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Alright friends, it’s headcanon time again! This time going right for the feels.

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

  • When all’s said and done, Zarkon is defeated and the universe is saved, the paladins would return home.
  • And there are questions. ESPECIALLY from the World Space Government (which I’m sure there must be?). We see in Episode 1 that humans haven’t discovered alien life yet, and they just brought back two sentient, very intelligent, human-like creatures with super advanced technology. Not to mention a successful human-galra hybrid (seemingly) without huge biological problems.
  • (And aliens have a concept of a mall? And what on Earth is ‘Quintessence’? It’s a castle and a ship?)
  • So there is a long period of time before Team Voltron is actually free to do what they want. And once they’re free, the questions start to come from within the group.
  • What’s going to happen with Coran and Allura? Where are they going to go? If anywhere? There’s no Altea to return to. Is Allura still considered the princess if she only rules over one person, who’s her caretaker? What if the universe needs Voltron again? 
  • What about Keith’s relationship with the Blade of Marmora? Would he go back to be a part of them? Would he pursue his mother?
  • Now that the Holts are back, will they complete the Kerberos Mission? Would Shiro dare go back there, considering what a traumatic experience that was? Would Pidge join them?
  • Could Lance and Hunk go back to the Garrison to actually get pilot’s licenses? Even though they’re pro lion pilots? Where does being a paladin rank in the military?  What about their families? How would they explain any of this?
  • No one really wants to think about any of that. So in the meantime, the paladins decide they should show the Alteans Earth, both in terms of natural wonders and the culture of humans. They take turns deciding where to go and make a long road trip out of it.

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Anon said: Katsuyu for the rare pair! Maybe with mermaid au? Kacchan and Mer!tsuyu meeting for the first time with tsuyu in a large aquarium! Hands pressed against the glass ahhhhh

The green mermaid, a mythical creature which inhabits the depths of the sea. Who would go to see it?

According to the legend mermaids can feel an unique bond with a chosen one. It seems Tsuyu has found her special one!

Mermaid klance au

• Lance is a mermaid
• he is imprisoned in a large and beautiful aquarium among various tropical fish that swim all over their prison
• he hides in aquarium stone castle from all visitors for the whole day and the working stuff can’t make him come in sight because they don’t understand where he can be among all these fish (and they are also afraid of sharks living near the stone castle)
• he pretends to be fearful, but actually Lance just understands what would happen if people learn mermaids really exist
• Keith is very curious and active
• many people are sure he has a dyslexia, but actually he has so many things on his mind that he can’t concentrate on boring everyday duties
• once he goes to the aquarium and stares at sharks
• one of the sharks swims towards a stone castle and a tanned hand pets her when no one is watching because two other sharks swam away and the visitors followed them
• but Keith notices it
• he understands it’s not one of aquarium workers who had pet the sharks
• so he quietly breaks in at night to find answers to the tanned hand mystery
• and sees Lance playing with sharks
• at first Lance is very scared
• but very soon he understands that Keith desires to help him and not to harm
• they try to communicate but it’s very difficult as Keith doesn’t hear Lance and Lance doesn’t know human letters (but he has learnt to speak human from sailors fishing nearby when he was free)
• so Keith has to show Lance everything in gestures and movements and draw pictures
• Keith can’t draw properly and his cute funny arts make Lance laugh and smile
• and his smile is so PURE
• several days later Keith manages to release Lance from one on the aquarium windows he couldn’t open from the inside
• Lance can’t stop smiling at him
• Keith can’t stop blushing
• he quickly puts Lance into a big glass box with water on the back seat of his car and drives away towards the sea
• Lance meets sea with tears of happiness in his eyes but Keith already misses him
• so they promise each other to meet every early morning, when no one would see Lance
• and every day Keith drives towards the sea to meet Lance
• and they totally fall in love
• but one day Keith comes some time later because he didn’t hear the alarm
• and sees that Lance came out of water to look for Keith as he was so worried
• and his tail begins to disappear and Lance gets two beautiful legs instead
• but he is terribly cold, because the sun has not risen yet and Lance is completely naked
• so Keith gives him his hoodie and takes Lance home
• and they live together
• Lance can’t use his legs properly so he is very clumsy and at first constantly falls down
• and Keith is always there to catch him
• he doesn’t feel lonely anymore
• as Keith teaches Lance to behave like a human, Lance teaches him to swim
• Keith is very afraid of deep waters
• but he feels safer and calmer with Lance who gets his tail back if touches water with his whole body
• and everything is fine

almost every fish on the list of ones i want to keep won’t get along with anything but their own species and it’s troubling

