large cling


Gibson Praise is small for twelve. He has poor eyesight and a juiced up God module, the jaded fatigue of those burdened with a gift. This listless little boy, a sublime specimen at the fringe of human understanding. This child without a childhood.

Scully wants to take a Stryker to his brainpan, harvest a slice of that magnificent temporal lobe. She wants to take him to get soft serve at the beach, let him throw pebbles at the seagulls. She wants to murder anyone who would attempt to harm him.

And just to complicate things further, Mulder’s magnanimous warmth with this boy, with any child, really, sets her bones to singing that artless old song.

Are you two the parents? 

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a mafia!sehun scenario pt. 2


basically 9.5k of chaos, you can find part one here

sehun (+exo) x reader

- - - - - - - - - - - -  under the cut

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can you do 18 + 26 with sehun for your Drabble game?

➸ 11/? ”exo month” exo fics

➸ word count: 512

➸ fluff/humor

➸ general audience

➸ #18. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt!” #26. “You’re so cute when you pout like that”

➸ a/n: here’s some sehun fluff, i got this idea from this video i watched of idols and their fear of heights and joy was on there and she had to cross with sungjae,,,i think it’s from their we got married?? idk i haven’t seen it. still that’s where this stems from lol pls do enjoy!


“Jagi, please!”

“Sehun, no! You know how terrified of heights I am! Why did you even bring me here?” ________ whines crouching near a large rock clinging on for dear life.

“It’s part of the hiking tour, babe I told you this” Sehun tells her coming to crouch in front of her.

“No, actually, no you did not! Because if you had, I wouldn’t have agreed to come on this dumb forsaken hiking tour” ________ cries out tightly squeezing eyes shut.

“There’s a beautiful clearing with a waterfall across the bridge” Sehun cradles her face in his hands and rubs soothing circles on her cheeks, “I hear it’s really beautiful, I know you’ll love it” and ________ shakes her head.

“I hate you so much”

“You’re so cute when you pout like that”

Sehun chuckles at the pout on ________’s face and takes her hands slowly leading her towards the forest bridge. She grips his hands tighter, her eyes doubling in size when she sees the distance between the bridge and the flowing body of water beneath it. Sehun steps onto the wooden floor first after managing to pry ________’s hands off of his.

He grabs on to the rope on either side of him and takes a few steps.

“I don’t think I can do this” ________ whines as she grips the rope just a few steps behind Sehun. She takes one look down and quickly looks back up shutting her eyes once more.

“Okay, come on, take my hand and I’ll guide you safely across” Sehun turns slightly sticking out his hand so that ________ can take. The only problem is she refuses to open her eyes and is slowly inching towards the floor. “Stop crouching you nerd, I’ve got you”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, ________ blindly tries to search for Sehun’s hand and instead grabs a handful of of butt, “oh my god! Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt!” she wails opening her eyes only to be greeted by Sehun laughing soundlessly at her. “I hate you so much”

“It’s alright jagi, you can touch my butt all you want” he grabs her hand and pulls her up until she’s standing up straight again. “Now, let’s get across this bridge before tomorrow, yes?” ________ slaps his chest and stomps her foot forgetting where she’s at for a second.

Her actions wiggle the bridge and she squeals back hugging Sehun, clinging onto him like a koala. “Why are you making me do this” she cries into the space between his shoulder blades, her words muffled slightly.

“It’ll be worth it!”

“Better be, or you’re seriously not getting laid for the entirety of this trip” ________ warns.

“A lots hanging on the line, I hope this waterfall is as great as Junmyeon hyung claims it to be” Sehun mumbles.

After multiple stops and an insane amount of crying and whining from ________’s side, they manage to get across the bridge.

The waterfalls was indeed worth it, and Sehun reminds himself to not ever doubt his hyung ever again.

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15. “I swear to God if you don’t dance with me I will break up with you.”

(also for my love @robertisbisexual  and another anon who requested this, i hope it’s okay! 💞)

Theres a loud thumping drilling into the side of Aaron’s head. He feels sticky, hands clammy and the air is humid; made worse by the swell of people pushing around him, crushing into one another as he tries to squeeze through the small gaps in the crowd. He can feel the beer in his left hand dripping over the glass, splashing onto his fingers as he keeps hold of their drinks.

They’ve come to London for the weekend: Aaron, Robert, Vic and Adam, Vic’s idea. They don’t spend enough time together, especially not as a whole group, one of them always too busy to make time to meet in the pub, or go into Hotten. It had been planned for months, three days in the capital full of shopping in places Aaron knew they couldn’t afford, pulling Robert away from the entrance of Harrods, cheap drinks and more laughs than Aaron ever remembered having, his stomach still in pain as he remembers Adam almost fainting at the top of the London Eye.

Vic and Robert are on the dance floor, Robert’s hands wrapped tight around Vic’s arms as they move, his shoulders jerking out of sync with the music. Aaron glances over to the pair as he places down their drinks and laughs, Adam howling as he films the siblings. Robert’s drunk enough that he won’t remember this until Adam shows him the video, nursing his hangover over a cheap full English in the hotel the next morning.  

“You do realise, he’s going to kill you for filming that?”  Adam’s still chortling as he puts down his phone and grabs his pint, a layer of foam forming at his top lip.

“Yeah, but it’s worth it. He still won’t delete that video he took of me dancing at the scrapyard, think of this as payback, my friend.” Theres a glint in his eyes that makes Aaron roll his, the silly feud between his husband and best friend never ending. Vic had to stage an intervention, when Robert had let himself in at theirs, swapping Adam’s protein shake with a special ‘mixture’ of his own, Robert still swears he didn’t know Vic had joined in on his programme, nor did he mean for her to miss out on several days of work.

“He’s just going to carry on messing with you, ya know. I can’t always stop him from acting like a prat.” Aaron had received the full force of Vic’s anger, what with Robert being at meetings in Leeds when she had recovered, it’s not his fault he married an idiot.

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Plant of the Day

Saturday 10 June 2017

This Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris (climbing hydrangea) might be rather too vigorous for this location. This large self-clinging, deciduous climber has flower-heads up to 20cm in width, with small fertile flowers surrounded by showy white sterile ones. The broadly oval leaves turn yellow in autumn. 

Jill Raggett

pretty ladies — seventeen

title: pretty ladies

genre: comedy/gender bender

word count: 5365


Jeonghan didn’t look all that different that morning. The hair length was the same, just to the shoulders and perfectly straight with that little curl on the end. Jeonghan didn’t notice anything particularly off that morning either. Had he not been half asleep, taken a double take, looked at his reflection in the mirror would he have noticed something, well, off.

And so Jeonghan stood in front of the toilet, his legs slightly parted to empty his about-to-burst bladder when he finally noticed.

