larg cosplay

I can’t tell you how sad i was, that after an HOUR of getting ready, when i went to turn my nice camera on the battery was dead…dont be like me kids, always charge your cameras. hopefully my silly space effects make up for it??

NYMA!!! I know she’s not perfect, I’m not a huge fan of how the yellow tones don’t reeeeally pop out (even after so much work ug) BUT! she is done! and I am actually pretty happy with my construction? some frustrating things, but i KNEW that was just with the territory. I’m trying desperately to get my construction progress (and extra photos) on my Patreon, but its down right now for some reason??? bleh. 

so here she is…Nyma; SQUEAKADEEKS STYLE! 

anonymous asked:

Hey jess! I see loads of things about how gender bending characters is harmful for the trans and fluid community. And I hope you understand I'm not attacking you at all for doing this but I was just wondering your thoughts on the matter? Much love ❤️

(( OOC: This isn’t something I’ve seen discussed before, but as a cis person I wanted to check with some friends within the trans/fluid community before I answered. 

From my discussions with them and my own thoughts, I think I can say that gender bending isn’t an invasive act upon safe spaces for trans/genderfluid people. I think cases where it would be harmful is where a cis person would play a canonically trans person, which is an issue we see a lot within the media. It’s common sense… be respectful of all genders and identities and ensure you aren’t doing it to be demeaning of certain gender stereotypes - which I have never seen anyone do.

I think if anything, gender bending and crossplay encourages people to explore the gender binary outside the barriers that society sets, which I would always encourage. It is a large, established part of cosplay culture that explores different character dynamics and portrayals. I don’t believe any of that should have a negative impact on the trans/genderfluid communities.

If anyone has any further insight on this or I’ve missed something, feel free to send me a message, because I’m always willing to hear other opinions. But for now, I think the less we consider gender as a barrier - in all cases - the better. ))