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When it comes to trauma, if you had to, what types of trauma do you think the Ed's have gone through or will go through in life?

Maaan y'all be talking at me while my laptop’s dead about shit I just wanna go off on lmao I’m cracking my knuckles ready to start an essay and then I realize, shit it’s Swype
But this is really something that would take a lot to answer, considering I have so many thoughts and headcanons that are locked away in a dusty old closet cus I haven’t talked about them in so long. I think it’s fairly obvious the issues the eds have already; all being abandoned by their loved ones. The complications of this deepens a person’s natural reserve of trust issues, which is why they need each other so badly. The problem is, they’re all so emotionally distant from their own issues, so it could take a long time for them to work through it because it’s so hard for them to be honest with their problems, the three of them having their own reasons for this difficulty. In this time, many things could happen with a traumatic effect, since trust is difficult yet they know each other so well. I think on a base level they all are well aware they’ve been abused, that each other had been abused, and that they would never abandon each other because of that, but so many things could antagonize it.

As for my HCs, I think I’ll need my laptop and some time for that. Sorry I only answered like, half of your question haha


first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!

a zabrak scribble based on @prophecy-of-thieves‘ description of their guy zhira! i love blue ‘braks, and white tattoos on blue skin is an irresitable combo. *-*

Here you go! Thank you so much for donating! Also may I say that like. character design wise he is 10/10. my laptop shut off in the middle of my first go so I had to start over on him but he was still so fun to draw both times. 

Ayyyyy oh man I love it! He looks awesome!!! Thank you!!
Ten Years (Part 3)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,279

Warnings: language, snark, excessive unlikely events

A/N: Meh?

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

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Screaming at the Moon

Requested: “shawn and you always hated each other because secretly you were in love but weren’t brave enough to do smth. Your families are close so a day you went on a trip together and you fight but end up having passionate, rough, hard, deep, craving type of sex❤”

A/N: I do not write smut, and I try not to write things too suggestive because I’m just personally not comfortable writing that type of thing, so I apologize. I also apologize for the weird ending lol. I didn’t exactly know how to end it. Let me know if you want a part 2 or something!

“I can’t stand him! I don’t want to do this.” You complained to your best friend about Shawn Mendes. The teen pop sensation who you’ve known your whole life. You knew him before Vine and you knew him after. Your families were close friends and you two were forced to hang out a lot. Unfortunately, those times didn’t always end well for you. There was constant teasing and sarcasm between you and Shawn and you had friends that told you it was because he liked you, but you didn’t believe that for a second.

“He’s arrogant, and rude. And whenever he wears shorts, they’re way too short!“ You went on and on about everything you disliked about Shawn to your best friend.

“Y/N, you better stop talking, or else you’ll marry him or something.” Your best friend stopped you.

“No way, you’re crazy. That’s insane. I wouldn’t even go on a date with him!” Your eyes widened at your best friends words and you just shook your head. She shrugged and laughed along, grabbing clothes out of your dresser to help you pack. Your job had unexpectedly taken a sharp turn around the corner, causing you to travel often. This week, you were heading to Toronto, where of course, Shawn coincidentally was going to be playing a show that weekend. Your parents were close with Shawn’s parents, and so your family had decided on dragging themselves and your siblings all the way to Toronto to see Shawn perform. Your little sister loved Shawn, and so this whole plan seemed to work for everyone but you. You were an adult, and you made your own decisions. You went wherever you wanted whenever you wanted. You thought you’d be safe from going to Toronto with your family but of course, your job had other plans for you.

“I don’t believe in coincidences!” You remember your mother telling you over the phone, the night you found out your boss wanted you in Toronto. You complained for twenty minutes about how insane you thought it was that out of all places for your boss could send you, she wanted you exactly where Shawn was. Well…Not exactly. But you weren’t going to not visit your family. You just accepted the fact that you’d have to deal with Shawn. You liked the rest of his family and you were looking forward to seeing your own family. And so you forced a smile, and hauled yourself and your luggage out to Toronto, praying that you wouldn’t have to interact with Shawn too much.