Where the fuck was his dick.

Jeonghan patted himself down as he realized that something was definitely off that morning. Where a flat chest once resided was now replaced with a small petite mound while his dick seemed to have shrunk.

Jeonghan swore he didn’t fall asleep like this last night. Maybe it was a nightmare and he was bound to wake up at six in the morning because his alarm clock was beeping uncontrollably. Yeah, that was it, this was all just a nightmare.

One hour and thirty-three minutes later, Jeonghan is frantically pacing the house as he- or is it she- ponders the thought of how he, she, was going to turn back.

Seungcheol was the next one to wake up that morning. He sat up in bed and felt an immense pressure on his chest, a pressure he had only experienced when benching weights. Seungcheol stretched, his long, wavy hair brushing past his not-so-toned arms.


Long, wavy hair?

Seungcheol looked down at his bare chest— provided the fact that Seungcheol still didn’t make it a habit of wearing a shirt to sleep— saw two significantly large masses of tissues clinging to his torso.

At exactly 7:38 in the morning, a high-pitched, girlish scream sounded through the dorms of Seventeen, Jeonghan immediately running to the source of the room.

“Thank Jisoos I’m not the only one.”

Seungcheol held her blanket tightly to her chest and wailed, “What the fuck is going on Jeonghan?!”

Seungcheol trembled as Jeonghan let out a sigh she didn’t know she was holding in.

“Do you really think I would know? I woke up like a girl too.”

Seungcheol flopped back into her bed and groaned, “Please tell me this is a dream.”


Footsteps padded through the halls as Chan, the only one bothered enough to wake up from the scream, reached the room.

“Is someth-”

Chan’s face flushed deep shades of maroon as he saw Jeonghan and her Nana-like body. He covered his face in utter embarrassment and squeaked out an apology.

“Chan, it’s me, Jeonghan.”

Chan stopped muttering apologies and peeked through his fingers. Sure enough, the tall slender girl wearing gray sweatpants and a thin white t-shirt that barely provided enough padding for the girl’s breasts was Jeonghan.

“Hyung,” Chan’s hands left his face, a slight blush lingering on his cheeks. “Why are you…”

Chan couldn’t finish his question; the context of his question was just too weird, especially at 7:42 AM. Chan cleared his throat and asked, “Who screamed?”

Jeonghan leaned back slightly as Seungcheol sat up and raised her hand up, the blanket slipping from her armpit and exposing her breasts. Chan definitely got an eyeful that morning along with major blood loss as his nose started bleeding before he fainted. Seungcheol covered herself up again while Jeonghan sat the fallen boy against the wall and ran off to get him an ice pack.

The rest of the members slowly awoke later that morning, Seungkwan being the second one to be utterly flabbergasted.

“Is this some sort of sick joke? Hyung, Halloween already passed and April Fools isn’t for another couple of months.”

Seungkwan refused to accept reality as he saw Seungcheol’s breasts bounce while she walked around the kitchen to get food for breakfast.

Jeonghan was on one end of the breast spectrum while Seungcheol was the far opposite. Jeonghan was actually pretty flat chested while Seungcheol has breasts worthy of a Soma model. Seungcheol had curves all over, his butt and honey thighs putting Nicki Minaj to shame while Jeonghan looked like she was ready for the runway.

The vocal line was the first to all collect in the kitchen, Jisoo’s eyes rooted to Jeonghan and her softer facial features. Jihoon ended up burying his face in his arms to keep himself from staring at Seungcheol’s breasts and Seokmin moonwalked his way back to his room, thinking he was still asleep.

Once Minghao and Junhui woke up, they made their way to the kitchen for breakfast and tried to run back into the rooms once they saw the long flowing hair of Choi Seungcheol.

Jeonghan was feeling pretty bad about herself at this point. None of the boys reacted to her when they first saw her, mainly because of the fact that she really didn’t look any different than when she was a boy. The only significant change about her was the amount of weight she dropped. Her height didn’t really change though; she was only a couple centimeters shorter than her original height. Jisoo seemed to have noticed Jeonghan’s silent brooding because he put his arm over her shoulder and engaged in a conversation with her as Mingyu entered the kitchen and screamed once he saw Seungcheol, the carton of milk in his hands falling to the ground and spilling everywhere.

“Mingyu!! What the fuck! Help me clean this up!”

Wonwoo sat at the kitchen countertop and stared at the unraveling scene, Mingyu getting towels to clean up the spill. Seungcheol, who was now wearing the biggest shirt she could find because her breasts were too large to fit in anything else, bent over and started to clean up the spill, her cleavage noticeably visible. Red liquid flowed from Wonwoo’s nose as he strained to look at Seungcheol’s bouncing cleavage.

“Uh, Wonwoo?” Jisoo held out a tissue for Wonwoo. “Your nose is bleeding.”

Wonwoo took the tissue and pinched his nose to stop the blood flow. Vernon and Soonyoung were the last ones to enter the situation that fine morning, now afternoon. They entered the stony silent kitchen and looked around in confusion. The rest of Seventeen were seated or standing around the kitchen countertop, the two girls sitting right next to each other. Soonyoung was the first to notice the girls, and his eyes had never been so wide. He prodded Vernon’s shoulder and whisper-hissed, “There are two girls in our dorm!!”

Chan, who was better now from the earlier mishap, shook his head and said, “Nah, that’s just Seungcheol hyung and Jeonghan hyung.”

Vernon paled and walked out of the room, running into a few walls along the way as Soonyoung had to take a seat.

“What are we going to do about,” Jisoo made a wild gesture to the girls sitting at the end of the table. “That?”

“We don’t have any major comeback coming up, so it’s not like we have to make any appearances anywhere,” Soonyoung pointed out.

“But how are we going to practice and record the songs when their vocals and bodies are fucked up?” Jihoon asked.

The table grew silent again, Vernon coming back into the kitchen and sitting next to Seungkwan, who patted his back and whispered comforting things into his ear.

“I guess we’ll just have to practice without them. We still have to rehearse and work,” Soonyoung concluded, the girls solemnly nodding their heads.

“You better switch back before our comeback though,” Seungkwan said as he pointed an accusing finger at the two girls. Vernon slapped Seungkwan’s hand away and left before he could pass out.


It had been a week since the girls arrived. Jeonghan ended up going shopping, since she looked the most normal in comparison to Seungcheol, and bought some panties and bras for the two to use. Busty Seungcheol was a definite problem in the Seventeen household. The girls actually had to go online and calculate what size bras Seungcheol would need. The panties weren’t a problem; she was a medium. As for her bras, those cost quite a bit.

“Here,” Jeonghan threw the bag into Seungcheol’s lap.

“You owe me $150. Your bras were fucking expensive.”

