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Plant of the Day

Saturday 10 June 2017

This Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris (climbing hydrangea) might be rather too vigorous for this location. This large self-clinging, deciduous climber has flower-heads up to 20cm in width, with small fertile flowers surrounded by showy white sterile ones. The broadly oval leaves turn yellow in autumn. 

Jill Raggett



December 22nd, 2014 - Gingerbread Kisses

ARTIST: gelatokitty

AUTHOR: Crowley’s Queen

22nd of December, 2014 - Gingerbread Kisses

       Alfred was not prepared for the sight that greeted him when he got home that afternoon.  He had spent all morning battling other shoppers looking for a few more gifts to bestow upon his friends for the upcoming holiday.  Then he had spent an extra half an hour driving in the steadily worsening snow that had begun while he was browsing the local shops.  He had expected to come home and find Arthur curled up on the couch with some tea and the fire blazing, but when he stepped through the door, his British boyfriend was nowhere to be seen.  There were, however, noises coming from the kitchen and a lingering smell of smoke in the air.

        ‘That can’t be good,’ Alfred thought, smiling a bit as he pulled off his gloves and tossed them on the floor.

        Arthur was a determined cook, however he wasn’t very good.  Everything he cooked was edible, it was just usually off somehow.  Too many spices, slightly underdone, slightly overdone.  For the most part, Alfred didn’t mind—if cooking made Artie happy then Al was happy.  He just wished that his gorgeous Arthur would pay a little more attention when he indulged in his ‘culinary masterpieces.’  Shaking his head in anticipation to what he suspected he would find in the kitchen, Alfred set his bags down and moved farther into the house, tracking snow from his boots on the hardwood floors.  Peeking around the corner, his mouth dropped a bit at the scene before him.

        The entire kitchen was a disaster zone, with almost every inch of counter space covered with dirty bowls, spoons, measuring cups and every ingredient for baking cookies known to humankind.  The kitchen island was piled high with ‘finished product,’ some of which looked quite delicious even if they were outnumbered by the ones burnt beyond recognition.  There were enough cookies to feed a small country; and Alfred’s proper blonde Brit was standing smack in the middle of the entire mess.

        Realizing that he was no longer alone, Arthur turned to face his boyfriend with a sheepish look on his face.  “Hello love,” he ducked his head slightly, his cheeks going a pretty pink.  “I didn’t know you’d be home this early.”

        Taking in the scene before him, Alfred burst into laughter.  Arthur’s usually immaculate clothes were covered in streaks of flour, there was something that looked like egg shells in his hair, and he was randomly splattered with cookie batter.

        “What in the world are you doing?” Alfred took a step towards his adorable Englishman.

        Patting his own cheek absently, Arthur looked around the room, blinking rapidly as if noticing for the first time what a huge mess he had made.  “I was just trying to get the biscuits done before you got home.”

        “Why?” Alfred smiled.  “You know I like making cookies—it’s one of my favorite parts of the holidays.  You didn’t have to do it by yourself.”

        “It was a surprise,” Arthur hung his head a bit.  “I wanted to make all the kinds you like.”

        Alfred chuckled, “Well then you’re gonna be here ‘til New Years cause I like about a thousand different kinds.”

        Arthur grinned, reached out with the wooden spoon he was holding and swung it toward Alfred saying “You git!”  Alfred nimbly jumped back, avoiding the spoon and snatching it out of his lover’s hand in one motion.  Laughing as he took the large wooden spoon from the Brit, Alfred placed most of it in his mouth, licking off the large amount of batter clinging to the utensil.

        “Stop that!” Arthur tried to grab the spoon back.  “You can’t just lick it off you know—that is very unsanitary!  Now I can’t use this spoon again—no one wants your germs!”

        “Honey,” Alfred smiled, his mouth still full of cookie dough.  “No one is going to eat these things.  They’re terrible—and I know you don’t mind my germs.” The tall American winked at his sputtering, red-faced partner.  Taking a step towards his lover, Alfred reached up to cup the shorter man’s cheeks.  He leaned down to press a soft, sweet kiss on Arthur’s lips and pulled back smiling saying, “You taste like gingerbread.”

