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Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Our Slayer, The Goof

DM: “You come to a large and imposing gate blocking your way from a monastery courtyard. What do you wish to do?”

Slayer: “I climbed the gate!”

*rolls a 2*

DM: “You get less than 2 feet off the ground, before falling flat on your back.”

Everybody: *laughter*

Slayer: “Ok, I take a few steps back to prepare… AND I CLIMB THE GATE!”

*rolls a 2*

DM: “You’ve discovered it is a climb proof gate.”

*everybody dies laughing*

…the gate was unlocked the whole time…

{PART 1} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; You drive to your boss‘s house with the intention of returning his wallet he left at the office. You feel uneasy, seeing his manor for the first time - Jungkook also feels uneasy, but for reasons that you could never begin to imagine.

A/N; This is the first instalment of a request I received that I decided to turn into a series that will contain smut. I’ll release a new chapter every Tuesday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time), I hope you enjoy part 1 ^^

{Part 1} {Part 2}

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I work at a place that repairs watches. The work itself is great fun, but the customers. Oh god, the customers.

We’re inside of a mall and the place itself is a full square kiosk that you enter from one side through a wooden gate. We’re fully enclosed in here and it sometimes feels like a jail cell(this has relevance later on).

I have so many stories that I could tell, but I’d be here for ages, so I’ll just pick out a few:

Once a frantic woman was pacing around my kiosk as I came back from a break. I opened the large wooden gate, entered in a key code on the alarm system, then unlocked the combination lock on the lower part of the door to let myself in. Once fully inside the kiosk, this frantic woman rushes up to the counter in front of me and gasps “I NEED MY BATTERY CHANGED! DO YOU WORK HERE?!” Like, first off, settle down. It was your average, run of the mill watch, not life threatening if it died. I actually have a regular customer that comes in for batteries who could die if her watch died and was unable to remind her to take her medicine, but this lady was just nuts. And this was already the day from hell and I bit back “Obviously.” Lady. Are you serious? I’m INSIDE the kiosk. I had to use TWO pass codes to get in here. You WATCHED me put them in. I wanted to shake my head and say “Nope! I was walking by and I wanted to know what it felt like to be a miserable peon that answers dumb ass questions all day! Dream fulfilled!”

The second was much more recent, like last week. A young lady came up, likely in her 20’s. She asks my coworker, word for word, “Can you put time in my watch?” Naturally, he was confused. As am I. He asks if she meant she needed the time set(daylight savings time was just a few days away and some people will spring ahead early, I dunno why). She says, “No, I need you to put time in it!” By this point, I’m shaking, laughter threatening to burst out of me. Coworker actually turns to me and stared blankly because he’s confused. She asks again and he turns back and takes a shot in the dark, “Did you need a battery?”

She’s frustrated at this point, “It HAS a battery!! I need you to put TIME in the BATTERY! SO THE WATCH WILL GO!”

I’m dying! Losing it so hard that I have to hold my mouth closed and bend down out of sight. He just agrees with her at this point, it wasn’t worth more arguing. After he’s done, she asks him how much time he put in it. He said he filled the battery up and she was all set. After she paid and left, we both lost it. I wonder what she thinks time looks like.

This job is certainly interesting!

The Akha migrated from China to Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam over the past 200 years. Some of their villages can be found today in the far north of Laos, primarily Phongsaly and Luang Namtha provinces. Traditionally living in more upland areas, some Akha communities can be very remote.

While they used to be also called the Ko or Iko, these names are now considered impolite. The Akha comprises many different sub-groups and clans, who have maintained very strong identities and lifestyles.

Though the Akha do not have a written script, men are able to recite their genealogy going back over 60 generations. This has helped to maintain the Akha identity and history that links clans and families.

Akha villages can be easily recognized by their gates and large swings. The gate is considered a marker between the human and spirit worlds. It is believed to protect the village from outlaws, wild animals and disease. Visitors should never touch it. The village swing is used during the harvest festival in August or September, a time of fun and celebration.

Akha women are famous for their silver headdresses that come in different shapes and designs, depending on the Akha group, and can be very expensive. The Akha Djepia, for instance, wear a cone-shaped headdress, while the Akha Pouly headdress is more rounded, with a flat disc at the back. The Akha also wear indigo-dyed cotton clothing, decorated with embroidery, applique-work and beads.

