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catharsis (m)

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โžพ catharsis (noun): the purification or purgation of strong/ repressed emotions that results in renewal and restorationย 

โžพย summary: where do you draw the line between fantasy and reality? Yoongi knows he has a kink that isnโ€™t socially acceptable as kinks go. heโ€™s already had several failed relationships in the past tucked under his belt as a result, so when you offer him a chance to live out his fantasy in a guiltless, no strings attached kinda way, what could go wrong?

โžพ 14k

โžพ warnings: impregnation kink, cumplay, nipple play, ball play, daddy kink, cock worship

โžพ a/n: here it is!!!!!! a lot of you have been waiting for this, so i hope it lives up to your expectations ๐Ÿ™ƒ that being said, this is probably one of the filthiest things iโ€™ve ever writtenโ€ฆ so enjoy, and happy valentines day โค๏ธ

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anonymous asked:

Dan and Phil are roommates in college, Dan's horny and has been begging Phil all day to fuck him and make him cum and Phil finally caves when Dan starts jerking off in the shower while he's trying to do his homework so he puts on a cock ring and fucks dan until he passes out(aftercare too) and they don't go to their first class the next day cuz they're too tired lol overstimulation, cockslut!dan, choking and hairpulling

I also added a weeeeeny bit of daddy!kink and gave Dan a tongue piercing because why not? If you have trouble getting past the cut on mobile open in your browser!

When Phil first meets his university roommate, he knows heโ€™s hit the jackpot. The boy whoโ€™s sitting on one of the single beds introduces himself as Dan, and suddenly Phil isnโ€™t quite so regretful over his decision to live in one of the cramped one-room suites on campus, rather than paying extra for the more spacious dorms down the road. Dan is gorgeous, to say the least. He has these pretty brown eyes surrounded by fans of long lashes and lovely, dark locks that feather out against his face. His smile is so bright it might not even be an issue that thereโ€™s only one tiny window in the cinderblock room and that the lightbulb screwed into the cracked ceiling is basically useless. ย Heโ€™s classically beautiful โ€“ but that isnโ€™t necessarily what makes Phil decide he needs to have him within the first three seconds of knowing him. Itโ€™s more likely that every fibre in this boysโ€™ being screams twink. From the way heโ€™s dressed, in skin tight black jeans and a deep plunging V-neck thatโ€™s probably two sizes too small, to the way he spreads his long body across the small bed like heโ€™s there for a centrefold shoot. Philโ€™s staring at his pouty, full bottom lip wondering what itโ€™d look like wrapped around his cock when Dan โ€“ on habit, or perhaps something else โ€“ pushes the silver ball of his tongue piercing out and gently grips it between his teeth, before retracting it back into his mouth. Itโ€™s then that Philโ€™s want becomes more of a need.

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The Tenth Floor pt 1

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader & Taehyung x Reader

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language, smut talked about/implied, some dark themes

Partย 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

You certainly looked the part. Dress slacks, light-blue blouse, a blazer with the sleeves rolled up once. You were even wearing heels, much to your distaste. You had bought your slacks at a consignment store cheap, and they fit other than the length. You planned to either have them hemmed or buy new ones as soon as you got your first pay check, but for now you would have to survive without practical shoes.

The elevator you were standing in was basically a box of mirrors, and everywhere you looked you saw yourself. It was a little disconcerting, so you tried to focus on your phone. You felt the elevator stop, and you glanced up at the numbers on the wall. You were only on the fifth floor, so you guessed someone else must be going up as well.

You were right, and watched as two young men stepped into the elevator with you. The taller of the two gave you a smile as the other almost pressed the button for the tenth floor, noticed it was already lit up, and dropped his hand.

โ€œYou must be the new secretary.โ€ He commented, and you raised your eyebrows.

โ€œYeah, how did youโ€”โ€œ

โ€œWe know everyone on the tenth floor.โ€ The taller man replied. โ€œMy nameโ€™s Seokjin, by the way.โ€ He held out his hand for you to shake.

โ€œNice to meet you.โ€ You said, giving them both a smile. โ€œI look forward to getting to know you both.โ€

โ€œDonโ€™t count on it.โ€ The second man snorted.

Seokjin shot the other man a look, and hit his arm lightly. โ€œJimin, donโ€™t scare the girl off on her first day.โ€ Jimin shrugged, unperturbed.

โ€œWhat do you mean, โ€˜donโ€™t count on itโ€™?โ€ You asked, and Jimin smiled.