        “Well,” Arthur smiled, “I had to taste them you know—that’s what those cooking shows all say.”

        “Uh huh,” Alfred grinned and leaned in for one more kiss.  “You just wanted all the delicious dough for yourself—I see how it is, old man.”  The American wiped a small streak of batter off of the Brit’s cheek and grinned.  His boyfriend was adorable—so determined to be amazing in the kitchen.  The Englishman was amazing in other rooms of the house, and in Alfred’s mind, that was more than enough—they could always order takeout or buy cookies from the store.  Alfred figured it was a lost cause, but he would indulge his lover for as long as Arthur wanted.

        Grabbing one of the more burnt cookies from the pile on the island, Alfred popped it in his mouth, taking care not to grimace at the taste of ash.  Grabbing a spatula off of the counter and waving it next to his face he smiled at Arthur and said “Can I help?”

        Arthur beamed and blushed a bit deeper before saying “Of course love.” He handed Alfred some frosting and pointed to the pile of blackened baked goods.  “We can decorate the sugar cutouts for now.”

        As Alfred set to work, attempting to make the burnt cookies at least look delectable, Arthur simply watched him with a huge smile spreading across his face.  Sliding up behind the taller blonde, Arthur slipped his arms around Alfred’s waist and gave him a quick kiss on the back of his neck and whispered, “Thank you love.”

        Turning to wrap his free hand around Arthur’s shoulders while still using his left to spread frosting, Alfred tucked his boyfriend underneath his arm and asked, “For what?”

        “You never tell me to stop,” Arthur nestled his head against the American’s firm chest. “You never tell me to give up.”

        Pressing a firm kiss to Arthur’s messy hair, Alfred tilted the Brit’s chin up so that he could look into his eyes.  “That’s cause I don’t want you to,” he stated.

        Both men smiled and wrapped their arms around each other, all baking forgotten as they shared a deep kiss.

        “Merry Christmas Artie.”

        “Happy Christmas Alfred.”


Kinky Jinki Pt.2

More Daddy Onew~

Part 1

You stepped into the large, unfamiliar hall, clinging to Onew’s jacket sleeve. The room was full of unfamiliar faces; you didn’t know where to look, or what to do.

“You okay, babe?” Onew whispered, placing a hand on your shoulder. Just the sound of your boyfriend’s voice reassured you. You turned to him and forced a smile.

“Yeah,” you whispered back. You surveyed the room again. This was nothing short of a special occasion, certainly. It looked like a wedding venue rather than a family dinner. “This is a family dinner, right?” you asked Onew.

Onew laughed and looked towards his feet nervously. “That’s right. I have a lot of relatives.”

You gulped anxiously and stepped towards the giant seating plan board. You pointed your finger at one table on the board. “We’re here,” you said.

Onew squinted at the board to read the other names at your table. His eyes widened and he stepped back suddenly. You were about to say something, but Onew quickly brushed it off and ushered you towards the table.

There were fancy placecards placed around the table, and you began to feel uncomfortably out of place. What were you doing? You sat down next to Onew, and smoothed your skirt down.

“[Y/N]. One thing about the other people sitting here-” Onew began, leaning in to you carefully.

But he was interrupted by a hard slap on the back. He let out an annoyed groan. You span around to see a group of tall young men of about Onew’s age, all classily dressed in suits and ties.

“It’s been too long, Jinki!” one of the young men shouted. He had dark hair and attractive features, and a smirk that made you shiver in you seat. He looked over at you curiously. “Introduce me to your friend.”

Onew sighed and reluctantly faced me. “This is my cousin, Daewon. Daewon, this is my girlfriend, [Y/N].

Without a second thought, Daewon took his place next to you. He began to make weird conversation, repeatedly making you turn away from Onew. “Don’t I look good today?” Daewon asked, admiring his shiny, dark suit.