Ayrson Heráclito

Divider II


“In Divider II, Heráclito highlights social divisions and the history of slavery. He nearly fills the large aquariums to the top with palm oil and salt water. He uses the ‘heterogeneity’ of water to underscore the ‘disparate character’ of different groups’ roles and experiences during the era of slavery. During that period in history, the sea held enslaved Africans captive, carrying them further and further away from their homelands. However, in an ‘arbitrary inversion’, here the ‘black’ oil floats above the sea, the salt water, as a sign of resistance and survival.” 
- Black Art in Brazil (2013), by Kimberly L. Cleveland



[note: slightly higher price than last time due to USPS increasing their shipping charges]

  • One dozen individual plants + extra baby plants = $12.95 shipped
  • Add $5.50 for each additional dozen (i.e. two dozen = $18.45 shipped)


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Modern Voltron headcanons/prompts

•Keith is actually really addicted to mobile phone games and Lance finds out and teases him relentlessly( it’s really just payback for all the times that Keith teased Lance about his addiction to the most sickeningly sweet coffee that has ever existed)
•colorguard Lance who does the most work you will ever see but can’t catch a toss for his life(+ alto sax Keith who gets hit by said tosses)
•theme park photographer Lance allured by the most beautiful body artist(person who does face paint, henna, all that junk)in the park and relentlessly flirts with him. Body artist Keith acts all annoyed about being distracted but secretly draws most of his inspiration from Lance’s blue eyes.
•camp counsler au but the camp is called camp pining hearts(like from Steven universe)
•Pidge and Lance having meme wars to see who the meme Lord Almighty is.
•Pidge and Keith bonding over mocking Shiro and Matt(lil siblings picking on big Bros)
•marine biologist Lance keeps large aquariums full of fish that artist Keith loves to draw in paint(as well as loving to draw Lance who has the beauty of the whole ocean stored in his eyes)

Sorry if those headcanons were absolute trash I just needed to get all the ideas out at 11pm and I can’t write. If you would like to write a fanfic on any of these please contact me, I would love to help or collaborate.

It’s a Ghost! (Snake) - Shyan

AO3 Link: Here
Fandom: Buzzfeed Unsolved
Ship: Shyan (Shane Madej/Ryan Bergara)
Rating: General
Content Warning: fluff, getting together, adopting a pet, oblivious!Shane, really it’s just fucking tooth rotting
Summary: Ryan’s been courting the oblivious Shane for months. Jen comes up with a surefire way to win him over.
Word Count: 1913
A/N: Questions, comments, concerns? Ask is open. (So is DM and AO3!)
If you’d like to be added to a taglist for Buzzfeed Unsolved let me know!

Ryan Bergara’s death would be caused by a snake. Not that one would bite or physically kill him – Ryan had done enough research to know the breed he needed posed relatively little real threat to a human of his size. But looking for one. For the perfect one for the gangly limbed, messy haired coworker he’d been courting for six months and crushing on since he came to Buzzfeed – that would kill him.

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The Aquarium

Greetings! I wrote a Thomas Sanders Fan fiction set in the wonderful universe created by  @sanderssons​. They’ve been working on a magnificent comic that I highly suggest you check out. You can read the comic @sanderssons-comic​. Seriously, it’s awesome. Go give it a read. All credit for this universe and characters goes to them, and of course @thatsthat24​ for creating the Sanders Sides in the first place. Now then, on with the show?

Title: The Aquarium
Words: 2030
Universe: Sanders Sons Comic based on The Sanders Sides

Warnings: Minor Panic Attack. Very Minor. Mostly, this is fluff. Pure, unadulterated, sugary sweet fluff.