โ€œI mean, you wonโ€™t be around long enough to get to know us.โ€ He looked over to Seokjin. โ€œIโ€™d give her a week, tops.โ€

Seokjin sighed. โ€œSuch a pessimist.โ€ He chided before sizing you up. โ€œSheโ€™ll last a month.โ€

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Your Awards

Pairing: Evan Peters x Reader

Description: One day, you see something crazy on tv leading to cuddles with your favorite superhero.

Warnings: Fluff. So much fluff. Also adorably clumsy Evan. Also insecure Evan?


Your boyfriend flew into the room with a wild expression and hair sticking in different directions. “ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU HURT? WHAT IS HAPPENING?” Evan panted as he checked you over, making sure you were alright. “I’m fine you idiot. Look at the tv.”

You happened to be flipping through channels when your boyfriends name read across the screen.

“..and the nominees can be viewed on” You dove for your laptop, threw open the cover and furiously began typing.

“Babe, what’s going on?” Evan was thoroughly confused by the way you were acting. “SHH!” You finished typing and started to busy yourself with clicks and scrolls. You seemed to find what you were looking for and practically threw the laptop in poor Evan’s face.

“Look! Look! Oh my gosh, look!!” Evan caught the computer midair and scrutinized the view that was presented on the screen. The page read, ‘MTV Movie Awards. Best Comedic Performance Nominees.’ “No. You’re messing with me.” You laughed at Evan’s expression. “This is all very serious Ev. Oh and go back a page.”

He did as told and it basically said the same but with Action Performance. “TWO?! Holy crap!” “Babe this is so huge for you. Being nominated for two big awards? SO PROUD!!”

Evan suddenly became quiet. He looked at you with an unreadable expression. Extremely confused and a little worried, you asked, “what’s eating you, babe?”

He slowly set the laptop down and stepped over to where you were sitting on the couch. “You,” he said.

“Me?” you asked. “You. These are your awards.”

By now you were very worried and reached to check his temperature. He was probably just overexcited.

“Babe. I don’t believe you’re thinking straight. What’s up?” “This is your award. You’re the one who got me out of bed every morning even if I was being an arse about it. You made sure I was fed and hydrated so I could function at work. You supported me every night I felt I wasn’t doing Peter justice. You were.. are my rock. I wouldn’t even have got the audition if you hadn’t pushed me to. So yeah, these are your awards.”

The room fell into a calm aura, setting your emotions skyrocketing. “Sure I helped you, but that’s just it. I helped. Who’s the one who read scripts until three in the morning making sure he wouldn’t screw up his lines? Who went to the gym even though he hated it there so his character would look the part? Who acted the same scene for sixteen plus hours one day and was just as excited to do the same thing the next day? That was all you, baby. So if you want to call the awards partially mine, I’ll let you, but they are yours and you did everything to deserve them. You are a great actor and your coworkers tell me they’ve learned a lot from you. I’m so proud, baby. I’m so proud.”

Evan was practically in tears now. He always questioned his acting ability yet you always could reassure him. He could never tell you how thankful he was for you. He just couldn’t do it without you by his side. Someday he’d ask you to be with him forever. Just not yet.

“Thank you, baby girl. I love you so much.” “I love you too my Quicksilver.”

That day ended in cuddles watching his X-Men movies.