The moonlight outside the window of your hotel room, blinded you even through the curtains. You had one small lamp on, but it seemed like you didn’t even need it. You sat on a comfy chair in front of a small desk working from your laptop, your eyes struggling to stay open. You were glad that your job was able to let you work from a laptop every once in a while, so you hoped you could get some things done tonight. Your family was out and about probably spending more time with Shawn’s family than they did with you. You visited them earlier, and you even said hi to Shawn, but you weren’t going to stay for his show, and you had work to do anyway. So here you were, 11pm at night, letting the cool air from outside come in through your window, hoping it would keep you awake. Your attention was drawn away from your laptop when you heard your phone go off. It was a text from your mom.

“Just finished dinner with the Mendes family. Shawn is on his way to see you. We all tried to stop him but he says he wants to catch up with you, and he didn’t believe us when we said you were busy with work. Be careful, and be nice!!”

What the hell? Your mind was in several different states of confusion as you read this text. You appreciated that your mom had texted you though, you loved that your relationship with your mother was good. She was like a 52 year old best friend, who knew more than your other best friends. You still couldn’t believe that Shawn was attempting to “visit you.” You were glad your mom warned you, but the more you thought about it, she probably was super nice to him about it happening. How else would Shawn know your room number? He wouldn’t, unless your parents told him. Your mom knew how much you disliked Shawn, but she also always wanted you to make peace with him. So even though she didn’t actually say it in her text, she probably was totally okay with Shawn coming to see you, and you bet she didn’t even actually try to stop him. Making peace with Shawn, or agreeing to disagree, or just being nice to him was always hard for you so you never did it. But right now, it seemed like maybe it was finally time to do that. The last time you actually had a conversation with Shawn was several years ago, and it didn’t end well. You wanted to believe that now you were both grown, and had forgotten about that time, but you could never forget it. That’s why you never spoke to him again, until now, when you heard a knock on your door.

You sighed heavily, and got up to open the door. You really didn’t want to. But there he was, his eyes looked as tired as yours, and his black zip up hoodie was hung over a grey t-shirt. His hair was scraggly, but it looked cute. Shawn was cute, always had been but what mattered most was how not cute his personality was.

“Y/N, hi.” He smiled weakly and put his hands together. You smiled back and let him in, turning on more lights in the room. You probably looked like a crazy person, sitting in the almost all dark, with your laptop open on that little table desk thing in the corner, and the mess you made earlier from room service.

“My mom texted me to let me know you were coming but.. What are you doing here?” You said as nicely as possible.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for not telling you myself. I just noticed you weren’t at dinner earlier and I wanted to catch up. How are you?” You stared at him with a confused look, and you were angry now. Not because of his odd gesture at catching up, but because he was acting like nothing bad ever happened between the two of you. And so you let him know, by speaking your mind.

“Are you serious? We hate each other, do we not? What makes you think you can just come see me and act like it’s okay?” You said with a harsh tone. You were done with those two seconds of trying to be nice.

“I figured you’d say that.” Shawn just laughed and looked at you like it was all a joke.

“Get out.” You said and walked over to the door to open it. He didn’t even have to say much to get you raging with anger.

“So you’re still the same bitch I knew a few years ago? You really haven’t changed?” Shawn spit out the words like it was nothing, and you stood there staring him down, ready to beat him up.

“Excuse me? You’re saying I’m the one who hasn’t changed? Meanwhile you have the nerve to come see me and say you wanna catch up when in reality you just wanna irritate me. You’ve always done that. You’ve always bothered me even after I’ve asked you not to several times. Who do you think you are?” You were walking away from the door now, and you getting closer to him. You were ready to yell and you thought that maybe if you got up in his face with your anger, it would scare him. That’s what happened last time anyway.

“I think I deserve an explanation as to why you hate me so much, and why you’re always so rude.” Shawn was backing away from you, and you could see he was nervous, but you weren’t sure why. His face got red whenever he was nervous, and he would look down at the ground like you didn’t exist. This is exactly what happened the last time you tried to have a conversation with him.

