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Dwarves out of the Mountains

A long-term friend of mine had been lamenting that while there seems to be a lot of push to diversify elves and ‘get them out of the forest’ but everybody seems content to leave the dwarves in their mountains. In my campaign world I do have dwarves still in the mountains, but I have a particular reason.

Dwarves, as a fantasy or rpg race typically have the following traits:

  • Short, stocky or round with a low center of gravity
  • Facial hair and plenty of it, sometimes on females as well
  • The Axe. If there’s no axe, there will be a hammer
  • Smiths, craftsmen and great builders
  • Beer, mead, ale… it’s all good as long as it’s not wine
  • Underground. Not just a little hole, but deep underground.

That’s a phenotype you can pick up and move anywhere, provided you can grow something you can then ferment and make into booze. So let’s see how they might fit in different environments.

  • Desert. If you’re going to live in the desert you have to worry about water and maintaining your body temperature, as it can get both unreasonably hot and cold in the desert, often switching from one extreme to another from day to night. Lots of animals have figured out that the temperature is much more stable underground and burrow, and the trees that survive find the water table. There are two very good reasons to build your home underground, and from there you expand your home into a city with networks etc. You can ferment the cacti. Darkvision would be handy as you’re not going to come up in the day if you can avoid it. I imagine they’d build large ventilation columns, a bit like termite mounds, reaching above the dunes, the only evidence of the city below.
  • Sea edge. I’m thinking cliffs, harsh and windswept towering above the churning waters. The windchill can be lethal, and the saltwater of the ocean is all but undrinkable without specialized processing. (Maybe they have that technology, maybe salt is a major export. Everybody needs salt before refrigeration.) Not much lives on sea cliffs aside from some agile birds that nest there, far out of reach of predators. Building your fortress into the side of the sea cliffs is a very defensible position, and there’s a huge amount of energy to be potentially harnessed in the wind and waves. Branching out into ships is difficult from cliffs, it may be easier to use underwater channels, if such a clever dwarf could devise a vessel to travel entirely beneath the waves. The lower tunnels of an sea cliff fortress are prone to flooding, so these dwarves are likely to be better at balancing and swimming than their inland brethren.
  • Ice. Where do you expect to find a phenotype that has a reduced body surface area to volume ratio (approaching spherical), comfortable insulating body fat and extra hair? Somewhere very cold. You can dig down into solid ice, which will be relatively more comfortable out of the wind chill, but if you build up with the excavated ice it will likely end up with snow accumulating on at least one side, eventually looking like a hill. Fireballs obviously strongly discouraged, and layered furs prefered over open flame for heat to preserve structural integrity.
  • Old forest. Nobody ever said anything about getting the dwarves out of the forest. I don’t mean your standard, idyllic, meadow filled forest. I mean the dark, overgrown, ancient, creaking forest with trees so old, massive and twisted that you can’t be certain they don’t have faces. The sort of forest where you can barely see the sky, and the hairs stand up on the back of your neck for no clear reason, but you can’t help but trust your instinct that something, somewhere is patiently waiting to eat you. Here it’s probably much safer underground, where you can at least establish a defensible position. I imagine large halls, edged with the passive roots of the still living trees, and probably a significant mushroom proportion in the diet. Elves above may not even know they’re there.

Really they can make themselves at home anywhere you need a defensible position. Break some stereotypes, throw some dwarves around.

(But you cannot toss them)


Who would win in a fight between Papa Smoke and Papa John Shitfaced?

To answer this question I’m going to start with their stats. Based on appearance, I’ve estimated how each stack up and factored in their respective status changers. Let’s start with papa smoke:

Strength: 80 (60 natural strength due to his large build, +20 because of his chest hair)
Dexterity: 25 (He looks like he tries his best but isn’t quite as good as his peers.)
Stamina: 40 (60 naturally, -20 because of the massive amounts of smoke he inhales)
Charisma: 100 (His cigar and demeanor score him big for this one. He radiates an aura of invitation and kindness.)
Agility: 10 (His large size makes him easy to hit and his weight prevents him from moving quickly)
HP: 500, but it decreases by two every second because of the smoke

Next let’s examine Papa John Shitfaced

Strength: 60 (40 naturally, but the alcohol gives him the courage to hit harder)
Dexterity: 50 (80 naturally because of his impressive skills in pizza making, but the alcohol brings him down 30 points.)
Stamina: 80 (Due to the inhibiting properties of alcohol, he feels pain to a lesser extent which allows him to fight for longer)
Charisma: 40 (Naturally 80, but the alcohol has drastically affected his ability to form sentences, let alone settle conflicts.)
Agility: 70 (Naturally 90 because of his lean build, but the alcohol subtracts 20 points)
HP: 200

So how would a fight like this go down? What strategies would each fighter try to employ? Papa John Shitfaced’s strategy involves avoiding the huge attacks of Papa Smoke, and getting quick jabs in where he can, all while waiting for his health to deplete naturally. Papa Smoke takes a more direct strategy, knowing his time is limited he tries to get in as many hits as he can as fast as he can. Both strategies are hindered by each fighter’s skills, as Papa John will have a hard time evading while drunk, and Papa Smoke will have a hard time catching up to Papa John due to his extremely slow speed.

In order for Papa Smoke to win, he only needs to hit Papa John twice, as one hit deals 100 damage. In order for Papa John to win, he needs to evade Papa Smokes attacks for 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Given the odds, Papa Smoke has the highest chance of winning.

As the fight starts Papa John is too shitfaced to defend himself from Papa Smoke’s first swing and loses 100 HP at the very start. The hit snaps Papa John out of his drunken state a little bit and he retreats to the corner of the room. As Papa Smoke attempts to run over to him, he becomes fatigued which allows Papa John to get a punch on him. Papa John retreats to a different corner and repeats the process.

Halfway through the fight, Papa Smoke is at 250 HP and Papa John is at 100 HP. Papa John seems to have an unbeatable strategy and his chances of winning skyrocket. Papa Smoke’s health is shrinking by the second and he begins to lose hope. Instead of chasing Papa John he decides to wait in the middle of the room and re evaluate his strategy.

In his drunken confusion Papa John confuses this strategizing for another period of fatigue, and goes in for another hit. Papa Smoke is caught off guard by this but manages to turn around and scare Papa John with his calm demeanor. Papa John falls to the floor and backs up. Papa Smoke is now at an advantage, because now that Papa John is on the floor he’ll never be able to get back up due to how shitfaced he is.

Papa Smoke slowly backs Papa John into a corner. Realizing he’s exhausted his options, Papa John pulls out the gun he’s been keeping in his shirt and begins firing wildly. This frightens Papa Smoke, but Papa John is way too shitfaced to properly aim a gun. The stunt has only delayed the inevitable. Papa John takes one last breath and braces for impact, as Papa Smoke brutally delivers the final blow.