Onew blushed as he looked down at his own tweed jacket and pinstripe trousers. You looked at Onew, then at Daewon. You decided to use the same line you’d used on Onew last night.

“Honestly, Daewon, you look like someone’s middle aged father,” you said boredly, stirring your tea slowly.

Daewon was taken aback, but then continued to chuckle. He leaned over and pushed your hair back to whisper in your ear, “You mean… like your daddy?” His hand crept onto your thigh slowly.

You gasped, and Jinki stood up furiously. He punched the table with his fist, and the hall fell silent. All eyes were on him. He walked round to Daewon and grabbed his tie. “You’re sick,” he muttered, readying his fist.

“Jinki!” you said, pulling him away - the last thing you wanted in a place like this was to create a scene. Onew looked at you before grabbing your hand and storming out of the doors with you.

You were both panting, and were stood in the hallway. “Jinki…” you said again. He moved towards you so he was almost pressed against your body.

“No one is your ‘daddy’, [Y/N],” Onew sighed down at you. “No one but me.”

You dared to look up at your boyfriend, but could think of nothing to say. Your lips quivered - but you were speechless.

Onew searched your eyes for something, anything. When he saw the pleading guilt in your eyes, and felt how weak your knees were, he embraced you tightly. “Sorry to be protective,” he whispered. “I just… I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Jinki,” you mumbled against his jacket. You then had an idea. “No one can see us here, can they?”

Onew shook his head. “The doors are locked now; it’s just started.” You slid off your boyfriend’s jacket, and it dropped to the floor.

Onew looked down at you in surprise, but a smile then crept onto his face as he slid his hands underneath your skirt. “You’ve been a naughty girl today, haven’t you, Princess?”

You grinned at where this was going, and began unbuttoning Onew’s shirt buttons underneath his tie.

“I think you need to be punished,” Onew said, leaning into your neck and running his tongue over the smooth skin. His hands ran across your underwear, making you shiver with want for him. Maybe coming to Onew’s family dinner wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

A pint-size captain, who could only just see over the bridge screen of the great battleship he commanded was passed at sea by a destroyer-leader, commanded by quite possibly the tallest captain of a ship, at a full seven feet.
Destroyer to Battleship:
—  Make Another Signal, by Captain Jack Broome, RN (Ret.)

anonymous asked:

Hey Sky Family, Just wondering, but do the various items gathered through Link's quest still come in useful? Have any been re-purposed into something useful? (though the beetle looks like a great toy for the kids) or do they just lay on a shelf somewhere?

Oh, I still use most, if not all of them!

The Water Dragon’s Scale and the Fireshield Earrings are essential. I always carry them with me.  I use the Mogma Mitts to dig up minerals and treasure to trade for resources with the Mogmas or other villagers. The clawshots are useful for many things. Their chain is made from a mythical metal that cannot break (they are a gift from Hylia, after all), so I use them to climb  or traverse difficult terrain, or use them as a system of rope-and-pulley, to lift simple things up (using my body as a counterweight). I use the Beetle to explore new areas for potential hazards or create new paths by blowing rocks up with the bombs. 

My bombs and arrows are also essential weaponry I stock up with often when I go to my excursions.  I use the whip to cross large gaps by clinging to thin surfaces the clawshot cannot latch on to. The whip is really useful on my recon missions….

…And on other things….

D-Dear… please don’t….

*cackles* Just messing with you.


Daphnes owns my slingshot. He also got my net since I don’t use it much.

Most of my more advanced shields are perched on my workshop, you know, like trophies, since I can make do with the Hylian Shield just fine and I don’t need the others. I did howerver, donate my wooden shields to the Academy for practice sessions. 

And uh… we use the Gust Bellows to dust the house…  (Or blow on the sails of my fishing ship if the wind is not favorable that day…)

Clang Clang Clang

Clang clang clang went the cleric,
Ding ding ding went the gnome,
Bye bye bye went the stealth roll,
All because of her protective chrome…

(With apologies to Judy Garland.)

