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u know what. that’s fair. me with the 5sos fic i wrote.

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You know a good way to address that shame? Kill it with fire: Write a new Harry Styles fic. 😏

ok 1) oh  myg OD YES it makes me want to burn my laptop. u know the carrot-y directioners who go on and on about shit like “liam is afraid of spoons” and “louis loves carrots”? yeah. mmhm. that was MY DU MBASS.



I walked into the room the smell of kush hit me hard i began to cough nate was in the middle of doing a smoke trick after he was done he stared at me “Y/N what you doing here ?” he looked down “Um Nate did forget i live here ?” oh fuck duhh look iIm sorry “ i looked at Nate what are you sorry it i think its hot.” he looked at me and smirked” come smoke one with daddy” my feet moved before my brain could never tell me this was wrong i let my hair out of its bun as i walked over to him and sat next to him he pulled out this bag filled with pre rolled blunts he grabbed one a lite it taking a deep hit and blew it in ma face i just sat there im awe nate bite his lip and handed me the blunt i slowly took a hit and blew it out and held it before i hit it again “ soo when did miss Y/N become a smoker?”  You blushed and hit the blunt then passed it too him. he hit it a couple times and got close to you and blew it close to your lips so close you could feel his soft lips brush across yours you closed your eyes and let the effects take over you you slowly laid on the bed soon nate laid with you tracing your arms he whisper in your eye “ you high ma ?” you nodded your head as you began to feel relaxed and clam nate slowly played with your shirt  you glanced at what he was doing “ take it off nate “  he slowly pilled my shirt off and my shorts nate began to kiss and suck on my neck causing me to moan softly he ran his finger over your body stopping at your underwear he looked at you asking if it was okay you simply moaned to let him know nate ran his hand down your slit spreading you open he moaned “ Y/N so wet for me i wanna take ma time but i cant help myself “ he slowly pushed his finger inside of you causing you to moan and buck against his finger as he licked and sucked on your neck making sure to leave marks nate shoved another finger inside of you causing you to bite your lip as he slowly rubs your clit but soon he pulled his hand out of your underwear and pushed u down and opened your legs and pulled your underwear off of you he slowly licked up and down your heat causing you to gasped he looked up at you staring as he sucked and lick up and down your heat your eyes began to flutter as moans began to spill out your mouth “ Natee i cant take it please give it too me “ he stop and got up and took his sweats and boxers off he flipped me over on my tummy and lifted my ass up and rubbed his dick on your pussy and slowly slipped inside of your grabbing your hips slowly rocking in to you causing you to moan and grip the sheets he stroked you deeper and faster “Y/N so wet and tight for daddy “ he began to thrust harder and faster making you moan his name “Nattee please don’t stop “ you slowly rubbed your clit but Nate smacked your hand away and growled “ NO you don’t get to touch” he smacked your ass as he slowly pinched your clit causing to go limp but Nate held on to you as he thrust harder “come for me Y/N let me feel it you felt your legs shake and u slowly began to cum all over Nate he stroked you a couple more times as he came inside of you and let you fall onto the bed he looked down at you “I love you Y/N gotta get you high more often

AN So I didn’t edit this because my laptop messed up and had to finish it on my phone but request are open follow me
Sam Wilkinson Imagine - Life Couldn't Be Better.

Anon Request: hey could you maybe do an imagine where y/n and Sam have been talking for a long time via twitter, iMessage n FaceTime and stuff, but y/n lives in the UK and Sam’s obviously out in America doing his thing, but one day they finally meet and they just click? Sorry if it’s a lot haha, I love your writing! Thank you :)

Yeah…I don’t even know what I’ve created but I hope you like it anyway.

Contains nothing bad.

S: - Sam
Y: - You

– (Y/N’s POV) –

My laptop beeps, informing me of a new message. I scramble off my bed and rush to my desk, biting down a smile as I see Sam’s name in my direct messages on Twitter.

S: Hey Y/N! :)

Y: Hi Sam, how are u? :P

S: Great now I’m speaking to u, what time is it over there?

I look at the clock and sigh, I knew I was sleepy but I wanted to stay up to talk to him. Time gaps are the worst.

Y: 12:30am, hey I’m in Saturday and ur still in Friday. Ha ha! :P

S: You’re so cute Y/N, it’s way past ur bed time!!

Y: Very funny…it’s the weekend, live a little Samuel.

S: Whatever :O
S: I just wanna meet you :(

Y: Me too, come and kidnap me and take me to America :(

S: I would if I could..
S: What would u say if I asked u to come on tour with me and my friends?

Y: Skate?
Y: I’d want to say yes obviously but I know that wouldn’t happen.