{Special} College!AU Chanyeol

this was commissioned! | check out my other college!aus here 

  • major: music with a concentration in composition 
  • minor: computer science 
  • sports: n/a
  • clubs: he’s in a band with some of his friends but it’s not really a club LOL, gaming club, comic book club, you get what i mean 
  • chanyeol is always on campus with some kind of instrument in his hands - so he basically has ‘music major’ tattooed on his forehead 
  • and it’s like people either assume ‘oh, he plays guitar he must be into rock music and partying and being wild’ while others are like ‘ive seen him in the practice rooms with the piano!! he must be trying to go the classic route - that’s so mature!!!’
  • but the reality is neither - because as much as chanyeol harbors love for all kinds of music he doesn’t exactly want to be a musician only
  • he wants to be a composer, he wants to create
  • baekhyun and jongdae always joke “how can you write such beautiful music - when you have nothing going on up there!” 
  • (they mean in his head and chanyeols like HUH IM A GENIUS DIDNT YOU KNOW and jongdae is like i once tricked you into eating toothpaste. you’re not a genius bro.)
  • but really,,,even some of his professors are shocked by just how much natural talent chanyeol has for music
  • like most of the time he’s this tall, all smiles and relaxation looking type of guy. you know the one student who doesn’t seem like he’d take anything seriously
  • walks into class in training pants, slippers, his hair sticking up - when you ask him what his morning routine is he just shrugs and waves a hand around like
  • “throw water on my face and pick something off the floor to wear?”
  • and his laptop is covered in stickers of cartoon heroes, album art - notebooks full of more doodles than writing
  • but when,,,,,,he composes something - hands in a final piece of music, plays for the class, even when he sings
  • chanyeol just shows that beyond his laidback attitude is someone that works for perfection in this industry
  • teachers praise him and he’s always getting shy about it,,,,but it’s true 
  • aside from music though, chanyeol really is like an overgrown kid sometimes
  • anything shiny and new catches his attention and he spends hours binging video games and new tv shows
  • which is partially the reason he has his computer science minor - to make sure he can fix any glitches with his PC 
  • and his floor RA suho always finds him half passed out at his desk, cheek smashed against the keyboard with opened cans of monster energy and chips near him
  • “chanyeol, maybe you should join the basketball team or track - find a healthy hobby!!!!” suho encourages and chanyeol is just like “no,,,,,,i gotta get,,,,,,,out of diamond,,,,,,,must get,,,,,,,masters,,,,,,,,,” 
  • his whole dorm is decorated in action figures and comic books stacked up near his bed
  • geeks out with other guys at club or when they go out to the pc rooms and just dont emerge for hours
  • he’s just a regular college kid - who happens to have been blessed by the musical gods LOL
  • and like a super cute face, but we’ll get to that
  • and you know chanyeol, he’s hard to miss being all lanky and tall
  • barreling into class, sometimes late,,,,
  • sometimes into the wrong room with his laptop in one hand and his messy backpack in the other
  • he sits a couple of rows behind you, but he’s unmistakable - with his ears that poke out from his baseball hat and the iron man sleeve on his computer
  • and you know he’s fairly popular - he’s friends with people like kai, who are the heartthrob of your university
  • but also upperclassman suho whose so prestigious and proper and has like every scholarship imaginable to a student
  • so his friendly vibe is through the roof,,,,,yet you’ve always been a bit nervous to talk to him
  • half of it comes from the fact that he just,,,,,,seems busy - between laughing with his groups of friends to playing some game or fixing a composition
  • and the other half is because like,,,,you’ve always thought he was pretty attractive
  • he might be messy, nerdy, and goofy - but something about his stature, his guitar case thrown over one shoulder
  • it’s just,,,,nice
  • but today you have to talk to him
  • and not because your friend has pestered you endlessly about asking him on a date or you even need help with the homework for this class
  • but because your cousin’s birthday is coming up
  • and your cousin is a lot like chanyeol, in the sense he likes superheroes 
  • and you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can’t tell superman from captain america
  • your friends don’t offer much clearance, but you do know one person who’d probably be able to help you
  • mr iron-man computer sleeve park chanyeol
  • so when class ends you see him wave to a stream of his friends, staying back a bit to pack his computer away
  • and you’re clutching your notebook with such nervousness, you’re sure your knuckles might be turning white
  • but you step toward him anyway
  • clearing your throat, chanyeol turns
  • and his natural aura is warm, he smiles and asks “what’s up?”
  • as if you two have been friends since the playground days of your life
  • you try to word it as casually as possible, “my cousin really likes comics,,,,but i dont know anything about them but i know you,,,,like them,,,,?”
  • it comes out like an awkward question and you’re beating yourself up about it but chanyeol lights up like a darn christmas tree
  • clapping his hands together and laughing
  • “i do!!! do you know what hero he likes?”
  • you straighten up, relieved that he seems willing to help
  • “he also like iron man, but i dont know what to get him. an action figure? a comic book?”
  • now chanyeol’s eyes are damn near sparkling
  • he throws his remaining things into his bag and motions for you to follow him out of the room
  • you pile out and in the hall chanyeol pulls out his phone
  • “here’s my collection, there’s a lot of things you can get with iron man. he’s one of the most popular. personally i think he’s way better than-”
  • he’s talking a mile a minute, scrolling through photos at lightening speed - this figure is from this series, this toy is from this movie