Seungcheol could only gawk at the bras on her lap. She had seen them countless times when she had gone to the mall with her mother, but she had never touched nor used one before. She immediately got up and went to the bathroom, only to scream and run away.


Jeonghan rushed over to the trembling girl standing by the bathroom and turned a ghastly shade of white.

“Jihoon…. Are you dying?”

Jihoon was the next to be found as a girl. Not only that, but she came with blood flowing out of her like a tidal wave. Jeonghan ended up going back to the store that day.

Jihoon was a petite girl. She actually got a lot shorter; she was now only 4 feet and 11 inches tall. Her hair was freakishly long, the pink dye making its way all the way to the ends of her hair. Her long ass hair went past her butt and, surprisingly enough, did not seem to get tangled. Her hair was also naturally straight, Seungcheol enviously glaring at her whenever she walked by her.

As for her period problem, Jihoon just stuck to using pads; she didn’t like the idea of looking at the bloody mess between her legs every time a tampon got used up. She hated periods. She hated the endless cramps, the hourly bathroom checks, the sit-with-your-legs-together-before-blood-leaks-everywhere, and oh god, she despised the food cravings. She wasn’t the only one though.

“Jeonghan hy- wait, is it unnie now? Jeonghan unnie!!”


“I’m hungry!!”

Jeonghan’s eyes narrowed as she glared at the emptied bowl of popcorn on the coffee table.

“You just had a whole fucking bowl of popcorn!!”

Jihoon, who found a guitar, most probably from Jisoo’s room, held it up threateningly and said, “I’m hungry.”

Jeonghan hesitated before going into the kitchen and saying, “One order of ramyun it is.”

For the most part, Jihoon was either eating, bleeding into the toilet, or sleeping. She was supposed to be working on new songs for Seventeen’s future comeback, but no one wanted to approach her when she carried a guitar with her everywhere. Not even Jisoo, even though it was his guitar.

“If any more of us turns into girls,” Jeonghan said as she blowdried Seungcheol’s thick, black, wavy hair. “I will cry.”

The boys were in the studio practicing the new choreography Soonyoung came up with, the girls lazing away in the dorms. Jeonghan was the only one able to go out into public because she looked the same in contrast to Seungcheol and Jihoon who changed significantly, so she decided to keep the other girls company as Jihoon complained of stomach cramps and Seungcheol walking around carefully because she now realized the pain of having two lumps of fat on her chest.

“No one else will become a girl, don’t worry,” Jihoon spoke through mouthfuls of chips while swatting Seungcheol’s hand away, who was reaching to take a chip or two from the bag of chips Jihoon was holding onto possessively.

“I hope so. Seungcheol’s hair is already too much of a problem, imagine the rest of the boys turning into girls.”

Seungcheol was a problem, other than the undergarments issue. Her hair, unlike Jihoon’s or Jeonghan’s, seemed to shed worse than a dog, long strands of black hair collecting on the ground. Mingyu, who was fond of cleaning up, actually got sick and tired of seeing Seungcheol’s hair on the ground that he just handed her the vacuum cleaner and left. And thanks to Jihoon’s excessive eating, Seungcheol was now in charge of cleaning up all the crumbs as well.

“Stop eating those, you’re going to get fat,” Jeonghan confiscated the bag of chips from Jihoon, Jihoon immediately whining and holding up the guitar threateningly.

“And I know you got done with your period yesterday.”

Jihoon could only scowl as she hugged the guitar to her tiny, yet significant, chest.

Jeonghan could only pray no one else became girls.


Soonyoung was gorgeous that morning she stumbled, more like glisséd, out of the bedroom. Her hair was slightly longer than Jeonghan’s, but a brilliant shade of blonde that could only be found on Dutch women. Her hair, although a nice length, was a mix between wavy and straight, not to mention voluminous as fuck. Soonyoung’s eyes seemed to have gotten smaller and more playful. She lost a couple centimeters off her height, but boy oh boy did she have a sense of balance. Not only that, she also seemed to have developed the flexibility of a gymnast and the dance skills of a ballerina and an ice dancer.

Soonyoung seemed to be having too much fun as she pirouetted into the living room, Jihoon scrunching her nose in disdain.

“You wish you were as flexible as me, don’t you?” Soonyoung jeered as she lifted her right leg above her head.

Jihoon slung the guitar over her shoulder and said, “Shut up.”

Soonyoung immediately lowered her leg and apologized as a rather large burrito rolled into the living room. Jihoon slowly approached the burrito and prodded it with her foot.

“What is it?”

A tiny tuft of hair popped out from an end of the burrito blanket and Soonyoung said, “More like who is it.”

The burrito whimpered, Soonyoung immediately guessing who it was.

“Seokmin, are you a girl?”

The burrito nodded and rolled into Soonyoung’s legs before wrapping around Soonyoung.

“Pain,” a soft voice whispered out of the blanket, Seokmin’s fragile, feminine face finally escaping through the blanket. Her eyes were just a little wider than before and her cheekbones were a little more defined. Her hair was a short bob that barely reached the end of her neck and her eyebrows were just about as soft as her hair.

Seokmin hugged her knees to her chest and rolled side to side as she tried to get rid of the pain. Jihoon, assuming Seokmin was on her period, went to the medicine box and pulled out painkillers for the burrito girl. Jihoon also got Seokmin a pack of Oreos and helped her onto the sofa where she could divulge her pain away. Soonyoung, being the considerate girl she was, stayed by Seokmin’s side as she cried silent tears because of her cramps.

Jeonghan was the official errand girl at this point; however, it was getting risky to go out into public and buy feminine hygiene supplies without someone recognizing her. She was forced to put on a face mask and pay the full price without being able to get an idol discount. Jeonghan’s money was pretty much gone by the end of Seokmin’s period, and so was her happiness.

Chan helped the girls out the most. He helped around the house with chores and did the laundry. He felt bad for the girls who were sitting in the dorms doing virtually nothing. They sat at home playing video games, eating, sleeping, bleeding to death, or complaining about the fact that they were girls. Mingyu kept on cleaning the house out of irritation that there were long ass hairs scattered all over the dorm. Jisoo would lend the girls money because that was the American gentleman he was. That and the fact that he just couldn’t say no to Jeonghan. Both Minghao and Junhui would tell the girls what they worked on and what they should work on next; basically petty talk for the girls to tune in on.

The boys tried to help the girls to the best of their ability, but most of them were afraid that they too would turn into girls if they so much as touched the turned boys. Wonwoo was of no help whatsoever. All he would do was just stare at the girls’ breasts and butt whenever they bent over, earning a black eye from Jihoon, who flung the guitar at him one fine day when Wonwoo smacked Jihoon’s ass. Vernon, let alone talking, would not even make eye contact with the girls. He was in denial half the time, saying that the girls just went on vacation somewhere without him. Seungkwan, in particular, stayed the furthest away; he didn’t want to bleed himself to death anytime soon.


