss her back. He captured them in a vice grip, revealing the feelings he kept bottled up. It was like a wave, he wrapped his arms around her waist, locking her into a passionate embrace. She responded by clutching at his suspenders, gripping them and his shirt. It was as if she was under a spell because the moment she opened her eyes, the spell broke.

“O-oh my goodness!” She cried out removing herself out of his arms. “What have I done?” She covered her mouth, completely mortified. Martin blinked dumbly, wondering if he done something wrong. She clutched her chest feeling her heart race, she even touched her forehead suddenly becoming dizzy. She stood up, walking backwards away from Martin, who raised himself from the couch.

“Wait Martha-!”

“N-no it was a mistake Martin!” She cried out, her eyes already at the point to tears. “I did not mean to! P-please just forget it!”

“But Martha!-”

She rushed towards the door and fell forward, the pain in her ankle shot through her like she had been stabbed. Martin rushed towards her, catching her, a foot above the floor. She could have hurt herself even more. He was surprised when she started fighting against him. Desperate to get away.

“Let me go!”

“Martha! Get a hold of yourself, you can’t walk yet!” He yelled gripping her shoulders. Not enough to hurt her as he dragged her back to the couch. She fell with a thud and hugged herself, growing smaller as she turned away from him.

“Just…let me go home, Martin.” She whimpered, a tear running down her cheek. His ears lowered, his heart aching at the sight of her. If was as if she was afraid of him. He slowly took a seat beside her, a paw reaching out to her.


She let out a shaky breath. “I-I don’t know what came over me when I kissed you!” She rambled.” I-it was just-!” She covered her mouth, not wanting to speak anymore. “I-it was wrong of me.”

He grabbed her paws, opening her tight fists, revealing her pinkish palms. Staring into her eyes, he moved her palms to his lips. She hid her face into her shoulder not wanting to look at him while his cold lips hit her paws She struggled against his lips, her protest falling on deaf ears.

“N-no! Stop it! You shouldn’t!”

He let go of her left paw, focusing more on her right. Trailing up her arm in a passionate reveal moving closer towards her face. She fought against him, but she was a weak little thing. More pacifist than anything. She never once taught herself defense. With each kiss he gave her, he began to reveal his feelings with each pause.

“You’re beautiful!…you’re perfect!….you’re kind!…” He was already passed her forearm, prompting her to raise a shaky paw in the air. She shook her head, not wanting to hear anymore. “I love you!”

Her free paw swung down, a loud slap echoed in the room. She winced by how loud it was and gasped to find Martin with his head aside. The fur on his face were pressed into the shape of her small paw. She knew underneath it, the skin was screaming out from the stinging pain. The look acrossed Martin’s face was one of shock and bewilderment, which contorted into aggravation when he touched his cheek.
Martha pulled her arms closed to her chest.

“M-Martin! I-I am so sorry! I didn’t-! I-I never meant to actually-!” His eyes narrowed when he looked back at her, making her shrink. “P-please, don’t be angry! Martin?” He lunged at her, making her scream out. “Martin!”
She shut her eyes when he grabbed her face, waiting in complete fear and dread that he might beat her in retaliation. Turning her head, she cried out when she felt him press his lips gently against her cheek. She blinked. Becoming confused as he softly kissed her soft white fur. She felt his mouth turn into a smile from each butterfly kiss he gave her. She felt his thumb from his right hand brush away her lingering tears. She held her breath when he pressed his own cheek against hers.

“How do you expect me to not love you after that?” He chuckled deeply before pulling away. His mouth moved side to side before laughing deeply. “That was some hit, Cottontail, you owe me an apology kiss after that.” She shook her head, a blush forming.

“N-no, it’s wrong! We are too different, it would be one thing if you were a bunny or I was a fox!”

“But we’re not! Martha-my little cottontail.” He growled playfully, taking her paws into his own again. She turned away, trying to calm her heart. “I loved you ever since we were children.”

“B-but…it’s against nature, you’re a predator, I’m prey.” She stated sadly finally looking back at him. “It will never work. No matter how much I may love you too.”

“I want to be with you!” He argued, clutching her paws in a desperate act. “Just looking at you makes me want to have you.” He said moving his muzzle closer to her lips. She turned away, looking down at her paws. “Martha, I will never stop loving you…”

Her lower lip quivered, a soft sob escaping. “B-but we can never tell anyone…”

She felt his paw move her head back towards him. “Than we won’t.” And pressed his lips against hers. This time, she didn’t pull away.


Martha hummed happily to herself in her new home. She was busy folding laundry in the living room, making sure the shirts and pants were pressed and hanged. She took out her favorite blue dress and swiftly put it on its hanger. She set it off to the side, not wanting it to be next to the other pile of clothes. Her nose wrinkled when a strong smell of nicotine filled the room. She jumped when she felt Martin’s strong arms wrap themselves around her slim waist.