Comic By Cioccolatodorima @rainbow-taishi

Dub organized by Michaela Laws @thebunnyofevil

Suzuki Rei - Hayden Daviau @haydenwings
Ogami Yuuto (Senpai) - Alejandro Saab @alejandrosaabva
Literary Club Members - Austin Hively, Patrick Seymour @pmseymourva , Michaela Laws
Music - “Madness” by Christopher Escalante @thechristopherescalante

This post contains the intention of pointing out basic physical traits according to ascendant/rising sign.  Planets conjunct the ascendant can modify the overall physical body feature and appearance.

With Aries rising with physical body becomes ruled by planet Mars.  Distinctive facial feature are often present that really stand.  The face itself can be of a triangular shape; often long and thick while possessing high cheek bones.  The forehead is often of a broad stature with hair that is rough or wiry.  The hair line, especially in men, is prone to a receding nature at the temple and prone to early hair loss.  

Prominent eye brows are usually present, sometimes being bushy.  The neck line is often thick and muscular; especially if it’s worked on. Often the face, temple or forehead region have scars or marks on them that are distinguishable.

The physical body itself often contains a strong up rite bone structure to support a muscular and athletic body tone.  Despite a more muscular build the body height can be a bit shorter towards average in most cases.  The skin can be golden or have a bronze type tint to it.  The walking is confident with an upright posture about it.  There is much purpose in the steps often ripe with determination.  A healthy looking complexion is a strong way to sum up the overall physical physique.

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bonnie & clyde

mobster! dean au pt 1

 →word count: 3.9k

 →warnings: smut; references to sexual abuse;

 →a/n: i know dean isn’t exactly a kpop idol, but i really love him and his music, he is one of my favourite artists at the moment. me and my friend were both loving the idea of gangsta! dean or mobster! dean and it got my creative juices flowing (soz that’s kinda gross).

pt2 here

Originally posted by iaxifin

“oi, baby, get you’re hot ass over here,” dom calls over to you, “my lap’s feelin’ a little lonely.”

you sighed to yourself and made your way over to him, his harsh hands cuffing onto your waist, like you’d dare escaping such a man.

“my boys were saying how you were having a little chat with the delivery guy yesterday.”

his grip immediately tightened painfully as you look at his lackeys all hanging their heads sheepishly. you got along well with his guys, so the fact that they got you into trouble like this made you feel betrayed.

“baby,” you put on a fake voice to cover up your fear, “it was nothing like that, he was just being polite.”

he gave you a twisted smile, “well maybe he should know next time to stay away from what’s not his.”

his hand clutches onto your wrist instead and he drags you off of his lap and down the corridor to his room. you knew what this meant.

“i’m gonna make sure that everyone in this whole building knows who you belong to.”

dom’s party had just kicked off downstairs in the club, the bass of the music coming up from under your feet.

after what happened earlier with dom and you, you’d rather die than sit on his lap all night like his little pet.

it was a few years ago when you became dom’s ‘pet’ after you courageously stepped in for your ex boyfriend and told dom to take you instead of him. but the minute your ex got out, he had moved on immediately. it was a foolish idea, to think that your boyfriend would save you. but you were so young and naive then. so you were stuck as dom’s and there was no escape. you were trapped and labelled as “his” forever.

you look over to you’re shared bed with dom and see a note with a box laying there.

because you should always look like a princess.

d x

in the box laid a silk dusty rose cami style dress. as beautiful as it was, you didn’t want it. it was just a way to try and win your affection, but there was no real love or kindness intended by it.

but you wore it anyway because if you didn’t, there’d be a repeat of earlier’s events.

in the elastic of your stockings, you slipped your pistol in case things tonight got ugly with any unwanted guests. dom may have been a nasty piece of work, but he would never leave you vulnerable.

your put on a pair of daps with it and a fur coat over the top, you knew it would please dom if you looked “classy”. a knock at the door interrupted your thoughts and dom walked in his signature suit.

“wow baby,” he looked you up and down perversely, “you look fucking hot.”

you tried not to scoff at his words, so instead just kept your face emotionless, looking down at your daps. he grabbed your hips and pulls you out the door with him, down towards the party.

the music was getting louder and louder as you walked down the corridor. the entrance to the club was taunting freedom. as dom opened the door to the club, the guests all roared with whistles and hollers at the big man himself making his big entrance.

“ladies n gents,” he puts on a triumphant smile, “welcome!”

he walked over to where he sat for every event, his guys following closey behind, and pushed you down onto his thigh, your chair for the night.

as the night dragged on, people came over to dom, giving him a firm handshake. of course, everyone knew it was better to be pals with dom, then to make him your enemy. or you we’re fucked. last time someone came to his club looking for a fight, he got one. but it didn’t look so pretty for him afterwards.

but by 11:30, a dark face came to pay dom a visit.

“dom, how’s it been?”

it was the first time you’d ever seen dom looked shocked. his lips parted slightly as his eyes stayed frozen on the figure before the two of you. his face paled in the poorly lit club.

“uh johnny, long time no see, what are you doing at my place?” dom put emphasis on my place, trying to act like he had the upper hand here. the man seemed unphased by dom’s attempt at intimidation. by this point you’d managed to figure out that this johnny guy was not a pleasant surprise for dom.

“baby, why don’t you go have a little dance or something? i’ll catch up with you in a bit, eh?” he gave your butt a quick tap and scooted you away to the dancefloor. this was the first time dom let you out by yourself, and the thought excited you. but clearly something bad was about to happen.

you moved through all the people convulsing to the heavy-bassed music, caught up in the hot, rousing atmosphere. everyone dancing seemed to look so good, so alive on the dance floor. you found yourself joining in, swinging your hips to the beat, your eyes closed and your lips parted as you let yourself go for the first time in years. the dancer’s bodies were so close to yours, this was the most human contact you’d had with anyone except dom in so long.

it was your free spirit that caught his eye tonight. from a corner booth he was sharing with a couple of buddies, his eyes clearly settled on you. he was fascinated by how your hair swung as your head swayed with your hips, how each slight jump you did made your jacket raise, along with your dress, showing your smooth thighs and your hidden weapon. he noticed how you had a small smile on your lips, like this night was the best of your life. he noticed how your soft face looked completely out of place amongst all the mobsters.

you felt the need for a drink after so much dancing, so you made your way over to the bar. he seized this opportunity to go over and talk to you.

“one cranberry juice and vodka please,” you called out to the bartender.

“make that two,” a voice called from the other side.

your turned your head to the voice, and you were dumbstruck at the view facing you.

a lean figure in a pinstripe suit and creepers looks down on you, his hair quiffed up, but his fringe flicking round on his forehead. his hands were in his pockets, and he leaned against the bar with a poised gesture. he had a modest confidence about him, like he wasn’t confident in himself, but he was confident in life in general. like nothing could stop him. his style was slick, and it was enticing.