“I am never rude to you! And if I am, it’s only because you are to me first! I don’t take crap from people Shawn.” You we’re raising your voice now, and this was the beginning of another emotional war. Shawn was excellent at making you feel emotionally drained. You were both yelling now, and there was nothing in the way to stop the words that spilled from both of your mouths. It was all hatred.

“WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE? HOW COME YOU STILL HAVE TO BOTHER ME EVEN AFTER I TELL YOU NOT TO?“ You yelled at him as you walked closer, so close. So close now, that your noses were almost touching. There was a glass wall between the both of you, keeping you from any physical touch, but your emotions were running wild, and you hoped that getting this close to him would scare him away already.

“Don’t you think there’s a reason to that Y/N?” Shawn didn’t back away this time as he spoke. This time, his hand was on your neck, and you shivered at his touch.

“Don’t you think there’s a reason as to why I’m even here right now?” You wanted to back away from his touch, and you were surprised he had the courage to even come close to you. But you couldn’t move.

"And what’s that reason?” You let out weakly wiping your palms against your shorts. He didn’t say anything back, because instead he moved his mouth down to your neck. His lips burned onto your skin and you wanted to scream. You wanted to scream at the moon you stared at outside your window as Shawn’s hands traveled up your waist and his lips continued to work on your neck. The hatred and anger you felt towards Shawn was suddenly turned into lust and you were disgusted with yourself, and him. But it didn’t matter at this point anymore and you didn’t care. So you finally moved your body and place your hands on Shawn’s head, running your fingers through his hair. His mouth was slowly inching up your neck and he was now on your jawline, your cheek, your lips. Soon enough he was pushing you against the bed, and you fell backwards landing on the mattress.

Leave the news to me (Simon Request)

