Text post meme + my TES characters

Nope, still not done with these. This is the text post edition called “why-draw-new-things-when-you-can-recycle-the-artwork-you-have-made-before” ;P

Skyrim characters version


My TES characters + The Signs As Villains by lameasstrology

I’m enough of a dork to have determined star signs for my Elder Scrolls characters, and when I came across this “signs as villains” post I just knew that I had to draw something about it. A day well wasted. I love how most of these are wildly ooc, and then there’s Brenna being basically herself. XD See captions for more info.

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Someone has probably asked this already, but how can Laraniel see if she's blind? Does she have some spell for it?

She can’t see. Laraniel uses her arcane abilities to enhance her other senses and to gather information about the world (sort of like Matt Murdock, actually), but her eyesight is gone for good. Still, she’s not nearly as helpless as she might appear to those who don’t know her. Laraniel’s spells rarely miss their intended target, and she has no trouble spinning around and decking some poor fool who mistook her for an easy target and tried to sneak up on her. People often underestimate her, and she uses it to her advantage whenever she can.

When I play as Laraniel I tend to use Clairvoyance a lot since it creates a path she can “see” in her mind. Which, I’m sure, is vaguely unsettling to anyone she travels with - how does a foreigner who’s unable to read a map always know where she’s supposed to go? Also, just picture a blind elf walking across that barely functional bridge to College of Winterhold, looking like she could slip and plummet to the depths at any given moment, but somehow managing to avoid all loose, icy, or missing stones. Talk about stressful.

Generally speaking Laraniel has no trouble traveling at night, virtually undetected, as she obviously has no need for torches or light spells. Underground locations are a bit trickier for her, because while the lack of light is not an issue, the sound travels differently in caves and tunnels, so she always feels a bit disoriented at first until she gets used to the new environment.

She prefers to travel long distances in carriages, doesn’t ride horses herself, and usually stays on marked roads (meaning no improbable shortcuts across mountains). While she’s pretty self-sufficient (as if her Altmer pride would allow otherwise) Laraniel tends to keep a hired companion around to take care of some sight-based tasks for her. Besides, why exert yourself fighting every wolf and bear and bandit on the road, when you can just get some local sellsword do all the heavy lifting for you?


I took this a bit further than I originally intended, so here are all my TES characters as trainers - and the pokémon they would most likely have. Ignore the extra non-first gen Chimchar. It’s there just because it reminds me of the imgakin monkey pet Noelie has. For now the team distribution is the following: three for Valor, three for Instinct and two for Mystic.

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So you mentioned Laraniel usually travels with a hired companion when travelling. Who does she usually travel with?

It’s been a while since I touched her save, but I think her current companion is Belrand. She’s also traveled briefly with Faendal, Jenassa, Uthgerd, and even Benor (even though he voiced some suspicions towards Falion and his magic). Skyrim!Laraniel has some trust issues, so she switches her hirelings pretty frequently, not really looking to get close to anyone. Her companions would describe her polite but aloof, more or less. She’s much warmer towards the people in the College, though, due to common interests and such.

Generally speaking Laraniel much prefers seasoned experience and even temper to youthful enthusiasm and feistiness (which is why the likes of Skaila tend to tire her so much… “ugh, everyone is so young and stupid and short-sighted here” *old elf yells at cloud*). I should probably drag her to Dawnstar at some point so I could get Erandur as a companion - there’s a potential friendship brewing. Laraniel has certain fondness for Dunmer due to her time studying in Morrowind and thanks to the company of certain Nerevarine. Besides, both have (I assume) some centuries, bad daedric experiences, and a fair share of regrets behind them. I low key want them sipping tea somewhere, just complaining how the world is in shambles, lol.

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im sorry if youve already posted this elsewhere but what are the backstories of your ES Characters?

