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Alright friends, it’s headcanon time again! This time going right for the feels.

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

  • When all’s said and done, Zarkon is defeated and the universe is saved, the paladins would return home.
  • And there are questions. ESPECIALLY from the World Space Government (which I’m sure there must be?). We see in Episode 1 that humans haven’t discovered alien life yet, and they just brought back two sentient, very intelligent, human-like creatures with super advanced technology. Not to mention a successful human-galra hybrid (seemingly) without huge biological problems.
  • (And aliens have a concept of a mall? And what on Earth is ‘Quintessence’? It’s a castle and a ship?)
  • So there is a long period of time before Team Voltron is actually free to do what they want. And once they’re free, the questions start to come from within the group.
  • What’s going to happen with Coran and Allura? Where are they going to go? If anywhere? There’s no Altea to return to. Is Allura still considered the princess if she only rules over one person, who’s her caretaker? What if the universe needs Voltron again? 
  • What about Keith’s relationship with the Blade of Marmora? Would he go back to be a part of them? Would he pursue his mother?
  • Now that the Holts are back, will they complete the Kerberos Mission? Would Shiro dare go back there, considering what a traumatic experience that was? Would Pidge join them?
  • Could Lance and Hunk go back to the Garrison to actually get pilot’s licenses? Even though they’re pro lion pilots? Where does being a paladin rank in the military?  What about their families? How would they explain any of this?
  • No one really wants to think about any of that. So in the meantime, the paladins decide they should show the Alteans Earth, both in terms of natural wonders and the culture of humans. They take turns deciding where to go and make a long road trip out of it.

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Ayrson Heráclito

Divider II


“In Divider II, Heráclito highlights social divisions and the history of slavery. He nearly fills the large aquariums to the top with palm oil and salt water. He uses the ‘heterogeneity’ of water to underscore the ‘disparate character’ of different groups’ roles and experiences during the era of slavery. During that period in history, the sea held enslaved Africans captive, carrying them further and further away from their homelands. However, in an ‘arbitrary inversion’, here the ‘black’ oil floats above the sea, the salt water, as a sign of resistance and survival.” 
- Black Art in Brazil (2013), by Kimberly L. Cleveland

Modern Voltron headcanons/prompts

•Keith is actually really addicted to mobile phone games and Lance finds out and teases him relentlessly( it’s really just payback for all the times that Keith teased Lance about his addiction to the most sickeningly sweet coffee that has ever existed)
•colorguard Lance who does the most work you will ever see but can’t catch a toss for his life(+ alto sax Keith who gets hit by said tosses)
•theme park photographer Lance allured by the most beautiful body artist(person who does face paint, henna, all that junk)in the park and relentlessly flirts with him. Body artist Keith acts all annoyed about being distracted but secretly draws most of his inspiration from Lance’s blue eyes.
•camp counsler au but the camp is called camp pining hearts(like from Steven universe)
•Pidge and Lance having meme wars to see who the meme Lord Almighty is.
•Pidge and Keith bonding over mocking Shiro and Matt(lil siblings picking on big Bros)
•marine biologist Lance keeps large aquariums full of fish that artist Keith loves to draw in paint(as well as loving to draw Lance who has the beauty of the whole ocean stored in his eyes)

Sorry if those headcanons were absolute trash I just needed to get all the ideas out at 11pm and I can’t write. If you would like to write a fanfic on any of these please contact me, I would love to help or collaborate.

Tumors in Fish

Much like humans and other animals, fish can develop tumors and cancers. Certain species of fish or breeding lines may be more prone to these, but any fish can develop tumors.

Tumors may be caused by a variety of things, such as genetics or chemical pollution. Viral infection may also be the cause.

Tumors manifest themselves as unusual growths or swellings on the fish. Growths may occur internally or externally, though external tumors are more easily noticed.