  • and you’re just seeing flashes of the red iron man suit and chanyeol’s overly excited voice
  • until finally you’re like
  • “i - my budgets like twenty dollars.”
  • he stops, turning to look at you and sighing
  • “that’s not much, but i can make it work.”
  • “you can make it work?”
  • chanyeol grins, “are you free this weekend?”
  • your breath gets caught for a moment as you look at him “w-why?”
  • “to go shopping of course!”
  • oh
  • you think and cover your slightly shocked expression with a smile “sure, can we meet saturday?”
  • chanyeol gives you a time and a place and when he’s gone, someone calling his name and the last thing you get is a hurried wave
  • you stand there and think : im going to hang out with park chanyeol,,,,,,,
  • your roommate insists it’s a date when you tell them, but you play it off “he’s helping me find a gift for my cousin, there’s nothing more too it.”
  • they just scrunch up their nose “haven’t you watched dramas - it always starts out arbitrary and theN BAM THEYRE IN LOVE-”
  • either way, saturday comes around and you wait for chanyeol near the busstop outside of campus
  • he’s ten minutes late - but you spot him jogging over 
  • his hair isn’t as messy as usual, but he’s still in the same simple white t-shirt, black trainers 
  • in the back of your mind you go ‘even if this was a date - would he show up like this too?’
  • not that you mind really,,,,,he’s very comfortable looking. you like that about him
  • you guys get on the bus and chanyeol is already head over heels into the backstory of iron man
  • name dropping characters you don’t know, explaining superpowers you’ve never heard of
  • that the hour long ride into the city goes by in a flash because chanyeol doesn’t even seem to take a breath when he’s talking about this
  • his enthusiasm is overwhelming, but cute at the same time
  • “there’s a toy store that always has some fun things, since you only have twenty dollars - maybe a small action figure would be a good idea?”
  • he weaves through the crowd and talks as you try and keep up with his long legs
  • at some point, you manage to have two or three people squeeze between you and just when you think you’re going to lose sight of chanyeol
  • you feel his large hand grab yours
  • you look up, his smile shining back at you
  • “we almost got separated, stay closer to me!”
  • he pulls you a bit and you flush at the feeling of his palm in yours
  • when you get to the store, chanyeol seems unbothered as he lets go but you stare down at your hands and sweat a little
  • “first floor is comic books, but there should be toys and stuff upstairs!”
  • chanyeol announces, greeting the workers around you as if they’re long time friends
  • before you know it you find yourself crouched down, looking at the huge wall of boxed action figures
  • chanyeol still talking about everything iron man
  • he’s like a kid in a chocolate factory, never calming down - never giving you much time to ask questions or keep up
  • but when you settle on something for your cousin, he surprises you when he tells you “it’s over your budget, but ill cover you.”
  • “oh, you don’t have to - ill just find something -”
  • chanyeol waves it off, “it’s no problem, for a fellow iron man fan. it’s worth it!”
  • he chuckles, but you’re still shy about accpeting the help
  • you’re even more shocked when you’re out of the store and chanyeol hands you the receipt 
  • you’d handed your twenty dollars to him, but this toy,,,,you’d expected thirty dollars maybe thirty five but it had been fifty
  • chanyeol had spent more money on this gift for your cousin than you had
  • and you were protesting, asking him to go back into the store and refund it because this is TOO much
  • but chanyeol just laughs again, the sound deep and rich
  • “it’s fine! he’s going to love it - i know i would. by the way, are you hungry?”
  • you’re still looking at the receipt, till chanyeol plucks it from your hand and points over his shoulder
  • “there’s a good place to eat over there, let’s go?”
  • and you’re like ?????? before you can even understand anything because now you’re sitting across from chanyeol
  • with a bowl of ramen before the two of you and he’s eating happily, chatting about iron man or some video game
  • and he’s in the middle of going “im supposed to be playing with friends, but then i told them im going out and they got so mad because they needed me for a full team but i said just play with baekhyun -”
  • “chanyeol.”
  • he stops, round eyes full of curiosity fixate on you
  • “we should return the toy. you can’t spend so much money on -”
  • he sets down his chopsticks and something changes on his face, like an overcast shadow has settled on his once bright features
  • “it’s fine, i already said so. and don’t think that i,,,,,,i want something in return,,,”
  • you swallow, you hadn’t even thought about that - you know chanyeol isn’t that kind of person
  • but you can see that he’s hurt by the idea that you might have misinterpreted it
  • “i like you a lot,,,,i think you’re really cute in class and stuff but im telling you for sure - i just got the toy because i know your cousin will like it, you know because he likes iron man. i don’t expect you to want to date me or anything over a toy.”
  • you stare at chanyeol - whose now red in the face and avoiding eye contact
  • wait,,,,,,,,,wait what did he say?
  • “you like me?”
  • “well yeah, i notice you in class and i think it’s really sweet you’re trying to get your cousin a gift he’ll like for sure.”
  • he chuckles, twitching a bit and playing with his fingers below the table
  • “but like i said, i don’t expect you to automatically like me back-”
  • you look down at the ramen you’re supposed to be sharing, and suddenly something feels warm in your chest
  • “so is this,,,,,,,,a date?”
  • the voice of your roommate nags in your head
  • chanyeol jumps a bit, nearly tipping the table over with his long legs
  • “i - i - i - ,,,, it,,,,,it can be whATevER you,,, want - i -”
  • you shift and chanyeol’s voice chokes up
  • “i mean, i don’t mind if it is,,,”