You had always been well known in the singing industry. Which meant there was a slight problem. Everywhere you went, everything you did- it was watched by the media. It was published the next day and rumours were made to exaggerate everything. Your male friends became possible lovers and when you were with Simon, well it was always publicised.
There was just one part to that ending of that relationship they didn’t know. All they figured was that your jobs had made you too busy.
That guy treated you like shit when it ended. He suddenly became blunt with you, not loving, rude and harsh. Snappy and even more stubborn than usual. He complained at you for the simplest of things. And when you finally brought it up and argued about it, his reason was that he wasn’t ready for commitment. That the news got too much and it was too tough with his ‘lifestyle’. He barely even gave you a chance to leave properly. And he couldn’t even be bothered to bring your things to your house himself. He gave them to Jide.
The boys were still friends with you of course and they always supported you and your music. But it was never the same. Every time with them was a reminder of your time with Simon.
And you were now sat at your desk, scrolling through the next news story. This time- you and Neymar.
Yes that Neymar. The Neymar that was always on the pitch.
Now let’s explain the real story.
A few nights ago, you had gone to an event for the launch of a new campaign. And the pair of you happened to meet. Along with a group, you spoke for the whole night in nothing more than a friendly manner. However, when the night ended and your outfit seemed far too little for the cold outside, he had wrapped an arm around you and walked you to your taxi, leaving with a kiss on the cheek.
Hold up guys. That means relationship. And relationship means headlines.
Just before you go onto the next article, your phone buzzes. With his number actually.
‘So we’ve made the news ay? I think we’d be cute x’
You chuckle to yourself and send a quick reply before shutting off your laptop and going to get yourself sorted. By that, it meant sorting out the mess that your flat had become.
Halfway through your jobs, your doorbell rings to let you know there is someone downstairs that wants to come up.
“Hello?” You buzz, sighing since you were still so shattered from the past few days.
“Its-” A far top familiar voice starts, “Its me”
Three words and you knew the voice belonged to Mr Minter.
Your hand hovers over the entry button and you feel a tightening in your chest.
“(Y/n)?” His voice cuts through again.
“Co-come on up” You say quickly and buzz him through.
You suddenly feel worried. You don’t look good enough. Your hair is in a messy bun, you have your glasses on because contacts were too much effort, you’re wearing joggers and a cropped hoodie. The flats still a mess and you feel like you should’ve made an effort.
But on the other hand, this was the man that broke your heart. He didn’t deserve your efforts. You had been through this before. Get over yourself (y/n).
“Hey, is something wrong?” You ask as soon as he walks through the door.
“(Y/n) just because I come round, it doesn’t mean something’s happened” He chuckles, scratching the back of his neck.
“Well my guesses were either that or that you wanted something” You shrug.
“So, how have you been?” He asks politely.
You could tell there was something there. More than guilt. More than sorrow. There was still that glimmer of adoration for you that was evident in his eyes. Like he was here to get you back…
“Brilliant” You nod, “Busy, but good”
“Yeah I’ve seen” He replies, “That’s good”
“I’m guessing you didnt come round here for the delightfully blunt small talk so what was it you really wanted?” You question, leaning against the back of your couch with hands in your pockets.
He stops for a moment like he had been preparing what to say, “You and Neymar then?”
You look down at your feet and smirk, “News travels fast”
There’s a loss of hope that washes over his face. Like he was hoping you’d deny things instantly.
“Well, news. More like rumours” You tilt your head.
“Seriously?” He raises his brows
“I thought you had gotten used to this by now” You roll your eyes, “I went out to an event and the paparazzi took photos. They get blown out of proportion to a bunch of bullshit”
“Yeah I guess I forget how mad it all gets” He nods, “Im sorry its just-” he stops himself because he’s unsure of what he can say.
“You have a habit of not finishing your sentences still I see”
He smiles lightly and there’s a hint of pink in his cheeks.
“When I saw you two together I really felt like-” He finally makes eye contact, “Like I’d lost you”
“Simon I think that happened when you broke up with me” You comment bluntly.
“No I mean like really. Neither of us have been with anyone else since and when I saw you with him, it was like all that hope of us actually ever getting back together just went. And I hated myself more than I did when we first broke up” He admits, hurt blurring his eyes.
“What is that supposed to mean then?”
He takes a few short strides over to you until he is close enough to hold your hand, “It means that ever since I was immature enough to break up with you, I’ve hated it. I haven’t spoken to the guys about it and every single time I go to sleep in that bed I hate that you’re not beside him” His voice cracks slightly.
You look down at that point. Because the hurt in his eyes and the pain on his face was too irresistible to you. Because deep down you still loved the lanky blonde in front of you. Deep down you’d always be his ‘babygirl’.
“And every time the boys mention you or they go to watch you live, I wish that I was there too. And I wish that you could sing perfectly in the morning and wake me up and say that you sounded awful even when you didn’t. And we’d hardly have productive days when you stayed round because video games and Netflix were our priorities. I miss those days (y/n)”
“I know it sounds cheesy as fuck but I had to tell you because I couldn’t spend any longer questioning what would happen if you were with someone else”
You pull away from him and move across the room to the door, “ I want you to leave”
“What?” He frowns, evidently not the answer he was hoping for.
“I want you to leave. The five words you said to me after the shittiest explanation of why you were breaking up with me. Because I went home that night and many nights after absolutely hating myself, thinking that I’d done something to hurt you” You croak, “So, Simon, I want you to leave”

1. It’s okay to give a second chance, but remember there was a reason they needed one. Don’t give them all your trust and love before they deserve it. Make them work for it. If they truly want to be a part of your life, they will. And if they don’t work for it, drop them. They aren’t worth it.

2. Having a boyfriend is nice, but not necessary. It’s helpful to have someone to lean on and to trust and to tell everything. But learn that you can be that someone for yourself. Don’t let a guy use you just to have someone.

3. You can’t unhoe a hoe. Don’t try, please. It still hurts when they leave. Trust me. It hurts even more when you thought they were different.

4. Don’t give up on the day before it even begins. Don’t expect a day to be bad because then it sure as fuck will be. Look forward for each day. Find good in each day. Love something every day. It’ll do your heart good. Even if the only thing you can manage to love are your eyebrows. (Although you’re perfect and should love every single inch of yourself).

