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Need Permanent Home/Temporary Foster Home - URGENT

(Pictured from left to right: Isis, Ginger, Max, Willow, and Saffron)

Update#2: A family friend has offered to temporarily house all four remaining cats to keep them from going to a kill shelter and to give us more time to find them permanent homes. Please consider reblogging and please contact me if you can provide a home for any one of them.

Update: Max has a home, and I was informed yesterday that my grandmother was able to pay rent this month and wont be leaving until November 9th

I found out a few days ago my grandmother is being evicted later this month (October 20th) and now I need to find homes for my five cats. I’m unable to house them myself at the moment and it’s very very important to me that they are safe and cared for.

Max, Isis, Ginger, and Saffron are about 7 years old. Willow we’re not sure of. They’re all very good cats, if not a bit shy with strangers, but Isis is more hands-off and not a “lap cat” so i’m concerned about her finding a home.

The two boys, Max and Willow, are neutered and do not spray walls or furniture. Unfortunately the girls are not currently spayed. They are all strictly inside cats.

I’m specifically interested in a temporary foster for Max and Willow but there’s really no time to be picky and it’s most important they’re safe and loved!

If you’re in the Clearwater, Florida area and interested or know someone who might be interested in providing a good home, even temporarily, for any of these cats, please contact me at:


Inuvember Day 3: Sango!

I recently noticed I’ve been watching lots of stuff with Sango’s english VA, Kelly Sheridan, so I drew Sango in their outfits!


This is lovey, bandit, pharaoh, lady s'mores, bunny and falcon and they are all cats that have been adopted from a shelter I volunteer at. Lovey hates people and is grumpy and bites and scratches but is sweet nonetheless, bandit is crazy and wild but is fun to play with, pharaoh will spin in circles with this toy, lady s'mores is beautiful and an angel, bunny was sweet until she was diagnosed with skin cancer on her lip and as she started to get sicker she got really mean and it was sad but then she got surgery and got nicer and it was just the pain, falcon would scream until I’d sit down and she’d sit in my lap and hiss at other cats that came near me

Getting new ideas for stories when you’re in the middle of a project

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I played with cats to distract myself from satan becoming president today. They played with the zippers of my jacket because they don’t care about politics.
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IT’S SO FLUFFY! Chapter 1

My contribution to #mlflufffiction



Chapter 1: Gimme Kiss

Adrien thought that once he and Ladybug finally revealed their identities to each other, that he’d be the one with his head in her lap, getting pats and scratches and all sorts of affection. He was a lap cat, after all. What he didn’t expect was Marinette– Marinette who sat right behind him in class god he was so blind!–to be the lap cat. He also didn’t expect to enjoy showering his lady with love and adoration and…

Okay, he totally expected that.

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Clearly you like dogs, so what are your feelings on cats and/or chinchillas?

there’s a bunch of idiots running around besmirching the good names of animals everywhere. that panther guy tried to claw my face off. so uncalled for. and then theres all those weird bug guys. spiderant or whatever. if it’s got fur i like it and the superpeople should lay off


look how adorable my cat is! His name is Crowley, after the demon from Neil Gaiman’s and Terry Pratchett’s book “Good Omens”. Mostly for his black fur and golden eyes ^^ not for his “demon like” qualities, because he doesn’t have any! he is really sweet, never bites or scratches and is the best lap cat ever! He also doesn’t mind hugs and is very easy going :D I sure lucked out with an awesome cat!