Thanks to @Clafairified, i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, Mason G., Mel25200, @MysticalSpider, pbandfluff, Ro, Rowena Highlander, @silv3rsing3r, wallflowerwaitlist for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 62

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Lose Control (Soryu X MC for Anonymous)

Summary: Soryu finds it hard to contain himself when he comes home to MC sleeping in nothing but his shirt on.

Rating: Mature, smut.

Sidenotes: It has been a longgg time since I last wrote something! Now that school’s here, it’s seriously hard so I’m really sorry at my lack of fanfics. I promise that I will try my hardest to put something up. Please give me feedback on them so I know what y’all like and dislike, and I am still accepting all requests(unless I haven’t played the character)!

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Fandom: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Character(s): Pietro and the reader
Requested by: Anonymous- Hey can I request a aou Pietro fic where reader had a nightmare so she sneaks into his room and gets in his bed? And then he wakes up and sees her next to him? Just lots of fluffy love and kisses and sweet nothings being whispered? Basically, gimme an overdose of so much fluff, you’ll get drunk off it! ;) sorry, I just really need it, cuz I rewatched AOU again. ~ Victoria
A/N: I hope you like it, the nightmare will be in italics. 

You couldn’t see what it was that was chasing you through the abandoned hallways of your old private school, all you knew was that the thing was tall, rather lean, it’s feet and hands had claws, it didn’t have much of a face, it only had a mouth, that had teeth that were as sharp as daggers and the stench of blood followed the creature around as if it was it’s own personal perfume, the half choked gurgles could be heard from all around you, as if  the thing was choking on blood.

You slipped into a closet, your back was completely exposed to black void of the closet behind you, you had no idea that there were corpses lay strewn about the closet, although it was a closet it was pretty big, you always hid in this one to get away from the teachers. 

You pulled the door shut, propping the chair that was always in the corner by the door under the door handle, to make it a little less easier for the thing to get to you, you shuffled backwards and you tried to control your heavy breathing, you had been running for how long? An hour? Maybe two? Possibly more than that? You didn’t know but what you did know was that your whole body was screaming for a rest.

The creature had gotten you a few times, a few deeps cuts on your back from the claws, a few scratches on your cheeks, a cut on your leg, which made running a little bit harder, you had a stitch from all the running, you shuffled back a bit more the back of your feet hitting something fleshy, you closed your eyes “please don’t be a dead body” you whispered to yourself, over and over again.

You took a deep breathe, slowly turned around and opened your eyes, the faintest outline of bodies strewn around the room was now completely obvious, you whimpered, your hand instantly flying to your mouth to stop any loud noise from escaping that’s what draws the thing, loud noises. 

Maybe there was more than one? You didn’t know, you didn’t stop to check, you just kept running for your life, but one was just enough to half of this, there was a few bodies piled up in one of the far corners, or that’s what you thought it was anyway, you could never be too sure when it comes this kind of thing.

Your eyes scanned the room, standing perfectly still just in case you made a noise that would alert it to your where abouts, you needed to find a way out after all you couldn’t wait in the closet forever, the thing would find you eventually, it always did after all, it was always in the darkest corners, just waiting for one wrong move from you. 

The only plan you have was to keep running, nothing in this abandoned place could do any damage to the thing following your every move, you stepped away from the mass of bodies, you were sure they were all people you knew yet you couldn’t bring yourself to check.

The feeling of anxiousness was creeping up on you, a feeling stirred up in you that you didn’t like, the hairs on the back of your neck stood on end as you felt an icy hand grab the back of your neck, the sharp fingers gently gliding along your delicate skin, you tried to jump out of it’s grasp.

But it’s knife like claws dug into your neck so hard they were slicing through your skin, blood dripping down your neck and the ice cold hand of the thing behind you, you had forgotten it can use shadows to get to you, it moved quicker in the shadow’s than in the light. 

Just as you felt it’s icy hand rip at the skin on your back, tearing it’s way into you. 