It was ironic, really. Seungkwan never really wanted to experience being like a girl, even though he was sassier than one.

No one could really notice that Seungkwan turned into a girl because of how many layers she was wearing that morning. It was so cold that day that she had to bundle up in almost all the blankets she owned. As she waddled out into the living room, no one seemed to notice the difference about her face, mainly because of the fact that she looked like an Eskimo and that no one could see her nose or lips. Vernon was the first to realize that she turned into a girl because of her eyes and the “vibes emitting off her.” As Vernon fled the scene, he bumped into a not-so-manly Mingyu and screamed as she was wearing no shirt or bra.

Mingyu was still tall. She neither shrunk nor grew. Her blue hair seemed to brush the small of her back and was wavy as fuck. Her smile was still beautiful and her hips seemed to sashay around the dorm endlessly. Her long tan legs had Wonwoo tripping everywhere and her bust, not living up to the size of Seungcheol’s, were still pretty big. If Wonwoo wasn’t tagging along to Mingyu before, now he was definitely glued. Mingyu didn’t seem to mind though; she was gorgeous in contrast to her earlier handsomeness.

Seungkwan was petite but on the chubbier side. Her cheeks puffed out as if she was always irritated or upset and her eyes drooped downwards slightly, giving her the look of a Basset Hound. Like Seokmin, her hair was also short but cascaded past her collarbones. She seemed to have shrunk a couple centimeters and wow did she look good in skirts.

Jeonghan, now taking advantage of Jisoo’s credit card, bought more feminine clothing for the girls to wear just because dorm life was getting boring. She bought fashionista clothing for herself and Seokmin, cutesy clothes for petite Seungkwan and Jihoon, and Soonyoung seemed to wear nothing but sports apparel. As for Mingyu and Seungcheol, Jeonghan bought clothes from Victoria’s Secret for Seungcheol, because her breasts were too large to fit in anything from Pink, and Pink clothes for Mingyu.

Sadly, as the girls kept appearing, Junhui turned to the dark side where Wonwoo resided. They simply could not live a day without having to slap a girl’s butt and stare at their cleavage. In other words, they were deprived.

“Listen, I’m sorry Doogi PD tampered with the wifi to block the porn, but that is no reason for you to stick your face in my bosom Wonwoo,” Seungcheol sighed out as she tried to pry Wonwoo off her.

“Just five more minutes,” Wonwoo whined as he dug his nose deeper in Seungcheol’s breasts.

Seungcheol seemed to reek of girl, as noted by Wonwoo, and Wonwoo couldn’t get enough of that smell. He, along with Junhui, also preferred the stylings of Kim Mingyu and her luscious ass that was discovered accidentally one day as Junhui entered the bathroom while Mingyu was taking a shower. There was more blood that came out of Junhui’s nose than any of the periods the girls seemed to experience.

Chan and Jisoo both spent the most time with Jeonghan. Chan spent time with her because of the fact she looked like Nana while Jisoo just liked Jeonghan in general, but he liked her just a little bit more now because, well, she was a beautiful girl, girl being the key word. Jeonghan was ever so grateful for the attention, and Jisoo’s credit card.

Neither Seokmin nor Soonyoung had special attention from the boys. They didn’t mind though because half the time they were doing each other’s nails and hair. And somehow, they managed to go out into public and by a shit ton of accessories, which they decorated the girls in. At the end of the day, Seungcheol went around with angel earrings in her ear piercing, not that she minded though.

Minghao seemed to prefer the petite girls and would strike up conversations with them whenever Junhui decided to act like a pervert, which was basically all the time. Seungkwan nor Jihoon had ever experienced this side of Minghao before; they called it “The Boyfriend Observation,” and took notes on whatever Minghao did to make them blush so that they could use it for when they turned back.

And that was a problem by itself because no one knew how long this “magical spell” would last in the first place. The Boyfriend Observation thrived as Seungkwan and Jihoon talked to Chan and Jisoo as well. It was basically useless to try to talk to Wonwoo and Junhui because all they wanted to do were things unimaginable, not to mention that Vernon refused to exit his bedroom and worked in there.

The petite girls learned that Minghao is sweet as fuck, Jisoo really does know his way around words, and Chan was still immature but too cute. Jihoon did most of the talking though; she seemed to fit Jisoo’s and Minghao’s ideal type. Chan was futile after a while because he just wasn’t boyfriend material.


The Boyfriend Observation died when Minghao could no longer b-boy with her breasts and Jisoo decided it was time for her to bleed herself to death.

Junhui left the busty girls life when he saw how fragile Minghao had turned and Jisoo’s model like body. He also realized the beauty of Yoon Jeonghan and her composure as she worked around the house. He seemed to have escaped the clutches of the dark side as Wonwoo, well.

“Wonwoo get the fuck out of the shower!!”

Seungcheol, who offered to scrub Mingyu’s back, didn’t realize that she left the bathroom door unlocked. Wonwoo, a very horny boy at this point, entered the bathroom shirtless and ready to fuck. Wonwoo got beat up that day, a purple mark covering his eye. Doogi PD asked about it; Wonwoo said he slipped.

Doogi PD actually didn’t know about the situation until both Seokmin and Seungkwan skipped out on their radio show. Up until then, the boys told Doogi PD that the boys were just getting bad colds, and Doogi PD actually believed them because “Mingyu keeps sneezing on the other members.” And so Doogi PD believed right up until the point where he decided to visit the boys in the dorm.

“Boys I hope yo-”

Doogi PD paled as he saw a girl that looked suspiciously like Jihoon walked in front of him. She was clad in a baby pink, frilly dress with bows in her hair. She was also holding a guitar to her chest and had an irresistible pout on her face.

“Guys?” The girl with pink hair called out. “I think we have to tell Doogi PD now!”

Doogi PD sat on the sofa as not-so-different Jeonghan explained what happened to him. Jisoo, who was having period cravings, stole the thermos that contained the soup that Doogi PD brought for the “sick boys.”

“When are you guys going to become guys again? You have a schedule you know.”

Jeonghan never talked back to Doogi PD, but she felt an urge of irritation wave through her body and said, “Do you think I know? I don’t want to be a girl!”

Doogi PD was taken aback at the words, but he couldn’t get mad at a female Jeonghan, so he stayed silent.

Doogi PD canceled all of Seventeen’s schedules and sent a statement out to the press explaining why Seventeen was “quarantined.” Naturally, all the fans blamed Mingyu because he simply did not know how to sneeze like a normal human being, thus losing many fans because of how “disgyusting” he was. Mingyu was offended and went on Twitter later that day to make a statement that was unfortunately overlooked.