“i saw you dancing out there,” he pointed to the dancefloor, “i don’t think i’ve ever seen someone dance like that before.”

your brow creased in confusion, you weren’t sure if you should be offended or not.

“umm thanks?”

“i mean you looked really good out there, you were quite mesmerizing”

you smiled bashfully at his words instead now, “oh, thank you.”

he flashed his teeth at you in an honest smile, eyes creasing at the sides.

“so uh.. you know dom?” he looked at you sheepishly. you gulped at his inquiry, scared at how he might act. you were so close to finally being free, but you still couldn’t escape it.

“i-uh- i work for him,” you look down at your feet.

“work? if that’s what you call it..” he trailed off.

you started getting angry now, what right does he have to judge you? did he think this was something you wanted?

“you think i like the way he touches me? you think i enjoy being treated like someone’s play thing?”

“no no wait that’s not what i meant, look i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to upset you. i just don’t think it’s right for him to get away with treating you how he does. you should never get touched so… cruelly. it makes me sick seeing the way he manhandles you.”

“you really think that? most guys just get jealous that he gets to have  such an obedient little slut.”

you choked on your own words a little, but covered it up with a swig of your drink.

“i think you’re far from a ‘little slut’. you seem so much more than that.”

you were shocked. he barely knew you, yet he was disgusted by your treatment. and he saw you as more than an object. for once, you were human in someone’s eyes. your heart warmed at the thought.

“look, let’s not talk about dom,” you avert his attention instead, “why don’t we dance uh..?”

“dean, my name’s dean. and you are?”

you smiled slightly at his fitting name, “i’m y/n.”

you slipped your fur coat off and left it on the barstool, his eyes glancing over your bare arms and shoulders, his adam’s apple bobbing up and down. you looked almost angelic in such a harsh environment, you’re subtle innocence becoming more obvious as time passed.

you grabbed onto his rough, callus hands and dragged him onto the dancefloor, and letting him guide your body instead. his hands stayed on your waist politely, but as the two of you got closer and closer to one another, they settled on your hips, one travelling up to your hair affectionately. as you danced, he stayed gentle with you, never getting grabby or inappropriate, but staying tender with his actions. it was refreshing to be treated with care for once, you craved it, you craved warmth and loving devotion.

quickly, the two of you got too caught up in each other to notice the number of dom’s men in the area.

“dean, we need to go.”

“what do you mean go?” he mumbled into your ear.

“i mean we need to leave right now,” your heart beat quickened as you worried about what could happen to dean if you got caught.

but he caught on and wasted no time leading you by your hand to the exit. as scared as you were of getting caught, your were excited at the thought of having freedom.

“y/n? we should run.”


“because they are.”

dean pulled you through the manic crowds, down the dimly lit hallway to the exit.

“dean look out!”

in front of you were too of dom’s men, taking up the whole corridor with their large builds. you lead the way and pulled him down a nearly black hallway, with people lingering the whole way though it.

“i’ve got an idea,” dean whispers. they were getting closer.

“what is it?”

“just go along with it, okay?”

before you even had the opportunity to respond, his lips landed on yours. his arms locked on either side of the wall, blocking you in and hiding you. his lips continued kissing you as you still tried to get over the shock of somebody else being so intimate with you. it felt better than you’d imagined kissing someone else, so much more caring and light compared to dom’s painful, hard kisses that bruised your lips.

the two of dom’s men went straight past you, barely even noticing your attempt at blending in.

dean’s lips slowly detached from yours, his head resting against yours still, one arm sweeping hair off your face.

“sorry if that stepped over any lines, i thought it would help disguise us,” he whispered.

“it’s okay, it worked anyway. they’re gone now.”

“if they’re gone then why are we still whispering?”

you chuckle at his light-hearted humour, grabbing both of his hands and intertwining them with your comparably small ones.

“do you wanna come stay at my place tonight? you’ll have a bed and food and someone there to keep you safe from the baddies,” he joked.

“oh and who would that be?” you playfully replied.

“the guy who just saved your cute ass.”


the paced walk to his apartment was filled with trivial conversation, the two of you just enjoying the peaceful aftermath of the club.

finally you arrived outside of his flat. dean lived in a big city apartment on the top story with 5 other guys, all tall, muscly, tattooed. it was obvious that they were the gangsta sort too. they all dressed smart and in their jacket’s lining pocket you could make out the shape of pistols.

but you were used to these kinds of men, and they didn’t scare you one bit.

“fellas,” dean announces, “this is y/n, shes dom’s girl.”

they all looked at him with shock.

“what, and dom just gave her to you?” the first one spoke up, “if he find’s her here, you’re dead, we’re all dead.”

“we’ll be fine, vin, i’m gonna make sure nothing happens to her.”

you looked up at him, but he only sternly looked vin in the eye.

“if you can promise that none of us get our asses kicked, then she’s more than welcome to stay.”

dean showed you to his room, and let you in. the room was more open than you’d imagined, the whole of one wall was a window overlooking the lit up city. his bed was up against the glass, low to the ground and unmade with a laptop lying on it. but it still looked inviting. in the corner was a laundry pile, blood stained t-shirts lying on top. he had a record player in the corner and stacks of vinyl, and a wardrobe. but that was it. no more possessions and no more furniture.

“it’s very..” you tried to find the right words.

“empty? i’m aware,” he looked out the window.

“i was gonna say simple but yeah, that works too. but i like it, it feels.. right.”


“yeah, like, i feel comfortable in here, which is surprising for me,”

you slipped his jacket he’d given you earlier off and dropped it onto the floor.

you stood there lit up by the city and moon’s lights in nothing but a small dress, and he swore to himself he had never seen anything more beautiful before in his life.

“y/n, i,” dean didn’t know how to get out the right words, “i don’t want you to think that i expect you to, ya know, do stuff.”

“i know,” you replied softly, “thank you for everything. you didn’t have to give up so much just to save someone like me.”

“someone like you? y/n, you deserve so much more than what i can give you, but for now this is all i have.”

you lean up and leave a small kiss on the tip of his nose. his eyes shut and he leans his head into the crook of your neck.

“nothing whatsoever is gonna happen to you, no one else is gonna lay a hand on you with out your consent. and i’m gonna make sure of it.”

dean may have been a face from only a few hours ago, but nothing about him was going to cause you harm. he made you feel safe for the first time in so long.

fatigue hit you as you exhaled, sinking into dean’s stature. his arms snuck around your waist and he lifted you up and carried you over to his bed, your legs wrapping around his waist.

he softly placed you down, pulling the covers over you. he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, showing you his toned, slightly scarred upper body, along with his trousers, and changed into a pair of sweatpants.

“you have tattoos?” you question, grabbing his wrist and pulling him down to you. he crouches at the side of the bed next to your head.

“i have a few,” he turns round shows the back of his neck,

r e b e l

and then along the side of his neck and down his left bicep was a plum tree with inky branches spiralling off the side, blossoms coming around the sides.