5. Smile every day. Please just smile. Even if you have to force it. Just smiling makes you happier. I promise. Maybe force a laugh too. Laughing is good. Be a happy person. Being happy is good. It’s fun and better than being not happy.

6. People come into your life unexpectedly and end up being the best thing in the world. My best friend ended up living doors down from me. She’s a part of me. She makes me me. She’s my soulmate of a friend. She lives over five hours away from me and if we didn’t both get into my school and both live on my hall, I would’ve never met her. But that’s not my point. My point is don’t go looking for people. It’ll happen. I promise. Just let it.

7. Binge watching Netflix is amazing. But also learn to get off your laptop, go outside, be with people. An eno nap is just as nice as a Netflix binge. I swear. Enos are amazing I promise. I love mine. Enjoy the outdoors. It’s nice out. Take a break from school and life and get outside. It’s worth it.

—  7 things I’ve learned since 16
Housebreaker - Antoine Griezmann

Hey guys, this is another Imagine for the Drabble Challenge, I hope you like this x 

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57. just get home as soon as possible okay?!

“Antoine?” i whispered into the phone pressed to my ear.

It was rather late at night and I was home alone, I wanted to go to bed hours ago but watching netflix has kept me busy. Now that I wanted to go to sleep and had shut my laptop off, had laid my phone on the night stand and had closed my eyes, I heard noises. Noises that scared the shit out of me. It sounded like someone tried to get in the apartment or someone was in front of the front door. The afraid I was, I couldn’t fall asleep anymore at all and just hide myself under the blanket on my bed and has dialed in Antoines number. I knew he was out for dinner with his team mates and I really didn’t wanted to bother him at his night out but I was too scared to just sit here.
I hoped he would actually answer the call but after he picked it up immediately I sighed out relived.

“Babe?” he asked.

“You okay? What’s wrong?” he asked.

“There’s someone here Antoine. I hear someone in front of the door” i told him and my voice was small, afraid that someone could hear me.

“What?” he asked and his voice got louder.

“I hear noises in front of the door”

“I’m scared” I said.

“Just get home as soon as possible okay?” I asked.

“I will. Don’t worry i’ll be there as soon as possible” he told me and I nodded but as soon as I realized he couldn’t see me I told him a quick okay and ended the call.

I breathed out and leaned back so my back was pressed against the cupboard. I sighed as I still heard the noises and just hoped that nothing would actually happen to me and that Antoine would be here soon. I bit down on my lip as the noises seemed to get louder, but that was probably just me focusing on the noise for too long. It was a few minutes after that I heard the front door that was getting unlocked and I felt my breath stopping for a few seconds, only when I heard Antoine calling me I sighed out relieved and climbed out of bed. I walked out of the bedroom and walked towards the front door as I saw him standing there and I almost run over to him as I jumped into his arms and nuzzled my head in his neck as I breathed out again. He wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back.

“it was only our drunk neighbor who missed the right door I brought him to this door. there’s no one out there anymore, okay?” he mumbled and I breathed out relieved once again.

“thank you Antoine” I pulled out of the hug and looked up at him, as he still had his hands resting on my hips.

“I was really worried when you called, you know?” he said.

“you never call, even if something’s wrong you usually don’t call. so when i saw you calling i got really worried” he told me.

“i’m glad you’re fine and it was only our neighbor and not some housebreaker our something” he said.

“i’m just glad you’re here with me now” i told him.

“c'mon let’s get to bed okay?” he asked and i nodded as he intertwined our hands together and pulled me with him towards the bedroom.

As we got their I immediately got in bed and got under the blanket. Antoine got out of his clothes and as he was ready to bed he turned the lights off and walked towards the bed. He climbed in and laid down beside me as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer towards him. I laid on his chest as I intertwined our fingers and closed my eyes for a moment and breathed out relieved, that he was here with me now and that I was safe with him.

