Irene and Sherlock went to university together and became good pals. One of their favourite things to do was go out to eat, and Irene would ask if Sherlock was into any boys, and Sherlock would ask the same of Irene, but about girls. 

And whenever their waiter came to serve them and asked Sherlock if Irene was his girlfriend, they’d just exchange glances and then burst out laughing. 

It was a funny thought, after all. 

Sherlock? Irene? Straight? Straight as a corkscrew.

Years later, when Sherlock met John, Irene texted constantly, asking what sweater John was wearing that day and what Sherlock rated it on a scale of one to ten, one being inexplicably ugly and ten being by far the most adorable thing he’d ever seen in his life. 

When Sherlock didn’t answer ten, he answered eleven.