large gif set

Murphy seethed to himself. The little green monster banging on his nerves as he watched (Y/n) talk to Bellamy. His tongue poking his cheek. Bellamy smirked as the beautiful girl laughed at something Bellamy had said. His eyes widened when he saw Bellamy set his large hand on her thigh. Immediately getting up and storming over.
He delivered a punch to Bellamy’s jaw.
“I’m the only one who can make her laugh.” He growled.
(Y/n) stared with wide eyes.
Murphy stared at her through slitted eyes.
“And you?” He yanked her up and grabbed her ass
“You need to be reminded whose girl you are.” He grinned wolfishly.

I have a pretty liberal TOU…I just really wish the creators converting my items, those that I’ve seen lately being converted from S2 to S4, would send me a note letting me know they did a conversion.  I am still an active creator and easily found in several places.

I don’t bite, my written word may sound harsh or whatever it is that seems to make you all think I bite…however if you’ve ever asked those I appear close to then you would have heard that I’m really quite nice and even sometimes too soft for my own good.

Really…is it too much to ask that you let me know your intentions or where I might find the object you converted?  Perhaps I’d like to have the file for my own game or be able to offer the info to those that ask me about my S2 items (sometimes even my S3 items).  Perhaps I wanted to convert it myself, well most likely not - but still there is that chance I did.

I have a few pieces from a large S2 set that I’ve been slowly working on for S4 as far as conversions go because I’m making a few changes while at it, think of it as improvement.  So if someone is/or has converted it I’m just wasting my time.

What happened to respect and communication?  Geez, no wonder my desire to continue  creating has been waning lately.  Not to mention there are plenty of tutorials and creators willing to help, sometimes I just wish you’d all learn to mesh yourself then you’d understand why those of us that do mesh feel the way we do.  Yes I’m frustrated, just get over it - I will eventually and then perhaps I’ll feel like opening the programs to create you something new, something unique and not something done a gazillion times, a gazillion different ways.