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“We condemn you, Natla of Atlantis, for your crimes. For the flagrant misuse of your powers and for robbing us of ours…breaking the free bond of consent that our people are ruled and secured under, and for invading Tihocan and myself with our army, our warriors emptied from our pyramid, so that you could use the pyramid, its powers of creation, for your own mindless destruction!”


ya lit meme: five protagonists (1/5) — lara jean song

“Lara Jean, I think you half-fall in love with every person you meet. It’s part of your charm. You’re in love with love.”


Bedelia du Maurier as Woland
Freddie Lounds as Behemoth
Margot Verger as Koroviev
Alana Bloom as Azazello

anonymous asked:

Do you think Jade will be killed off in season 2 since Sarah Bolger will be doing the Sons of Anarchy spin off Mayans MC?

Hard to say.  

As it stands, season 2 only has 10 episodes and is finished filming, while the pilot for Mayans MC begins filming at the end of this month. If it follows suit with SOA, it will only have 13 episodes and could premiere as early as this fall. It’s entirely possible that Sarah could film for both shows if they shoot different times of the year and it’s obviously not unheard of for actors to shoot for multiple shows/projects. However, Sarah is also a reoccurring star on Counterpart on Starz and we don’t know a lot about that role, but she may be contracted to them as well. 

A lot of it depends on contracts, agents, what projects hold the most “value” for her, etc. She’s a member of an encore cast on Into the Badlands, but she’s a lead on Mayans MC. It’s no secret that she loves ITB, but if she knew these roles were coming and with them a need to break away, it’s very possible Jade will be killed off. However, I haven’t heard anything about the actors being in contract negotiations for a third season yet and it took AMC forever to announce a season season, so it’s impossible to say at this point.