Vernon still stayed in the room and only came out of the room to either use the bathroom or get something to eat, which was basically on the hour. Jihoon kept a watch on him to see if he would turn into a girl anytime soon.


Everyone’s wallet seemed to have emptied when three of the four remaining boys turned into girls one night. They needed to buy more bras, underwear, and clothes overall because Junhui was wide shouldered and wide hipped, Vernon was naturally thin, and Chan had the body structure of a twelve-year-old.

Jeonghan went shopping for the girls again. She bought sports clothes for athletically built Junhui, hipster clothing for the teen like Vernon, and neon clothing from Justice for Chan. Soonyoung and Seokmin also bought more accessories because when Vernon turned, she started dressing up in new clothes every day and refused to wear the same things twice.

Wonwoo was a full blown out pervert now. He managed to scrap up all of his money to buy a high definition camera and take pictures of the girls in their “finest moments.” Whether it be looking cute or looking hot, Wonwoo took pictures of literally every scenario. His favorites, the one that made it into The Album, were ones of the girls bending down or full out naked because they forgot to lock the bathroom door before they took a shower. It didn’t help that Seungcheol still didn’t fix her habit; she still slept shirtless, which Wonwoo had the pleasure of finding out after he went on a midnight spree and took pictures of the girls sleeping.

Wonwoo and his trusty camera didn’t last long, however. Jihoon took the camera and smashed it to itty bitty pieces, Wonwoo’s tears falling to the ground as his camera rested on the ground like pieces of a puzzle. As for his pictures, those stayed safe in places unimaginable.

The girls spent quality time braiding each others hair, doing each others’ nails, and watching k-dramas while being confined to the dorms. A couple more girls had periods and food ran out three times as fast than when they were boys, which was surprising because the boys, now girls, never thought girls ate that much.

Ice cream and Oreos became a necessity along with plenty of tissue boxes and pads for those overemotional period girls. Wonwoo was declared errand boy after a cashier almost recognized Jeonghan and absolutely hated it because he didn’t want to have to rent chick flicks for the girls whose hormones were off the walls.

Seungcheol broke all of her bras during this long month and no one wanted to buy her new ones, therefore she roamed the house with a low cut shirt that Jeonghan bought from Victoria’s Secret, Wonwoo now having a restraining order to keep him away from Seungcheol. Not only that, but Wonwoo wasn’t even allowed to use the dorms’ bathroom; he had to go to the gas station across the street.

Wonwoo, along with holy Jisoo and the rest of the girls, prayed that the girls turned back into boys every night.


Wonwoo was appalled. Her skin was so pale and her hair was likewise Mingyu’s; wavy and long. She too had a nice ass and her bosom was breasttaking. Her beautiful thighs, er, eyes and her hips don’t lie. She looked better than IU and Suzy put together that she could only cry. Wonwoo was her own ideal type and it hurt.

The girls wished they were boys again and that Wonwoo remained a girl because God forbid she was eye candy. Maybe she even tasted as sweet. Jihoon pulled out her camera, the one she and Seungkwan used for The Boyfriend Observation and made Wonwoo model almost every day.

Wonwoo tried different styles. Her first attempt was the gothic look because she was most comfortable in that. After being thoroughly lectured by Vernon, the true fashionista, Wonwoo, the former fashionista, made a comeback. She tried the sporty look, the cutesy look, the sexy look, but nothing looked as good at the hipster style.

Wonwoo had never wanted her piercings back so badly before. Even if they poked the space behind her ears every time rolled over in her sleep, it was worth it. The accessories Soonyoung and Seokmin bought were all she wanted now. And she decided that it was time to re-pierce her ears.

“Wonwoo, are you sure about this?”

Mingyu held an ice cube to Wonwoo’s ear lobe as Jeonghan hesitantly held up a needle.

“Yes. I want to get my ears pierced again.”

Mingyu held her breath as she placed the needle right where Wonwoo wanted her piercing. Thank God Doogi PD came over when he did otherwise Wonwoo might have bled herself to death.

The girls oh so desperately wanted to turn back. Chan didn’t like the concept of periods at all; she sat in the bathroom all day and just bled into the toilet while not forgetting to flush. Vernon would not stop going on social media and looking up makeup tutorials while Seungkwan went online to ask girls for boyfriend advice. Yes, she was still hung up on The Boyfriend Observation. Minghao simply wanted to b-boy again for she was afraid she would loose her skills because b-boying right now was so immensely painful. Mingyu was still brooding over the lie that Doogi PD told the press which explained why Seventeen wouldn’t appear for any event. Seokmin loved to do her nails; they were just too gosh darn pretty like her fingers. Jihoon turned into a yandere, in other words, she had a pretty face but was ready to chop off anyone’s head within a matter of seconds. Wonwoo was ready to become a cover girl, she nearly submitted her application, but the wifi went out because of Soonyoung’s excessive YouTube addiction. Soonyoung watched many, many, many, various styles of dance and proved to excel in all of them. Junhui got into sports such as badminton and volleyball and would constantly play with whoever was around at the time she was going to go to the practice studio. Jisoo just wanted her guitar back, but Jihoon wouldn’t let go. Jeonghan became the mother of the girls and cooked, cleaned, and paid the so called expenses. And Seungcheol, she was lazy as fuck.

The girls had a prayer circle every night to try to return back to normal.


One morning, as Junhui woke up early to head down to the practice studio to play volleyball, she noticed that her wrists weren’t as skinny as they used to be. She also noticed a rather tall bulge by her pelvis.

Junhui was a boy again.

He raced down the halls of the door while screaming his happiness to the world and ended in the living room where he saw the Christmas tree sparkling brightly.

“It’s a Christmas miracle!”

One by one, the boys left their rooms and made their way into the living room while being ever so grateful to not be boys anymore.

There was one girl who was the sorest though, and that was Wonwoo.

She, now he, loved being prettier than the nation’s most recognized idols. If only he could go back.

That Christmas, the boys dressed in their regular clothes again and gave away their clothes for another girl to have. In nicer terms, they gave back to the community.

The boys resumed their activities and continued prepping for their future comebacks as Mingyu let his anger unleash, claiming that he wasn’t as “disgyusting” as the fans proclaimed him to be.

But the hidden photos Wonwoo took when he was a pervert seemed to claim otherwise.

