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Baby Baker Street (Kid!lock Fancast)

Gulliver McGrath as Little Sherlock Holmes
Thomas Sangster as Little John Watson
Dakota Fanning as Little Rosamund/Mary Morstan
Raffey Cassidy as Little Irene Adler

By SorrowsFlower

I have several different fancasts, but these are my favorites. Also, there might be a part 2 for the others, if I feel like it.


HANNIBAL: The New Series trailer

Still one of the best, creepiest horror trailers ever made.

*He should have hopped faster.” Terrifying.

How the hell did this show get cancelled?


Awesome Dresden Files art!

drag to new tab for full size and find the originals by the talented artist here:

minaminokyoko  asked:

How long do you think Rawlins (or hell, S.I. in general) has been shipping Harry and Murphy? Do you think they have a running bet? How big is the pool by now? xD

Oh, there is NO WAY they haven’t placed bets on it. It must be up to hundreds of dollars by now, and every time Harry comes into the office and they all see the way Karrin relaxes just a little, the skeptics start getting nervous. It started as a joke, making fun of Karrin’s terrible love life, but when Harry came into the picture things started heating up. There’s also a betting pool amongst Harry & Karrin’s friends, instigated by Thomas, and we know Gard and Hendricks make bets, so they’ve probably speculated too. Most people think the odds of Harry/Karrin happening are too low to even bother with, so it’s more about how and when.

Hey guys I need help deciding on a Halloween costume (vote by replying or reblogging)

1. Melanie Martinez (or Melanin Martinez in my case lol)

2. East Compton cheerleader (Gabrielle Union’s character in a Bring It On film)

3. Tanisha Thomas

4. Lara Croft

5. Bumblebee from Teen Titans (one of my fave underrated super heroes honestly)

6. Hermione Granger (J.K Rowling confirmed she could be black and I’m here for it 1000% fight me. Artist: @fridouw ♡)

                            Women of the Tudor era (re-uploading)


Demri Lara Parrott (February 22, 1969 – October 29, 1996) was the long-term companion of Layne Staley, original singer of Alice in Chains.

Early life

Parrott was born in Bremerton, Washington to Kathleen Austin and Dennis Dougherty on February 22, 1969. She had three brothers: Devin, Derek and David. She attended school in Arlington, Washington and dropped out in her Junior year. Some of her interests included philosophy, poetry, decoupage, art and theather. She also worked briefly as a model.

Later years

It’s believed that Parrott met singer Layne Staley sometime in the late 1980s, as she is thanked in the liner notes of Alice in Chains’ debut album Facelift (1990). She was widely believed to be the woman in the cover of the band’s second album, Dirt, however, this was denied by her mother, and later revealed to be actress Mariah O'Brien.

During her relationship with Staley, both developed a heroin addiction. They got engaged in 1992, but split up sometime between 1993-94. Due to her drug usage, Parrott started having heart problems and went on several open-heart surgeries. She passed away on October 29, 1996 from endocarditis at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, Washington and is buried in the Ivy Green Cemetery in Bremerton. Staley passed away six years later, on April 5, 2002.


Tomska Digital Painting ( @thetomska

Find the rest of my art (here) 

the gif is the process of making the painting, which i would like to mention took over 4 days and many bad movies to complete. also i really like tomska and have watched his videos for ever but i have never painted him before so there is that. hope it looks ok