“Martin!” She scolded softly, her timid voice barely breaking the air. He moved his cigarette to the side of his mouth when he placed his chin on her shoulder. Hearing her bag right into his ear. “I told you to not smoke in the house. You’re going to stink up the clean clothes.”

“Ah bah!” He grumbled. “It’s too windy out, it will take out the embers. Besides-” he tighten his grip on her, making her slap his arm, warning him not to press any closer. It was more of a tap if any. “I thought I could have more entertainment with you.”

“Oh no Marty.” She said shaking her head. “I have to put these away.” She picked up one of his brown slacks from the hamper and folded it, placing it neatly down on the couch cushion. His eyes narrowed when he saw all of clothes was taking up space on his couch.

“Than I guess we’ll just going to sit right on top of them.”

Martha’s head shot up. “Don’t you dare, Martin, I just ironed your shirts!”
She yelled out when he turned her around and pushed her down on the couch, making her lay right on top of the clothes.She shrunk when he loomed over her. Cutting off any sort of escape. He removed his cigarette, discarding it in the ashtray behind her on a table. She gave him a scowl when he grabbed her paw.

“You always do this.” She complained softly. She blushed when he gave her a tender kiss on her golden wedding ring. “I won’t be ironing your shirts again, they’re going straight into the drawer after.” She said trying to show a threatening tone. He gripped the back of the couch, his knee on the cushion beside her while he suspended himself above her fragile frame. Her eyes lowered when he came closer. Her paws moved methodically to his suspenders, tugging at them when he kissed her ears. “Are you listening, Marty?”

His lips touched her forehead next. “Of course I am…” he replied. She frowned when she pressed her face against the collar of his white shirt. Taking a breathe.

“You smell like smoke.”

He smirked and stroked her ears. “You like it.” He felt her nuzzle her nose on his shoulder, right where his scar was hidden.

“I love you.”

He smiled, falling right into place into the couch. Laying right beside her, with his arms protecting her. “I love ya too.”

They both jumped when they heard a rapping on their front door, a loud voice rang from the other side.

“Hey, ya old fox! We’re here for a visit!” Shouted an obnoxious voice. Martin cursed bitterly under his breath making Martha giggle silently.

“Martha! I made you guys a carrot cake!” Yelled a second voice. “Are you home?”

Martin growled deeply, his head falling into her neck. His hot breath hitting her fur when he complained.

“I forgot those two were coming over.” Martha shifted under him.

“We should let them in…”

“No!” He whispered loudly. “If we stay quiet they’ll go away!”

“Martin! That is very rude.” He grumbled when she gave him a small kiss on the nose. “Answer the door, and please be polite…it’s nice to have them visit.” She began to move away, only to feel his arms tighten. She rolled her eyes, giving him a smile. “It’s only for a couple of hours, and after we can continue.”

He sighed. “Alright, I’ll bring them in.” He jumped when he heard their guest, bang on the door again.

“Marty! The cake is getting blown around! Whiskers, can’t hold it any longer!”

The old fox jerked forward, baring his teeth in annoyance. “Call me Marty again, Flat-Top, and you’re going to get bent!” He yelled out. Martha gasped loudly.


Nick cringed from the harsh voice from inside the house, making Judy glare at him.

“You know he doesn’t like it when you call him that and would it kill you to be polite this time?”

He crossed his arms. “I’m polite. I’m nothing but polite Whiskers.”

She groaned softly, hearing the door unlock. “Better not say some smart joke to them again, I’m pretty sure Mr. DeClawe is going to punch yo-Oh! Hello, are we late?” She said giving the old couple a forced smile.

Another Martha and DeClawe story! Just something to keep you guys entertain with until I finish with part 2 of “two week trial”
I’ll post the edited version in a Reblog ^_^

anonymous asked:

For animals who tend to stick in herds or packs, do you think that it would carry over to their hybrid counterpart?

Yea! That’d be something that’d stick with hybrids. Just in a typical sort of everyday setting I can see hybrids of herd animals feeling more comfortable in large groups of friends or family or even just similar hybrids. They’d have the similar mentality of a herd, where if they feel stressed or in danger they’ll stick with who they know and try to keep in a large mass rather than be individualized. And even just little things like being really caring and possessing a lot of camaraderie for others could be seen as a herd hybrid trait. 

