large caliber handgun


Wildey Mag

This large, odd looking semi-auto pistol was designed to handle extreme magnum loads. Operating with rotating bolt, piston and adjustable gas system, it can be fine tuned to specific factory or handloads. Large caliber semi-auto handguns were competing against each other in the late 80′s; Wildey, AMT Automag, LAR Grizzly and Desert Eagle were among the best known, but only the Desert Eagle remains in production today. (GRH)

Returning fire with two fistfuls of guns won’t make you look like Chow Yun-Fat, it’ll make you look like a dead moron.

6 Spectacularly Bad Ideas Movies Convinced You Are Badass

#6. Firing Two Guns at the Same Time

Want the hero of your movie to look like a bad motherfucker? Give him a gun. Want him to look like a worse motherfucker? Give him two guns, and have him shoot both at the same time, preferably while jumping in the air.

Here’s a quick challenge: Find us a photo of a police officer, soldier, or any other professional doing this on the job (and not just posing for a photo, either). You won’t, because using two guns makes both of them useless.

The boring truth is a controlled number of shots from a single gun held with two hands trumps the accuracy (and, therefore, number of bad guys killed) of any half-wit stupid enough to pull this bullshit in the field.

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