Photographer: Tim Draper

13. Cant Sleep.

Okay, so I lied. This is part 2 to ‘Harry Turns 23′, which a lot of you seemed to like, however the whole thing is actually not finished and so there will be a part 3, although looking at my work schedule I don’t know when i will be able to finish it, but it will be soon, I promise! I hope you enjoy it! 
Also, just a warning, this does including some saucy scenes so if youre not comfortable reading that kind of stuff, you have been warned!

It was around three in the afternoon when you and Gemma pulled up into the driveway of Robin and Anne’s house. You saw Harry’s car parked behind Anne’s and a space behind Robins left for Gemma’s.

The engine was turned off and the two of you got out the car and walked towards the front door where Harry had opened and watched suspiciously as he saw you walk up to the door.

“What are you doing here?” He grinned, pulling you into a hug after saying his hellos to Gemma.

“Just came to hang out for a lil bit” You smiled and pulled back from him to follow Gemma into the house to say hello to Anne and Robin who were waiting at the kitchen table.

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Dreams Become Reality

Anonymous asked: Oh lovely Meg! Can i please request a SPN fic? TFW and Crowley get sent to an alternate universe where monsters don’t really exist(so Crowley and Cas are human). In this universe, Crowley is married to the reader, Sam &Dean’s sister, and they have kids. The whole apple pie life and Crowley realizes that’s exactly what he wants. When they return to reality, Crowley finds the reader and just plants one on her.

Here is your one-shot, lovely! I do not own Team Free Will or Crowley. They being to the creators of Supernatural. 

Warnings: Mentions of breastfeeding, if you consider that a trigger, mentions of blood. Fluff and it’s a bit long. 

Pairings: Crowley x fem!Winchester reader, Team Free Will. 

Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

“Uh guys? Where are we?” Sam asked, effectively cutting off the argument between Dean and Crowley. Castiel was already following Sam’s gaze up to the rather expansive house in front of them. “It appears as though we have been transported somewhere else,” Castiel said. He was right. A few moments before, the four of them had been in a warehouse trying to work out a deal. Now, they were standing outside the very lavish estate.

               "What does it bloody matter where we are? Between Wings and I, we should have enough power to get back.“ Castiel nodded in agreement. Crowley raised his hand to snap his fingers, but nothing happened. "Well come on, Crowley. What’s the hold up?” The King of Hell tried again, snapping his fingers to no avail.  "Castiel?“ Castiel’s brow was furrowed in confusion. "I appear to be powerless,” he said before wandering off a little ways. The Winchesters exchanged a glance.

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Reunion [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Summary: You and Rick were together at the prison, but were separated during the Governor’s attack. Eventually you walk up to gates of a community called Alexandria, desperate and hungry.

Warnings: Smut, swearing, unprotected sex, abduction attempt

Words: 2,578

A/N: Sorry for my terrible gun description, I know nothing about them.  

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You Scared of Me Now, Babydoll? (Part 6)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Summary: Negan has a surprise for you, but things don’t go the way you planned

Word Count: 2,791

Warning(s): Language

A/N: Finally a lengthy chapter to thank you all for waiting patiently! I wanted to have a little mentions to the reader’s past in this chapter so it just ended up kinda long. There is also quotes from the show in this chapter, but I didn’t quite make it go the exact way it happened in the show, so I apologize for continuity errors! Masterlist is here. Enjoy!

Originally posted by thewalkingdead

Three loud knocks rapped on your door.

You sat up, incredibly confused because there was no light streaming through your window. No one normally came to wake you up this early and you began to wonder if something was wrong.

You sat up quickly and approached the door cautiously. You took a deep breath and held it before opening it.

“Hope I didn’t catch you in the middle of a wet dream, darlin’.”

You let out a sigh of relief.

“Jesus, Negan. The sun’s not even up yet!”

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Lust At First Sight

Originally posted by werewolvesxo

Summary: Negan finds himself attracted to a woman from Rick’s group, and brings her back to Sanctuary.