And for pack or family group oriented hybrids it’d be similar though depending on the specific animal there’d be some differences. Like for wolves or lions they’d like to have the order of a pack or pride, It could be seen as rather inconvenient or annoying to others that don’t get it, but I can imagine someone whose a wolf hybrid trying to constantly reaffirm whatever bond they have with someone (whether physically for scent purposes or verbally). For some wolf hybrids they could also be really in tune with body language and just how someone is feeling, because for their animal counterparts stuff like that is important for survival. Then just to touch on a bit before I write too much ( too late)   Most bird hybrids would be the same as well, ones that tend to have a flock would try to stick with groups and maybe even seek out other flock bird hybrids etc. ~

But yea, Human’s already crave interaction with other humans. We’re also very social creatures, so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to kind of incorporate that plus various herd/pack oriented animal behaviors into it. A lot of those things you can kind of see in everyday society already ^^. Tho It’s pretty great to speculate what it’d be like if it were more prominent so to speak (not sure if that’s the word i’m looking for but meh)

Why Undertale and Cave Story are the same game.

(This post is just for funzies. Don’t take it too seriously.)

• The title means “story that takes place underground”.
• The plot largely revolves around a group of fuzzy white anthropomorphic animals.
• It also has to do with a flower that is related to changes that the fuzzy little animals can go through.
• It changes them into beings without the ability to care about others, who want to kill those around them.
• The game has three main endings. A good ending, a bad ending, and a neutral ending.
• The good ending means making sure all your friends are alive.
• The neutral ending happens if not all your friends are alive.
• It’s also the run most players will get on their first run due to the very specific requirements of the good ending.
• The bad ending means going against what the game teaches you, and not caring about your friends.
• However, it does have pretty sweet music, and some interesting dialogue which compels some people to do it.
• The neutral route has a boss that seems like the final boss, but after he dies, the evil flower reveals that there’s one more fight you must do.
• The flower takes control of a powerful thing shown elsewhere in the game that’s revealed to be very important to why the game even happens.
• It also takes control of people who don’t want to hurt you but are forced to fight you anyways.
• You then help them come back to their senses and defeat the enemy.
• In one of the endings you’re a lot more powerful than before, so it makes it more difficult by revamping one portion of the game, and adding a whole new portion that’s well known among fans for it’s extreme difficulty.
• The new portion added in this run powers you down slightly, and if you die, you have to do this long fight all over again.
• The credits feature all the character’s you’ve met along your journey with text about them alongside them.
• It then gives thanks to people who helped make this game possible.
• However, it was mostly made by one man over the course of several years.
• The game stars a protagonist with a mysterious past, who you don’t know the name of.
• Along the way you’re helped by several characters, such as a scientist, a warrior who doesn’t particularly like you at first, and a man who’s shown to know the scientist and one of the fuzzy white animals. There are also a few you others who help you out as well.
• The battle system largely involves avoiding enemy attacks.
• You also fight a very powerful robot right before seeing the scientist in a situation that ends up being rather depressing.

If you have any others let me know and I’ll add them in!

(Also, I haven’t played Cave Story for a while, so if I got something wrong let me know.)

World’s biggest aquatic insect claimed by China

An insect with huge horn-like jaws and a wingspan similar to a sparrow’s has been reported by Chinese media as a record-breaking find.

“With its wingspan measured as 21 centimetres, the insect won the title of the largest aquatic insect in the world,” reported, the official English-language service of the state-run China News Service.

This insect belongs to the taxonomic group or order Megaloptera (a name that means large, folded wings). The group includes large insects called dobsonflies or fishflies, along with smaller alderflies.

I just wanted to say...

That I really love the community on tumblr I am surrounded by. You guys are the greatest and I never thought this web site would have such a large group of animal enthusiasts with so much passion for caring for animals and the drive to get proper information out there. You guys are just the best. I love the internet for this kind of thing, information can spread so fast and reach so many people.


Remember Moon Animate Make-Up, a project where a large group of animators re-animated an entire Sailor Moon episode scene by scene? Then check out Dragon Ball Re-Animate, where hundreds of animators are re-creating an episode of Dragon Ball. 

The trailer just went up a few weeks ago, and the project can be followed at sevenreanimate!

The full episode is due out this summer. 

Meet Zoe

Zoe is Oreo’s filly, born 9-16-98 on the Island of Molokai and she is extremely rare.

Her unusual color is due to her having “amelanosis”. She is not an albino. She has striking gold stripes and blue eyes. In horses, there is a similar condition called “Lethal White Foal Syndrome” which is associated with the occurrence of other serious birth defects. Although this color variation occasionally occurs in wild herds, the animals would likely survive only a few days at best. This is probably because zebras use their stripes as camouflage to blend in with the rest of herd. This then allows the herd, to confuse predators with the changing patterns formed by the movement of a large group. Animals that stand out from the herd are easy targets for predators. In nature, having a color variation that makes you stand out is not a good thing