Image Source

For many fish, there are no treatment options. Some veterinarians may attempt to operate on large or expensive fish, but vets willing to perform this procedure are few and far between. By and large, tumors in aquarium fish tend to be harmless growths and may be left alone if they do not affect the fish’s quality of life. However, fish suffering from malignant tumors or tumors affecting quality of life should be humanely euthanized.

the signs when they catch a burglar in their home

Aries: Beats him almost to death and throws him on the street. The burglar is helpless and can’t move, every bone in his body is broken

Taurus: Ties him up and gives him delicious food until the burglar can’t move from overeating, then bestrews him with treasures and the burglar dies out of breath

Gemini: Radiates with anger while calling the police and sues the burglar with the highest charges possible

Cancer: Gets in a fight and couldn’t calm down because nobody will steal what the Mr./Ms. Cancer/ess had been working hard for with years

Leo: Just sits in a fancy armchair while drinking whiskey and watches his guys do the dirty job. After that, he orders them to throw the burglar to his lions

Virgo: Doesn’t give a fuck, sits on the sofa and reads a book while drinking wine, probably the sophisticated technology in their home will do everything needed for the burglar to be caught

Libra: Gets up from sleep, punches the burglar hard in the face 2-3 times, and puts him on the sofa, giving him lectures why theft is bad, and after that punches him another 2-3 times in the face and brings him to the police station 

Scorpio: Sneaks in the shadows and gets the burglar’s back, then ties him up on a chair in Mr./Ms. Scorpio’s torture room and molests him as the mood strikes them, then has sex with the burglar because they think that the burglars are sexy. Woah, a new fetish!

Sagittarius: Is so so so nervous and shouts at the burglar every word that comes to their mouth, then probably smokes a cigarette for the first time in their life and has traumas their whole life

Capricorn: Just stares at the burglar while he gets out with their jewels, but that’s probably nothing for the rich Mr./Ms. Capricorn, and finally when the burglar gets out of the house, he gets in a trap which makes him invalid for his whole life and he is pressed to stay in the capricorn’s house to be their servant for the rest of his life

Aquarius: Cries, shouts ad the burglar, fights him, until the police came and arrested them both

Pisces: The burglar starts to run after Mr./Ms. Pisces, and they run in the kitchen like a real victim, and between a bazooka, magic wand, nuclear gun and knife, chooses the knife to fight the burglar. Then starts to cry and offers the burglar their buried treasure in the cellar, and when they go there, there is no treasure but large cages and aquariums of scorpions, sharks, alligators, panthers…. and little kitties. The burglar is afraid and tries to run but the pisces hugs him and tells him that everything’s alright and they somehow end up talking about the existence of this world and become friends, and after everything’s done the pisces hugs the burglar, putting the knife in his back and feeds him to his/her animals

anonymous asked:

Is it safe to add rocks from outside to my tank? I know about the vinegar test and boiling it but even after doing that is it safe? Or would it just be safer to buy rock made for aquariums?

Don’t ever boil or heat up rocks, they can explode! 

You can reliably determine what kind of rock it is by looking at it and finding out what rocks are common in the area you’ve collected it from, if it’s sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous, the latter two being largely safe for aquariums while sedimentary tends to only be suitable in tanks with higher pH. When examining the rocks, note what kind of inclusions are in there. If it’s granite with shiny, silvery flecks, there’s mica, which can flake off and make a mess in your water. If you note rust stains, I’d typically stay away from those as the iron in the rock will alter your water chemistry (unless that’s something you wanna do, but you’ve gotta know what you’re doing.) Also be mindful of the area that you’re collecting; is there a high possibility of the rock being contaminated by pollutants? Did you collect it near busy roads or near industrial or urban areas? Or did you collect it in a more or less “cleaner” area, somewhere more rural? 

I’ve collected rocks outside to use in tanks before, and the ones you collect really aren’t different from the ones the store sells, since they all end up coming from outside. You’ll basically just rinse them after you’ve figured out if the rock is safe, then you can use it to your liking. 

Success for the sea otter!

