Game time!

A great day watching our teachers apply some of the Digital fundamentals and lesson suggestions that we had been working with them over the past week and a half.

I took special pride in watching Jean de Dieu conduct his Physics class as we had been working closely together earlier this week. Mind you, using a computer with the Rwanda learners (that’s the term they use to call students) is very foreign. Typing with a keyboard is not the norm. In fact, there is a definite need to teach and enhance basic computer skills before tackling how to understand forces of pressure in liquids (today’s lesson). And with all due respect to my former science teachers, I definitely would not consider myself a subject-matter expert. That may have complicated the value and language barriers that we had to overcome.

Still, Jean de Dieu was a gamer. I relished in watching the kids faces as they explored the laptop and the capabilities of the camera. I felt their excitement in wanting to use the counting device to its maximum utility. Among today’s highlights and memories:

-Jean de Dieu consistently asking the class “are we all together?” as a way to ensure the class was understanding a concept before proceeding

-Watching the primary school math explore the courtyard and taking pictures as a potential way to understand fractions and percentages

-The expressions of welcome and thank you I having foreigners or teacher aids in their classroom. Just the look in their eyes and their smiles will be etched into my heart forever

Today was a good day!

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