  • you can read the look of disbelief on his face, which turns quickly into joy
  • “OH! then,,, after this do you want to um,,,,,”
  • chanyeol seems to be mauling over options, you giggle to yourself and he asks what - what’s so funny
  • “nothing, just the look on your face was adorable,,,”
  • he flushes back to a crimson and picks up his chopsticks
  • trying to mask his embarrassment with eating
  • after that, chanyeol’s eyes are so obviously dancing over the entrance to the arcade
  • he doesn’t want to say it, you can tell so he offers to go see a movie
  • “hmmm i kind of want to play games though?”
  • chanyeol bounces on the heels of his feet, you can see how he’s trying to contain his happiness 
  • “really???? we,,,,,we don’t have to if you don’t want-”
  • but you just grab his hand and pull him toward it
  • it’s fun,,,,watching chanyeol do his best at everything from DDR to street fighter to shooting games
  • the face he makes when you out shoot him in one of the games is priceless
  • and instead of him getting you a toy from the prize section, you end up winning him a small plush puppy
  • chanyeol lifts it up near his face and goes
  • “don’t we look alike?!?!”
  • the day is perfect, cheerful and cute with the exact undertones of a first date
  • on the bus ride back to campus, you can see chanyeol’s fingers tap the side of his leg
  • as if he’s nervous about holding your hand, even though he grabbed it so confidently when you almost lost him in the crowded streets
  • he drops you off in front of your dorm and it’s a little weird,,,,,neither of you know what to say
  • until chanyeol points to the bag in your hand
  • “tell me if your cousin likes the gift!!”
  • you nod, but the gift is the last thing on your mind
  • to be honest,,,,,,,chanyeol is so kissable is what’s going through your mind
  • but it doesn’t happen, both of you are too shy to even look at the other one in the eye
  • and when you go back inside, your roommate pretends as if they weren’t just hanging around the window
  • “so,,,,was it a date?”
  • they ask as you set your things down
  • you’re quiet so that only excited them more
  • “oh my god it was!!! i told you!!!! did you mess it up you fool????”
  • they playfully shake your shoulders and you push them away, but the blush still on your face is enough of an answer
  • your cousin loves the gift, you visit him after class for a birthday party and he nearly tackles you in a hug when he sees what you got him
  • you get a photo of his reaction, which you intend to show chanyeol
  • and when your cousins asks “how do you know about iron man????” you mumble that oh,,,,someone special helped you with the gift
  • and you see that ‘someone special’ in class
  • and he’s, as always, surronded by laughing classmates that point at something on his laptop
  • but the minute you show up - he excuses himself to make his way over
  • “so,,,,did your cousin like it!!?”
  • you pull out your phone to show him the photo of your cousin’s ecstatic face
  • it gives chanyeol a good laugh and you peak over at his friends who stare at you two questioningly
  • but chanyeol doesn’t even pay attention
  • he start jokingly swiping through your photos and you’re swatting his hand away
  • and someone from that side of the room says “aren’t they acting cozy?”
  • the truth is,,,,,even though chanyeol had sort of acted as if what happened between you two was a date -something kept pestering you that,,,,maybe he’s just that nice to everyone
  • his pool of friends would explain that
  • but then chanyeol goes “do,,,do you maybe want to have lunch after this class? unless you have somewhere to be,,,,”
  • and the looks from your classmates, the whispers melt away
  • you do go to lunch with him, you witness chanyeol digging through his messy backpack for his wallet and realize that you both have the same favorite side dish
  • and slowly, you get to know each other better
  • you don’t know if it’s a second date, but it’s something
  • and you don’t know but when you part ways, chanyeol is on cloud nine
  • so much so that even oblivious yixing notices it when chanyeol passes by him on the way to club
  • meeting up after class becomes frequent, till one day - chanyeol is just holding your hand the moment you step out - referring to you as his s/o
  • and then,,,,,
  • one afternoon as you’re telling him about an essay you have due, chanyeol leans over and kisses the corner of your mouth
  • “sorry,,,there was some lettuce and i - “
  • you look at him and chanyeol just,,,, his big shoulders sag
  • “ok, im lying. i just wanted to kiss you,,,,please don’t be mad?”
  • you shake your head, looking down and chanyeol starts to panic
  • till he hears you giggling
  • “why would i be mad at my boyfriend kissing me? you can do it whenever you like.”
  • the words shoot an arrow right into chanyeol’s heart, his whole world seems to peak with rosy pink and 
  • he leans over, to kiss you for real this time
  • and then murmur that “oh my god,,,,kissing you is better than i thought.,,,,,,”
  • so,,,,,,,,what kind of boyfriend is chanyeol?
  • well, he’s pretty much the same - dorky, a little naive about things, but overall sweet and genuine 
  • he’s got this idea of romance from comic books,,,,that sometimes is a little over the top
  • like trying to throw rocks at your dorm window but then baekhyun correcting him that the window could /break/ so he shouldn’t try
  • (he opted for just texting you to come downstairs and then giving you the flowers he bought on his way back from the city)
  • but really,,,,,he’s so like he’s so EXCITED about being in love
  • and tbh you’d think with his popularity he’d have a track record of dating,,,,but he’s new to it
  • and he’s exploring 
  • and sometimes he’s a little tOO corny, with pick up lines he saw in movies or coming up with cheesy names to call each other
  • although puppyeol is,,,,,quite fitting
  • and then sometimes he says something so,,,,affectionate without even trying???
  • like there was a point where you two were on maybe your third date and were going to go bowling
  • and when you were just walking, pushing hair back from your ear
  • chanyeol goes, “the more i look at you - the more i notice small things,,,,”
