laptop accesories


guess what came in the mail this morning?!?!?!

my custom case from cryptozoological! (go check her store out it’s indescribable)

it’s absolutely perfection, it’s made so well and it’s so cute i had to take photos as soon as it arrived haha

i even got a cute lil keychain and a hand written note which made it that more special! I absolutely love it, would definitely commission her again! <3


I just got a new laptop and it’s naked and I need to clothe it. So, I need to choose one of these two decals to pimp out my laptop. I love both of these equally and that means I’m gonna take a vote. For Thor hit a heart, for supeheroes coexist sticker put a keyboard spaz in my ask box.

Your input is appreciated.Thanks!!!

Also, if you’d like the link to either of these decals, let me know and I’d gladly give them to you. Both are available for purchase on Etsy.