You woke up screaming, your heart was beating as if you had ran a marathon, cold sweat made your large t-shirt cling to your body, your hands instantly flew to your back, searching for any signs of scratches or deep cuts, you quickly hopped out of bed, slowly shuffling your way through your dark room, but the thought of a dead body being somewhere on the floor caused your heart rate to rocket sky high.

As soon as the thought popped into your head you instantly ran out of your room as fast as you could and down the cold hallway of the Avengers tower, you stopped just out side of Pietro’s door, you stood there for a few seconds, just debating whether you should knock on the door or just walk in, you twisted the end of the t-shirt in your hands, gently pushing the door open seeing as it was already slightly a jar.

You closed the door quietly behind yourself, tip toeing over to Pietro’s bed, Pietro was sprawled across the bed, his silver hair was tasseled and splayed across his face, one leg was hanging over the side of the bed, an arm out stretched across the other pillow and his other arm was resting on his stomach, light snores was all that you could hear from him as well as a few faint mumbles.

You smiled, slowly pulling the covers back you were just about to get into the bed when you kicked your foot on the side of the bed, you frowned and bit your lip “fuck” you breathed out, quickly slipping into the bed, you hadn’t noticed that Pietro woke up from the bed being jolted, a small smile graced his lips as he felt you slip in next to him.

As if on cue Pietro wrapped his arms around you protectively and pulled you into his side, you nuzzled into him, resting a hand on his chest, you sighed a little relieved to know that if anything happened to you, Pietro was there to save you or rather whisk you away from trouble in the blink of an eye. 

Pietro leaned over and placed a kiss on your forehead “you okay sweetheart?” he whispered, his lips gently brushing against your forehead “I am now” you replied, cuddling into his arms, Pietro raised an eye brow that you couldn’t see “now?” he asked, reaching a hand up to run through your messy hair.

You nodded your head “I had a nightmare” you whispered to him, shivering at the thought of it, Pietro’s smile faltered a little, kissing your forehead again, his finger started to trace small patterns on your skin “you know, I’ll always keep you safe” he whispered to you, placing kisses all over your face, making you giggle.

“I know” you responded the best you could between giggles, pushing Pietro’s face away from you, you smiled up at him, both of your hands were against his cheeks, you leaned up and gave him a kiss, feeling Pietro smile into the kiss, he pulled you closer to himself, if that was at all possible, deepening the kiss, your eyes fluttered closed.

Pietro pulled away giving you quick peck on the cheek, you frowned and pouted, Pietro chuckled, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear “you need to sleep” he told you quietly, his hand staying behind your ear, you groaned and buried your head in his neck “I don’t wanna” you protested, Pietro laughed lightly “I’ll be here with you, nothing can hurt you while I’m with you, love” he said, pressing a kiss to your shoulder.

You huffed in response “come on baby, it’s 3 am” he told you, you groaned rolled over so that you were laying on top of him “fine” you yawned out “you’re so stubborn some times” he muttered, brushing some hair out of your eyes and pressing a kiss to your forehead, before Pietro fell asleep, about an hour after you did, he just whispered sweet words into your ears, keeping his arms wrapped around you protectively.


This was the only commission I got at Youmacon 2014. It’s a Gallery Glass window sticker of Lewis, from Mystery Skulls’ “Ghost” animated video. I’d never heard of the thing before, and just thought it was a cool-looking skeleton character, but after so many people recognized him while the paint dried, I had to have a look at the video they kept telling me about. It’s pretty nifty!

As far as the cling itself goes, pretty standard stuff. I had fun using the pearlescent paint on the skull and ribs, with just plain white on the shirt.

Love Potion


Stan and Stanley accidentally drink a love potions and well wouldn’t you look at that, here comes Fiddleford McGucket. Opps. (In other words Stan and Stanley fall in love with the Fiddlenerd via love potion and the said nerd has to find a cure with two grown men clinging to him every step of the way. And even after he does, the situation only grows stickier from there.)