  • and you asked what he meant
  • and he just shrugged his big shoulders like
  • “no, i mean there’s just so much more i have to fall in love with now.”
  • but there’s also just,,,normal chanyeol
  • whose hunched over his laptop playing games, ignoring everything and shouting through his headset
  • and you might not know much about what the game is, but you pop by every now and then to drop a water bottle off and a snack
  • and chanyeol is so engrossed - but it’s kinda adorable because his big eyes look even wider
  • and when he’s done, he always finds you and hugs you from behind and you’re like
  • “hey, how long have you been playing?”
  • and he murmurs against your hair that it’s been like???? hours
  • and you’re like “i love you but go shower.”
  • you’re like 75% of his impulse control
  • like chanyeol sees anything remotely shiny or pretty and he’s like “i gotta buy it”
  • and you have to drag him away by the ear like “NO”
  • he also spends a lot of time practicing and composing music 
  • and you’ve never said it, but this is chanyeol at his most handsome
  • when he’s got a goal he’s working toward, when you can see that under that childlike wonder and happiness
  • is someone with a real, heavy passion for music
  • and he gets shy to share any songs he’s composed - especially if they include his own vocals on the track
  • but slowly, he opens up to you
  • and you’re shocked, the first time you hear his works because they’re so so so good
  • and they’re top quality too, like these are songs you could hear on TV - songs you could see becoming number one on the charts
  • and when you tell him, chanyeol nearly folds in on himself because he’s like !!!!!!! no,,,,it’s not THAT good,,,,
  • he’s so humble???? and then you just kiss his forehead like “yes, you’re that good. you’re amazing.”
  • and he just nearly melts ,,, his tall wobbly knees giving out under him LOL
  • chanyeol is very affectionate, like i said, but he’s actually pretty modest with pda
  • he loves kisses and hugs and holding hands,,,but he prefers it when you two are alone
  • like he was super tired at one point
  • and dropped into the seat beside you in the library, head automatically falling into your lap
  • and then five minutes later her shot up and was redi n the face like 
  • AH i shouldnt use your lap in pubLIC
  • and you’re like “no one was looking,,,but they are now because you’re so LOUD”
  • but his kisses start out like little pecks, but gradually get more and more intense
  • till chanyeol is holding you so close, low groans in his throat because he wants nothing more than to be close to you
  • and when you finally find yourself straddling him, the darkness of his dorm makes everything quiet but his breathing
  • you realize that given his size, chanyeol is very very willing to bend to your will
  • and the more confident you are, the more you mark up his neck and feel his hands on your hips
  • the more chanyeol just becomes putty in your hands
  • and in the morning he’s got this dopey smile on in class and everyone can basically read on his face what happened
  • and god jongdae passes you on the way to class and gives you two thumbs up and you’re like OH MY GOD
  • basically chanyeol is not subtle
  • but don’t blame him ok his afterglow is just super long 
  • but it’s cute - sometimes he’ll hold your hand under the table when you’re out to eat
  • or hanging out with him and his friends
  • who are all like “you have to take care of him, he’s a walking traffic accident.”
  • and it’s true
  • but also do you know how many times you’ve seen chanyeol walk int otable corners or chairs and then??? apologize to the table or chair
  • like shuttup he’s so CUTE
  • totally the boyfriend that you walk past a playground and he’s like “wanna go on the swings?!?!?”
  • also totally the boyfriend that you walk past a dog and he has to bend down and pet it and take pics of it
  • and you’re like sorry,,,,,to the owner whose like LOL it’s fine 
  • chanyeol has this half-asleep voice in the morning, that’s deeper than normal and you absolutely adore it
  • but you’re also like stop talking like that because i cant kiss you infront of all these students u g h 
  • got you a little iron man keychain and he’s like “so you can have something that reminds you of me with you.”
  • still gets super excited about comic books ad games and talks about them for hours and even if you don’t have the slightest interest - you love it 
  • because chanyeol just beams this energy that keeps you in
  • and his hand around your shoulders, his warm big body makes everything better
  • like he could talk about anything in the world and you’d listen
  • same goes for you,,,if you talk about something chanyeol doesn’t know the first thing about - he’ll listen
  • with stars in his eyes because he adORES you as much as you adore him
  • does the obligatory, resting his elbow on your head because he’s a tall boyfriend and you’re like stop and he’s like
  • make me ^^
  • and you just pinch his nose and he’s like oWIE ok fine ;;
  • he’s probably a cornier texter too,,,,using stickers of different comic book characters and spamming the crying icon if you say something like fine no kisses for you :P
  • wearing his big sweater and he’s like “i need it,,,i wanna wear it” and you’re like wear another one
  • but chanyeol just tickles you, chasing you around the dorm till you both end up falling back on his bed
  • a mess of his long limbs and yours
  • laughing against each others skin and just,,,,being super happy
  • your cousin loves chanyeol so much omg and chanyeol is always like let’s go visit him and you’re like so you can talk about iron man?
  • and chanyeol’s like nO because i want your family to like me,,,,,but also yes because of iron man LOL 
  • do i even have to say this,,,,he totally composed a song to play for you on the guitar for your university LOL 
  • jongdae: did you know chanyeol sent your photo to me like ten times and said you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen?
  • you: he did?
  • chanyeol dying in the corner: JONGDAE PLEASE LEARN TO KEEP SECRETS 
BTS Reaction - Skype Sex