Thomas began to question his judgement as he paid the parking fee and pulled the mini-van into the parking lot. The zoo had been a disaster, all his children trying to run off in different directions. Thomas had spent the majority of that day frantically looking around for one of his kiddos and desperately trying to herd them together while the sun beat fire on his back. At least the aquarium was largely inside and air-conditioned, so the sweltering Floridian humidity wouldn’t be conspiring with his anxiety to choke him. Also, Thomas had planned ahead, bringing with him the cavalry. Joan sat beside him in the front seat, talking to Logan and Patton behind him about all the fun they were going to have. In the back seats were Roman, Virgil, and Talyn. Even Marco, currently perched in beanie form on top of Joan’s head, had agreed to pitch in if something went wrong. The familiar might not admit it, but he was a bit fond of the quirky family he’d found himself a part of. Thomas had also made sure to give a stern lecture to lay out the rules. He found a place to park the vehicle and turned around to face his children, the barest trace of worry tinging his bright smile.

“Alright boys. Remember the rules now. What do you do if you get separated from the group?”

“Go back to the last place we saw you and wait.” Logan stated.

“Stick to places around other people.” Patton chimed in.

“Only talk to staff and security.” Roman boasted.

“Stay calm. You’ll come get us soon.” Virgil muttered, shifting uneasily, memories of the last time he had been separated from his family bouncing around his mind. Thomas’s worries all but evaporated. His smiled beamed even brighter, incredibly proud of his sons. He hoped they would never have to use those instructions, but he was nonetheless glad they memorized them.

“Alright, good. Everyone out now. Time for fun!” A small cheer rose out of the car as everyone clambered out. Thomas did a quick head count, including Marco in his numbers, before locking the car and leading everyone into the large building.

The children were captivated the moment they walked inside. They were just in the lobby, waiting in line to pay the Admission, but the swirling blues painted on the walls, the fake coral and seaweed scattered around the room, the wavering lights, the bubbly sounds emanating from hidden speakers, and the salty seawater smell infiltrating their nostrils made them all feel like they were at the bottom of the ocean. The simple awe with which his children were looking around made Thomas’s heart swell with love. Coming here was a great idea. After buying the tickets, the first thing they got to see was the entrance hall.

It was a glass tunnel, surrounded on all sides by a massive tank. They walked through slowly, enraptured by the oceanic beauty surrounding them. Small fish swam around them, a few starfish had latched onto the walls, and somewhere above them a shark drifted lazily by. All of the boys were awestruck, especially Virgil, who looked like he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the colors and shapes and gently dancing light filtering through the water. Then the tunnel opened up into the first main room and even Thomas felt his breath catch in his throat. The walls were tanks, each one slightly curving to make the room less angular and more fluid. There were some tanks also in the middle of the room as well. On one side, a huge whale skeleton dangled from the ceiling, on the other, a giant squid. The floor was made to resemble sand in appearance, and the walls looked and were textured like a coral reef. They stood for a moment, taking it in. Virgil eyes wouldn’t stay still, roving around trying to see everything all at once. Patton bounced on the balls of his feet, but thankfully didn’t run off. Logan was looking at all the informational plaques dotted around, feeling excited to read them all. Roman was staring, mouth agape, at the sheer size of the whale and squid.

“Are they really that big?” Roman breathed out.

“Sometimes bigger,” Joan responded, “But that’s average size.”

“Wow.” Thomas grinned, eyeing Patton’s restless form.

“Come on. There’s lots to see and we only have all day.”

They moved around the room slowly, taking everything in. Logan, with the occasional help from one of the grown-ups, read every single sign and poster. His reading skills were really exceling and, after a while, he started showing the others as well. They didn’t pick up on it very quickly, but everyone learned to recognize the name of their favorite animal. For Patton, that was most of them.

He had already declared a dozen times in that one room, “This one is my favorite.” Virgil liked the starfish, Roman enjoyed the sea turtles, and Logan adored the octopuses.

“They’re so smart, they can open a jar, while inside it!” Patton was giddy as the moved around, cooing at anything and everything that moved. At first, Roman had tried to press his face against the glass, hoping to see better, but Talyn had pulled him away.

“You’ll smudge the glass, then it’ll be even harder to see.” Virgil never spoke a word, but he didn’t have to. It was clear that he was absolutely enchanted by everything. It was also quiet. Thomas had intentionally chosen to come on a Tuesday, when most kids were in school and field trips would be uncommon. It took them a whole hour to move around the entire room.