Sea otters were once locally extinct from the Washington coast, but in 1969 and 1970, 59 sea otters were relocated there from Alaska. These otters have thrived: today more than 1,800 individuals call the Washington coast home! Most of them live in the waters of Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. 

Each year, researchers survey the population – the 2016 census was organized by U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, with assistance from volunteers and staff from the sanctuary, Seattle Aquarium, and Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. One large raft of over 600 sea otters was observed off the mouth of the Hoh River! 

(Photo: NOAA)

Fish Out of Water

Part of the merman AU from earlier, where Cloud triest to get the hang of this…human thing. 

Zack already had his arms out when Cloud lost his balance. Again. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Zack said. Cloud was pretty wobbly, even for only having legs for a full 48 hours. 

“Mmm-hmm,” Cloud nodded, still chipper as ever. He care set his feet down below him and stood up again. Zack tentatively turned back to the wheel. Cloud plopped into the seat next to him. 

Cloud had explored every inch of the ship. He had every right to be curious since he had been confined to their large on board aquarium for quite some time. But now he insisted on company where ever he went. 

So when Zack started to drive them to their next location…Cloud called the navigation seat. Not that any navigating was going on. Cloud spent most of the time leaning over the starboard side staring at the water. 

“We gotta get you to shore soon,” Zack sighed as Cloud crossed back and forth across the ship peering into the water. 

“Shore?” Cloud asked, “where…landpeople go?” 

“Uhh…yeah you could call it that,” Zack agreed. 

“When can we go?” Cloud asked, now nearly leaning himself out of the boat. 

“Cloud please sit back down, I don’t want to wait for you to dry off and grow legs again,” Zack said. 

“I won’t fall,” Cloud said, “I’m thinking about jumping…” 

Angeal stopped when he saw Cloud picking at his serving of broccoli. Cloud had spent most of the last meal feeling out his newer, duller set of teeth. Now…he was flat out avoiding using them. 

“You know you’re not a carnivore anymore,” Angeal said. 

“It’s not meat,” Cloud said. 

“It’s good for you,” Angeal said. 

“It’s…wrong color,” Cloud said, now glaring at the offending vegetable. 

“Just because it’s green doesn’t mean you can’t eat it,” Angeal said. Cloud leaned down and Angeal could faintly hear a growl burbling in Cloud’s chest. 

“It’s broccoli,” Angeal said. 

“Broccoli,” Cloud hissed. Angeal sighed. 

“How about I cover it with cheese then?” Cloud sat up. Cloud knew he liked cheese. Angeal found a winner. 

“I won’t cover all of your vegetables with cheese though,” Angeal warned him, “start eating them right.” 

Genesis glanced up when he heard clumsy footsteps behind him. Cloud was getting better at walking. Genesis felt when Cloud paused right behind him. 

“Whassat?” Cloud asked. 

“What is that.” Genesis corrected, “And it’s just some light reading.” 

“Reading,” Cloud said, latching onto one of the words he knew. Genesis hadn’t read aloud to him while he was in the tank for nothing it seemed. 

“It’s not as entertaining as the play I read to you,” Genesis said, “it’s an old biology book.” 

“I want to read,” Cloud said squinting at the letters. Genesis closed his book. He made a snap decision, but damnit it needed to be done. The next time they went to shore, Cloud was getting some picture books. 

“How about we start a new book together,” Genesis said, “then we’ll get you some books you can start reading on your own.” 

Cloud was thrilled with that idea. 

Sephiroth didn’t know what to make of it when Cloud wrapped his arms around his waist. He held himself away from Cloud in case it was some weird mermaid ritual thing. 

After a few minutes of solid…hugging though he had to ask what this was about. 

“Cloud?” he asked, “Is…something the matter.” 

“Thank you for letting me into your clan,” Cloud said. He’d obviously practiced this phrase a few times before coming out and saying it. Sephiroth was more than a little touched. 

He lowered his arms around Cloud’s shoulders, gently hugging him back. 