He’s on tour overseas and you two want to have some release, but the only possibility is through your laptop’s display..



Stumbling over his own feet Namjoon rushed to his bed where his laptop was switched on, your voice droning in with some naughty phrases that turned him upside down. And then as he threw himself on the bed, seeing how you slowly undressed through the screen he bit down his bottom lip, his pants feeling too tight. He wanted to fuck you in person, but seeing your through the screen was better than nothing.

“Why now, babygirl? You know that Yoongi might come in every minute”, his desperate voice tried to stop you, but his hand inside his jeans told otherwise and then as you finally showed him your soft skin he didn’t care anymore. Putting the laptop between his legs he opened his pants. “Oh god, please keep going and show me my baby girl’s pussy..fuck.”


Jin actually lulled you into trying another type of sex. Skype sex. He was on tour and as the oldest he had the advantage to get a single bedroom as to why he had locked himself in after the show, calling you via Skype.

“Hey, sweetie”, his voice was shaking slightly, his excitement showing with his ears getting utterly red. He was nervous, too. “I don’t know how to start”, he’d scratch his neck, his laugh filling his hotel room before you started to take the lead, opening your pink blouse slowly. You had chosen his favourite color and as he saw the light pink dessous underneath he was ready to begin. “If I get home you should wear them again”, Jin would say, swallowing hard as his fingers opened his pants.


