🎮 | Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (2003)

Kurtis Trent, our favourite demon hunter. What are your thoughts on Lara’s partner from AoD? 


Il est déjà ici! :D

L’Histoire de Tomb Raider by Alexandre Serel finally arrived home, yeeey! :D (I was the last one to get it, seriously??).

As promised here are some photos of the thingie and to my Lartis bitches, the first - and last, as far as I’ve seen- image of Kurtis in the book. My poor boy… what a moment they chose. Well, see the bright side: it’s the only character apart from Lara who gets a chapter all for himself.

I am extremely delighted because the book is beautiful - the Scion cover is textured, you caress it and you can feel the roughness of the symbols and provides lots of information, most of the book is text, except for the drawings that introduce each chapter. There are 56 chapters and as I was promised, most of the book is about Core Design and its games, Crystal stuff starting only from chapter 42 to the end, which is the least, the last part of the book. So I am not disappointed by this.

I’d have preferred, tho, the interior of the book not being only B/W but also some colored stuff, but anyway, the quality of the paper is amazing, and so the cover and the edition. Totally worth it.

I am also shocked at some fresh and new information about TRAOD sequel(s) I’ve not encountered in Meagan’s book, nor even in Murti’s notes, to the point of including some scripts about The Lost Dominion I’ve never seen before - starting by Lara and Kurtis reencounter. As I said, Kurtis gets a chapter all for himself, tho is short and includes mostly his biography and details of his planned spin-off game, Demon Hunter.

I don’t want to say more at this point ‘cause I prefer to read it carefully before, but stay tuned! I’m gonna provide with little bits, photos, details and shared information for those who couldn’t get this French edition. :)

@hazelphoenix what do you think? Totally worth it? :D


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