Pairing: Negan x Lara

Warning: Swearing, Smut, Violence, Anal, Daddy Kink

You were on your knees, in the dirt. The others from your group were doing the same on either side of you. You glanced over at Rick, your group’s leader, who looked defeated. You felt a flash of fear run through your entire body as one of the men that captured your group called out “let’s meet the man!” before banging a fist on the door of the RV that was parked in front of you. The door flung open and out slowly walked the man you’ve heard so much about; Negan. He had a huge grin plastered across his face and his baseball bat Lucille slung over his shoulder.  “Which one of these sorry fucks is the leader?” he asked, his voice deep and gravelly, “this one” the man from before said while pointing over to Rick, who was kneeling beside you. Negan started striding towards Rick, until he looked over at you and stopped dead in his tracks. The grin on his face grew bigger as he locked onto your dark blue eyes and walked over so he was standing directly in front of you.  He slowly bent down and placed his hand on your chin, tilting it up, so you were face to face, “well hello beautiful, aren’t you just an everyday Marilyn Monroe” you smiled slightly at him, he looked attractive when he walked out of the trailer, but up close he was as handsome as ever. “What’s your name sweetheart?” he asked softly, “L-Lara” you whispered gazing into his eyes. Negan stared at you for awhile before chuckling “honey, it isn’t everyday that I’m at a loss for fucking words” he then stood up and motioned at two of his men and said “take her into the truck and lock it, she’s coming back with us”.

After awhile Negan walked up to the truck and got in, he put Lucille down between you two and you noticed the blood and pieces of flesh attached to it, you gasped knowing that it must belong to one of your friends. You were terrified and pressed yourself to the door, getting as far away from Negan as you could. Negan noticed and glanced over to you and brushed your soft hair with his gloved fingers as you flinched, “sweetheart, trust me when I say that I’d never hurt a pretty little thing like you”. You felt slightly relieved but continued to keep your guard up.  “W-where are we going?” you asked quietly trying to make conversation, “my compound, Sanctuary” Negan responded lowly. You took a deep breath and stared out the window.

After a few minutes you and Negan arrived at Sanctuary, his men opened the large gate securing the compound and Negan drove in.  You got out of the truck and folded your arms around each other, it was the middle of the night and you were wearing a short sleeved t-shirt, it was freezing. Negan walked over to you and noticed you shivering, he took off the black leather jacket he was wearing and wrapped it around you, “better?” he asked, “yes, thank you” you replied, “no, fucking problem” Negan gave you a wink and started walking off, you quickly followed him and noticed a lot of his men staring at you, you kept your face forward, staring at Negan’s broad back, until one of his men whistled at you. Suddenly Negan faced him and punched the man in the face knocking him to the ground “I WILL NOT allow any of you fuckers to make my fucking guest feel un-fucking-comfortable, do I make myself motherfucking clear!?”, “yes, sir” the man groaned, blood dripping out of his nose. Negan turned around and grabbed your hand leading you away from his men.

Negan brought you to his room and shut the door behind him; you took a seat on the plush sofa and looked around Negan’s well furnished home. “Want anything to drink?” he asked leaning against the wall, “a cup of tea would be nice, thank you”, Negan chuckled “do I look like I fucking drink tea? The closest thing I’ve got is coffee”, you smiled “coffee sounds great”. Negan walked into his small kitchen, and returned a few minutes later with a cup of hot coffee, powdered milk, and some packets of sugar and placed them on the table in front of you, before walking off to pour himself a glass of whisky; he then sat on the sofa beside you. “That jacket looks fucking sexy on you” he said before taking a sip of his drink. You giggled and blurted out “trust me, it looks better on you” you looked at Negan who put his now empty glass onto the table and leaned back, licking his lips. You put the cup of coffee down “actually, could I have a glass of that stuff?” you said pointing over at the bottle of amber colored whisky, “atta’ girl” Negan replied before standing up and pouring you a glass and handing it to you. He sat back down and watched as you quickly gulped the liquid down and leaned forward setting the glass on the table, right when you sat back up Negan grabbed your face with his now gloveless hands and pulled you in for a kiss, you kissed back, his lips felt warm and soft against yours. You felt Negan bite your lower lip softly before slipping his tongue into your mouth, you let a quiet moan escape.