After the first room, they went to the Imax, were they were playing a movie about marine life. It was their first time in an Imax and they were all excited when the screen came to life, little fishes flowing out of the screen so it seemed they were right in front of them. Logan pulled the glasses off, then put them back on, off again, on. “How is it doing that?”

“Sh. I’m not sure, but you can look it up when we get home.” Patton giggled, gaining their attention. He gestured at Virgil, who had his hands outstretched, grabbing at the fish that looked like they were right in front of them. Patton joined in, then Roman and Talyn, soon they were all sitting there, giggling as they tried to touch what wasn’t really there.

About 30 minutes later, the movie was nearing its end. It had been a fascinating and educational film, but Thomas came to wish he had looked into it more before-hand. He could have, should have asked one of the workers. He knew how Imax movies liked to play on the 3D effect. The movie ended with a 3 second clip of a giant shark swimming towards them, jaw stretched. Just as the mouth engulfed them, the lights went out. The others were fine, but the jump scare pulled a startled scream out of Virgil, who instantly curled up on the floor, terrified. Thomas cursed his own carelessness and got down beside his son. “Virgil? Virgil honey, it’s okay. Breathe for me buddy.” Thomas began counting the 4,7,8 rhythm. Virgil continued to tremble, but managed to breathe, as a worker came out.

“Is everything okay, sir?” Thomas nodded, glancing back at them, then Joan and Talyn leading the other three out of the theatre.

“The shark bit scared him, is all.”

“I am so sorry, sir. Is there anything I can do to help?” Thomas shook his head.

“It’s not your fault and Virgil doesn’t like strangers much. I know how to calm him down.” The worker nodded and walked away, ushering the remaining patrons out. “It’s okay Virgil. You’re okay. It was just a trick of the movie. Do you want to leave? I can carry you if you need me to.” Thomas struggled to pick up the others, but Virgil’s lack of interest in food made him a bit lighter than the others. Not unhealthy light, just not as heavy. Virgil shook his head, standing on shaky legs.

“I-I c-c-can wa-alk.” Even so, Thomas stood and offered his hand and Virgil clung to him tightly.

“I’ve got you. It’s okay.” Virgil became calmer as they left the darkened theatre. He still held tightly to Thomas as they left, but he stopped shaking. Thomas dropped their glasses in the return bin as they passed. By the time they joined the others, Virgil was ready to let go of his father.

“Thanks Thomas.” He said, giving the father one last squeeze as a hug. Thomas smiled.

“It’s what I’m here for kiddo. To keep you safe and help you grow. I love acting, but I think being your dad is the best job in the world.” He spoke loud enough that all his children heard. Patton came up and tackled Thomas in a hug.

“Aw, we love you, Dad.”

“I love you too. Now then, who’s ready for lunch?” They all had pizza at the food court before the next exhibit, Mysteries of the Dark Deep. Virgil had been nervous at first, but as soon as they walked in to a world of bioluminescent colors, he returned to silently marveling at everything. This room was much smaller than the first and they got totally through it in about half an hour, then the freshwater exhibit in about the same amount of time. The Great Barrier Reef exhibit was half fish tanks in one room, then a reef themed indoor playground in another. They spent about an hour in there. Thomas and Joan were too big, but Talyn was small enough to get away with following the kids onto the structure.

Finally, they got to the last exhibit, one Thomas remembered being his favorite. It was one of the two outside exhibits, the other being the Aquatic Show, which wasn’t playing today due to the tank being cleaned. That was okay. Thomas wasn’t sure how Virgil would react to large animals jumping out of the water and causing big splashes. No, the Tide Pools would be a much more enjoyable experience for all of them. “You guys are going to love this one. At this exhibit, you are allowed to dip your hands in the water and, gently,” Thomas stressed the word, “touch the animals.” Everyone’s eyes lit up and Roman immediately ran up to the rim of the pool. He plunged his hand in, causing a small splash.

“Here fishy, fishy, fishy.” Unfortunately, his actions were too fast and boisterous. Everything nearby scuttled and swam away, except for the sea star attached to the tank side. Roman wasn’t deterred and gently stroked the starfish. Patton and Logan had found a spot a few feet down. They managed to brush their fingertips against most of the passing creatures, running from Roman’s overzealous excitement. Then there was Virgil. He had moved further down than the others, slightly isolated from their group, but not so far away that Thomas was worried.

