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Success for the sea otter!

Sea otters were once locally extinct from the Washington coast, but in 1969 and 1970, 59 sea otters were relocated there from Alaska. These otters have thrived: today more than 1,800 individuals call the Washington coast home! Most of them live in the waters of Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. 

Each year, researchers survey the population – the 2016 census was organized by U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, with assistance from volunteers and staff from the sanctuary, Seattle Aquarium, and Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. One large raft of over 600 sea otters was observed off the mouth of the Hoh River! 

(Photo: NOAA)

Ayrson Heráclito

Divider II


“In Divider II, Heráclito highlights social divisions and the history of slavery. He nearly fills the large aquariums to the top with palm oil and salt water. He uses the ‘heterogeneity’ of water to underscore the ‘disparate character’ of different groups’ roles and experiences during the era of slavery. During that period in history, the sea held enslaved Africans captive, carrying them further and further away from their homelands. However, in an ‘arbitrary inversion’, here the ‘black’ oil floats above the sea, the salt water, as a sign of resistance and survival.” 
- Black Art in Brazil (2013), by Kimberly L. Cleveland


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Name: Belvos, Reina, and Laozen
Nickname(s): None, really.
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Taurus, and Virgo respectively
Gender: Male, Female, and Male
Favourite Color: B: Reds and golds, R: Royal blues and purples, L: Greens and earthy tones
Average Hours of Sleep: ????
Last Thing You Googled: B: “How to stop a grease fire”, R: “How to repair stove after grease fire”, L: “Cost effective Large aquariums.”
Height: 8′3′’, 5′6′’, 8′


Name: Elias
Nickname: literally anything tbh
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Gender: Male
Favorite Color: so many
Average Hours of Sleep: HAHA
Last Thing You Googled: probably something to do with the new Story of Seasons
Height: 5′6′’

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Hi! I've wanted to get involved with an aquarium for a while and found a very interesting fish! The Oscar fish is apparently very intelligent and playful. Would they be good starter fish with their ability to tolerate a wider range of conditions? That being said, I want to learn more about all the components (nitrate, managing ph, etc) before even thinking about commiting to one, and was wondering if you had beginner tips/guides? Any help would be very much appreciated!!

Hi! Nice to hear you’re wanting to do your research first. 

I’m not an expert on Oscars but I do have to warn you to keep in mind that they need a very large aquarium to thrive. They’re on my list of worst beginner fish for this reason - 120 gallons (450L) for one pair is what I’ve listed there. If that’s not a problem for you then you can go ahead as they aren’t too fussy when it comes to water values, it’s just the tank size that forms an issue for many.

If 120 gallons is not an option but you do want fish with personality, this article might be helpful. 

As for beginner tips/guides, that’s what I’m here for.

- Cycling an aquarium (the single most important part)

- Setting up an aquarium category on Aquariadise (contains multiple articles that might be helpful)

If you have article requests those are welcome. I’m always looking for topics to write about that are helpful to other/new fishkeepers!

Good luck! If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask. 

My husband brought me a angelfish home yesterday, for valentines day he got me a 55gal tank, and due to illness I wasn’t able to get the tank going until recently.

That is beside the point however, I usually raise bettas, but this is my first large aquarium, anyways, my husband went to petco and got me this lovely little angelfish, however upon looking at him, I noticed a fluffy white growth on his fins, and quite a bit of damage to his tail.

I took him to my ten gallon where I currently have 3 guppies and a gold inca snail. I know that’s not quite a suitable tank for an angelfish, but since the angel fish is only about an inch or so, I figured this would be a good temporary tank until I am happy with the 55gal.

Anyways, I have concluded that it is fungus, and he had a lot of his tail missing. Since he will be my first fish for my 55gal, I would like to know what kind of treatments I should use while I have him quarantined, and I do plan on moving my guppies out of the ten gallon while he is in treatment.

The temporary tank (10gal) is cycled properly, the water is as it should be, it’s heated, filtered and has multiple live plants. pH 6.5 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Temperature is regulated at 80f

The angelfish seems to be getting around okay, but it still has fungal growth, I just want to know what kind of treatments are recommended.

EDIT: Due to him being fairly vulnerable right now, is there a preferred diet that I should focus on to keep his strength up?