“they’re amazing.”

your hands trace along his shoulder and down the side of his bicep, moving down to grip his waist. you’re exhaustion had somewhat disappeared and was replaced with a desperate, desire to have more of dean. but this time, you didn’t want to please because you had to, but because you wanted to. you were free to make whatever decision you wanted to make, and your decision was to have dean.

much to his surprise, you pulled him onto you on the bed and covered his lips with hungry kisses, his hands gripping your hips in shock. but he reacted quickly and picked up your hands from his bare waist and pinned them above your head. if dom had done that, you would have been disgusted, but when dean held your wrists so delicately, it felt blissful.

wrapping your legs around his naked torso, you kissed down his jaw along to his neck and ear. playfully, you nipped and tugged at his earlobe, his groans filling the air and your head.

“i wanna see more of you,” he started to slide the strap to your cami down your shoulder, leaving tender kisses along your burning skin as he went.

underneath your dress was nothing except panties and your stocking-hidden pistol. he slipped it off of the top half of your body, your breasts completely on display to him. he swallowed audibly and licked his lips slightly at you. but he only saw you as beautiful. not “hot”. or “sexy”. just beautiful.

his hands softly cupped around both your breasts, kneading them slightly. you let a moan past your lips, but he shushed you and motioned to the door, meaning he didn’t want the guys to hear them.

you gulped and nodded, and he continued to rub your breasts, his lips coming down on one and grazing your nipple. you gasp at the feel of his cool breath on your hot skin. nobody had ever touched your body with so much delicacy before in your life and you were basking in it.

his hands slipped the dress the whole way down you body, all that remaining were the matching pink panties and stockings, which he took the pistol out of and placed at the side of his bed. his fingers dusted over the lace of your underwear, fingers hooking round and pulling down, and off.

he grabbed your thighs and pushed them up against your torso, giving him a clear view of your aroused, glistening heat. he exhaled loudly at the magnificent sight before him. you looked so stunning like that, completely content yet so flustered by his small movements on your thighs.

his fingers finally made there way to your damp core, and he wasted no time in giving your clit a firm press and rub from his thumb. you released a suppressed moan at his actions, your hands gripping the bed sheets with such force, your knuckle turned white. his thumb was suddenly removed and replaced with his wet tongue. he licked from the base up to the top of your clit, making you’re already damp core wetter.

“dean, more,” you whimper, “i need more.”

he instantly pushed a finger inside you at your request, slowly pumping at first. normally, you would have an felt uncomfortable stinging every time dom fingered you. but dean took care of you properly, making you feel like you were in ecstasy.

with each pump you grunted with a slight whimper, your breathes becoming shallower and unstable. dean took out his finger and left you feeling empty, as he pulled down his sweatpants and boxers together. he sat back on his heels and kneeled down on the bed, grabbing you by the hips and sitting you on his lap.

“are you ready?” he whispered, “we can wait if you want.”

“no,” you wanted this, “please go on.”

he took no time at all as he lifted your hips and settled them on top of his length, his width taking you by surprise. you arched your back against his chest, your breasts pushing against him flushed.

“dean keep going,” you breathed.

he started to push into slowly, starting a rhythm and a pace for the two of you. you rolled your hips onto him, eliciting a hiss from dean’s bitten lips.

the two of you had no struggle reaching your climaxes easily, both so desperate to make the other come undone. you were finally going to experience your first orgasm. no matter how many times dom had fucked you, you never got any enjoyment out of it. and your ex before that always came before you. so you were stuck in a cycle of almosts.

dean sucked along your neck and left dark marks all across the smooth expanse of skin and his thrusts became hard and rough, the sound of your skin hitting his.

“dean i’m gonna,” you yelped in surprise of the feeling that had exploded in your lower body. dean made one lay thrust and came with you, his breathes loud in your ear.

the two of you clutched each other as you caught your breath, all of your body touching the others. the city and star light lit up your glistening bodies, the glow off your incandescent skin.

“how was that?” dean mumbles into your neck, your hair muffling his words.

“it was..” you didn’t know how to describe how incredible that felt. you were overwhelmed with intense feelings, “amazing.”

he smiled at your eyes twinkling in the city light. dean got up to grab you a clean shirt to sleep in for the night, and some underwear for himself. you pulled the cosy shirt over your head, sighing contently as you looked over the city view.

he climbed in next to you and wrapped his sturdy arms around your waist, snuggling into your neck and back tightly. you giggled at his cuteness, surprised to see such a light hearted side to a mobster.

dean was unlike any other, he had a heart of gold that had been stolen and exploited. and your heart aches for him, and how misunderstood he must be.

“how did you get into this job then?” you were beating around the bush a little, you knew mobsters didn’t like their label. you turned around and rested your head in the crook of his shoulder.

“i was born into it, my dad used to be the head of our mob. but during a debt collection, he was surprise attacked and shot in the head. so i started working for them too, hoping to find my dad’s killer. i started off on routine deals and then started getting better with a gun and my fists. the new mob leader liked my dedication to the cause and so he started taking me out on collections like my dad did. i’ve been doing it ever since. but i’ve never killed. i mean i’ve fucked up a few faces here and there, but that’s it. i can’t put others through what i went through myself.”

you stayed silent and placed a kiss on his bare chest, showing your comfort in your actions. you wanted to show him how much you cared, so you snuggled even further into his side.

who knows what you were gonna do now. dean was a face from a few hours ago and he had already seen so much of you. he was your hero, whether or not he’d done his fair share of damage in the past. he may not see himself as a good guy, but you saw him as the best.

Sci-fi headcanon

You know us human’s obsession of building large thing? Like we build our skyscraper higher and higher until we reach our technical limit of “safe height”. Imagine in future where even traveling between planet that’s light year away is common. We’ll make our building so big, it pierce the atmosphere and Earth would looks like a spike ball from space. So do every other planet we inhabit on, it would become a human icon. Like: “Look, a planet with 5 mega-skyscraper. Yep,that’s definitely a earth colonies.”

Any time a piece of media starts receiving high praise from Tumblr and builds a large fan base, you best brace yourselves for the fallout. It’s a pattern now.

A series will start out strong, earn well-deserved praise, and start to be worshipped by communities on here. Then as soon as something doesn’t meet expectations, it’s hell. This isn’t to suggest our media isn’t deserving of criticism, but it’s taken way too far by the communities on here: entire blogs dedicated to show bashing, harassing creators and other fans, death threats.

See: Steven Universe, Voltron, and now Samurai Jack. Mark my words, as soon as Yuri on Ice returns and inevitably falls short of expectations, you’ll see that fandom go to shit too.

What’s worse is that the bashing/harassment/death threats is often presented under the guise of social justice values, which undermines and ends up working against the cause. Personally, I’ve become so skeptical of social justice within fandoms because it’s usually self-serving and damaging.