Thomas watched curiously as Virgil slowly dipped his hand into the water and held it still. After several moments, something moved. Appearing as if out of nowhere, but Thomas know it had just been hiding under the sand, a manta ray came up and brushed itself across Virgil’s fingers. Thomas watched the light spark in Virgil’s eyes as the ray swam against him again, and a third time. After the fourth pass, Virgil caught on and began to slowly stroke the ray, moving his hand with the flow of the water. Soon, other fish started coming out and even a crab scuttled by, allowing Virgil to trail his fingers down its shell. Virgil looked mesmerized by the animals and Thomas was mesmerized by him. Virgil was surprisingly very good with the animals. After a few minutes, the others came up. Roman asked what his secret was and Virgil showed him how. Thomas couldn’t keep the idiotic, loving grin off his face. Joan and Talyn came up to him.

“Coming here today was definitely a good idea.” They both agreed.

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Tumors in Fish

Much like humans and other animals, fish can develop tumors and cancers. Certain species of fish or breeding lines may be more prone to these, but any fish can develop tumors.

Tumors may be caused by a variety of things, such as genetics or chemical pollution. Viral infection may also be the cause.

Tumors manifest themselves as unusual growths or swellings on the fish. Growths may occur internally or externally, though external tumors are more easily noticed.

Image Source

For many fish, there are no treatment options. Some veterinarians may attempt to operate fish, and this is an option for those who wish to pursue treatment. By and large, tumors in aquarium fish tend to be harmless growths and may be left alone if they do not affect the fish’s quality of life. However, fish suffering from malignant tumors or tumors affecting quality of life should be humanely euthanized.

Sucking at Keeping Secrets / Day 7: Living Together

Finally the last chapter for @juminzenweek! I’m happy to be done with the crack that is April Fools. xD For this final day, I decided to explore what life would be like with JuZen having a family. I decided to leave it ambiguous whether or not the kids are adopted, so people can fill in their own headcanons. :D Please enjoy!

The sounds of plates clanging and high-pitched chatter woke him up. Zen blinked a few times before stretching, wondering why his neighbors were so loud. When his vision focused, he realized he wasn’t in his bed - and he wasn’t in his apartment.

He shot up, the black bed sheet falling off his naked torso. The tall aquarium, the large flat screen TV, the many scripts piled on top of a desk nearby, the posters of him on the wall… He ran his hand through his long hair a few times.

Right, this was Jumin’s and his home… for years now. Zen shook his head; the dream he had was one of the past, so realistic that he actually thought he was back there. It was ridiculous though, Jumin as a rapper? Discovering none of them were real? Oh, the things his imagination came up with.

A tiny squeal made him smile and he got out of bed. It was kind of Jumin to let him sleep on his free day seeing the long performance he had the evening before.

Now showered and dressed, he walked into the penthouse’s living room with its open kitchen. There he found Jumin facing the hallway with a toddler in his arms, the young boy doing a good job of wrinkling Jumin’s black tie with tiny hands.

“Seulgi! If you take any longer, Driver Kim will go to your dance class on his own!” Jumin yelled into the hallway.

“Just a minute more, papa!!” a high-pitched voice yelled back, making Jumin roll his eyes. Zen chuckled and walked up to Jumin.

“This is your fault. She’s not even six years old yet and already spending hours in front of the mirror,” Jumin said with no venom in his voice as Zen kissed him in greeting.

“What can I say? My beautiful daughter has the right to look as good as she wants to.” Zen gently took their son from Jumin’s arms, freeing his husband and the poor tie.

Jeong protested loudly at the loss of his new toy but soon got distracted with Zen’s loose hair, playing with it as he often did. Carefully balancing his son, Zen sat down at the table where Jumin had put out a plate with toast and eggs for him.

“Seulgi!!” Jumin was now out of sight, no doubt in front of their daughter’s room.

“I said a minute!!!”

“It has been five!!”

Zen tried not to laugh with a mouth full of egg. Their children could be quite a handful.

After an actual minute, a small girl with a bouncy ponytail ran into the living room and almost crashed into the kitchen table in her excitement.

“Daddy! How do I look?” Seulgi spun around, her dress twirling adorably. Zen got the warmest feeling.