Uhhh, that’s actually a fair question. Currently pretty much all character info I have is in form of miscellaneous asks, scattered all across my blog’s character tags… I really should compile them somehow and put my character info pages in order one of these days. But for now, some very brief summaries and some links:

Skaila Skaran (aka Dovahkiin) - A Nord warrior from the town of Winterhold, Skyrim. Her father was a Stormcloak who died at the hands of Thalmor which was basically the catalyst that made Skaran junior leave her hometown, and go pick a fight with the rest of the world. And then dragons happened. More posts related to her backstory: x | x | x

Bron Martes (aka No-vahkiin) - A runaway Imperial thief from Bravil, Cyrodiil, and a descendant of Brenna (although this is not common knowledge). He spent about ten years sneaking, cheating, and stealing within and beyond the borders of Cyrodiil, until he eventually decided to head North in search of some greener pastures - and ended up detained pretty much right after crossing to Skyrim. Good call, my dude. More posts related to his backstory: x | x | x | x | x | x

Laraniel (aka Mostly Innocent Bystander) - An Altmer mage from Auridon, Summerset Isles. A sort of a prodigy among her own people, she later ended up studying with the Telvanni in Morrowind (and got involved with Varril in the process). She also operated in Cyrodiil during the Oblivion Crisis - once again not directly participating the events herself, but witnessing them up close. In the early years of the Fourth Era she got involved in a magical/daedric incident which she barely survived - it did render her blind, though. By the time Skyrim takes place she’s about 240 years old, and has witnessed more cataclysms that she would have cared. More posts related to her backstory: x | x | x | x 

Brenna Martes (aka Hero of Kvatch / Auntie Sheo) - An Imperial City troublemaker/street urchin. She’s a distant descendant of Davius, and (since she got involved with Martin) an ancestor of Bron. She spent most of her life making a living with less than respectable/legal ways and would have probably kept at it - but then yet another trip to Imperial City prison took a rather interesting turn… More posts related to her backstory: x | x | x | x

Varril Velethi (aka Nerevarine) - A dandy Dunmer, and an adopted son of a merchant family associated with the Great House Hlaalu. He was born in Morrowind (to an Ashlander mother, no less), but practically grew up in Cheydinhal, and lived rather comfortably until he fell in with the wrong crowd - a chain of events which eventually lead to his deportation. Let me just say Morrowind was a little culture shock for someone used to a nice life in Cyrodiil. More posts related to his backstory: x | x | x | x | x

Noelie Morcant (aka Vestige) - A little freckled Breton lass from High Rock. She’s the only one who has an actual character sheet with a biography so I’ll just direct you there for more backstory. Initially a hedge mage, Noelie had a lot of raw talent, but little ambition to make use of it - until she came across Mannimarco and his minions. Funny what a stolen soul can do to one’s motivation. More posts related to her backstory: x | x

Davius Martenus (aka Pact Hero) - An Imperial Dragonknight, and the second son of a Cyrodilic nobleman. He served in Emperor’s troops until the Soulburst took place. Outspoken objectors of the entire Molag Bal worshipping routine, the Martenus family eventually fled to Skyrim, and Davius joined the Ebonheart Pact. More posts related to his backstory: x | x | x | x | x

Meirami (aka Moon Hallowed / Shameless Thieving Magpie) - A Khajiit Nightblade, a pirate’s daughter, a thief, and a former member of the Renrijra Krin. All in all totally not qualified being in any position of trust or power, and yet somehow she ends up becoming one of the Eyes of the Queen. Raz, your recruitment policy is the worst. More posts related to her backstory: x | x | x


As an added bonus, here’s the timeline for my TES characters. It’s missing Meirami, but she should be right there on the Second Era with Noelie and Davius.

Thank you! :D Yeah, the way I depict each character has evolved a bit throughout the years… but then again their appearance has changed in-game, too, thanks to different mods and tweaks I’ve used.

Changes to Bron haven’t been quite so drastic, but Skaila and Laraniel have gone through a few different phases… The left one is the oldest screenshot with little to no modding, the middle one is from that time when everyone looked like weirdly flawless porcelain dolls, and the right one is the most recent screenshot (where they actually look like I intended them to).