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Kind of Like Narnia (Part ¼)

Raphael (2014/2016) x Reader
Notes: Hi! This is my first fic kind of thing, on tumblr that is. I hope you enjoy it! [P/N] is your pet’s name, but you’d probably already know that lol
Warnings: Swearing, that’s about it
Word count: 1304
Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

It was a morning like any other. You were sat on your bed, under the covers; scrolling through you social media feeds. Since you’d passed out from watching old episodes of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ last night, you hadn’t closed your curtains, so the light pouring into your room woke you up. You enjoyed your weekends. No school, no drama, just you and the TV remote.

It would’ve been a great lazy day, if your Mom didn’t clamber through the room with an old fashioned wardrobe following behind her. It looked like something from the 1900’s.

“Mom? What the hell?” you laughed, watching two very large men set the wardrobe down on the floor and then set it upright. The wardrobe was over 7ft, and just about missed the ceiling.

“It was your great grandparents! I have no idea what it’s for but it’s pretty cool right!” she clapped her hands together, giggling before stepping forward and opening the doors.

Moths. Dead moths. Live moths, flew out of the wardrobe and around the room.

“Wow Mom, real treasure you got here.” You said blandly, crossing your arms over your chest. Your mother simply ignored you, pushing the wardrobe to the wall. This gave you a small tingle, but you ignored it and shuffled back over to your bed, laying back down and turning the TV on.

“[P/N]! Get back here!” you yelled, calling your cat back to wherever he had ran off to. You’d bought a cute collar for him to try on, but as per usual he hissed at you and ran off. You had chased him around the house before losing him and walking back to your room.

The door was open. The door of the wardrobe that you hadn’t even touched since your Mom pretty much left it there. Months ago. It was very pretty, but horrible dusty and old on the inside, with your dead great grandparents clothes still hanging in there.

“For fucks sake, [P/N].” you grumbled, picking up the collar and holding your nose. You paid good money for that collar, it was going on him whether he liked it or not.

You gingerly took a step into the closet, being cautious not to close the door, because it would be dumb to shut yourself in a closet. As you went further in, you just assumed this was an enormous closet. It was almost pitch black as you got to the very centre of the wardrobe. The further in you got, the more the air around you started to change, it was damp, and smelt a lot like sewage. Obviously, you had been calling out your cat’s name out, but they hadn’t even appeared, or jumped out and attacked you. You kept your arms stretched out in front of you, so as to not bump into the back of the wardrobe. Taking one, two, three more steps forward, you expected to feel the hardwood on the tips of your fingers – but you didn’t.

In fact, you felt a cold air, but it also felt quite sticky. You took another step forward and felt the edge of the wardrobe at your feet. Taking one more step, calling out [P/N] one more time before tripping and falling on to your knees into dirty water.

You hadn’t realised you had your eyes closed until you slowly opened them, blinking to adjust your eyes to the light.

Feet. No. Green feet? Your eyes slowly widened as you picked your head up, to stare directly at a grinning green face, with an orange bandana wrapped around its head.

“Hey dudette! I’m Michelangelo, the chicks call me Mikey!” he winked, still grinning down at you whilst holding out a three fingered - also green - hand out to you. Your eyes narrowed, wrinkling your nose before taking his hand and lifting yourself up with your other hand.

Your eyes slowly widened at who this person was. One of the 4 turtles, from your favourite franchise. Taking a step away from him, you grinned.

“Hello, I’m [Y/N],” you shook his hand before pulling it away. “Have you seen my cat?”

“Oh! Yeah totally dudette, he’s back at the lair.” You nodded, pretending to not know what he was talking about as you had a small freak out inside your head. “Wait, what’re you even doing in the sewers?”

“I have no idea dude, you tell me,” you chuckled before looking around. “Which way are we going?”

Mikey took you to the lair, mostly talking about pizza the whole way there, not that you minded though. You smiled happily to yourself as you got to the lair, looking around, twirling. ‘Am I tripping?’

As soon as you got there, Mikey insisted you played a game of Mario Kart with him, which you of course agreed to. However, that was soon stopped when you heard Master Splinter’s voice call out from the dojo.