Fandom wank has always been batshit before Tumblr, but I think this particular brand is the worst because it’s so manipulative. We’re a generation that cares about social justice, but it’s become weaponized in fandom, and it needs to stop.


Orchardleigh Estate,  Somerset, England

The rich history of Orchardleigh is one of the most unspoilt English Country Estates. The Poet Laureate Sir Henry Newbolt was inspired to write his finest works from his love of Orchardleigh.

It was built in 1855-1858 to the designs of T.H. Wyatt for William Duckworth. The house is not, by country house standards, large, but was clearly build as  a family home. There is a stable block, a boathouse and a kitchen garden with glasshouses some distance from the house. A woodland walk led from the house to the formal entrance into the kitchen garden. 

For the historian Orchardleigh is exciting because of the survival of the service wing virtually intact. It retains the kitchen, with ranges, dressers, and warming cupboards; a full board of service bells; and, most remarkably, the servants’ sleeping cabins, which resemble stable accommodation.  

Each time we get a new live-action Batman, I’m perplexed as to why we never get a Robin. No, I don’t mean Chris O’Donnell reluctantly moving to Wayne Manor when it looks like he’s already 21 or older. I don’t mean Joseph Gordon Levitt inexplicably being referred to as Robin during the very last minutes of a trilogy. And I certainly don’t mean hints of a long-dead Robin, sacrificed as additional kindling to toss upon the pyre that is Bruce Wayne’s grief.

Why don’t we ever get eight-year-old Dick Grayson? Why can multiple animated series and comic book arcs introduce a young, vulnerable child into Batman’s life, can give him purpose and gravity in the narrative and allow him to develop into a partner and then a hero in his own right, while movies either avoid him entirely or warp him into something unrecognizable? People more familiar with Batman as a pop culture icon than a character with a long, established comic history tend to be those who dismiss Robin by claiming that Batman is an eternal loner. That we’re tarnishing his character by burdening him with a child sidekick, and that he must prowl the night in solitude or we’re denying the most essential parts of his persona.

Are you kidding me? Batman independently paid for the floating space clubhouse that his Justice League buddies meet in. He is instrumental in connecting the entire database of heroes that make up the DC universe. You’re threatened by the potential presence of Dick Grayson? Bruce—in precious canon!– has no less than five adopted/biological children: Dick, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, and Damian Wayne (and sometimes Helena Bertinelli). That’s not to mention the multiple young people he mentors: Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown, and Carrie Kelley in some continuities (and these same people will defend The Dark Knight Returns until their bitter deaths, so don’t you dare object to Carrie Kelley in the same damn breath).

I don’t think any other DC hero builds as large of an extended family as Batman constructs for himself. The Batfamily is legendary among the fanbase. Bruce loses his parents and he’s devastated and has obsessive and antisocial tendencies, sure. His gruffness is charming, even, but it’s a calculated presentation to conceal the brokenness at his heart. He seeks out troubled children to protect and guide again and again, because he doesn’t want them to develop his own self-destructive qualities. Everything that certain sectors of fandom glorify about Bruce, Bruce himself actively fights against seeing take root in any other vulnerable child. He trains them to serve Gotham City, but more importantly, he provides them with the stability to recover themselves from the brand of tragedy that shaped his own life. If you ask Bruce his greatest accomplishment, he’d say without hesitation, “Nightwing.”

If you think of Robin as a quippy sprite of a boy in bright colors and pixie boots, you’ve barely scratched the surface of what makes this character so important to the Batman mythos. He provides levity against Batman’s darkness, and it’s refreshing, sure. But he’s so essential to Bruce confronting his own trauma and development in being able to function as a team player—as an eventual member of the Justice League, which is a cornerstone of the upcoming films—that I honestly can’t wrap my brain around universes that exclude him. Dick’s presence forces Bruce to focus outside himself, and outside the single-mindedness of his mission. Batman needs Robin a lot more than Robin needs him, and the films consistently rob Bruce of one of the most significant bonds in his life.  

We have a new universe on the horizon, and the herald of a dead Robin before we even get started. I hope the DC films are satisfying and successful—truly, I do. But it makes me ask the same question I’ve had each time a Batman film has released during the last few decades: why are cinematic universes so threatened by the premise of a living child being a part of Batman’s world?


Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Isaac x Reader
Word Count: 1,280

Warning: nsfw

A/N: this is dedicated to my hay-babe @sarcasticallystilinski bc she’s ill and has major isaac feels, i luh u bby x x

Originally posted by young-marauder

The tips of my fingers gently trace the soft skin of his face, nails ghosting over the small hairs that stand on end. My eyes were heavy, but my smile never faded, not even the slightest. He lay still, soft snores emitting from his luscious lips, warm breath fanning over my neck and he pulled me closer into him, snuggling his face into my hair and inhaling deeply.

This was the only time he was ever affectionate. When he was sleeping, out of consciousness. I play with his dark curls with my other hand, careful not to wake the sleeping man as I continued to silently admire his beauty, for it wouldn’t last long. Within hours, he’d be gone. My bed empty - yet full of desolation and disgrace when I awake in the morning.

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I’ll Always Choose You | George Weasley

Words: 831

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: George Weasley x Hufflepuff Reader

Request: Could you possibly do a George Weasley x Hufflepuff reader? 

A/N: The request was anonymous, but still thank you so much for the idea! I love the Weasley twins and it was so much fun writing about Georgie. I’ll also have to make one in the future about George in the Yule Ball! Anyways, I hope you liked it! 💖

You were sitting in the Hufflepuff common room with your nose buried inside a book when you heard faint noises in the background.

Immediately knowing who it was, you didn’t let your attention get distracted. “Don’t you ever worry if someone sees you in here?” you giggled and flipped a page.

George immediately came out of the shadows of the dark room and hopped on the coach next to you. “Hello, peaches.” He kissed your cheek and ruffled your hair a little.

“What are you doing here?” you immediately folded the page and put the book down, turning your full attention to the redhead next to you.

He simply shrugged. “I missed you.” You raised a suspicious eyebrow. “Alright, I was bored. But I sort of missed you too.” He smirked.

“I’m sure you did. Where’s Fred?”

He went on to play with your hair, twisting and admiring your locks. “Pretty sure he’s sound asleep somewhere.”

You simply hummed in response, letting out a small yawn and he couldn’t help but admire how angelic you looked, your eyelashes fluttering slowly as you struggled to fight the sleep.

Desperate to spend more time in your presence, George summoned all his courage. “I’ve been thinking-“

“Ooh, dangerous!” you whispered jokingly and he laughed.

Still, he continued with a preppy voice. “Will you do me the honor of escorting me to the Yule ball, my lady?”

You froze for a little, never in a thousand years had you expected that. Blimey, you were so close to the twins it seemed like you had known each other forever but George had always been something more. You cared for him very deeply but you’d always thought he only thought of you as a friend.

