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Ahh #148 for the writing prompts, “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”, with mileven like maybe after everything's settled down after s2 they're somehow not actually together yet but he always like kisses her cheek or forehead when she falls asleep at sleepovers????

148. Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?

Hi anon! Thanks for the prompt :) I hope you like it!!

Saturday night sleepovers have become a tradition, the one night that Eleven is allowed to leave the cabin. The kids all attend, and they gorge on junk food and try to catch El up on all the movies she “just needs” to see. Sometimes Karen will make them cookies or a cake and Steve has even made a brief appearance or two, to smuggle in an R-rated film.

(“I swear if any of you shits have nightmares, I’m gonna send El here after you,” he says, winking at the girl. She winks back, always thrilled to be in on the joke.)

On the eighth sleepover, at the end of February or so, Will is the first to pass out, and one by the one the room fills with snores. Mike and El are the last ones awake, as usual, huddled in the blanket fort, whispering and making up for the last week apart. This is the most privacy they get. After a while their conversation lulls and when Mike’s eyes can barely stay open, he gently brushes his lips against the curls on her forehead.

“Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”

He startles, convinced that she had been asleep. “What?”

She opens her eyes and looks up at him sweetly from under her lashes. “You always kiss me when you think I’m sleeping. Here” - she points to her forehead and then her cheek - “or here.”

“It’s just - I mean - uh… You look so peaceful when you’re sleeping. Like, like nothing has ever hurt you. And I guess…it just makes me happy, okay? It makes me want to kiss you.”

“But not when I’m awake?” Shit.

“Well, no, I always want to kiss you. I mean…” Get it together, Wheeler. “We’re always with the guys or Hopper or something and I like - I like when kisses are private.”

“Like a secret?”

“Yeah, a secret. For just us.”

“Want to know a secret?” He nods and she lowers her voice even further, almost bashfully. “Sometimes I pretend to fall asleep early, because I know you’ll kiss me.”

Mike is certain his blush looks like a fire hydrant by now, and before he can overthink it, he leans forward to kiss her forehead again. He moves to crawl back to his sleeping bag but she’s feeling honest and bold tonight. She grabs his hand and pulls him back.

“Stay. Stay here.”

“You sure?”

“We can both be peaceful.”

They lie side by side, hands clasped between them, her breath softly slowing as it warms his neck. He stares at the blanket above them and tries not to cry even though he’s smiling. This makes up for nightmares and one-sided conversations and 353 days of reaching blindly into the darkness. This makes up for everything.

And it is totally worth all of the crap the guys are gonna give him tomorrow.