Gravity Falls


Stanford Pines/Fiddleford McGucket/Stanley Pines

(What’s their ship name, surely they have one? I guess I’ll put this in the Fiddlestan tag for now, IDK, Fiddlestans? Is that it, like with an s at the end, IDK. I also think I’m gonna tag this as Fiddley.)

(*EDIT: I have now been informed that this ship’s name is indeed Fiddlestans.)


WARNING, THERE ARE SOME BORDERLINE NSFW SCENES, NOT QUITE SMUT, BUT STILL DESERVES A WARNING (In all honesty I thought this would end up as smut, but it seems I was wrong). Profanity and plus I managed to throw in a little Angst along the way of writing this. Fluff is everywhere, love’s in the air, and btw excessively clinging large men to a smaller man.


This wasn’t a prompt, long story short I went to bed one night and I was like an inch away from going to sleep and then I gasped, shot up, eyes now opened, and whispered to myself, “What if Stan and (or) Stanley drank a love potion?” and BOOM, now we have a fic. I’ll get back to prompts now, but I wanted to share this story/idea.


Also, what’s this ship’s name, I’m gonna tag it as Fiddlestan and Fiddley, but I honestly don’t know what this ship’s name would be?


Commissions | My AO3

Word Count:


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the saltwater room

[There had been a whisper in the funeralmarchers’ wake – Sousuke cannot remember if someone had actually been speakingor if he was recalling something he had heard before – a whisper of a rumor, aquiet It Was No Ordinary Sinking and Have You Heard? They’re Back.]

Alternative Reading Line: [AO3]I[listen]

the saltwater room
Character(s): Yamazaki Sousuke, Nanase Haruka, Matsuoka Rin (mentioned)
Word Count: 1830
Rating/Warnings: T+, allusions to canon + major character death.
Dedication: to amoosebouche, whose fault this is.
Notes: One day I will write a happy Future-Fish inspired AU, but today is not that day.

June in Iwatobi is monsoon season. It arrives with a rush of fanfare and packed luggage carrying everything the word “monsoon” entails, boxes bursting at the seams. Street vendors swap ramen for somen and hiyashi chuuka. Air conditioners are switched on and stay on for another two-and-a-half months. Fans whir continuously. Women dab at their foreheads with handkerchiefs and carry brightly-colored parasols at all times.

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Jack Gilinsky Imagine for Rebecca

Request: can you make an imagine about getting high with gilinsky

Request: May I have a Jack Gilinsky imagine at a party, you can decide! The names Rebecca xx

“Rebecca are you coming?” my friend calls from the bottom of the staircase. I shove my phone in my pocket and give myself a once over in the mirror before shuffling out of my room and hurrying down the stairs. She heads out to the car and I trail behind her, climbing in the front seat next to her.

Her car pulls up outside a house a few blocks away from mine. The party is already in full swing. It’s dark outside but the house is fully lit and loud music is radiating from the house. We climb out of the car and make our way through the front door into the house.

There were people everywhere. People talked loudly over the music and empty beer cans and red solo cups littered the house. People danced to the music in the living room and through the back window I could see people lighting up out on the back porch.

Some people were already drunk or high and stumbled around the party giggling like idiots. I roll my eyes and glance at my friend and she gives me an equally amused look. We both headed for the kitchen and received a cup of whatever cheap domestic beer had been smuggled in that night.

We headed towards the living room to find some of our other friends that mentioned they would be coming tonight. We spotted them all out on the dance floor so we chugged our beer and then headed out to dance with them.

I began moving my hips to the music and it wasn’t long until I felt a body move against me from behind. I glance up and see its Jack Gilinsky. He’s one of the more popular guys at my school. Athletic. Pot head and also happened to be slightly famous from posting a couple dumb videos on vine. Honestly, I’d seen his vines and they were pretty funny I guess but they didn’t impress me too much. Either way he’s hot though so I continued to dance with him. I’d talked to him a couple times, mostly through mutual friends or being in a class with him.