Negan slid his jacket off of you and brought his hands down to the bottom of your shirt and slowly pulled it off, he looked down at your lacy black bra and bit his lip. “Take the rest of your clothes off for me, I wanna watch” he said as his dark eyes filled with lust. You stood up and turned around, you quickly jumped as Negan slapped your ass, you then began unhooking your bra, throwing it back at Negan, before slowly slipping your pants off, giving Negan a great view of your ass in the lacy black panties you were wearing that matched your bra. “I can’t wait any fucking longer” you heard Negan growl before feeling his arms around your waist pull you back so that you were sitting on his lap, you felt Negan’s erection poking through his jeans. You started slowly grinding your hips back and forth over it, “you’re such a fucking tease” Negan hissed in your ear, before picking you up and throwing you onto the sofa. You laid on your back and wiggled watching Negan pull his shirt off, before he slowly pulled your panties off, you bit your finger and looked up at him watching him take the sight of you completely naked in. He suddenly pushed your legs apart and slid his face in, you threw your head back instantly, as Negan flicked his tongue against your clit, giving it a few sucks every once in awhile. You grabbed onto the couch with one hand and onto his dark hair with the other as you grinded your pussy on his tongue and mouth. Negan shook his head from side to side quickly brushing his tongue across your clit, while squeezing onto your thighs with his hands. You felt a knot form in your stomach as the pleasure was rising through you. “Don’t stop daddy, oh god, I’m gonna cum”, Negan buried his face deeper, letting out a groan at your words. You continued grinding your hips until the ecstasy hit and you came all over his mouth and beard.

Negan pulled his face away, and stroked his mouth wiping away your wetness, as you tried catching your breath. “You taste so fucking sweet” he hissed before he unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans and boxers off. You looked at his cock that was standing up, fully erect. You licked your hand and leaned over to Negan, taking a hold of his cock and stroking it, while kissing him, you could taste your pussy on his lips. Negan looked down at you stroking him and opened his mouth letting out a growl. You giggled into his ear seeing how weak you were making the man that everyone feared.

Negan pushed you onto you back again and positioned himself between your legs, before sliding himself into your wet pussy. He didn’t hold back at all, and started vigorously thrusting into you; he stared down, licking his lips as he watched himself slam into you. You grabbed onto Negan’s arms as you let out loud moans “keep fucking me, just like that daddy” you purred. Negan’s gaze went to your face as he gritted his teeth together. He continued fucking you as fast as he could, he had unbelievable stamina. Suddenly Negan pulled out and flipped you over onto your stomach and leaned on top of you, “I’m gonna fuck that tight little ass of yours” he hissed into your ear before biting your shoulder softly. You had tried anal before, and weren’t really into it, but the thought of Negan pounding into your ass made you quiver. “Be gentle, Negan” you whispered.

Negan got between your legs and spread your ass open; he spat in his hand and rubbed it on his cock before sliding into your ass slowly. “Fuck you’re so fucking tight” he moaned, you gripped onto the couch as hard as you could as you adjusted to Negan’s size. Once Negan was completely inside of you he slowly slid back in and out of you, moaning at the tightness, until he speed up and began thrusting into you. He held your hips for leverage and rocked his body against yours as hard as he could. You let out cries of pleasure as you felt his cock pulsate inside of you. “Cum inside of me please daddy” you begged, and at your words Negan released his love inside of you, he threw his head back his eyes shut tight.

Negan slowly pulled out, his cum dripping out of your ass. He gave your ass a slap and chuckled “fuck I think I’m in love”. You rolled over and gazed at Negan’s sweaty chest and face. “Stay here, I can’t give that ass and pussy up baby, I’ll go fucking mad” Negan said as he laid on top of you giving you a kiss. You ran your fingers through Negan’s hair. “I don’t know, my group will be worried about me” you whispered. Negan looked up at you “who gives a fuck, you didn’t seem to be worried about them while you were calling me daddy, and taking it in the ass”, you gently slapped his arm and giggled. “Fine, I’ll stay, since you’re in love with me and all that” you teased. Negan kept his head against your chest and smirked, “you know you love ‘daddy’ too”.