December 22nd, 2014 - Gingerbread Kisses

ARTIST: gelatokitty

AUTHOR: Crowley’s Queen

22nd of December, 2014 - Gingerbread Kisses

       Alfred was not prepared for the sight that greeted him when he got home that afternoon.  He had spent all morning battling other shoppers looking for a few more gifts to bestow upon his friends for the upcoming holiday.  Then he had spent an extra half an hour driving in the steadily worsening snow that had begun while he was browsing the local shops.  He had expected to come home and find Arthur curled up on the couch with some tea and the fire blazing, but when he stepped through the door, his British boyfriend was nowhere to be seen.  There were, however, noises coming from the kitchen and a lingering smell of smoke in the air.

        ‘That can’t be good,’ Alfred thought, smiling a bit as he pulled off his gloves and tossed them on the floor.

        Arthur was a determined cook, however he wasn’t very good.  Everything he cooked was edible, it was just usually off somehow.  Too many spices, slightly underdone, slightly overdone.  For the most part, Alfred didn’t mind—if cooking made Artie happy then Al was happy.  He just wished that his gorgeous Arthur would pay a little more attention when he indulged in his ‘culinary masterpieces.’  Shaking his head in anticipation to what he suspected he would find in the kitchen, Alfred set his bags down and moved farther into the house, tracking snow from his boots on the hardwood floors.  Peeking around the corner, his mouth dropped a bit at the scene before him.

        The entire kitchen was a disaster zone, with almost every inch of counter space covered with dirty bowls, spoons, measuring cups and every ingredient for baking cookies known to humankind.  The kitchen island was piled high with ‘finished product,’ some of which looked quite delicious even if they were outnumbered by the ones burnt beyond recognition.  There were enough cookies to feed a small country; and Alfred’s proper blonde Brit was standing smack in the middle of the entire mess.

        Realizing that he was no longer alone, Arthur turned to face his boyfriend with a sheepish look on his face.  “Hello love,” he ducked his head slightly, his cheeks going a pretty pink.  “I didn’t know you’d be home this early.”

        Taking in the scene before him, Alfred burst into laughter.  Arthur’s usually immaculate clothes were covered in streaks of flour, there was something that looked like egg shells in his hair, and he was randomly splattered with cookie batter.

        “What in the world are you doing?” Alfred took a step towards his adorable Englishman.

        Patting his own cheek absently, Arthur looked around the room, blinking rapidly as if noticing for the first time what a huge mess he had made.  “I was just trying to get the biscuits done before you got home.”

        “Why?” Alfred smiled.  “You know I like making cookies—it’s one of my favorite parts of the holidays.  You didn’t have to do it by yourself.”

        “It was a surprise,” Arthur hung his head a bit.  “I wanted to make all the kinds you like.”

        Alfred chuckled, “Well then you’re gonna be here ‘til New Years cause I like about a thousand different kinds.”

        Arthur grinned, reached out with the wooden spoon he was holding and swung it toward Alfred saying “You git!”  Alfred nimbly jumped back, avoiding the spoon and snatching it out of his lover’s hand in one motion.  Laughing as he took the large wooden spoon from the Brit, Alfred placed most of it in his mouth, licking off the large amount of batter clinging to the utensil.

        “Stop that!” Arthur tried to grab the spoon back.  “You can’t just lick it off you know—that is very unsanitary!  Now I can’t use this spoon again—no one wants your germs!”

        “Honey,” Alfred smiled, his mouth still full of cookie dough.  “No one is going to eat these things.  They’re terrible—and I know you don’t mind my germs.” The tall American winked at his sputtering, red-faced partner.  Taking a step towards his lover, Alfred reached up to cup the shorter man’s cheeks.  He leaned down to press a soft, sweet kiss on Arthur’s lips and pulled back smiling saying, “You taste like gingerbread.”

        “Well,” Arthur smiled, “I had to taste them you know—that’s what those cooking shows all say.”

        “Uh huh,” Alfred grinned and leaned in for one more kiss.  “You just wanted all the delicious dough for yourself—I see how it is, old man.”  The American wiped a small streak of batter off of the Brit’s cheek and grinned.  His boyfriend was adorable—so determined to be amazing in the kitchen.  The Englishman was amazing in other rooms of the house, and in Alfred’s mind, that was more than enough—they could always order takeout or buy cookies from the store.  Alfred figured it was a lost cause, but he would indulge his lover for as long as Arthur wanted.

        Grabbing one of the more burnt cookies from the pile on the island, Alfred popped it in his mouth, taking care not to grimace at the taste of ash.  Grabbing a spatula off of the counter and waving it next to his face he smiled at Arthur and said “Can I help?”

        Arthur beamed and blushed a bit deeper before saying “Of course love.” He handed Alfred some frosting and pointed to the pile of blackened baked goods.  “We can decorate the sugar cutouts for now.”

        As Alfred set to work, attempting to make the burnt cookies at least look delectable, Arthur simply watched him with a huge smile spreading across his face.  Sliding up behind the taller blonde, Arthur slipped his arms around Alfred’s waist and gave him a quick kiss on the back of his neck and whispered, “Thank you love.”

        Turning to wrap his free hand around Arthur’s shoulders while still using his left to spread frosting, Alfred tucked his boyfriend underneath his arm and asked, “For what?”

        “You never tell me to stop,” Arthur nestled his head against the American’s firm chest. “You never tell me to give up.”

        Pressing a firm kiss to Arthur’s messy hair, Alfred tilted the Brit’s chin up so that he could look into his eyes.  “That’s cause I don’t want you to,” he stated.

        Both men smiled and wrapped their arms around each other, all baking forgotten as they shared a deep kiss.

        “Merry Christmas Artie.”

        “Happy Christmas Alfred.”


A pint-size captain, who could only just see over the bridge screen of the great battleship he commanded was passed at sea by a destroyer-leader, commanded by quite possibly the tallest captain of a ship, at a full seven feet.
Destroyer to Battleship:
—  Make Another Signal, by Captain Jack Broome, RN (Ret.)
Kinky Jinki Pt.2

More Daddy Onew~

Part 1

You stepped into the large, unfamiliar hall, clinging to Onew’s jacket sleeve. The room was full of unfamiliar faces; you didn’t know where to look, or what to do.

“You okay, babe?” Onew whispered, placing a hand on your shoulder. Just the sound of your boyfriend’s voice reassured you. You turned to him and forced a smile.

“Yeah,” you whispered back. You surveyed the room again. This was nothing short of a special occasion, certainly. It looked like a wedding venue rather than a family dinner. “This is a family dinner, right?” you asked Onew.

Onew laughed and looked towards his feet nervously. “That’s right. I have a lot of relatives.”

You gulped anxiously and stepped towards the giant seating plan board. You pointed your finger at one table on the board. “We’re here,” you said.

Onew squinted at the board to read the other names at your table. His eyes widened and he stepped back suddenly. You were about to say something, but Onew quickly brushed it off and ushered you towards the table.