“You look gorgeous, sweetheart,” he replied, causing her bounce up and down happily. She ran to his side and tried to climb on his lap.

“Sweetheart, you’re already late for class.” Zen kissed her forehead and gently put her down. “Give your brother and papa a kiss and go.”

Seulgi pouted angrily but did as told, running in such a tempo she threatened to trip over the rug. Once Jumin passed her backpack, she finally went to the front door where a balding Driver Kim greeted them and escorted her away.

Ah, some peace and quiet, Zen thought, as he finished his breakfast. Ever since Jumin agreed to stop having the maids over every day, only when the both of them were too busy to clean, the house felt calmer. Only Driver Kim remained fulltime due to Jumin’s terrible driving.

“Ba!” Jeong yelled. The little boy stretched his arms out to Jumin, now sitting across them, who was trying and failing to fix his damaged tie.

“Papa has to work on a few things he couldn’t finish Friday, my angel,” Jumin replied sternly.

“Ewwy! Ewwy!”

Zen swore Jeong was Jumin’s little clone. Jumin’s strict act crumbled and Jeong was within his arms in a second, heading off to Elizabeth’s room to play with her.

“Don’t forget he has to take a nap after playing!” Zen called after the two.

He got up to make himself some coffee, browsing past chatrooms. Vanderwood reluctantly agreed to babysit again. MC made a few jokes that kids love his awkwardness which Saeran agreed to. Jaehee asked Jumin’s current assistant whether catering has been taking care of, otherwise she can arrange something from her café. Yoosung once more confirmed that Elizabeth is perfectly healthy, she’s just getting older. Zen rolled his eyes, he’d have to talk to Jumin and tell him to stop bothering Yoosung now that he’s a fulltime vet.

Twenty minutes later, his screen turned green as it rang with his daughter’s name on it. “Yes, sweetheart?”

“Dad!” The many voices of children in the background almost drowned out her voice. “Can I go play with Daniel this afternoon?!”

Daniel? Zen ran the name in his mind a few times. Oh right, Daniel Choi, one of Saeyoung’s twin sons. Immediately he frowned. “Sweetheart, no. Last time you were covered under scratches from harassing the neighbor’s cats!” It was a good thing her dress wasn’t one Jumin had tailor made for her - there had been no saving that poor garment.

“But daaaaaaaad!!! I want to see his baby sister!!”

Zen always thought Saeyoung was one of those guys that preferred to remain alone for the rest of his life. Yet the redhead managed to get three tomatoes, and he adored them too - he never shut up about them. Zen could relate.

“Honey, no-“


Damn, right in the weak spot. “Fine, fine. Go my darling.”

Seulgi cheered so loud on the phone he had to pull it away from his ear. Soon she gave him noisy kisses and hung up.

“Who’s that?”

Zen nearly jumped, he hadn’t heard Jumin return. “It’s Seulgi. Just… asking if she can go play with a friend.”

“Which friend?” Jumin narrowed his eyes while Zen tried to think of an excuse. “It’s that Choi kid again, isn’t it?”

Zen sighed. Busted. “If I told you no, would you believe me?”

Jumin laughed and approached. “No. You’re terrible at keeping secrets.”

The head of C&R wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him close, their bodies flush against each other. “But your honesty is your best quality.”

“Excuse you, my beauty is.” Zen relished the warmth between them as he moved in to kiss his man slowly. It wasn’t like the past, when they had to rush and hide. Now they were comfortable and had all the time in the world.

Their kissing was interrupted by what sounded like… a childish attempt at singing.

“Is that Jeong?” Jumin asked.

It was hard to distinguish between the adorable gurgling but he was trying to imitate the song Jumin sang for their kids. The only song he dared to sing, but Zen and the children always wanted to hear it again.

Jumin stopped him from moving to his son’s bedroom. “He’ll fall asleep soon.”

Zen smiled as he was kissed again. There was no such thing as perfect happiness, but this was close to it.


Under the Sea (But in Space)

I did it! I finally finished that MerLance fic that got this blog started!

I’d like to thank @ulti-mal for that comic she drew when i told her about it.

I’d like to thank @prospails for the bit of help they gave me with what numbers Coran calls the paladins

And tagging @the-coolest-shaladin because she wanted to read it when I got done!

