large canvas tote

spring clothing 💐🐝☁️

the lovely cawed asked for some tips for spring clothing so here it is

-halter/racerback tanks (black grey n cream) / brandy, aa, urban
-grey slouchy cardi / wilfred, urban, aa
-long sleeve crops (every colour) / american apparel
-linen oxford shirts / muji
-knit turtlenecks!! all of them!!! / american apparel
-sleeveless/short sleeve sweaters / american apparel, f21, aritzia
-white and printed boxy crops / cos, topshop, zara, american apparel
-chunky knits / topshop, zara, f21, cos

pants n skirts n things:
-skater skirts / urban outfitters, american apparel, h&m maybe
-black/grey midi skirts / whitepepper, topshop, zara probably??, american apparel
-babydoll dresses in every colour / american apparel, urban outfitters
-straight mini skirts (printed) / topshop, aritzia, american apparel
-black ripped knee jeans
-mom jeans / american apparel, levi’s, rag&bone, h&m perhaps
-grey high waisted slacks / zara, wilfred, topshop, theory
-black sundress / wilfred, topshop, urban, aa, zara, reformation

other things
-thick socks / muji, american apparel, topshop, calvin klein
-thigh highs / american apparel, topshop
-sheer tights / wolford, urban outfitters
-loafers / tod’s, marni
-leather messenger bag / auxiliary, american apparel, kara
-large canvas tote / muji, american apparel
-leather low boots / asos, shakuhachi, topshop
-the type of sandals you can wear w socks / birks, lipstik,
-oversized grey or camel coat / topshop, asos, aritzia

-forest green
-every grey ever
-burnt orange
Limited Edition

Words: 2,615
Notes: This incredibly silly thing owes its existence to the scene in Age of Ultron where Thor and Steve are seen passing around a Captain America action figure, together with Mark Ruffalo’s extremely valid question about why we can’t have more Black Widow merchandise. 

(I wanted to get it out while working on a much more serious, and much longer, piece. That’ll come next.)

This takes place sometime between CA: TWS and AOU. You’ve been warned.

Natasha sets a box down on the desk between them, leans forward on both elbows, and waits.

“Open it,” she says. A sharp, sidelong mischief lights her expression from below. “And don’t try telling me you’ll save it for later. I’ve gotta see your face when you find out what it is.”

Bruce dog-ears a page in the book he’s reading, the margins of which are already half-filled with compressed, skirmishing notes, and leans forward as well. Their reflections move closer together in the desk’s darkened glass surface.

The box is about five inches high by four inches wide, wrapped tidily in what looks like the remains of a paper shopping bag. She’s even taped a green bow to the top, with a stick-on label that reads “TO BRUCE/THE BIG GUY” in purple permanent marker. 

He picks it up, gingerly, with the very tips of his fingers, and can hear something clunk against the box’s sides as he gives it an experimental shake.

“…I could trust you to tell me if it was another guinea pig, right?”

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