lara something

you: “John Ambrose has died!! oh no:(((”

me, an intellectual: “How’s Peter doing today??? Did he eat his lunch?? He good?? He wearing sunblock, is really sunny today he should take care of his skin :)”


Lara Croft Re-Draw

Its been a while since I did a redraw, and after the lovely suggestion from @nathamuel, I decided to give it a go! So ta dah… the final thing! They’re only a year apart but I used my drawing tablet for the latest one. Anyway, enjoy!

Let me know what you guys think, have I improved? Idk…

Okay so what if there’s a secret fourth episode but it didn’t contain any obvious johnlock content like we’re assuming. Instead, what if it actually gets worse. 

Like on the one hand there’s a reveal that S4 was fake. But when we learn the true story, it’s even scarier than the fake one. Sherlock is dying, John is dying. Some other crazy shit happens. Like Lara Pulver or something. Then it ends on a cliffhanger. So that we think the lost special will make everything better but it actually fucks us up even more. 

The “truth unleashed” will be the revelation that S4 was fake, not johnlock per se. They’ll make us wait till series 5 for that.

Don't Cry

Fandom: Tales of xillia 2
Rating: Teen 
Words:  360
Tags: Angst, Spoilers & Character death (minor)
Characters: Lara Mel Marta, Victor Will Kresnik & Elle Mel Marta
Relationships:  Majorly Lara Mel Marta/Victor Will Kresnik and subtle Lara Mel Marta & Elle Mel Marta
Summary: Experiencing someone close passing away is difficult but seeing them cry for you is just as difficult.
Links: AO3 

Im back it again with a short xillia 2 fic. :’D surprise? 

  • Peter: Lara Jean, when you're dating someone, there are just...certain things you do okay? Like sit next to each other on a school trip. That's pretty much expected.
  • Lara: I just don't see what the big deal is,
  • Peter: Forget it.
  • Lara: Come on, don't be mad. I didn't realize it was that of a big deal. I swear I'll sit next to you on the way home,okay?
  • Peter: But do you get why I was pissed?
  • Lara: Mm-hmm.
  • Peter: All right then, you should know that you missed out on mocha sugar donuts.
  • Lara: How'd you get those? I thought the shop didn't open that early!
  • Peter: I went out and got them last night specifically for the bus ride,For you and me.
  • Peter: Wanna hear something funny?
  • Lara: What?
  • Peter: I think I started liking you.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts asking Emily Andras to put Katie McGrath in Wynonna Earp and while that has endless possibilities, I’d like to offer up a separate one, for the other show that’s giving me some joy right now when Supergirl is just being one disappointment after another.

Katie McGrath as essentially Lena Luthor (just with a new name) but on The Bold Type. She’s a high-powered young CEO of a tech company that she took over from her brother after he did something really awful and was sent to jail forever. I’ll call her Lara Lorraine or something. 

Jane pitches an article about her for Scarlet and goes to interview her and falls in love at first sight. This woman is drop-dead gorgeous and insanely smart, but also kind and kinda sassy. 

Jane and Lara keep finding ways to keep in touch and eventually become really close friends who support each others’ careers and achievements. Jane introduces Lara to Sutton and Kat after a few weeks or so and she immediately clicks with all of them. The four meet up for lunches as often as they can, which isn’t always that often given their hectic schedules.

Jane does get together with Ryan (and lies to him about having orgasms because it’s what she does and it’s always been easier that way, why stop now) and while he’s not the worst boyfriend she’s had, she never has nearly as much fun with him (figuratively and literally) as she does when she’s with Lara and the girls. He’s always so pushy about sex and their relationship when she’d prefer to take things a little slower and have conversations about literally anything else. She knows it’s his job and all, but contrary to what Ryan believed, there were definitely bigger things in the world than sex and relationships. Sometimes she wanted to talk about those. Or the things that were less important like her favorite TV show or the book she’d finally finished reading or the completely non-sex-or-relationships related story she was trying to write about or the antics Sutton and Kat got up to or the ongoing sexual identity discovery that Kat was going through with Adena. Anything, literally anything else, but all Ryan ever wanted to talk about was sex, apparently.

Lara tends to get an earful about it because she’s around Jane less than Sutton and Kat are so she’s more receptive to Jane’s complaining. Eventually Lara just asks Jane why she’s still with him if she doesn’t like him that much. Jane realizes that she’s just trying not to hurt Ryan but is making herself miserable in the process. She makes sure to come up with a way to call it off with Ryan that won’t leave him brokenhearted in a train station on his birthday with zero closure. 

A few months later, after Sutton and Alex stop dancing around what was going on between them and finally officially get together and Kat and Adena decide to move in together, Jane finally realizes what feelings of her she’d been avoiding and ignoring for so long.

She makes a trip to Lara’s office that day, after she finishes up that article she was working on, obviously. No one was worth losing her career over, but she probably could have done a little more editing than she did.

Needless to say, Lara was very happy to see her.