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Blood Slave // closed

The party was in full swing, the vampire elite enjoying their glasses of O positive and dancing to the orchestra, a parody of bygone days. Their faces were covered with half masks of lace and feathers, but nothing could hide the gleam of fangs as they laughed or the uncanny grace that came from a century of life.

But Loki was not here for the party. He came for the celebration of another victory over the human resistance, the capture of many of their leaders a large blow to the frayed organization. It was only a matter of time before they crumbled altogether. For the last decade after the Children of the Night had risen up to claim their ancient right to rule the humans have resisted, gnashing their teeth and doing everything they could to sabotage the new government.

That’s why Loki was here. In a dark smoke room heavy with wooden accents and plush blue colors, watching the leaders being sold one by one to the victors, the highest of the Children. Loki wasn’t interested in buying, he just wanted to take a good look at the rabble, curiosity and a promise from a friend that he was to be presented a gift.

That’s when the last human was brought in, a stunning example of masculine proportions, blonde and proud and unbroken, his blue eyes scanning the room with contempt. Loki felt his interest pique and his pulse pick up slightly, a familiar hunger stirring in his core. It had been a long time since he had wanted like this.

It was to his surprise that the blonde was brought before him and forced to his knees, the leather collar around the human’s neck ending in a leash that was presented to Loki. “For your contributions and leadership, we offer you this slave, that he would please you.”

After a long pause Loki uncrossed his long legs and accepted the leash, tapping his lips with a manicured finger. “I accept such a magnificent gift. Clearly you’ve saved the best for me. Aahh, now I recall this one. This is the dreaded Captain America, is it not?” A smile curled around his lips as the others laughed, clearly relieved he had taken the human.