Love Written In Ink

Love Written In Ink: Regretting the Past (Chapter 7)

Link to Series

Summary: After breaking up with your boyfriend, you find yourself struggling to move on. But how can you, when both your lives are so intertwined? When a new captivating man enters your life, are the changes ahead for the better or worse?

Word Count: 5K

Rating: M (Smut)

(A few years ago)

Yongguk swung his head back, eyes closed, relishing the feeling of how the the cold amber liquid burned his throat as he swallowed. Before he even settled the glass back down on to the counter, Yongguk had signaled to the bartender for another round.

The bartender looked towards Yongguk with apprehension, but nevertheless fulfilled the order after they were done tending to the other patrons of the bar. What Yongguk didn’t notice though, too preoccupied with keeping himself steady on the bar stool as he swayed precariously back and forth with his new drink, the bartender had suspiciously turned their back to him and fished out their phone.

Almost half an hour had passed before you finally bursted through the door. You were panting, having to run the last leg of the way from Namdaemun to Hongdae when your taxi had hit a severe traffic jam. Your normally clean kept hairbun was in disarray and falling apart at your shoulders. You shuffled tiredly into the bar, not minding the eyes that followed you or the pleading security guard that was trying to no avail to drag you out of the establishment. You locked eyes with the bartender who shot you a business friendly smile as they waved off the the security guard.

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Love Doesn’t Discriminate (Part II)

Word Count: 4329

Authors Note: So this is part two of our collab Beauty and the Beast AU, Lin x Reader fic. We’re very excited to be sharing this part with everyone and we hope that you enjoy it.

Part I

“Goodbye, Papa! Good Luck!”

You yelled after your father as he and his invention traveled to the fair, which you were sure would make him the world-famous inventor that he wanted to be.

“Goodbye (Y/N), and take care while I’m gone!” Jefferson yelled as he steered Icarus and the cart away from the house.

Normally the route to the fair was long and tedious, just barely interesting enough that he didn’t fall asleep at the reins. But he was alone this trip, with just Icarus to keep him company. So when he found what he thought to be a shortcut to get there faster, he took it, despite Icarus protesting the entire way.

A sudden movement in the woods beyond the small gravel path caused Icarus to back up, his eyes wide and scared. At the sudden wolf howl, the back of the cart rammed into a hollow tree, and the bats residing within took flight obscuring Jefferson’s vision as he encouraged the horse to go.

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Unknown struggle (Simon Request)