After the first practice for the show Hoseok had found a dumb excuse for him to sneak up into his shared hotel room, his body tinged in sweat. But it was the only time you two would be able to see each other because of the time zone difference as he was on tour the last three weeks already.

Opening his laptop and seeing your face was everything he wished for, but as you showed up in nothing but a gown covering your flawless skin, your hair damp from a recent shower.

“You just showered without me?”, he’d ask, his suggestive grin signalling what he wanted right now.

So what? You already miss this?”, your teasing voice sounded through the speakers while you slowly dragged the gown down your naked body, biting your lower lip.

Hoseok’s eyes widening he’d put everything down, getting closer to the screen with his hands wandering over his sweatpants.


Yoongi wasn’t the type to Skype, but after he finally agreed he found a liking about the way you brushed your hands over your collar absent-mindedly, your flushed cheeks and your nervous eyes. It was the first time he had suggested something as this, his bony digits silently bumping his cock underneath the covers, his laptop on his lower body. No one was allowed to notice hence he had told you to shut your mouth and strip for him on camera while he relaxed after the show, the guys still downstairs to eat.

“I can’t wait to be back, babydoll”, his raspy voice was quiet, his hand speeding up as your last piece of clothing fell to the ground and your tits so close to the display he found it difficult to resist moaning, and so he did. Lowly growling into the mic just to see you blush even harder, a rather shy smirk on his lips.


“Fuck, princess, you look so delicious”, Jimin was a vocal guy as you had surprised him with Skype sex that night. Luckily he was alone right now, his sweatpants feeling so fucking tight around his dick that he easily stripped down, his hips swinging from side to side in front of the camera, his plump lips curved seductively. Last time you were the one shaking your hips and fingering yourself for him while he had the pleasure to just enjoy your sight through the screen, but tonight he wanted to be the one exciting you. And he was succeeding as your hand vanished underneath your panties, your eyes glued to the display as his fingers slipped under the hem of his pants.

“You want to see more, princess?”


As freaky as Taehyung was he wasn’t ashamed to tell Jimin that he needed time for you alone in his shared room, so the other member wouldn’t disturb what you two had planned for a few days. And the day came, Tae’s room dimly lit, the laptop between his legs as your face lighted the display.

“You, me or both?”, was the only question his husky, dark voice formed, his eyes hungry for what was coming next.

Both”, your lovely voice said and so he began to open his expensive shirt, revealing his tanned, glowing skin. His beautiful fingers danced along his stomach to his pants, opening them to show you what was inside.

“You like what you see, baby? It’s only yours”, growling those words he began to play with himself,  his chocolate orbs flying over your half naked body that your hands flew over. And by god, the urge to feel your skin on his was unbearable as you stripped out of your bra and thong, the screen the only way to have sex through..


Jungkook was nervous as you two saw each other for the first time since he had to go on tour. Four weeks without you the worst. Without your glowing face, without your sweet voice, but most importantly your body.. Only in his boxers Jungkook had called you, his member erect for the past hours just thinking about you hence he had lent the laptop of the leader, stripped down and palmed himself.

Jungkook, are you jerking off?”, you had asked him, but instead of answering he just moaned, showing you what was going on a few centimetres lower. Hearing your soft giggles he smiled lopsided, an apology already on his tongue as he saw what you did.

You fucking stripped down to your underwear.

“B-baby, what..”, was all he was able to say, your fingers slipped inside your cute panties, your lower lip pulled between your teeth. “Fuck.”

And so his release came faster than he intended with your soft looking skin and your quiet mewls urging his cum to spurt on his toned stomach in front of your eyes through the display that connected you.

A bunch of seniors knew we were gonna watch a movie in our first hour so they deadass brought a TV monitor and an Xbox one and played Fortnite by covering the laptop with jackets and backpacks. The teacher didn’t even notice she thought they were constantly laughing at the movie

up10tion’s 170502 vlive broadcast

- wei: “greet the viewers pls” 
sunyoul: “hello~” *awkward laughing*

- sunyoul not showing his face (prob bc he doesn’t have makeup on) and walking backwards into the room to ask where the manager is

- wei putting an arm around him to prevent him from falling tragically on camera

- sunyoul: “aAh”
wei: “ah, you want to eat something?”
sunyoul: “i’m hungry” TT