All of a sudden I felt his plump lips press against my neck and I almost lost it. His teeth lightly nipped at the skin and I let out a quiet moan, only loud enough for Jack to hear. His arms wrap around my waist as he secures my back to his front.

A few songs later he grabs my hand and brings me to the kitchen where he gets us each a new cup of beer and then we head out to the back porch. He sits down on the steps and I sit next to him. There’s only a couple other people out here so it’s relatively quiet but you can still hear the bass thumping faintly from inside the house.

Jack and I are quiet for a couple minutes but when I look over at him, he’s rolled himself a joint. He smirks up at me as he puts the rolled paper between his lips and pulls one of those 99 cent lighters out of his pocket and lit his joint. He takes a deep puff and breathes out the smoke.

I watch him for a few minutes, mesmorized by how attractive he makes it look. I snatch the joint out of his hands and take a hit. Breathing out the smoke quickly. Jack looks at me wide eyed.


“I didn’t peg you for a pot head.” He replies as he takes another puff.

“I don’t do it often,” I shrug. He takes a hit of the joint and before exhaling attaches our lips together. He exhales sweet smoke into my mouth and then pulls away. I blow the smoke from my lungs and grab the back of Jack’s neck and pull his lips to mine in a hungry kiss.

He holds the hand with the joint away from us as our lips move together. His lips take like marijuana and cheap beer but it tastes good. His lips are warm and soft but they move hungrily and urgently against my own. His free hand slips under my crop top and his fingers slip under the hem of my bra, lightly teasing the skin underneath. His tongue licks my bottom lip and I allow his tongue to slip into my mouth.

We pull away breathless a few minutes later and Jack smirks at me, taking a hit of the joint. His other hand rests on my thigh and he taps his fingers lightly against it. I wrap an arm around Jack’s bicep and lay my head on his shoulder. He passes me the joint and I take another puff before handing it back.

After a few more hits it dwindles out. Jack drops the joint on the steps and puts it out with his shoe and kicks it into the grass. He wraps an arm around my waist and again returns his hand to its original position on my thigh. His hand skims up my chest and cups my face, pulling my lips to his.

“Let’s go out next weekend, Rebecca.” He says once we’ve pulled apart.

“And why would I want to go out with you, Gilinsky?” I smirk.

“Because I’ve kind of liked you for a while and based on the fact that you’ve been kissing me back all night gave me some hints that you might like me too.”

“Did you ever think maybe I was kissing you back because I’m high and drunk?” I tease.

“Don’t be a tease.” Jack scoffs.

“Yes, I’ll go out with you next weekend.”

Jack grins and captures your lips again. His arms pull me into his lap and we continue to kiss as I straddle his waist. My hands up his face and his large hands cling to my sides. His fingers begin to slip underneath my shirt, feeling the bare skin showing.

“Rebecca?” I pull away from my kiss with Jack and see my friend staring at me with an amused look on her face from the back door. I quickly climb off Jack’s lap and straighten out my shirt.

“We’re leaving now.” She tells me. I look down at my phone and realize it’s almost two. Wow, time flies when you’re high. I say a quick goodbye to Jack and give him a light peck on the lips.

“See you in class on Monday, Rebecca.” Jack smirks, waving his hand at me.

“See you.” I chuckle.

I’ve embraced femme identity largely in defiance. I cling to the part of it that says “men aren’t going to fucking touch me. that’s not what I want. and it’s never going to happen. not ever.” but /femme/ doesn’t say that anymore. and that is why femme appropriation hurts my heart so much. they aren’t just taking our words. they’re changing their definitions so that they no longer fit us–they are forcefully pushing us out of our own language.

In the Water (Part 2)

Title: In the Water (Part 2) 

A/N: Sorry the second part took so long, and I hope you can forgive me. Oh, and I remembered you wanted fluff so I brought the cotton balls and kitty cats and all the fluffy things for you (I hope) xx 


Pairing(s): Sam x Reader 

Word Count: 1611

 Part 1

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