“We have a different word for clan up here on land,” Sephiroth said. 

“What?” Cloud asked, looking up at him. 

“Family. You’re part of our family now.” 

@fukkafyla tagged me, soooo… why not. :D Uhhh I’ll throw this meme to… @starfollies and @worldsentwined and @lunarymagic + whoever else wants to do it.

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. Duotang with looseleaf paper, perfect for ficcing. :D
  2. Way too many cheap ballpoint pens
  3. Bear whistle (for scaring bears away, not for calling them)
  4. At least two sample vials of cologne
  5. Bus pass

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. Piles of books - I’ve run out of shelf space, so they end up in piles
  2. Way too many handbags
  3. More makeup than any human being could possibly need
  4. Two (2) plush rabbits
  5. A pair of well-loved moccasins

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  1. Learn to play an instrument properly
  2. Study a language (any language) well enough to hold a conversation in it
  3. Keep a houseplant for several months without killing it
  4. Have a large aquarium setup with live plants
  5. Earn enough to securely live on my own

Five things that make me feel happy:

  1. My friends being happy
  2. Seeing deer when I’m out for a run
  3. Correctly identifying unfamiliar plants
  4. Being able to run around without wearing a parka and/or snowboots
  5. Eating breakfast outside in the morning

Five things I’m currently into:

  1. Stand Still Stay Silent + A Redtail’s Dream
  2. Slavic mythology and folklore
  3. Year in Hereafter (+ Karo’s other projects)
  4. Geocaching
  5. Olav H. Hauge’s poetry

Five things on my to-do list:

  1. Finish START that one exchange fic, for the love of god
  2. Get up the nerve to write that one original fiction story
  3. Spring cleaning (…summer cleaning?)
  4. Harmonica practice
  5. Stop freaking out over pointless bullshit
Octo!Bill x Dipper

What with all the octopus Bill AUs i’ve been seeing, I thought i’d write one of my own. In where Bill is an actual octopus that Dipper grows up with, and when Dipper botches a magic spell on the little guy… well…

Bill is happy to have a bigger brain and the ability to hug his human like he wants. @liberatedpuppeteer @limicross

Word Count: 2,300

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The Common Scat (Scatophagus argus), also known as the Green, Red, or Spotted Scat. A popular brackish fish, these are commonly paired up in large aquariums with Monos as they tend to break up any dominance issues between adult Monos. Easy going fish, but fairly robust in size (6-8 inches maximum). Best kept around 1.010 specific gravity, they are adaptable and can even be put in fully marine conditions.

>>Three is a crowd

@obsxten , @obsbam

It had been a couple of nights after the ‘incident’ that had thankfully not been an incident at all. Ten’s panic had made Mingyu run over to him, the night had instead been spent rather pleasantly. Mingyu hoped the next time he could appear and Ten’s door and ask him to join Mingyu on the rooftop.

Most of their day today had been spent wandering around the large aquarium, navigating through tourists and locals and having a blast watching all sorts of marine creatures. Mingyu had intently fed sting rays and had laughed at himself when he had not seen a shark swimming in from his side, spooking himself effectively. All in all, their not-date had gone well. He had gotten the opportunity to teach Ten the art of selca taking and had stopped many people to have them take pictures of the pair both standing by displays and huge tanks, colored neon lights washng over them with some looking like they were actually inside the tanks with the larger than life creatures of the deep sea.

It was nearly dusk when the pair find themselves wandering through streets, going past high-end shops and Malls, Mingyu was very intent on asking if Ten had the energy to go dancing later that night. He pockets his phone after taking a candid shot of Ten, planning to send it to him later when they parted ways and headed home. He had his fingers linked with Ten’s: something very normal they had started doing without questioning it, that’s just how they were.