(Emotional topic some readers may find distressing)
“No Simon fuck off!” You squeal, speeding round the landing of the sidemen house you now lived in to get away from your boyfriend of over a year.
“Come on answer!” He laughs, his longer limbs meaning he catches up with you instantly and grabs you from behind.
“I’m not answering” You shake your head, gripping onto his hands as he lifts you up.
“Oh seriously” He scoffs, “Out of Josh, JJ, Vik, Ethan, Harry and Tobi, who would you punch?”
“They’re my friends. I can’t answer that” You comment.
“Its JJ isn’t it?” He tilts his head, turning you to face him.
“Yeah but Im not sure why” You laugh.
“Can you two keep it down?” Vik yawns, walking out of his room since he’d been nocturnally sleeping as usual.
“Sorry Vik” You reply, turning round to face him with Simon wrapping his arms around you.
“Ughh you two are so sickeningly sweet” He grumbles, rubbing his eyes and heading downstairs.
“Right, you need to get on with editing” You mention to your boyfriend.
“Noooo” He whines, “Can’t we just spend the day together?”
“You still need to catch up before you leave for Boston and you told me, if you sidetracked, I had to sort you out” You remind him, “So, go on, edit”
“I’m also leaving you whilst I go to Boston to technically I should spend more time with you as well” He points out.
“Edit. And then we’ll see” You glare at him and he reluctantly heads over to his desk.
After a while, you’re propped up against the headboard of the bed with your laptop on your legs when Simon turns around to talk to you.
“I have an idea” He spins round in his chair excitedly.
“And what would that be Mr Minter?” You ask, closing the lid of your laptop and turning to look at him.
“I want to meet your parents” He states simply.
You widen your eyes slightly as you look at him.
“I mean, we’ve been dating for over a year now, you’ve met my folks, I’ve met your brother and your sisters” He explains, “and if its okay with you, I want to meet Mr and Mrs (y/l/n)”
You pause for a second, “Okay, I’ll take you tomorrow if you’d like”
“Sounds perfect!” He grins, jumping onto the bed, “For now, how does Netflix sound?”
~~~Time Skip~~~
You didn’t sleep much last night. You were anxiously thinking of all the possible ways Simon could react today. And you were still thinking about it now.
“Babe how smartly should I dress today?” Simon asks, going through his wardrobe with a towel around his waist and wet hair on his head from just getting out of the shower.
“I’m sure you’ll be fine wearing whatever babe” You respond, tugging on a pair of jeans.
“How about this?” He asks, holding up the shirt he wore to the premiere of laid in America.
“Babe you don’t need to put in so much effort,” You chuckle lightly.
“I don’t know, I want them to like me” He sighs.
“Wear whatever you’re comfortable in” You smile, kissing his cheek.
You change into a burgundy adidas T-shirt and yeezys whilst he goes for his white T-shirt, plaid shirt open over the top and black jeans.
“We’re heading out” Simon calls into the house to make the guys aware.
“Ooh it’s your big moment” JJ laughs, “Don’t fuck up”
“Shut up Jide” Simon scoffs, lacing his fingers with yours as you lead him to your car.
The pair of you are soon on the way with GSAP playing on the aux and Simon seeming to become more and more nervous. You felt it too. Just not in the same way. He was scared of what questions they would ask. How he’d answer. What they would think of him. Whether they’d like him. You were scared of his response.
“We’re here” You comment as you pull up at the side of the road, “Well, its just down here,”
On the way, you’d stopped to pick up some flowers which Simon thought was a brilliant gesture.
“Oh okay” He nods, getting out and holding your hand as you take him down the road you had walked so many times.
Every time you went down this past, your hands shook slightly and your breaths came out with a shiver. You seemed to only hear the blood in your brain and your eyes only became focused on the route you would take to get there.
“Everything okay babygirl?” Simon frowns.
“Yeah, just here,” You gesture and open the large squeaky gate.
“(Y/n)” He begins, his voice light.
You stay silent and lead him down the long main path before turning to the correct part and winding your way cautiously through to get to your destination.
And you were there. With your parents in front of you. Their gravestone. Amongst all of these graves, they seemed to get terrifyingly further to the back each time you came. You and your siblings always kept the grave in the best state possible- you made sure all of the leaves were cleared away and there was always flowers in water pots or small cards scattered across the area.
As you crouched down to clear away some of the stones and moss that had built over the soil, you noticed that Simon still stood in shock beside you.
“Babe i-” He starts but his words fall flat.
“I wasn’t really sure how I’d tell you” You admit quietly.
“No come on don’t be ridiculous” He shakes his head, “I wouldn’t even know where to start”
You nod and make sure the flowers you bought are laid out perfectly.
“So, how did it happen?” Simon croaks, crouching beside you.
“I was fourteen. We went on a family holiday to Cornwall and on the way back, a drunk driver was on the wrong side of the road. They died instantly” You explain, tears in your eyes, “I remember waking up and I was screaming at them to get up because I had my baby brother in my arms and he wouldn’t stop crying and I didn’t know what to do. And then everything else was a blur”
Simon stays silent, only moving to rest an arm around you.