And then immediately the thought crossed your mind that this could be a joke, which of course you should have expected from someone like him, but the very thought hurt.

“Are you being serious?” you shifted a little on your seat and the hurt was evident in your voice.

“As a heart attack.” He did his best to wear a confident smirk.

And then the color drained from your face once you remembered you had already agreed to go with a boy from the seventh year from your house.

“Georgie, I…” you could see the disappointment and hurt in his eyes as his face dropped and perhaps for the first time ever, you witnessed him lose any sign of confidence.

“You know what? It’s alright, it was stupid of me to think you would actually. I’m sure you had much better prepositions.” His voice drifted off and he got up to leave in a hurry but you grabbed his arm to stop him.

As he fell back on the couch, his shock was written all over his features and you couldn’t tell if it was because of your action or the fact that someone as small and delicate as you managed to overpower his large build.

Feeling braver, you took both of his large hands in yours and moved so close that he could actually see every single detail of your face he loved so much, despite the dim lights of the room.

“Georgie, I did agree to go with Eric, but I promise I didn’t know. I’m so sorry, of course I would choose you if you had told me earlier. I am so terribly sorry.” You whispered, your gaze never leaving his.

Suddenly, his face broke into a smile again. “So if you could, you would choose me over that guy, the prefect from your house with the perfect hair?”

Seeing his reaction, you giggled and nodded vigorously. “Of course, you dunderhead! His hair is not that perfect anyway.” You shrugged your shoulders and smiled.

“And…would you choose me in any case?” the smug smirk remained on his lips and he toyed with your hair.

“In what case, Georgie?” you decided to play along, which probably unnerved him a little because he suddenly found himself at a loss of words.

“Well, I don’t know. As your boyfriend, for example?” he stumbled a little over his words and held his breath.

You did your best not to laugh at how awkward he was. The great George Weasley losing his words over a girl, it was truly sweet to say the least.

Grinning from ear to ear, you pecked his lips and took him by surprise but before he could respond, you pulled away to look at his shocked expression. “I’ll always choose you, Georgie.”

With that, you rose from your seat and moved around the couch to leave but before you did so, you left another sweet kiss on his cheek at which you could swear you heard him let out a content sigh. “Sweet dreams, my Georgie.” You whispered in his ear and made your way back to your room.

His skin still tingled where your lips had graced him and thank Merlin you couldn’t see his face for he was blushing madly. “My Georgie.”  He smiled to himself remembering your words.

(I’m sorry, but I just had to add this one. I mean look at that adorable dork! 😍)

Something that really bothers me is people acting like we’re somehow bad cat owners for keeping indoor cats and ‘not letting them go out!’. Most UK cats are outdoor cats, and so we get bad looks and accusations of being ‘cruel’ for keeping our two boys indoors. 

But there’s just so much wrong with that mentality.

1. They’re not the usual wild-at-heart moggies. They’re ragdolls, a breed that is extremely well-suited to indoor life. Whilst I am a huge supporter of adopting and have many issues with breeding pedigree animals, we got our two specifically because ragdolls make good therapy/emotional support animals and my husband grew up with one. We went out of our way and found the most responsible breeder we could. But the point is, these cats are bred to mostly be indoor pets.

2. We hope to own our own home in the next few years rather than rent, and our first 'home improvement’ priority is going to be to build a large outdoor run attached to the house, so they have the freedom to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

3. Even for those with moggies, you’ll find that most cats can live content lives indoors providing they have adequate stimulation. Our boys have a large cat tree, many toys (including interactive ones they can use when we’re not home), and until recently also had a water fountain and a 'cat grass’ pad to graze from. They have a lot of things to keep them entertained.

4. Bonus of having them indoors; they don’t hunt or hurt any local wildlife, which in the UK is being decimated by cats. Instead Marius brings us offerings of potatoes, christmas baubles and freezer bags from around the house.

5. Truth be told, I don’t trust people; there’s a lot of dodgy people in this town, and I don’t want to run the risk of someone stealing or hurting our babies. I also don’t want them getting run over by cars. The honest truth is just that indoor cats = less chance of injuries that may require veterinary treatment.

6. We always have cats in the house to cuddle! Win-win!

No one can say we’re not responsible cat owners. Our boys are neutered, vaccinated, regularly get health checks, are microchipped and have collars with name/ID tags AND a 'I am microchipped!’ tag just in case…even though they never go outside.

I’m never going to tell someone they’re wrong for having an outdoor cat. Not ever. I’m sure there are some cats that simply cannot be kept indoors - it’s not in their nature. But likewise, I’d like people to stop acting like having indoor cats is some kind of crime against catkind. Trust me when I say our boys are spoiled and happy beasts. 

(On top of all that, Enjolras has an anxiety disorder and literally doesn’t like being outside. Sometimes we let them into the high-walled courtyard to stretch their legs, but Enjolras dislikes the outdoors and rarely ventures out of the house even when allowed.)


Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 1,031

Warnings: stolen stydia scene (i’m sorry)

I pace around her bedroom, tightly gripping my dark hair through my calloused fingers as panic and worry surges through me. I’m going to kill her. I’m literally going to kill her. 

I continue pacing around Y/N’s bedroom until I hear the click of her bedroom door; causing me to spin on my heels to greet her with a contorted expression. “Hey you.” She smiles nonchalantly as she closes her door behind her; throwing her jacket onto her bed as she takes a seat at her neatly decorated desk. 

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Terushima Week Day 1: Confessions

Image commissioned from @ikipin, posted with permission. 

Please do not repost!

They’re not the most conventional of couples.

Yuuji is bright, loud, wild at heart; he loves surfing, online gaming and going for walks at three in the morning. He’s friendly and talkative, he likes to spend time with his friends and he sometimes gets a little too riled up. He is emotional and sweet, and feels everything with his entire being. Happiness, sadness, anger; he’s quick to feel them all, and feel them wholly.

Daichi is calm, steady, and he has the biggest heart; he spends his afternoons reading mystery novels, he loves baking and listening to thunderstorms. He’s kind and quiet, only being loud when he needs to, and he finds enjoyment in his time spent alone. He’s confident in himself, and in those that he loves, and he’s often unbothered by what anyone has to say.

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Monsta X As: The Mafia

Snowball anon asked:  Monsta x as mafia please? Like what they would do during free time and what kind power they would have? Thank you.

Hope you like it! I’m not that familiar with mafia!AUs so hopefully it touches base on what you’re looking for.

Whatever you do, don’t look at them in the eye. Heartless souls and trained to only have the desire to complete missions, all with the reward of money, it’s all they’ve ever wanted. Unfortunately, joining this mafia risks their physical and personal lives and ability to contact anyone outside their circle. Filled with confidential cases and at times, drug deals and murders, it’s hard to live a life as it is. But, it’s surprising to see how different they are than the face they show to the world. While they’re not an official bloodline family, they certainly act like one. They call themselves, “The X Clan”. 

