larde jutne

Trolljegeren The Troll Hunter

Official Troll Reference Guide
Know Your Troll

Dovre Gubbe (The Mountain Kings)
Besides their odorous digestion issues
the cave dwelling Mountain Kings have
one unique characteristic in their
appearance: noses that appear like a
certain part of the human male anatomy.

Tosserlad (The Three Headed)
Thin and tall in stature, these disturbingly
grotesque and seemingly clumsy looking
Tosserlads are potentially extremely lethal
hunters.  If all three heads are working
in unison no prey can escape their grasp.

Ringlefinch (The Ferocious)
Particularly dangerious due to its fondness
to living in urbanised areas, they’re often
found residing under bridges.  Also known
for its peculiar appetite for goats, rubber tyres
concrete and charcoal.

Larde Jutne (The Jotnar)
The Larde Jutne though gigantic and
fast moving, is hunched like an old man.
Some are attributed with hideous
appearances - claws, fangs and deformed
features, they may even have multiple
heads.  Existence unconfirmed.