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a restful home.

Some Klangst maybe?

Loved @dimpleforyourthoughts fic ‘Never saw you coming’ and the angst was killer! (don’t worry there’s plenty of fluff as well, which I plan on doing next)

Read it right to left I guess, since Keith’s panel doesn’t make sense the other way (lol im dumb)

Also say hello to my inconsistent art style! (grumbles for 53 years)

Reminder that at the time of Sly 1, Carmelita was apparently 21 years old.

Think about that for a minute.

She was three years younger than Judy “Supercop” Hopps is during Zootopia, and rather than a rookie on parking duty, Carmelita was an Inspector, at Interpol, operating with international jurisdiction. Her first encounter with Sly clearly implies she’s been doing this a while. And all before most people finish college.

I’d really like to see an official timeline of her life, because goddamn. She must’ve blown through school to get where she did. The official strategy guide apparently says she studied at Sleuth Academy (awh) “at a young age” and honestly I’m gonna need to hear just a little bit more than that