Shownu - The Boss

Not because he’s oldest, the other members had chosen “Iron Fist” Shownu as the boss because of his ability to lead others, splendid diction and persuasion when it comes to deals. He makes all the important decisions for the well being of his group and for the other party. Sure, he may not look that intimidating when it comes to his voice and thoughts, but he won’t bat an eyelash when it comes to protecting his members. If anything happens to one of them, you can expect him to come after you with his knuckles coated in cold, indestructible armor because that’s all he needs to take you down: his fists. Threaten him anymore and you won’t even have the chance to say goodbye to your life. Highly respected and feared by even the Dons of other mafias, it’s funny how he’s so young and deadly he is. Though, behind closed doors, dancing makes his stress evaporate and gives him the pleasure of experiencing an ordinary life. It’s past difficult to maintain this because he doesn’t get many chances at dancing than he does at drug deals. Shownu wants to find someone who is ordinary, someone with a pure heart and innocent look, but he wonders if that’ll even happen considering the position that he’s in. 

Wonho - Soldier

The first thing people think of when they hear Wonho’s name is how easy it is for him to kill someone because of his large build and strong will. The only way he could make his mark in the mafia was to exercise and go with Minhyuk on missions and do the dirty work. Whether it’d be running errands or making deliveries, he tends to question his importance to the mafia. After all, doing those two things aren’t going to give him a billboard in Times Square. However, the other members consider Wonho to be skilled at intimidation, especially with his signature smirk and cocky eyes, as well as his drive to achieve his objectives since he won’t anything go unnoticed nor stand in his way. He’ll kill if necessary. Though, Shownu often drives away from bloodied hands because it’ll affect their reputation and add to their hidden criminal records. However, when he’s only with the members, he holds more than a pretty face and a jaw-dropping body. He could be an air-head at times, and certainly a frivolous and charming soul. Passionate about what he does and appreciates the fact that The X Clan doesn’t really pay much attention to ranks and likes to treat everyone as (almost) equals because they’re that close. Exercising relieves tension and stress from a long day’s work, sometimes eating ramyeon bowl after bowl tends to get his spirits up. He likes to keep it serious and work-only in the day and entertaining at night. Whether it’d be playing on the old arcade games in their warehouse or just talking in general, it’s the closest to an everyday life for him. 

Minhyuk - Soldier

This soldier likes to pull out all the stops when it comes to business. Deliveries, meetings, and picking up cash aren’t exactly the definition of “fun” in his dictionary so he finds a way to make it as amusing as possible. Whenever the group goes somewhere far for a mission, he likes to craft smoke bombs, weapons, and hack devices so he could spy on the other family. He’s skilled at anything intricate and has the mind of a gamer– seeking out patterns, strategies, and different angles to analyze his targets. He’s the best at this, in fact. Analyzing and hacking. He just thinks it’s enjoyable and drives him away from a routine-filled lifestyle. When the situation becomes severe, he saw one of his members being ambushed and Minhyuk is one of few who is incredibly skilled with a gun. He has a habit of avoiding confrontation and instead goes in for the kill with a sniper gun or silencer. No need for making a scene and instead just take care of it while he still can. Eyes like a hawk and poker face makes up his lack of build and his hunger for excitement is very well apparent. But when everything cools down, he gets jealous of seeing adorable sweethearts because he can’t exactly find his true love when all he does is hide in the shadows. He’s heard of comic cafes and arcades and one day, if the mafia didn’t tie him down as much, he could be like an ordinary teenager like he used to be. Sleeping in, going to school, doing art, it’s not easy. He likes to draw whenever he can, to express his inner thoughts and feelings since it’s difficult to speak about it. With the comfort of his members, it kind of fills that empty void.

Kihyun - Consigliere (Chief Advisor) 

Kihyun, the dependable member of The X Clan who surely lives up to his name and reputation. Playing one of the most important roles in the crime world, he assists the boss in advice and strategies. He tries his best to be unbiased and see what is in favor of the other members. While he doesn’t have much to do, he often supervises the missions and has an eye for anything coming for them. Danger or objectives, he helps organize it. Kihyun has more talents than meets the eye and has the skills of disguise and spying on opposing mafias. Not many people know about Kihyun considering he doesn’t show his handsome face often, which lets him get away for numerous things. It’s up to your imagination on what that is. After all, every case is confidential. He had a bit of a falling out with I.M at one point though as of now, they couldn’t be better comrades. Kihyun likes the feeling of money in his hands– he seeks rewards and the satisfaction of a long day’s work after trying to obtain it. On his free time, singing is his first choice. Since he usually stays at the warehouse and monitors any movement or suspicious activity out of it, why not? The feeling of constant developing and growth on something you’re born with makes Kihyun only want to enhance it even more. The other members believe Kihyun would’ve been a singer, perhaps a popular one had he not joined The X Clan. The closest thing he has to being on stage, performing in front of youthful teenagers is sitting on a rickety old couch imagining it. As much as he wants to see his family or even friends that he used to contact during his school years, he had to sacrifice that in order to be in The X Clan. But hey, there are its benefits.

Hyungwon - Capo

Hyungwon is the one who takes care of the money and monitors what goes in and out of the warehouse. Whatever happens goes through Hyungwon first. Extremely analytical, sometimes a smart ass, he notices differences and patterns like Minhyuk. That’s why they work best together despite the rankings. He reports to Shownu and Kihyun, disclosing private information and possible threats driven toward them. Jooheon and Wonho believe Hyungwon excels in managing money and having a flexible mind when it comes to making deals and getting out of extremely difficult situations. Did I mention improvising? If anything goes out of plan, Hyungwon is great at circling back to it and making the other mafias fall into their trap. He has a way with words and going unnoticed, so he likes to do some dirty work as well. He looks like an ordinary person out of everyone because no one would expect him to have ties to this kind of work. Maybe that’s why Shownu sends him all over the city and he never gets in trouble for it. Hyungwon can manipulate anyone and sometimes, it’s entertaining. Well, for him. On his spare time, Hyungwon enjoys sleeping and getting as much rest as possible. Kihyun gets him up early (because why not) which tires him out by the end of the day. Not to mention he likes to play games and explore the city at night so the fresh air would calm him and relieve his stress. Anything that doesn’t require strenuous work on his body, he’ll most likely enjoy. 