“how was dinner?” i asked as I still had my eyes closed i felt myself getting more tired again and slowly drifting off to sleep. Antoine started telling me about what funny things the boys had told him
and how the food was how much fun he had and just hearing him laugh was making me smile. But I didn’t really overheard all of that anymore I was drifting off to sleep, just being happy that Antoine was happy and was here with me.


just a little 2 monthly progress. left is when i was back from denmark and bloated and had gained quite a bit of weight back (for me) and then left is after a month of insanity (had to take a week off due to broken laptop but kept going in the gym and kept my fitness up). i’m at the lowest weight i have been for a while (as of this morning weighing) so naturally that meant a peanut butter hot chocolate 🍫 ☕️


Prompt(s): “When are you coming home?” // “I didn’t mean to leave you for so long— come here, I missed you.”

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: None

Note: Again, sorry for the such abrupt ending but I hope you enjoy reading it nonetheless.

Long distance relationships were always hard. Especially when your husband was out in space and you were stuck back at the Academy down on Earth. But despite that, you and Jim made it work.

Whenever Jim wasn’t busy, he’d video chat you. You’d spend hours talking to one another about anything and everything. He made you laugh and smile with all the stories he’d tell you about his space adventures - making sure to leave out the dangerous bits but this is Jim we’re talking about. You knew that boy too well. Likewise, he’d hang on to your every word as you told him how your day went and how you’re doing at the Academy. Sometimes Bones or Spock would come to say hi too as well as the rest of the bridge crew.

But it seemed that the longer he was out in space, the less frequent your video chats would be. Sometimes, you’d go weeks or even months without a word from Jim. You wished you were on that ship with him. But you were still a junior cadet. You’d have a few more years before you could be assigned to his ship.

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tag you’re it - melanie martinez

(hahaaa see what i did there)tagged by @jimihsgirl sup soup grandmeg

1. do you have a good relationship with your parents?
yeaahh loovem

2. who did you last say “i love you” to?
uhhh i think meg omdmnkfjhkjfd

3. do you regret anything?
i don’t think so??

4. are you insecure?

5. what is your relationship status?
married to mattimaxx and carla

6 .how do you want to die?
i don’t know how i wanna die but do know how i don’t??? i don’t wanna drown man that’s fuckin scary

7. what did you last eat?
tuna sandwich

8. played any sports?

9. do you bite your nails?

10. when was your last physical fight?
never been in one

11. do you like someone?
being for real nahh

12. have you ever stayed up 48 hours?
noope max is 24 rnn

13. do you hate anyone at the moment?
not hate but strongly dislike with a burning passion

14. do you miss someone?
i miss bts man i want them back makin a comeback ok i know they’re on tour but odmngjdfsihsdk

15. have any pets?
*starts crying* n-no

16. how exactly are you feeling at the moment?
uhhh pretty good actually

17. ever made out in the bathroom?
never ever (never gonna let you go korean words)

18. are you scared of spiders?
yes yes i am imagine wanting to pee really bad and then seeing a big ass spider the size of your hand just chillin in the bathroom I HATETETETE

19. would you go back in time if given the chance?
noo butterfly effect maann

20. last place you made out with someone?
in a parallel universe

21. what are your plans for this weekend?
uhh watch some animu read i think i have a family thing idekk

22. do you want kids? how many?
yehh 2 one boy one girl

23. do you have piercings? how many?
i’m allergic

24. what is/are your best subjects?
uhhh comunication annnnd english?????

25. do you miss anyone from your past?
not that i can think of

26. what are you craving rn?
i waNNA OPEN MY PRINGLES AND DRINK MAH POWERADE RTFN but i got to wait ughgughhghgh

27. have you ever broken someones heart?
doubt it

28. have you ever been cheated on?

29. have you ever made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
whats a bf/gf never heard of that term (GRANNDNDMEEEGG SMAE)

30. whats irritating rn?
my stomach is starting to hurt what th efuck stopp

31. does someone love you?
yeess bless their souls

32. what is your favorite color?
b u r g u n d y, army green, mint green, baby blue, black???? idk i love colors man

33. do you have trust issues?

34. who/what was your last dream about?
i doN’T RECAAAALLLLL (god i love kard)

35. who was the last person you cried in front of?
i thinkk my mom

36. do you give out second chances too easily?
most likely

37. is it easier to forgive or forget?
i think they both come together??? if you don’t forget than you haven’t truly forgiven yougettmee??