“Michelangelo. Who is this?” his voice was calm, collected, but you could hear a slight tinge of annoyance or anger behind it. Turning around, you grinned slightly before bowing your head in respect.

“Master Splinter!” Mikey’s eyes widened as he looked between you, the large rat and his brother’s who had now gathered around.

“Hi! I’m sorry, I’m [Y/N]. I kind of stumbled her by mistake, actually it wasn’t really a mistake I didn’t even know I was coming and to be quite honest I don’t even know how I got here I was chasing my dumb cat- [P/N]!” your eyes widened at the sight of your feline friend, and his widened too as he ran off in the other direction. “Come back here!” you growled and jumped over a chair and followed the cat, the turtle brothers in hot pursuit.

After finally get your cat to at least mildly respect you, and explaining your situation to the family, you were now sat in Donnie’s lab looking through the tapes of when, and how, you got into the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ world.

Of course you didn’t tell them you knew who they were, and you had stuffed teddies of them in your bedroom, and posters, and kept the tickets for both of their latest Bay movies. You’d sound like a complete stalker. That’s not an attractive look, especially when your favourite red clad turtle was glaring directly at you. Donnie was typing away on his computer before he stood up abruptly and called the other brothers into the room. You also stood up, feeling quite left out.

“There!” Donnie pointed to the screen where a white light had appeared. You squinted before grabbing the keyboard and zooming in. The inside of the wardrobe was clearly visible, but other than that you couldn’t see anything.

“Why were you in a wardrobe?” Raphael’s rough voice grumbled from the side of you. He was staring at you. You could feel your face turn a bright shade of red before you handed Donnie his keyboard back. You looked up at him, narrowing your own eyes before looking back towards the screen so he couldn’t see how red your face was.

“Trying…[P/N]…” You mumbled, shuffling your feet around. Raphael rolled his eyes and walked off. Inside you felt quite disheartened. You knew him, sort of. You liked him, he was your favourite character. But he didn’t even acknowledge you. Nice.

“Cool! So, like Narnia?” Mikey grinned, whilst chewing on what looked like a pizza sandwich.

“Yes Mikey, kind of like Narnia…”

Sam’s Smiles

Here is the first of my gif drabbles for my 1K Follower Celebration!  This one was submitted by @trinityjadec.  Thanks sweetie!

There it was…that slow, sweet smile that Sam had that always melted your heart into butter.  Looking into his hazel eyes, you couldn’t help but smile back. When he continued to stare at you without saying anything, you looked at him quizzically.

 “What?  Why are you staring at me?”

“I’m not allowed to look at my beautiful girlfriend?” he grinned.

“You’re welcome to look, sweetheart,” you sassed back.  “But seriously, why the stare?  What’s going on in that brain of yours, behind all that hair?”

He laughed at that. “I was thinking…” he said, nodding at someone behind you, “that we deserved to indulge a little bit on our one-year anniversary.  How does triple chocolate cake sound?”

You stifled a squeal.  You adored chocolate cake, but nine times out of ten, you passed on the cake in order to get Dean’s pie and keep the peace.  The waiter came around behind you and set a large slice of three layer chocolate cake on the table in between you and Sam.  You both picked up your forks and devoured the delicious cake in no time at all.

Feeling full and very content, you watched as the waiter carried the dessert plate away.  Smiling at Sam, you waited patiently for the check.  You were surprised when the waiter returned with a cupcake instead.

“Oh, no,” you said quickly.  “We already had dessert.”

Sam chuckled.  “You may want to take a look at it before you send it away.”

Glancing down, you froze.  There, perched on top of the icing of a red velvet cupcake was the most beautiful diamond ring you’d ever seen.  You looked from the pastry to Sam in shock, seeing the both nerves and hope in his eyes.

“Sam, I…  Is this real? Am I dreaming?” you breathed.

