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Geometric Optical Illusion - Pattern VII - by LimenGD | Accessories on Society6.

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Happy Hearts and Hooves (and claws!)

edit: I drew this in a very high resolution originally, so hey, I figured in the spirit of the occasion why not make it available on tshirts!! So happy Hearts, Hooves and Claws once again, and consider representing the purple pair with a cute shirt, hoodie, or sticker!

Available as a variety of tees, hoodies, and stickers HERE on Redbubble!

Available as a high-quality print, tees and tank tops HERE on Society6!

Thank you for looking! If you’d like the design available as a: Samsung Galaxy or iPhone case, throw pillow, canvas tote, mug, clock, or a laptop/iPad skin, just let me know and I can make the design available as such!
Laptop & iPad Skin
Pennywise the dancing killer clown, just in time for Halloween! #Pierro #harlequin #scary #clown #red #balloon

I really like the mystery and creepy expression of Pennywise,  the first horror movie I ever (voluntarily) chose to go see of my own accord lol!!!If you like this pattern please reblog and share, I’m kinda new to Tumblr (well, I’ve had an account for a really long time but only now starting to post regular updates!) :3


A cute pattern based off the Matt Fraction Hawkeye comics! Featuring the Bullseye, Chevron, and Heart, show your love for Clint Barton and Kate Bishop wherever you go!

Also available as prints, stationary cards, laptop skins, ipad skins/cases. and wall clocks.

Buy them @

Please do not remove the credits/text as this is currently my only source of income at the moment. Thank you.

Merch Design Post

I have added like 3 new designs to the merch store this week. I’m on a creative roll! So, I’m making this post, so that all of you can see what’s available. 

Also, a reminder that all of these are available as shirts, hoodies, stickers, posters, pillows, tote bags, phone cases, ipad cases, laptop skins, pouches, mugs, travel cups, leggings and scarves. I think the Ace flag on is available as a Duvet as well. 



I’ve been working all week on a 1D-related collection of graphic designs that I feel confident enough in to sell on my Redbubble shop. I’m not gonna beat around the bush - I’m in total debt. Like, negative-balance-in-my-bank-account kind of debt. And I’m in between jobs at the moment. I’m a freelance photographer, but business has been slow. And I’m still waiting to hear back from another job I interviewed for recently. So, I’m in that anxious limbo of what the fuck am I doing with my life.  

The only thing keeping me sane lately is One Direction. I posted 9 different designs; all are available on iPhone/Samsung Galaxy/iPad/laptop cases & skins, various types of t-shirts, mugs, stickers, pillows, tote bags, and posters or prints of any kind. A few of the designs alternate in colors as well. I’m not gonna beg people to buy anything, but I can’t express how much it would seriously help me out if you all could take a look and pass the link around to anyone you know who’d be interested. Or just simply reblogging this would be wonderful. Thank you!

P.S. Suggestions, ideas, or requests for more designs are 100% WELCOME, so drop by my ask if you have any!







Please use the link and get FREE Shipping and $5 Off Each Item in Your Shop when ordering from your Society6 Store. Please note that this promotion is NOT automatically available on your Store, the promotion is only available once someone clicks on the link that you share with them.

Promotion expires March 9, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.

Promo: Free! Worldwide Shipping!

Now until October 12, 2014, my Society6 is having a Free Worldwide Shipping! I didn’t know Society6 was doing this until today. (it’s random)

Everything from Shirts, Laptop Skins, Phone Cases, Hoodies, Pillows, Tote Bags, Wall Clocks, Mugs, and even the Shower Curtain.

All the money I fundraise will go to my family so we can stay living in our house. I want to thank everyone who has reblogged and even tweeted out my posts. Your support by rebloging a tweeting means everything. Thank you so much!


Triumph of Hope is now available for purchase as various sizes of art prints (framed or unframed), canvas prints, tote bags, wall clocks, laptop and iPad skins, and iPad cases! 

Check it out at my Society6 shop here:

Perfect for Christmas gifts! 

Thank you again for all your support and encouragements! Please follow me at fiona-tang or for constant updates! 


The Art of Chandra Free at Society6

Come check out my artwork on numerous things at Society6! 

The have high quality art prints (archival), canvas prints, framed art prints, iPhone (and Galaxy) cases & skins, Laptop skins, iPad cases, throw pillows, totes, wall clocks, mugs, and even rugs! (and more, I’m sure I missed a few things. ^^;;)

I have a nice variety of my art on these products (if you don’t see something in particular from me, please send me a note or email me at chandrafree @ gmail . com and I’ll see what I can do about making it available!)

It’s a great time to get these items for your loved ones this holiday year (or heck, yourself. No shame in that!) 

Hurry! These items are made to order! 

Thank you guys and have a Happy season!

Chandra Free at Society6