I know there’s been some disappointment that Larpool Laraoke wasn’t shown last night, but honestly I’m ok with it for 2 main reasons:

1. James didn’t hold it over our heads until the end of the episode only to tell us at the very end. We knew towards the beginning of the episode that it wasn’t going to be part of that episode. That was great of him. Sure, he used Carpool Karaoke as a bribe to get PCA votes, but he could have held this over our heads, and he didn’t.

2. I thought the episode was great even without that. It was hilarious. I loved it! We’re all buzzin’ from the episode. If we got Larpool Laraoke last night, it’d be great, sure, but it’d be lumped in with the greatness that was the rest of the ep and the segments we did see. Consuming it separately means that we can properly buzz about what we saw last night, and then we can fully appreciate the greatness that it sounds like Larpool Laraoke is going to be!

Me? I can’t wait!