All the internal wars were waged when Mingyu would be alone at home and recounting the joyous times spent with Ten.
He felt Ten slow down and looks about, several display windows showed off high fashion outfits and accessories, near by was a jewelry and accessories store and Mingyu gave Ten’s hand a gently tug and the look he gets in response has him grinning , he takes a look inside and felt his fave heat up. “I’ll just uh wait out here for you okay? Don’t take too long or I’ll miss you” sending his Chaiya off Mingyu spots a bench nearby and tiredly flops into it , watching ten having fun looking around through the large window panes.

{{ Mermaid Starter, continued from || here || @blind-in-light }}

Amelia had rested down at the bottom in her favourite place, the center of the large aquarium. There was nothing but a dim blue glow, the water quite calm, causing her hair and the plants to move about ever so gently. It was so peaceful, with some fish drifting about slowly. Her tail rested gently curled around her, a cerulean blue like her eyes with a second tone colouring of a darker blue near the tips of her scales.
As everything started to come to life around her, Amelia buried her head into her arms more as things brightened up, causing the fish to start being more active like everything else. She wasn’t ready to wake up yet.
However, the moment she had heard the familiar voice calling to her, Amelia pushed herself up. Her eyes opened, bright and filled with excitement, smiling brightly. It was Ignis today…! Pushing herself up further, her tail flickering, kicking up some sand the moment Amelia swam up to the surface to greet her caretaker.  
Soon enough, she was given away by the mess of red hair. She rest nearby him, as close as she could, staying just enough above the surface. Amelia seemed delighted to see him, her tail constantly swaying to keep her balanced. “Ignis~” She had chimed, having learned to speak his name from having heard it enough. She couldn’t really speak many words yet and even then, it was strained, with a strange accent.

most of the days’ commotion has already drawn to a quiet end. pacing beneath the halls of the watchtower’s central computer as j’onn takes over his post, it takes but moments for bruce to find his way into the league’s private quarters. with every step he seems to hear a new noise; barry running on a wheel, diana’s sword clashing against a bronze target, the tinkering of electronics in cyborg’s room. by the time he’s reached the end of the hall, he lifts his head slightly to gaze at the large aquarium built at the hallway’s end. crossing his arms, his eyes move from the various forms of alien wildlife housed within to the man swinning inside it.  ❝ normally I see mera here with you. is she back at home?


Sweet Sugar Terms

Prequel to Sweet Sugar Baby and Sweet Sugar Daddy.

Summary: Phil explains to Dan what sort of things he expects from him when they start their sugardaddy/sugarbaby relationship.

Warnings: agegap, sugardaddy relationship, fingering, daddy kink.

“Well, let’s start discussing this straight away. I’ll be honest Daniel, I’m a full grown man with a full grown sex drive. Since I’m giving you so much, I’ll expect some things in return. You fully understand that, right?”

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Mer-Talion w/youortheworld


It was the catch of the century. It would bring hundreds of thousands of people to this aquarium. The large tank the new addition was in was quite nice, not that he would appreciate it. One would catch the long, red tail of a Gyarados swishing, and as their eyes traveled the length they would find it was connected to a human torso.

The red scales continued up his back, all the way to the back of his neck before stopping at his hair also went along the back of his arms, over his elbows, and stopping half way over the back of his hands. His front was a pale white, with red stripes like ribs  forming over his torso. His eyes a cold blue and his hair black, waving in the water.

He glared at the tank before charging it. Around his neck was a high-tech collar, keeping him from using his moves. But they couldn’t stop him from using his weight to smash right through- BAM. He collided against the side of the tank audibly, his shoulder taking the brunt of the force. His overall length of 15 feet recoiled. It was some reinforced, shatter-proof glass.

So he roared at it. Obviously. He was not a happy Mer.

Les Mis Headcanon 12

Thoughts on pets:

Cosette:  An albino ball python affectionately named Miss Pastel.  She set it free in the pet store when she was 7 and Jean Valjean bought it to save face.  Most of her snap chats are with Miss Pastel.  Valjean is terribly afraid of her - but he loves Cosette more. 