Jooheon - Soldier

Possibly one of the more popular members of The X Clan. Almost anyone who’s heard of this mafia knows Jooheon right off the bat. He’s gone on almost every single mission given by Shownu and he’s had his share of murders and crimes. Spies on the other families to gain information and he got caught up in an affair with a girl who was too attractive and he had to put his priorities in check. Well… Let’s just say she didn’t show up anymore after that. Jooheon does a crap ton of dirty work and likes putting himself in danger’s way because it’s more exciting and exhilarating to question whether or not your life would end at that moment. Shownu acknowledges Jooheon’s determination and drive to success, which is why he sends him on long-term business trips with great rewards waiting for him. He has the luxury of sending money to his family who’s struggling with holding up a house which he desperately wants to continue doing. If only Jooheon was able to visit his parents and reminisce the youthful years growing up within those walls packed with memories and happiness. Not that he’s not happy with where he works, it’s just more freedom. But this soldier is doing it for a good cause. When he isn’t in the line of danger, Jooheon finds enjoyment in remixing songs, traveling around the country, and passing by pet shops because he can’t resist the kittens and puppies there. Underneath that fearful appearance lies a young boy who seeks simple happiness and anything cute. 

I.M - Underboss

Last, and certainly not least, is the underboss of this whole operation, I.M. Though he’s the youngest out of all seven of them, he still holds up his rank and character. Second-in-command of the group, he’s ready to stand in for Shownu during times of illness or absences. From time to time, he hopes this doesn’t happen because one, he doesn’t think he can lead that well, and second, he’s a bit lazy to do so. I.M takes care of drug deals at times and knows how to get what he wants. Manipulative, calculative, and highly intelligent, it’s no wonder how he’s able to come back successful, carrying that sack of money like Santa Claus on Christmas night. He’s quite the understanding, cool and collected kind of guy and it’s not that difficult to get him going. But if you ever so dare lay your hands on any of the members, consider getting your name on one of his bullets. He doesn’t like attracting attention and I.M must see concepts in black and white. He does what he has to do and that’s it. No point in getting involved with something that wasn’t planned. Anyway, he has a soft spot for music and cute things– it’s his weakness and no one should ever mention that outside the warehouse. He acts random at times which the other members like seeing and since he’s the youngest, despite his rank, they dote on him and love him like a little brother. On his free time, he likes doing magic and tricking the others. Playing with handcuffs and building devices and machines are something he’s interested in. 

Admin Mochi

apocalypseaisha-blog  asked:

Hello. I'm writing a story about a smaller than average alpha who bonds with a very large omega. The omega is bigger than most alphas. The alpha is much stronger and faster than he looks and the Omega is very shy. Both males. I was wondering how do you think society might view such a couple. Thank you.

Hello! I love this couple already. 

I think: 

  • Society (people) will always be mixing them up, thinking the Omega is the Alpha and the Alpha is the Omega.
  • Clothes never in their size.
  • Omegas coming up to the Omega thinking he’s an Alpha and then shocked to smell Omega.
  • Alphas hitting on the Alpha and then offended when the Alpha bites back.
  • People whispering to each other on their theories on how the Alpha and Omega got their body type.
  • People saying “[name], you should have presented as an Alpha/Omega.”
  • People asking if they still take part in Alpha/Omega activities.
  • People giving them unwanted advice on how to “fix their body”.
  • Social Media always promoting the “perfect” body type and giving “tips and tricks” to fix their flaws. Making this couple feel even worse about themselves. 
  • Some may suggest to them to end the bond and find someone more suited to them. 
Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes x reader (eventually)

Warnings: Language, violence, explosions, mean aliens, pie

A/N: I have no idea what come over me, or why I’m suddenly delving into the Marvel franchise headfirst. All I know, is this is pretty long, but then again, I did write it. I have no self-control, I swear. Enjoy!


“Barnes!” you gasp, lying flat on the ground where you’ve been thrown by the explosion of a nearby car. You’re really getting sick of being knocked around all the time, tossed through the air by some kind of freaking alien or asshole in a suit.

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phantasmorgasmic  asked:

Hi there! I was planning for the animal life in my fantasy story to consist of mythological creatures (region dependent) but also giant animals like those from the Ice Age (I was inspired by the Irish Elk skeleton I saw a picture of once). How "plausible" would it be for animals of that size to live around humans, when the general era of inspiration for human societies is around 900-1200CE? Are there important ecological things I should consider, such as food sources and whatnot?

Oooohhhhhh, I love this! I’m personally a huge fan of Pleistocene megafauna, and some of them are definitely going to be roaming around in one of my fantasy stories. After seeing their fossils in natural history museums, it’s hard to avoid being inspired and intrigued by them.

So, getting to the actual question: First, a reminder that humans and Pleistocene megafauna overlapped. In fact, there is still scientific debate about whether climate change or human hunters led to their demise. So having humans and megafauna together is actually entirely possible. The more crucial issue is whether humans in a highly-organized society/civilization would exist alongside the megafauna.

In order to obtain the population density necessary for forming cities and such, people have relied on agriculture. So they would need crops that are capable of growing in the same sort of climate as that conducive to megafauna.

So, what was different during the Pleistocene when megafauna roamed the continents? First off, climate. Atmospheric carbon dioxide was lower, and climate was generally cooler and drier. Large parts of North America and Eurasia were covered by thousands of feet of ice, sea level was lower, and mountain glaciers were also more extensive.

All of these differences in climate meant that Eurasia and North America had large expanses of steppe and grassland. These grasslands supported large herds of animals, which in turn supported many large carnivores. In some ways, parts of Europe and the North America resembled today’s African savannas. (There are actually proposals to bring African mammals to other locations for rewilding projects). As for food sources… The grazing animals will lots of grass, and the carnivores will need lots of prey. What your humans eat is up to you.

Personally, I wouldn’t see too much problem with having humans and megafauna overlapping. (Some of the megafauna are really cool and strange. Just imagine what Australia looked like–it’s pretty fun.) In my mind, one of the biggest barriers is making sure that humans have the resources necessary to build large, sedentary societies. They’ll need building material (wood is scarce in grasslands), and they’ll need crops that can tolerate cool and dry conditions.

Obviously there is a large amount of climate variability during the last ice age, based on location. The U.S. southwest, which is desert today, had large lakes at that point in time–so not everywhere was cold and dry. But thinking of steppe ecosystems is a good place to start.

One good glimpse of a Pleistocene ecosystem is Rancho La Brea, which preserves many megafauna (especially carnivores) but also environmental indicators like plant material. Using the term “Pleistocene megafauna” in online searches should also help bring up results.

One last place to look: Paleoartists! (Like this one)

I don’t think the situation is terribly implausible, as long as you consider the environments that your chosen megafauna live in, and remember what a human society will need in order to survive. So look up some megafauna, figure out your location and ecosystem, and have fun!

Best of luck, and come back if you have any more questions!
-Mod Terra

CAN’T FEAR YOUR OWN WORLD Part 4 Full Translation

Chapter 3

An abnormal event was gradually eating away at the world.

Tragedy struck the noble district of Seireitei.

That may be just the beginning.

Strangely, it started from the day Hisagi Shūhei learned that Tsunayashiro Tokinada was to be inaugurated as clan head —-

A budding malice that spreads like leaves and branches, extending its fingertips to the Soul Society, the Human World, and Hueco Mundo.

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