Summary: Being is space is hard, even harder when you’re half fish and haven’t been in your normal form in a while. Lance messes up and hurts himself because he has been in his human form for way too long

I’ll have to reblog with the next part

“Shut it down!”

Everyone turned to Shiro as the Gladiator stopped its attacks. Confusion flitted across their faces as Keith moved towards him.

“Shiro? What-” He cut himself off, hearing harsh panting and whining. As he turned, he saw Lance, on his knees, gripping his neck. “Lance?”

He was almost knocked over as Hunk rushed past him, who basically fell to his knees next to Lance.


The only response was Lance’s pants. Hunk gently pried Lance’s hands away from his neck, only to tense up when he finally moves them.

“Hunk?” Pidge steps closer only to jump back when Hunk picks Lance up, fear showing through his eyes.

“Coran! I need the biggest tub of water you can find!”

Coran, who rushed to the door when Shiro cancelled training, nods before running out with a, “Follow me.”

Hunk follows quickly and looks back at Shiro. “I need you to help me strip him once we get there.”

Shiro only nods, the only thought on his mind was Lance. The room they entered looked as if it should have been an aquarium, a large tank sitting in the middle of the room. Shiro looks away and back to Hunk and Lance, helping to strip Lance of his armor. He looks at Lance’s face, gritting his teeth when he sees his head limply laying against Hunk’s chest.

Once fully undressed, Hunk carries him into the tank, calling for Shiro to follow.

“I need you to keep his hips under the water. Do NOT let them up.”

Shiro only nodded, already pushing Lance’s hips under. Nothing could have prepared him for Hunk suddenly plunging Lance’s head under the water, Lance tensing and struggling.

“Hunk!” he had shouted.

“Hunk, what the hell!”

“Let him up! He can’t breathe!”

Keith and Pidge rushed towards the tank.

“Princess! Coran! Stop them!”

Allura wrapped her arms around Pidge’s waist, holding her back and dodging her hits. Coran tackled Keith, sitting on his back and pinning him to the ground. “I hope you know what you’re doing, Number 2!”

Shiro gaze snapped back to Lance, eyes wide and he began to shake. Lance had stopped moving completely. He ripped his hands away from swimming back. He killed him, he just killed Lance.


“What the hell?”

“Number 2? What is going on?”

Shiro hesitantly looked back at Lance, taking in the new…. features. Dark blue, almost black, scales ran along his arms, neck, and sides, leading to…. a tail? A long tail waded in the water, thin, cloth-like fins on either side and at the bottom. Scars littered the tail. Shiro looked at Hunk who wore a sad expression.

“It’s best if we leave him for now. He’ll be asleep for a while,” he muttered as he climbed out of the tank.

Shiro glances at Lance, hesitating before following him.

Allura lets Pidge go, moving to Hunk. “Hunk, what is going on?”

Hunk runs a hand through his hair. “Obviously, Lance isn’t human. And, honestly, he has done something extremely stupid.”

Keith stands with the help of Coran. “Like what? Lying to us all?” He snaps.

“He almost died!” Hunk snaps back, causing everyone to go silent, staring at him. Rubbing his face, he continued, “Lance is a merman, merperson, mer-whatever. He breed though, it can shift into a human form but that form shouldn’t be used for long periods of time. I made him promise me to at least shift forms in the showers and baths and it’s clear he hasn’t…”

the signs when they catch a burglar in their home

Aries: Beats him almost to death and throws him on the street. The burglar is helpless and can’t move, every bone in his body is broken

Taurus: Ties him up and gives him delicious food until the burglar can’t move from overeating, then bestrews him with treasures and the burglar dies out of breath

Gemini: Radiates with anger while calling the police and sues the burglar with the highest charges possible

Cancer: Gets in a fight and couldn’t calm down because nobody will steal what the Mr./Ms. Cancer/ess had been working hard for with years

Leo: Just sits in a fancy armchair while drinking whiskey and watches his guys do the dirty job. After that, he orders them to throw the burglar to his lions

Virgo: Doesn’t give a fuck, sits on the sofa and reads a book while drinking wine, probably the sophisticated technology in their home will do everything needed for the burglar to be caught

Libra: Gets up from sleep, punches the burglar hard in the face 2-3 times, and puts him on the sofa, giving him lectures why theft is bad, and after that punches him another 2-3 times in the face and brings him to the police station 

Scorpio: Sneaks in the shadows and gets the burglar’s back, then ties him up on a chair in Mr./Ms. Scorpio’s torture room and molests him as the mood strikes them, then has sex with the burglar because they think that the burglars are sexy. Woah, a new fetish!