“We all got to the hospital and they sat me and my sisters down and they told us that they’d both died. I yelled at them so much. I was the oldest so I felt like it was my responsibility. And I screamed because it was their fault and they should’ve done something and they didn’t and-” You stop as your tears threaten to fall, “I remember we went to my Nan’s house that night and I stayed in my brothers room because he wouldn’t fall asleep the whole night and I just held him and its the first, last and only time I ever cried in front of him. Ever since then I’ve just had to be the parent”
“Babe I don’t even know how to begin” He says, “I can’t even imagine how difficult it was for you"
“Every single weekend I come here just to make sure they’re okay” You sigh, “You know, when we were kids they told us that we could still talk to Mum and Dad if we felt like we needed to. I guess I never really stopped”
“What would you say to them?”
“I’d tell them all about school, then uni, my job, you and the guys” You list, brushing your hand over the cold stone. It still sent a chill down your arm.
“You know there’s nothing wrong with that” He reassures you, “And if its okay with you, maybe I could come up to some of these trips. Nothing has to change, we can just talk like you usually would. I’ll try not to swear or be too loud or say anything I shouldn’t do, I promise”
You smile and look down at the ground. It was strange having someone to share this with. Being the oldest, you’d always made sure that the others were okay. You never confided in them or any of your family or the woman they sent every week to ‘help’. You kept it bottled up. You just trusted Simon enough now that you wanted him to be aware.
“You dont have to be alone in this anymore babe” He smiles, brushing the hair from your face.
“Okay” You whisper, your tears too strong to allow you to speak any louder.
(Sorry for no imagine yesterday guys! I had food poisoning and spent the entire day on the couch!😟 I’ll try to get out 2 today hopefully x)


Words: 6K

Warning: smut

Summary: Y/N and her mum move into a new home, which Y/N is dreading. Whilst painting her room she meet’s Calum who died a year ago and is obviously a ghost. You help him reconnect with his old best friends in which he thanks you in the best way a ghost could.


Your mum drove up the long stony pathway, hearing the rocks crackle beneath the tyres. I let out another exaggerated sigh, looking dramatically out the window as a sad song played through my headphones. Me and my mum were once again moving away from our problems. In the past five year’s we’ve moved at least 12 times, from small flats to large houses. It all started when my dad cheated on my mum, I was only 10 and didn’t understand why we were moving from our happy family home to a cramped apartment that was the size of a shoe box. Now at the age of 19 I had gotten used to moving around and not unpacking my things. I had never had a stable job or education either, I tried but it was so hard moving around the place. 

“Cheer up Y/N” Mum said in her silky voice. I rolled my eye’s and focused on the tree leaves, the different colours of orange. I loved autumn it’s always been my favourite as it’s not to hot but it’s not to cold. It’s just right. We had been travelling through this forest for a couple of minutes. Up the long drive, it had gotten a lot darker and the colours of the leaves were a dark brown. I looked in front and there stood a large black castle/house. I furrowed my eye brows as my mum got out the car with her clanging key’s. There was a large gate with a chain holding it together, my mum placed the key in the lock and the chains fell from the gate. She pushed them back and placed a stop underneath them. The house itself was massive, probably bigger then anything we’ve ever had. It was dark and gloomy and could do with a paint job, or some colour. My mum came back into the car and put the key’s down into the cup holder. 

“So what do you think?” she said excitedly. 

“I like it, how long this time? A week? A month? or will we be moving tomorrow?” I mumbled sarcastically. 

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Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit. 


NOTES/WARNINGS: Here is the second chapter. Thank you so much for your interest in my story!

Silence enveloped the inside of the small carriage as we travelled further into the countryside. The only noises were the occasional neighs from the horses, and the sound of the carriage’s wheels, and horse hooves, against the gravel road.

My new guardian sat right in front of me and, as it was very cramped, our knees practically touched. His musky cologne was made even more apparent in the enclosed space. 

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Stark!Reader x Willas Tyrell

Word Count: 2,266

((Wow, okay, this one got a little wordy and I hope you like the way I wrote it!))

Warning: None

You didn’t want to be betrothed to the Heir of Highgarden.

When you first found out – just shortly before the royal party arrived so King Robert could name your Father the new Hand of the King – that your mother had convinced your father to marry you off to House Tyrell in order to establish a connection to the Reach (for when the Winter came, the North would be able to import cheaper food than buying it from across the Narrow Sea should the storage of the North run out), you had ranted and raved and locked yourself away in your bed chambers for days.

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After the End (Jimin angst) Part 2