S: Yeah, the Jacks too, I’ve told u about them right? Never say never Y/N, it could happen…soon.

Y: You did not just quote Justin Bieber! :O

S: Oh but I did…I’m a fan of the biebs ;)

We chatted for hours, telling funny stories to personal stories, if only I lived in America or had the money to, working in a small library on college campus didn’t support much, I had to rely on the bank of Mum and Dad most often.

– (Sam’s POV) –

I’ve been speaking to Y/N for six months now, every day for six months. We’re so close, I wish I could just meet her already.

“Yo, do you know where Y/N lives?” Nate asks, playing around on his laptop.

“In Cambridge somewhere, why?” I ask, he shrugs.

Minutes later he smiles brightly at me and pats my shoulder, I look at him weirdly. “You, my friend, are going to Cambridge in two days.” He announces, my heart races.

“What? Are you serious?” I ask, furrowing my eyebrows at him.

“As serious as a heart attack, in two days you’ll be able to meet the girl you’ve been dreaming about since the day you spoke to her.” He laughs, I feel a heat in my cheeks.

“I have not.” I shove him away, gaping at the laptop screen - showing me the booked tickets to the UK.

“Dude you were moaning her name last night,” He laughs, I blush and look away. “Look, go tell her and be all lovey dovey, I just spent my money on your happiness so make the most of it.” He sends me on my way.



S: Wtf? No. I’m coming to visit you!

Y: No ur not.

My heart sinks, does she not want to meet me? Have I scared her off?

Y: Wait ur serious?!

S: Yeah, but I don’t have to go if you don’t want me to…

Y: You’re on drugs right? Why wouldn’t I want u to go? :(

Okay maybe I was wrong.

S: No reason, so are u excited? :)

Y: Samuel u don’t know how happy I am right now :D

S: I do, I can’t wait! :D

“Bro, Sam wake up, we’re landing.” Nate says, shoving my shoulder to wake me up.

I sit up and put my seatbelt on, waiting for the plane to land. I watch the scenery pass beneath us from the small window, It’s so nice already and I’ve never been here before so it’s even better. “Did she say where she would wait?” Skate asks me, I nod and rub my eyes; still tried from the long journey.

“Yeah by the entrance, she said she’d wait by the benches.” I say, immediately excited to meet my internet ‘friend’ for the first time.

I have no idea what we are, we’ve flirted and became so close that I haven’t slept with or hooked up with a girl since our friendship got pretty serious. I’m okay with just being friends because she’s cool but if the spark is still there without the internet then I’m not going to hold back.

The plane lands, we collect our hand luggage and head out to collect our suitcases. We’re only here for two weeks so we didn’t need to bring that much, I’m sure we’d be buying more stuff to take home to our families to show off our little get away to the UK.

We walk towards the entrance of the airport, our luggage trailing behind us on the wheels. “You sure you know what she looks like?” Skate asks, I sigh for what seems to be the tenth time this minute; he’s so paranoid that his money has gone to waste.

“Yes Nate, I know what she looks like.” I reply, searching around for her.

But the new accents to my ears were mesmerising, everybody sounded so polite without meaning to - I’d hate to get into an argument with a British person, I’d feel so horrible for being rude to them.

“Sammy!” A unrecognisable british accent calls, echoing off the walls. I spin around and see Y/N jogging towards me, a bright smile on her pretty face.

Damn, she looks even better in person.

“Y/N?” I smile, dropping my bags to open my arms for a hug. When she eventually teaches us, she hugs me tightly.

Though we haven’t met each other in person before and I don’t know her that well, it still felt right to hug her. She’s so cute and she smells really good. And her accent, God help me.

“Guys?” Skate chuckles awkwardly, I pull away from Y/N and smile at her, glad to finally be here.

“O-Oh Y/N this is Nate, Nate this is Y/N.” I introduce them, they hug each other and say hello.

“So uh I’ve got the car outside, follow me.” She smiles, I trail behind her, still mesmerised by the whole situation and her accent.

“It’s only small uh, there’s the couch and then there’s a pull out bed on the other one.” She says, closing the door behind Nate and I as she points to the living room.

“Nice place.” Nate says, looking around.

“Thank you,” she giggles, running her fingers through her hair. “Uh would you like a cup of tea?” She asks, I look at Nate and we nod our heads.

“So you drive on the right side of the road?” She giggles, obviously mind blown.

“Yeah, so much easier than the left.” I laugh.

Nate puts his empty cup down, he’d took a great liking to Y/N’s cups of teas and has had more than enough for the night. “I’m gonna go to sleep now guys.” He says, patting my shoulder.

The tv wasn’t working in the living room so we all sat in Y/N’s bedroom.