Sagittarius: Is so so so nervous and shouts at the burglar every word that comes to their mouth, then probably smokes a cigarette for the first time in their life and has traumas their whole life

Capricorn: Just stares at the burglar while he gets out with their jewels, but that’s probably nothing for the rich Mr./Ms. Capricorn, and finally when the burglar gets out of the house, he gets in a trap which makes him invalid for his whole life and he is pressed to stay in the capricorn’s house to be their servant for the rest of his life

Aquarius: Cries, shouts ad the burglar, fights him, until the police came and arrested them both

Pisces: The burglar starts to run after Mr./Ms. Pisces, and they run in the kitchen like a real victim, and between a bazooka, magic wand, nuclear gun and knife, chooses the knife to fight the burglar. Then starts to cry and offers the burglar their buried treasure in the cellar, and when they go there, there is no treasure but large cages and aquariums of scorpions, sharks, alligators, panthers…. and little kitties. The burglar is afraid and tries to run but the pisces hugs him and tells him that everything’s alright and they somehow end up talking about the existence of this world and become friends, and after everything’s done the pisces hugs the burglar, putting the knife in his back and feeds him to his/her animals

Pets the Espada would own!

@randomhatthief and I were talking about this, and found the idea of the Espada having animals cute, so here it is~

Starrk: He would own a ferret that likes to nibble on his ears, aka Lilynette’s partner in crime.

Barragan: He would own a couple of horses. Regal and majestic looking horses.

Harribel: She would own a cute little bird that would perch on her shoulder. Maybe even two birds, like finches or something.

Ulquiorra: A tortoise, since they’re not high maintenance and also don’t make messes. Just imagine him stroking the shell and talking about how ridiculous everyone around him is.

Nnoitra: He would probably own a huge snake that he makes Tesla take care of most of the time.

Grimmjow: He would own this mean cat with tattered ears or scars that ignores everyone’s existence but cuddles with Grimmjow. 

Zommari: I can see him owning a tree frog. He doesn’t mind the noises as he meditates.

Szayel: Fish! A lot of different kinds of fish in a large aquarium he likely built himself.

Aaroniero: I can picture him having so many hermit crabs. With vibrant colored shells and everything.

Yammy: There is no doubt in my mind that he would have a tiny fluffy dog. You know, like a tiny Pomeranian.

Day 5 [Gifts]

August 3 / Day 5: Gifts (Cardverse) i’m a prince from a small country nobody’s heard of and i’m in college pretending not to be royal and you’re another student who’s always calling me out on my bs”

Chat: it’s the gift of the friendship so suck my ass, also idk if I edited it and I don’t care @spamanoweek


Lovino didn’t like to call himself proper, maybe a bit overzealous and needy, but proper, no. These people, were animals. He just wanted to go to college (‘I want to be like the normal kids, Daddy!’) and Daddy waved his magical credit card and he was at school.

Good. Check mark. 10/10 would do again, but maybe after the first day it went to a 2/10 never do again kind of thing.

The Prince sat alone at one of the huge lunch tables, a half eaten salad placed on his left and a book placed in front. With a napkin placed over his lap, he spooned in copious amount of leafy greens as he read through the pages of the text book. He wanted to become a vet tech, he absolutely loved animals, sea animals to be exact. The textbook went on and on about seals and whales that filled his little heart with joy.

At the castle, he spent hours studying how to be King one day, take his father’s place and become the King of Spades, yet his heart had other opinions, ones that had the sea put in the middle. Ruling a kingdom just wasn’t his thing and maybe he did have the spade printed on his chest like every line of royalty, but to him it felt like just a reminder to keep going in life.

“Look at Prince over there delicately eating his salad,” Lovino’s ears twitched as he looked up hearing the taunting, standing in the food line was a group of boys led by a curly haired man who pointed at him in such a childish manner,

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