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ok but i feel like pidges birthday should have been april 1st, partly bc of april fools day and also partly bc that's my birthday and i adore pidge lol


It’s the dawn of a new day. Everyone is up bright and early to begin training. They get into their lions, refreshed and ready to go. But then, Lance notices something odd on his command screen.

“Hey, guys,” he mutters curiously, “anyone else getting some weird blinky message thing?”

A chorus of equally confused agreement meets his ears.

“Okay, on the count of three, everyone press it at the same time,” Shiro says.

“One, two, three -”

Lance presses the message. In a quick flash, a large belt shoots from the side of his seat and crosses over his lap, firmly strapping him in place. Before he can form a single thought, or let any witty remark fall from his lips, music starts blasting from the speakers.

Namely, “What’s New Pussycat”, sung by Tom Jones.

Lance blinks. As his teammates voice their puzzlement, a horrifying idea plants itself in his brain.

‘No,’ he thinks. 'No, nobody would go that far.’

But after the seventh loop, he slowly realizes that one of the paladins is missing.

'It’s true,’ he thinks. 'We’re all doomed.’

“It’s Not Unusual” begins to play.


Somewhere deep in the castle, laughter is heard. Pidge sits cross legged on her bed, a wicked grin on her lips.

“Happy fucking birthday to me,” she whispers.

imagine vices ryan ross w dark curls and aviator goggles in his hair and a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows paired up with bow ties and large belts with large extravagant belt buckles and knee high lace up boots imagine that