Summary: Your memories of Jimin were fading as your desperate search for him put you in new kinds of danger.

Part one Part two Part three Part four coming soon

Artwork by Lucy

Post-apocalyptic AU (Jimin x Reader)

Word count: 6.5k

Genre: Angst

You wondered what Jimin would have said if he knew you were thinking about giving up. He probably would have taken you outside, made you lie in the grass and listen to the birds. He would watch you and tell you all the things that he loved about you. He was so good at keeping your spirits up. He was so good at keeping you alive.

Every day was an adventure with Jimin. Survival still took up most of your lives, but caring about someone else, loving someone, surviving for a reason beyond just pure instinct gave everything meaning. You were happy. He made you so, incredibly happy. But that happiness came at a price. His happiness was your happiness, so his pain was your pain.

“HELP US!” you screamed as you approached the large, iron gates of the settlement that you would eventually come to call home. You were moving achingly slowly, dragging Jimin’s lifeless body behind you. “PLEASE!”

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Fancy Meeting You Here part two!

Part One (I sincerely hope the link worked xP)

Well, for a sequel you could write about the ride back  to the sanctuary, Negan being fucking thrilled about his new wife, and the meeting with y/n & Daryl in his cell” - @perseusandmedusa (Thank you so much friend!)

Ships: Negan x Reader, Daryl x Reader 

Words: 1,177

Warnings: Negan’s language, mild smut, mentions of smut.

You were on your way back from the clearing where you were unceremoniously reunited with your past group. Negan had one arm around you as he drove down a long, straight road. A few walkers were emerging from the tree line, attracted by the low rumble of the engine.

“We’re gonna have the whole fucking sanctuary there. All of our people will attend and they’ll be fucking happy about it.” Negan said in a jovial tone as he swerved around a walker in the middle of the road. “We’re gonna get some more pork from that shit-show… fuck… what’s it called again?” He said as he twirled a strand of your hair around his finger.

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kawaiiusagichansan  asked:

Hello Sin! Thank you for once more opening your requests! I was hope to request an imagine of reader convincing Newt to go with them to this amazing no-maj party everyone is going on about at Jay Gatsby's! (Circa 2013 movie) a little drink, a little dance, & who knows what else ^_~ thank you so very much for your consideration!

Fur sure!

Master list

Imagine: Dragging Newt to Gatsby’s party.

“Oh come on, darling! Just for an hour or two, please.” You clasped your hands together in a begging motion, pouting at the wizard as he pursed his lips in a disgruntled manner. And yet, you knew that look. It was the same one he gave you every time he gave in to your wishes.

“Very well…”

You screeched in excitement, grabbing him by the hand as you practically ran out the door. These parties were something you only heard of from friends, and coworkers, and when you finally managed to get an invite you were beyond excited. Newt followed, albeit a bit unwillingly, behind you as you made it to the large iron gates outside the mansion. You could hear the screams of joy already.

“Oh, Newt look!”

The hufflepuff looked up as fireworks flew across the sky, illuminating the mansion gardens. He had to admit it was quite a sight.

“Come on!”

He trailed just a few feet back, frowning as people dressed in costumes bumped into him amidst their drunken stupor. He knows this was something you considered fun, but large loud crowds weren’t really his cup of tea.

“Darling, wh-”

He found you off in the distance, excitedly talking to some man dressed in a fine tux. He hurriedly came to your side, worried that it was some drunk.


“Oh, Newt! This is Mr. Gatsby! He’s the brilliant man behind these fine parties!”

You giggled, sipping the champagne Gatsby had offered you. Newt eyed him warily, but still took the champagne glass he was offered.

“I hope you’re enjoying yourself old sport!”

Newt simply nodded, curios as to how he found himself here to begin with. And then he looked over at you, your lips stretched into a wide smile that made his heart ache. That’s why, he thought.

You turned to your boyfriend, giggling as you waved bye to the Gatsby fella. Newt just watched, amused at the whole thing. He didn’t quite understand how you found this fun, but he might as well make the most of it.

It’d be hours, and a couple of drinks later, that you and Newt would be by the pool, clapping along as every one gazed at the fireworks.

“Aren’t they lovely?”

Newt looked over at you, smiling softly as he leaned over and kissed you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, noses brushing against one another.

“Thank you for coming, I know you don’t like this very much.”

Newt just shrugged, his hands resting on your waist. “You’re worth it.”

“Am I?” You grinned cheekily, and you leaned forward as you whispered amongst the many laughs and music that filled the backyard. “I promise I’ll make it up to you later tonight, Mr. Scamander.”

Newt chuckled at your flirting, and he pulled you closer as he inched towards the pool. “Why not make it up to me now, my love?”


And with that, the wizard promptly threw you into the water, laughing as you came up to the surface and splashed him with a smile on your face.

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