38. is this year the best year of your life?
it’s a cool year yeh but most likely not imma be stressin all the time

39. how old were you when you had your first kiss?
no in spanish

40. have you ever walked outside completely naked?
i don’t remember doing it so no

(i wanted to look for 41 to 50 but bichh it’s early and i gotta go to school after this)

51. favorite food?
i love me some burgers A Stakehouse XT With Some French Fries ohmygod

52. do you believe everything happens for a reason?

53. what was the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
restarted my phone

54. is cheating ever okay?
i’d say no but i guess it could depend on situations???

55. are you mean?
i hope nott

56. have you ever been in a fist fight?

57. do you believe in true love?
uhhhh idk????

58. favorite weather?
when the sky is foggy as fuck and it rained at night so there’s puddles on the ground and the sky is gray and i have to use a sweater cause it’s cold wowie i love

59. do you like the snow?
Y E S i miss it

60. do you wanna get married?

61. is it cute when a girl/boy calls you baby?
one guy i liked used to call me bby i still don’t know how i feel about that it was cringe but it was kind of cute too??=??????===?0

62. what makes you happy?
my friends, my fam, my music, my books, yoongi, bangtan in general

65. your bff of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
be awk about it that’s what i do best man

66. do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?

67. who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
uhh my dad

68. who is the last person you had a deep conversation with?
prolly carla

69. do you believe in soulmates?

70. is there anyone you’d die for?
many people everyone that makes me happy dude

William appreciation post

The part when noora’s anxious and stressed because she doesn’t know what happened with Niko and she still has an article to write and it’s past due but she hasn’t slept in ages so she can’t fucking concentrate and since she’s such a saint she probably feels bad that she hasn’t finished it yet but secretly-a-cinnamon-roll William walks in and comforts her by HUGGING HER AND ONLY HUGGING HER UNTIL SHE EVENTUALLY CALMS DOWN AND FALLS ASLEEP LIKE DAMN THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT SON. He’s such a fuckboy you would assume that maybe he would kiss her or something too but IT’S JUST HUGGING AND IT’S JUST SO PURE??? HE CARES FOR HER SO MUCH??? AND WHEN HE’S WRITING THE ARTICLE ON HER LAPTOP AND THE FB MESSAGE NOTIFICATION SOUNDS GO OFF HE DOESNT EVEN OPEN THE WEBPAGE HE JUST TURNS OFF THE SOUND (PROBS BECAUSE AGAIN HE’S A CINNAMON ROLL AND DOESNT WANT THE NOISE TO WAKE NOORA UP) LIKE HE HAS SO MUCH TRUST??? THAT YOU WOULDNT EXPECT BECAUSE OF HIS CHILDHOOD?? BUT THE BOY IS JUST SO FAR GONE/ENAMOURED LIKE HE DOESNT EVEN NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT, HIS FIRST INSTINCT IS TO TURN OFF THE SOUND ?

Why am I getting so much BatPi related hate? Both here and on insta.

He’s a good boy leave Pi alone.

I don’t owe anyone my exact location so they can see if where I took him is pet friendly. I’m an adult and can make those decisions on my own.

Nobody needs his medical records to see if he’s really has EDS. One of the reasons he’s lived so long is we both have EDS and I manage his condition effectively. No one will be getting his records to see if he’s really blind. I don’t qualify for free equipment for blind dogs without a blind dog. Common sense.

Lastly people need to stop bashing me for “working” him when I don’t.

Basically everyone can fuck off is what I’m getting at. When I get home to my laptop anon is going off.

I don’t know why I even decided to take a quick look at Voidless’ tumblr thinking I might follow them because I remembered the name from some nice art I’d seen before.

Their art is so good it makes me want to go and throw my laptop and tablet off a bridge before jumping after them

8′D lol why am I even here??? Why are any of you even following me?? There’s no real point, is there?

honestly it just makes me want to give up. Just… in general.