There were fancy placecards placed around the table, and you began to feel uncomfortably out of place. What were you doing? You sat down next to Onew, and smoothed your skirt down.

“[Y/N]. One thing about the other people sitting here-” Onew began, leaning in to you carefully.

But he was interrupted by a hard slap on the back. He let out an annoyed groan. You span around to see a group of tall young men of about Onew’s age, all classily dressed in suits and ties.

“It’s been too long, Jinki!” one of the young men shouted. He had dark hair and attractive features, and a smirk that made you shiver in you seat. He looked over at you curiously. “Introduce me to your friend.”

Onew sighed and reluctantly faced me. “This is my cousin, Daewon. Daewon, this is my girlfriend, [Y/N].

Without a second thought, Daewon took his place next to you. He began to make weird conversation, repeatedly making you turn away from Onew. “Don’t I look good today?” Daewon asked, admiring his shiny, dark suit.

Onew blushed as he looked down at his own tweed jacket and pinstripe trousers. You looked at Onew, then at Daewon. You decided to use the same line you’d used on Onew last night.

“Honestly, Daewon, you look like someone’s middle aged father,” you said boredly, stirring your tea slowly.

Daewon was taken aback, but then continued to chuckle. He leaned over and pushed your hair back to whisper in your ear, “You mean… like your daddy?” His hand crept onto your thigh slowly.

You gasped, and Jinki stood up furiously. He punched the table with his fist, and the hall fell silent. All eyes were on him. He walked round to Daewon and grabbed his tie. “You’re sick,” he muttered, readying his fist.

“Jinki!” you said, pulling him away - the last thing you wanted in a place like this was to create a scene. Onew looked at you before grabbing your hand and storming out of the doors with you.

You were both panting, and were stood in the hallway. “Jinki…” you said again. He moved towards you so he was almost pressed against your body.

“No one is your ‘daddy’, [Y/N],” Onew sighed down at you. “No one but me.”

You dared to look up at your boyfriend, but could think of nothing to say. Your lips quivered - but you were speechless.

Onew searched your eyes for something, anything. When he saw the pleading guilt in your eyes, and felt how weak your knees were, he embraced you tightly. “Sorry to be protective,” he whispered. “I just… I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Jinki,” you mumbled against his jacket. You then had an idea. “No one can see us here, can they?”

Onew shook his head. “The doors are locked now; it’s just started.” You slid off your boyfriend’s jacket, and it dropped to the floor.

Onew looked down at you in surprise, but a smile then crept onto his face as he slid his hands underneath your skirt. “You’ve been a naughty girl today, haven’t you, Princess?”

You grinned at where this was going, and began unbuttoning Onew’s shirt buttons underneath his tie.

“I think you need to be punished,” Onew said, leaning into your neck and running his tongue over the smooth skin. His hands ran across your underwear, making you shiver with want for him. Maybe coming to Onew’s family dinner wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

anonymous asked:

Hey Sky Family, Just wondering, but do the various items gathered through Link's quest still come in useful? Have any been re-purposed into something useful? (though the beetle looks like a great toy for the kids) or do they just lay on a shelf somewhere?

Oh, I still use most, if not all of them!

The Water Dragon’s Scale and the Fireshield Earrings are essential. I always carry them with me.  I use the Mogma Mitts to dig up minerals and treasure to trade for resources with the Mogmas or other villagers. The clawshots are useful for many things. Their chain is made from a mythical metal that cannot break (they are a gift from Hylia, after all), so I use them to climb  or traverse difficult terrain, or use them as a system of rope-and-pulley, to lift simple things up (using my body as a counterweight). I use the Beetle to explore new areas for potential hazards or create new paths by blowing rocks up with the bombs. 

My bombs and arrows are also essential weaponry I stock up with often when I go to my excursions.  I use the whip to cross large gaps by clinging to thin surfaces the clawshot cannot latch on to. The whip is really useful on my recon missions….

…And on other things….

D-Dear… please don’t….

*cackles* Just messing with you.


Daphnes owns my slingshot. He also got my net since I don’t use it much.

Most of my more advanced shields are perched on my workshop, you know, like trophies, since I can make do with the Hylian Shield just fine and I don’t need the others. I did howerver, donate my wooden shields to the Academy for practice sessions. 

And uh… we use the Gust Bellows to dust the house…  (Or blow on the sails of my fishing ship if the wind is not favorable that day…)

Lose Control (Soryu X MC for Anonymous)

Summary: Soryu finds it hard to contain himself when he comes home to MC sleeping in nothing but his shirt on.

Rating: Mature, smut.

Sidenotes: It has been a longgg time since I last wrote something! Now that school’s here, it’s seriously hard so I’m really sorry at my lack of fanfics. I promise that I will try my hardest to put something up. Please give me feedback on them so I know what y’all like and dislike, and I am still accepting all requests(unless I haven’t played the character)!

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Clang Clang Clang

Clang clang clang went the cleric,
Ding ding ding went the gnome,
Bye bye bye went the stealth roll,
All because of her protective chrome…

(With apologies to Judy Garland.)

Thanks to @Clafairified, i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, Mason G., Mel25200, @MysticalSpider, pbandfluff, Ro, Rowena Highlander, @silv3rsing3r, wallflowerwaitlist for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 62

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anonymous asked:

"Ichiiii..~" The red naga whined crawling up to his bother and clinging, a large visible lump in his lower belly "I think I ate too much again," @crxmsonscales

I sigh. “Osssomatssssu nii-ssssan…You’re hoplessss…Go lay down in the cave while I try to find herbsss…”

Love Potion


Stan and Stanley accidentally drink a love potions and well wouldn’t you look at that, here comes Fiddleford McGucket. Opps. (In other words Stan and Stanley fall in love with the Fiddlenerd via love potion and the said nerd has to find a cure with two grown men clinging to him every step of the way. And even after he does, the situation only grows stickier from there.)


Gravity Falls


Stanford Pines/Fiddleford McGucket/Stanley Pines

(What’s their ship name, surely they have one? I guess I’ll put this in the Fiddlestan tag for now, IDK, Fiddlestans? Is that it, like with an s at the end, IDK. I also think I’m gonna tag this as Fiddley.)

(*EDIT: I have now been informed that this ship’s name is indeed Fiddlestans.)


WARNING, THERE ARE SOME BORDERLINE NSFW SCENES, NOT QUITE SMUT, BUT STILL DESERVES A WARNING (In all honesty I thought this would end up as smut, but it seems I was wrong). Profanity and plus I managed to throw in a little Angst along the way of writing this. Fluff is everywhere, love’s in the air, and btw excessively clinging large men to a smaller man.