Marius:  He never had a pet growing up (his grandfather hates everything, this includes animals).  He is very fond of dogs (alas Courfeyrac is allergic) and once he and Cosette get their own place he plans on adopting one. 

Eponine:  Has big, fluffy mutt.  She found him when she was 6 and named him Smelly (he still kind of smells weird).  Gavroche used to ride him around.  Everyone is convinced Smelly is a wolf - Eponine just calls him her big, dumb puppy. 

Courfeyrac:  Highly allergic to pet dander, he keeps large, beautiful aquariums.  He once tried putting Marius in charge of one.  He will never make that mistake again.  

Enjolras:  Keeps three rats (yes, they are named Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité you can shut the fuck up Courf go feed your fish) and dotes on them unashamed.  Grantaire jokes their cage is nicer than Enjolras’s room - no one disagrees. 

Combferre:  Way too absorbed in his studies to care for a pet.  Manages to find time for his spider plant (which Courf refers to as “‘Ferre’s pot of leaves”). 

Grantaire:  Has a 3 legged, hairless cat he found on a late night walk.  He named it Louis-Phillipe just to piss off Enjolras.  It is the meanest thing - the only people who like it other than Grantaire are Courfeyrac (he doesn’t need allergy meds at his apartment), Jehan (he thinks all animals are wonderful), and Enjolras (because the cat has never messed with his rats).  Marius was attacked once and won’t go over to Grantaire’s apartment anymore.

Jehan:  Loves animals.  He keeps bees, has a blue-tongued skink named Smurfette, and a rose tarantula named Briar (named after Briar Rose because he’s convinced his tarantula is royalty).  Bahorel did not know about Briar until he crashed at Jehan’s one night and woke with her on his face.  He screamed - Jehan scolded him (tarantulas are sensitive to noise, you jerk).  Courf likes Jehan’s pets the best.  

Joly/Bossuet/Muschietta:  They all live together with their pet tortoise, Speedy.  He’s basically their kid and roams about the home.  Grantaire used to paint his shell until Joly found him covered in penises.  Bossuet rants to him when Muschietta and Joly aren’t around.  Muschietta enjoys celebrating Speedy’s birthday, pretending he turns 100 every year as an excuse to bake a shit ton of cupcakes (no one complains).        

anonymous asked:

Percy is a mermaid on display in a popular exhibit in an aquarium, and Jason is frequent visitor.

This was a lot of fun to write, and since I have two merman!Percy prompts, there will be a second part. :3 (I have a busy weekend coming up, so I’m not sure when I get around to writing it, but it will definitely be the next thing I publish ;) )

Pairing: Jason/Percy, Will/Percy if you squint.
Rating: Teen and Up
Words: 2k

Objectively speaking, Percy knows he doesn’t have it all that bad. Officially, he got rescued, taken out of the tiny aquarium they had kept him in and brought to a centre for wild animals that offers much more space and far better conditions than he had before. Why they couldn’t release him back into the sea though is a mystery to Percy.

He knows he’s not the only merfolk in captivity, and that there are still a lot of his kin living in zoos that treat them awfully, but even his large container cannot compare to life in the open sea. Percy is much smarter than his keepers give him credit for, he understands that they don’t free him because he is what brings enough profit in to keep the rest of the centre running, and a part of Percy understands that many of the animals that are kept here really have no better option.  For the most part, he is just pouting because no one gave him a choice in the matter.

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Delanie walked into the doors of the large aquarium facility. It was just like any other aquarium where you could see different types of undersea creatures and where the workers took care of injured ones. In this world, mermaids and merman would the new hotspot of aquariums around the world, so just like many other animals, they were taken in to be treated but stayed in the large tanks. The workers were never mean, or stern. They gave the merfolk everything they needed and made tanks big enough to feel like the ocean.

As the new trainer walked through the doors, she could feel the lively atmosphere all around her. She was so excited. Today, she was starting to train the merfolk for their shows that the facility held every few days. It was a big deal. She walked into the doors of the trainers break room and set her things down, wondering where to go or who to meet.