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2017 book releases I’m most looking forward to

don’t give me this crap that lara croft and sam nishimura aren’t dating there’s no fucking way that’s possible because sam is the driving force behind tomb raider 2013 like lara could’ve just given up and hid somewhere on the island but she doesn’t she fucking kills like hundreds of people and blows up an entire city and fights her way through a frigging army of undead samurai and then carries sam down a mountain bridal style (fucking BRIDAL STYLE) and every time sam interacts with lara the first thing she does is ask if lara’s okay and is constantly touching lara and goes out of her way to reassure lara that she’s capable and strong and you have the audacity to tell me these two aren’t dating like did you even play the fucking game how can you not see this

Random things El uses her powers for

Turning off the alarm clock when she needs five more minutes.

Shuffling through outfits in the morning, trying to find the perfect combination while she’s in front of her mirror.

Vacuuming and dusting at the same time so her chores will be finished faster.

Reaching for the cookies Joyce keeps on the top shelf of the pantry.

Throwing Chester’s ball as far as possible when they go out to play in the yard.

Untying Mike’s shoelaces when he least expects it and chuckling when he notices and shoots her a knowing look.

Helping Joyce bring groceries from the car into the house.

Braiding Holly’s hair (Holly likes when El uses her magic).

Passing the TV remote to Will or Jonathan when she doesn’t feel like getting up from the easy chair.

Helping Lucas with his baseball swing so he can try out for the team in high school.

Splashing Steve when he has everyone over for a pool party.

Carrying home a heavy stack of books from the library (subtly of course).

Breaking Dustin and Max out of detention after their prank goes awry.

Stealing Hopper’s hat when he’s trying to be stern.

( Inspired by and dedicated to @louise-bluth )


Reasons to Love Adlock

“Thank you for the final proof.”

Here it is, my friends.


Adlock AU – The Silver Screen

Filmmaker!Sherlock and Actress!Irene

“Mr. Holmes, we’ve screen tested 60 actresses this week alone! You’ve offended every major starlet in Hollywood – Gardner, Kelly, Hepburn – you’ve said NO to them all…. What do you want, Mr. Holmes?”


“But Mr. Holmes, she’s a nobody! She hasn’t even done any films –!”


Inspired by this post.

“A lot of us were born in the 60′s. It was a big generation. A lot of things came out of the 60′s. Fantastic things. And a lot these things are still here. Like people who are 50. Like the brand Marc O’Polo. Like some of the cars that we loved. And we still make them shiny and drive around in them. So it’s a retro year and I’m part of it.” -Mads Mikkelsen