“Good night.” Y/N smiles sweetly, Nate returns a smile and wishes us both a good night before leaving us alone.

“So.” I chuckle, suddenly feeling nervous because it’s the first time I’ve been left completely alone with her.

“So,” she trails off, picking at the threading on her covers. “I’m happy to finally meet you.” She giggles, blushing.

“Me too, I really like you Y/N.” I admit shyly, looking down as my cheeks heat up.

“You do? Like as a friend or?” She trails off, I look up with only hope in my eyes; hoping not to scare her off too quick.

“Feel free to like kick me out after I tell you or if I freak you out but I really like you as more than a friend, talking to you over Twitter and iMessages and all that is good but meeting you has made my feelings stronger. I’m sorry if this has made it awkward-”

She cuts me off by kissing me, my eyes widen at first but I close them and kiss her back immediately, placing my hand at the back of her head to keep her there. Her lips are so soft, softer than I imagined or dreamt about - creepy I know.

She pulls away and bites down a smile, making my heart flutter even more. “I’m uh sorry, I shouldn’t have done-”

“Don’t be, I’ve wanted that to happen for so long.” I giggle childishly, butterflies raving in the pit of my stomach.

“Really?” She blushes, her beautiful eyes sparkling.

I nod, biting my lip before leaning in to kiss her again. “S-Sam as much as I love kissing you, I think we should stop, it’s not going to work.” She sighs.

If her goal was to wipe the smile off my face in a second then she successfully achieved it and better. “Why not?” I frown.

She scoffs. “Uh because you live in America and I like in here and none of us can move yet.” She says in a 'duh’ tone, shuffling away from me which hurt.

I move closer to her, determination striking throughout my body as I hold her hands and kiss the back of them. “We can make it work, come on tour with me.” I blurt out, catching her off guard.


“Come on tour with us, it’s in a few weeks and you can come too, there’s plenty of space left on the bus. Please just think about it.” I plead, kissing her cheek.

– (Y/N’s POV) –

It’s been two months since Sam and Nate visited, Sam asked me to be his girlfriend the first morning he slept over at my apartment. It isn’t much because I’m only working part time and that’s all I can afford but it works for one person.

“Mom, Dad, this is Y/N, my girlfriend.” I had been so nervous the past week to hear those words. I arrived in Nebraska this morning and now I’m meeting his parents.

“Oh it’s great to finally meet you Y/N.” His Mum smiles, hugging me tightly.

I hug back and smile, already taking a liking to his family. “It’s lovely to meet you too, Sam has told me a lot about you all.” I giggle, remembering the late night conversations Sam and I would have about our families and friends.

I’m introduced to his dad and then his siblings, his beloved dog too, and then his friends arrived; including Nate.

“Guys this is Y/N, my girlfriend.” Sam smiles, placing his hand on the small of my back as I hug each of the guys and smile as they tell me their names.

We all take a seat at the dining table. “So, how long have you two been together?” Emily, Sam’s sister, asks.

“Two months in total, but we’ve knew each other for eight.” Sam grins proudly, rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb.

“So sweet,” his mum coos. “Sam told us that you’re going on tour with him and the guys, are you excited?”

“More than you could imagine, I love travelling.” I giggle, looking at Sam, Nate and the two Jacks.

“Good luck,” his dad laughs. “We can just about cope living with one of them, you sure you’re gonna’ be able to handle four of them?” He jokes, patting Gilinsky’s shoulder.

“Of course, they’ll all worship me by the time we come back.” I wink at them and Sam laughs, placing his hand on my thigh. He leans closer as conversation sparks between his family and friends.

“I already worship you,” he whispers so only I can hear. “They all love you Y/N.” He grins, kissing my temple.

“I love them too.” I giggle, resting my head on his shoulder.

We went on tour, Sam accidentally announced our relationship on stage which forced me onto the stage. The crowd screamed and cheered for me, almost deafening me but I didn’t mind because at least they wasn’t booing or shouting rude things, the boys handed me a microphone and I guess my accent won them over; thanks One Direction for getting us a good first impression.

A year after being together, I finally saved up the money to move to America and live with Sam and the guys in LA in our own apartment, life couldn’t be better.

;; Continued / @yxminotenshi

     A small noise of surprise actually escapes her lips upon hearing the males voice. Of course it would quickly be replaced with utmost d i s g u s t and horror. This obviously has to be some sort of sick joke right?  


      No. Was the first thing out of her mouth, complete denial for her apparent new partner.  No I r e f u s e to accept this!! She hisses again, glaring pointedly at the pinkette in front of her, like it was his fault for this ridiculous pairing. 

      “Out of everyone in the business, why y o u!?”