This wasn’t a prompt, long story short I went to bed one night and I was like an inch away from going to sleep and then I gasped, shot up, eyes now opened, and whispered to myself, “What if Stan and (or) Stanley drank a love potion?” and BOOM, now we have a fic. I’ll get back to prompts now, but I wanted to share this story/idea.


Also, what’s this ship’s name, I’m gonna tag it as Fiddlestan and Fiddley, but I honestly don’t know what this ship’s name would be?


Commissions | My AO3

Word Count:


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This was the only commission I got at Youmacon 2014. It’s a Gallery Glass window sticker of Lewis, from Mystery Skulls’ “Ghost” animated video. I’d never heard of the thing before, and just thought it was a cool-looking skeleton character, but after so many people recognized him while the paint dried, I had to have a look at the video they kept telling me about. It’s pretty nifty!

As far as the cling itself goes, pretty standard stuff. I had fun using the pearlescent paint on the skull and ribs, with just plain white on the shirt.

the saltwater room

[There had been a whisper in the funeralmarchers’ wake – Sousuke cannot remember if someone had actually been speakingor if he was recalling something he had heard before – a whisper of a rumor, aquiet It Was No Ordinary Sinking and Have You Heard? They’re Back.]

Alternative Reading Line: [AO3]I[listen]

the saltwater room
Character(s): Yamazaki Sousuke, Nanase Haruka, Matsuoka Rin (mentioned)
Word Count: 1830
Rating/Warnings: T+, allusions to canon + major character death.
Dedication: to amoosebouche, whose fault this is.
Notes: One day I will write a happy Future-Fish inspired AU, but today is not that day.

June in Iwatobi is monsoon season. It arrives with a rush of fanfare and packed luggage carrying everything the word “monsoon” entails, boxes bursting at the seams. Street vendors swap ramen for somen and hiyashi chuuka. Air conditioners are switched on and stay on for another two-and-a-half months. Fans whir continuously. Women dab at their foreheads with handkerchiefs and carry brightly-colored parasols at all times.

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Jack Gilinsky Imagine for Rebecca

Request: can you make an imagine about getting high with gilinsky

Request: May I have a Jack Gilinsky imagine at a party, you can decide! The names Rebecca xx

“Rebecca are you coming?” my friend calls from the bottom of the staircase. I shove my phone in my pocket and give myself a once over in the mirror before shuffling out of my room and hurrying down the stairs. She heads out to the car and I trail behind her, climbing in the front seat next to her.

Her car pulls up outside a house a few blocks away from mine. The party is already in full swing. It’s dark outside but the house is fully lit and loud music is radiating from the house. We climb out of the car and make our way through the front door into the house.

There were people everywhere. People talked loudly over the music and empty beer cans and red solo cups littered the house. People danced to the music in the living room and through the back window I could see people lighting up out on the back porch.

Some people were already drunk or high and stumbled around the party giggling like idiots. I roll my eyes and glance at my friend and she gives me an equally amused look. We both headed for the kitchen and received a cup of whatever cheap domestic beer had been smuggled in that night.

We headed towards the living room to find some of our other friends that mentioned they would be coming tonight. We spotted them all out on the dance floor so we chugged our beer and then headed out to dance with them.

I began moving my hips to the music and it wasn’t long until I felt a body move against me from behind. I glance up and see its Jack Gilinsky. He’s one of the more popular guys at my school. Athletic. Pot head and also happened to be slightly famous from posting a couple dumb videos on vine. Honestly, I’d seen his vines and they were pretty funny I guess but they didn’t impress me too much. Either way he’s hot though so I continued to dance with him. I’d talked to him a couple times, mostly through mutual friends or being in a class with him.

All of a sudden I felt his plump lips press against my neck and I almost lost it. His teeth lightly nipped at the skin and I let out a quiet moan, only loud enough for Jack to hear. His arms wrap around my waist as he secures my back to his front.

A few songs later he grabs my hand and brings me to the kitchen where he gets us each a new cup of beer and then we head out to the back porch. He sits down on the steps and I sit next to him. There’s only a couple other people out here so it’s relatively quiet but you can still hear the bass thumping faintly from inside the house.

Jack and I are quiet for a couple minutes but when I look over at him, he’s rolled himself a joint. He smirks up at me as he puts the rolled paper between his lips and pulls one of those 99 cent lighters out of his pocket and lit his joint. He takes a deep puff and breathes out the smoke.

I watch him for a few minutes, mesmorized by how attractive he makes it look. I snatch the joint out of his hands and take a hit. Breathing out the smoke quickly. Jack looks at me wide eyed.


“I didn’t peg you for a pot head.” He replies as he takes another puff.

“I don’t do it often,” I shrug. He takes a hit of the joint and before exhaling attaches our lips together. He exhales sweet smoke into my mouth and then pulls away. I blow the smoke from my lungs and grab the back of Jack’s neck and pull his lips to mine in a hungry kiss.

He holds the hand with the joint away from us as our lips move together. His lips take like marijuana and cheap beer but it tastes good. His lips are warm and soft but they move hungrily and urgently against my own. His free hand slips under my crop top and his fingers slip under the hem of my bra, lightly teasing the skin underneath. His tongue licks my bottom lip and I allow his tongue to slip into my mouth.

We pull away breathless a few minutes later and Jack smirks at me, taking a hit of the joint. His other hand rests on my thigh and he taps his fingers lightly against it. I wrap an arm around Jack’s bicep and lay my head on his shoulder. He passes me the joint and I take another puff before handing it back.

After a few more hits it dwindles out. Jack drops the joint on the steps and puts it out with his shoe and kicks it into the grass. He wraps an arm around my waist and again returns his hand to its original position on my thigh. His hand skims up my chest and cups my face, pulling my lips to his.

“Let’s go out next weekend, Rebecca.” He says once we’ve pulled apart.

“And why would I want to go out with you, Gilinsky?” I smirk.

“Because I’ve kind of liked you for a while and based on the fact that you’ve been kissing me back all night gave me some hints that you might like me too.”

“Did you ever think maybe I was kissing you back because I’m high and drunk?” I tease.

“Don’t be a tease.” Jack scoffs.

“Yes, I’ll go out with you next weekend.”

Jack grins and captures your lips again. His arms pull me into his lap and we continue to kiss as I straddle his waist. My hands up his face and his large hands cling to my sides. His fingers begin to slip underneath my shirt, feeling the bare skin showing.

“Rebecca?” I pull away from my kiss with Jack and see my friend staring at me with an amused look on her face from the back door. I quickly climb off Jack’s lap and straighten out my shirt.

“We’re leaving now.” She tells me. I look down at my phone and realize it’s almost two. Wow, time flies when you’re high. I say a quick goodbye to Jack and give him a light peck on the lips.

“See you in class on Monday, Rebecca.” Jack smirks, waving his hand at me.

“See you.” I chuckle.