We’re going to Dublin over the summer and I’m super psyched to see Ireland but I know that most large cities have an aquarium so 👀

Delanie walked into the doors of the large aquarium facility. It was just like any other aquarium where you could see different types of undersea creatures and where the workers took care of injured ones. In this world, mermaids and merman would the new hotspot of aquariums around the world, so just like many other animals, they were taken in to be treated but stayed in the large tanks. The workers were never mean, or stern. They gave the merfolk everything they needed and made tanks big enough to feel like the ocean.

As the new trainer walked through the doors, she could feel the lively atmosphere all around her. She was so excited. Today, she was starting to train the merfolk for their shows that the facility held every few days. It was a big deal. She walked into the doors of the trainers break room and set her things down, wondering where to go or who to meet.


Fish Out of Water

Part of the merman AU from earlier, where Cloud triest to get the hang of this…human thing. 

Zack already had his arms out when Cloud lost his balance. Again. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Zack said. Cloud was pretty wobbly, even for only having legs for a full 48 hours. 

“Mmm-hmm,” Cloud nodded, still chipper as ever. He care set his feet down below him and stood up again. Zack tentatively turned back to the wheel. Cloud plopped into the seat next to him. 

Cloud had explored every inch of the ship. He had every right to be curious since he had been confined to their large on board aquarium for quite some time. But now he insisted on company where ever he went. 

So when Zack started to drive them to their next location…Cloud called the navigation seat. Not that any navigating was going on. Cloud spent most of the time leaning over the starboard side staring at the water. 

“We gotta get you to shore soon,” Zack sighed as Cloud crossed back and forth across the ship peering into the water. 

“Shore?” Cloud asked, “where…landpeople go?” 

“Uhh…yeah you could call it that,” Zack agreed. 

“When can we go?” Cloud asked, now nearly leaning himself out of the boat. 

“Cloud please sit back down, I don’t want to wait for you to dry off and grow legs again,” Zack said. 

“I won’t fall,” Cloud said, “I’m thinking about jumping…” 

Angeal stopped when he saw Cloud picking at his serving of broccoli. Cloud had spent most of the last meal feeling out his newer, duller set of teeth. Now…he was flat out avoiding using them. 

“You know you’re not a carnivore anymore,” Angeal said. 

“It’s not meat,” Cloud said. 

“It’s good for you,” Angeal said. 

“It’s…wrong color,” Cloud said, now glaring at the offending vegetable. 

“Just because it’s green doesn’t mean you can’t eat it,” Angeal said. Cloud leaned down and Angeal could faintly hear a growl burbling in Cloud’s chest. 

“It’s broccoli,” Angeal said. 

“Broccoli,” Cloud hissed. Angeal sighed. 

“How about I cover it with cheese then?” Cloud sat up. Cloud knew he liked cheese. Angeal found a winner. 

“I won’t cover all of your vegetables with cheese though,” Angeal warned him, “start eating them right.” 

Genesis glanced up when he heard clumsy footsteps behind him. Cloud was getting better at walking. Genesis felt when Cloud paused right behind him. 

“Whassat?” Cloud asked. 

“What is that.” Genesis corrected, “And it’s just some light reading.” 

“Reading,” Cloud said, latching onto one of the words he knew. Genesis hadn’t read aloud to him while he was in the tank for nothing it seemed. 

“It’s not as entertaining as the play I read to you,” Genesis said, “it’s an old biology book.” 

“I want to read,” Cloud said squinting at the letters. Genesis closed his book. He made a snap decision, but damnit it needed to be done. The next time they went to shore, Cloud was getting some picture books. 

“How about we start a new book together,” Genesis said, “then we’ll get you some books you can start reading on your own.” 

Cloud was thrilled with that idea. 

Sephiroth didn’t know what to make of it when Cloud wrapped his arms around his waist. He held himself away from Cloud in case it was some weird mermaid ritual thing. 

After a few minutes of solid…hugging though he had to ask what this was about. 

“Cloud?” he asked, “Is…something the matter.” 

“Thank you for letting me into your clan,” Cloud said. He’d obviously practiced this phrase a few times before coming out and saying it. Sephiroth was more than a little touched. 

He lowered his arms around Cloud’s shoulders, gently hugging him back. 

“We have a different word for clan up here on land,” Sephiroth said. 

“What?” Cloud asked, looking up at him. 

“Family. You’re part of our family now.” 

