As you settle in for the weekend, take a listen to this beautiful #TombRaider20 fan tribute! Dean Kopri has stringed together a series of tracks and remixes taking notes from official Tomb Raider themes. We’re listening to these on repeat!

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“Egyptian Tomb Guardians” by BMFreed

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anonymous asked:

I don't think ive seen the lartis passionate kiss before could you reblog it please? I would love to see it! i need more lartis in my life

Hi anon! Well tbh I was searching it in @tomb-of-ash DA gallery but I couldn’t find it -maybe I’m a terrible searcher- so here it goes! Taken from a personal archive I kept for years.

Too early for Valentine’s Day but whatever. Sure you’ve seen this one before, it’s very famous too.


video game meme: [8/8] favorite female characters 


{The Soul Animal}
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