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Loki and you stay at the Avengers Tower. He likes you but doesn’t approach you, for he’s a pariah, no one wants to interact with him. You’d reject him as well as you always look at him with distaste. One day, he acquires a laptop & finds you on social media. He poses as SHIELD/Stark employee, keeping his identity hidden on pretext of confidentiality. You develop a slow romance and sext/chat online often, sharing pics without revealing faces. He wants to tell you who he is, but he knows you’ll run the moment he reveals his identity. So, he keeps it hidden. One day, his identity is accidentally revealed to you. You react badly, as expected. The Avengers ask SHIELD incarcerate him. Before leaving, he promises to not contact you again but asks you if you’d have given him a chance had he been honest with you. Your answer is clear by your facial expression, & Loki nods in acceptance. He leaves peacefully and you’re left wondering what to do, for you realize you do actually care for him.


Laptop Chat 4 “David Blue”

I may or may not be currently obsessed with a certain fandom, more specifically a certain story that is absolutely superb. The fic is called Quiet Ice, Silent Nights  by @thelastpilot (who knew they had a tumblr? I certainly didn’t). 

If you enjoy quality fics, especially concerning any ship between Marinette and Adrien, take a look at this lovely author.

Me: (takes a break doing homework to work on Stray Chat for a little bit)

Me: (writing regular fluffy adrienette moment of pure friendship and sweetness-)




I cannot express how grateful and in awe I am that so many of you wonderful miraculers follow my blog. I still can’t get over that I hit 1000+ followers, and this blog was started in January. WOW.

This fandom has been one of the kindest, most wonderful fandoms I’ve ever been in and I feel really blessed for the friends that it has brought me these past few months. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of talking to and interacting with is incredibly talented, creative, and unbelievably nice.

All of the artists, writers, cosplayers, rp blogs, amv makers, voice actors, etc. that I follow are insanely amazing and deserve every note/kudos on their posts.
The talent in this fandom and how hardworking everyone is never ceases to inspire me!

I know it’s not much, but I thought doing a follow forever would be appropriate for this milestone. I’m trying to work on something else to express my gratitude and to really thank all of you, but for now know that I love and appreciate all of my followers! Y’all rock :D

Mutuals/friends are in bold and I’m seriously praying I didn’t miss anyone ~ if you think we’re mutuals and I missed you please let me know! I follow under my main url: modernsapho ( in case some of you didn’t know, although hopefully you do). also if i accidentally bold your url and you’re not a mutual i’m sorry and v embarrassed

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I Miss You/song starter for swimmingforthegold

Makoto finished fixing his hair. He was ready for another skype date with Rin. He went to his laptop. He saw the chat bubble and smiled clicking the button. He smiled seeing Rin his hand on his stomach. “Rin!” he said happily placing a kiss to the camera. “I’ve missed you so much!” He said looking at the other. 

Rin was in Australia training for the Olympics and was about to leave to go compete. It had been three months since they had gotten together. Rin left a month ago for training. I week later he found out he was pregnant. He didn’t have the heart to tell Rin. His belly wasn’t showing much so he could hide it for a little longer. He was just happy to see Rin. 

“When are you going to be able to visit I miss you so much.” He said putting his hand up to the computer.  He knew Rin was leaving to compete. “Did they say how long the competition was going to be?” He asked. “I’m going to try to come see you compete.



I hate my phone for always ruining the quality of my baes and I hate my laptop for the internet..

I really want to print em as stickers.. ;×; and put em on my sketchbook..

And somehow ladybug become purple here so mehh..

Maybe I’ll repost dis once I can fix the quality TvT

//and please excuse my hand they’re just too cute I want to poke em but v;=;)v and my drawing skill is still mehh so it ended up so mehh.. ;v;//