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Ishida was away again, most likely patrolling the halls. He hadn't thought to lock his door, and thus, LT had gotten out and had been causing some mischief, as all children would if left by themselves. He'd found a room with a rather large aquarium and was now inside it, among all the fish. (amalgamxtion)

Kiyo had been walking back from class, a positive spring in his step. He was supposed to be having a Kamen Rider marathon later in his room and he was super excited to spend time with his friends. The sorcerer walked by one of the science rooms as he thought about all of this and turned to see something unexpected. LT was swimming inside the aquarium!

He gasped in awe and quickly went in, waving at LT as he looked through the glass. The sorcerer had never seen him swim before and it was kinda cool to watch. What the hell… Its always something with you isn’t it sap? How the hell did he even get in there? We better get him out though… Don’t want the little guy getting into trouble… Kiyo nodded at that and pointed up, tilting his head in curiosity. This was gonna be a strange day…

The human body needs about 25 milliliters of pure oxygen with each breath, which you can get from 1.5 gallons of sea water. Now, a typical human takes about 15 breaths per minute, meaning that the teeny-weeny Triton would have to suck in and process 24 gallons of water per minute, assuming 100 percent efficiency. That’s like asking you to drain a large aquarium by drinking all of its water through a straw. You have one minute.

Do we have pumps that can do that? Sure, but they’re enormous and require a huge power supply, which altogether would make a Triton kit a hell of a lot bigger than a standard scuba kit.

Plus any good set of gills would also need a nitrogen tank, because pure oxygen will just kill you. To be fair, pulling air out of water is definitely possible, but there is currently no evidence that the Triton can do that. Even its producers agree, having recently announced that the whole “filtering water to get oxygen” thing isn’t possible yet, and that the Triton will simply house small, finite canisters of liquid oxygen. Not coincidentally, they also ended up refunding all of their backers’ money, after basically pulling the biggest bait-and-switch since the so-called “Hoverboard.”

5 New Products That Seem Amazing Til You Apply Basic Science
Hidden Love |Merformers: ChaosxTarn|

🔭 |- Mer were creatures that have not been researched enough to know what they truly were. Just recently discovered when one was caught in a net and died shortly after, but scientists knew that they needed to be preserved and studied to know more about them. What they did know was that they where incredible and those who wanted to put them on display knew that. As well as black market fisherman, having been telling everyone their meat would cure any disease.

The Kaon Aquarium was largely known for their endangered sea life, rehabilitation of injured sea creatures and their aquatic shows. They hardly knew anything about Mers, but when they got one that need rehabilitation they never said no. Their scientists took unharming samples and blood and helped them grow from what ever injury they had. Studying their behavior in the tanks. They had only had two in their tanks. But would soon have another.

Off the shores near the aquarium they got a call of a badly damaged mer. Unsure if it was from a blade from a boat or an in counter from the other Megatron sent his team to catch it and save it before it died. Bringing it back his vets and doctors worked long hours to save it. Brining more knowledge Mer scientists to get. Once the surgeries were over they had a private tank, far away from on lookers for the black mer. The tank huge allowing him plenty of room and hiding places down below.

“Tarn.” Megatron waved over one of his most advanced trainers at the park. “I have a new job for you. We just got a male Mer in and he’s not in that great conditions. I find that your the best one to take on this job since your more experienced with the animals here.” He told him before telling him where the tank is and what ever he saw fit to feed the mer.

The mer was quiet big, probably normal size, 8 feet long, black with a dark grey underbelly. Vibrant blue markings that glowed when it got dark. Nice large tail fin, spiky head but of course most of him was wrapped in water proof bandages. A soft red underneath them from the extra blood he bled out. He was calmly sleeping on the one feet shallow step of the tank.

Acquired taste

Torvic’s cell was like a large waterless dome aquarium. There was no privacy besides the blanket that had been thrown to him from above, and even that was thin. Quarantine , that is what the pig face bastard told him. He was in quarantine while he ‘was being tamed.’ That was almost a year ago.

He used to be in a much more comfortable cage, but Torvic kept escaping every chance he got. They don’t even bring in food for him. Just drop it from above, as the last being who fed him got far too cocky and close and Torvic made off not only his severed hand but his eye. It was the only way to get out of this damnable zoo. Retinal and pint scans were so easy to fool, unfortunately it only got him so far and he was caught once again.

Now there was this damn collar around his neck, that not only shocked the hell out of him but also had a button to inject a serum to rind him into a complacent stupor, and he could not for the life of him get it off.