“No, baby.” He said, getting up and kneeling down next to your chair.  “Y/N, you are the sun and the moon to me.  You’ve changed my life ever since the second you entered it, and I can’t imagine a day when you’re not by my side.  Will you please do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

All you could do was nod your head and try to hold back your happy tears.  He reached over and picked up the ring, carefully pulling off the plastic that had protected it from the frosting before sliding it onto your finger.  You threw yourself into his arms, laughing and only vaguely hearing the claps and shouts coming from the other patrons of the restaurant who had seen the proposal.  Sam kissed you hard on the mouth and grinned.

“I love you so much!” he whispered.  “Thank you, for making me the happiest man in the whole world.”

Murphy seethed to himself. The little green monster banging on his nerves as he watched (Y/n) talk to Bellamy. His tongue poking his cheek. Bellamy smirked as the beautiful girl laughed at something Bellamy had said. His eyes widened when he saw Bellamy set his large hand on her thigh. Immediately getting up and storming over.
He delivered a punch to Bellamy’s jaw.
“I’m the only one who can make her laugh.” He growled.
(Y/n) stared with wide eyes.
Murphy stared at her through slitted eyes.
“And you?” He yanked her up and grabbed her ass
“You need to be reminded whose girl you are.” He grinned wolfishly.

Graced Soul (Part 1)

gif is not mine

Title: Graced Soul (Part 1)

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Gabriel, Balthazar

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 2,314

Warnings: Cursing, fluff, angst I think?

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy the first installment of this Dean series! Feedback is appreciated! Requests are open! Love you all! <3

You laid the dough into the pan, making sure the edges fit perfectly.  Your attention turned to the pie filling.  You melted the butter in the pan, adding in the pieces of apples that had been tossed with lemon juice and sugar.  You hummed along to the music that filled the room.

You were surprised by the arms that grabbed your waist.  You relaxed when you turned your head slightly to see Dean’s face.  “You’re home early,” you smiled, giving the filling a stir.

“You’re making pie,” Dean spoke lowly, but his voice was filled with excitement.  Dean kissed your cheek, “it smells delicious already sweetheart.”

“You’ll have to wait Dean,” you smirked, turning off the heat of the burner.  You grabbed the pie dish, setting it on the counter.  You poured the filling inside, Dean watching you closely.  You took the leftover dough you had, weaving the dough on top of the pie.  You sprinkled cinnamon on top of the pie;  Dean loved watching you bake.  You slid the pie into the oven, turning around, immediately running into the older Winchester.

“How long will it take [Y/N],” Dean whined, placing his hands on your waist once more.  

“At least 50 minutes, Winchester.  I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait,” you shrugged with a grin.

“You’re killin’ me [Y/N],” Dean spoke softly, leaning in close as he pressed his lips to yours.  His kiss was slow and sweet.  His lips moved gracefully with yours, his hands squeezing your waist.

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Imperious Thranduil.

I have a pretty liberal TOU…I just really wish the creators converting my items, those that I’ve seen lately being converted from S2 to S4, would send me a note letting me know they did a conversion.  I am still an active creator and easily found in several places.

I don’t bite, my written word may sound harsh or whatever it is that seems to make you all think I bite…however if you’ve ever asked those I appear close to then you would have heard that I’m really quite nice and even sometimes too soft for my own good.

Really…is it too much to ask that you let me know your intentions or where I might find the object you converted?  Perhaps I’d like to have the file for my own game or be able to offer the info to those that ask me about my S2 items (sometimes even my S3 items).  Perhaps I wanted to convert it myself, well most likely not - but still there is that chance I did.

I have a few pieces from a large S2 set that I’ve been slowly working on for S4 as far as conversions go because I’m making a few changes while at it, think of it as improvement.  So if someone is/or has converted it I’m just wasting my time.

What happened to respect and communication?  Geez, no wonder my desire to continue  creating has been waning lately.  Not to mention there are plenty of tutorials and creators willing to help, sometimes I just wish you’d all learn to mesh yourself then you’d understand why those of us that do mesh feel the way we do.  Yes I’m frustrated, just get over it - I will eventually and then perhaps I’ll feel like opening the programs to create you something new, something unique and not something done a gazillion times, a gazillion different ways.