If I hadn’t spent all my time staring at the “Write a caption…” box on Instagram, I would have realized I hit 1K and would have written something myself, rather than quoting a band (I mean, at least it’s a good band 😂).

So I’m gonna take a second and say something on here about instagram

Until earlier this year, Instagram was nothing more than a place to post insignificant square pictures with filters. I don’t know how I stumbled into the actual Instagram community, but it coincided with the infancy of my interest in photography and a lot of other life changes. Since then it’s become a place to connect, meet, and be inspired and challenged by people… from ALL over the world. How insane is that?! I’ve met amazing people, read incredible stories, and I think I’ve even connected in a very real way with more people on Instagram than I have in real life.

So here’s to all the love, encouragement and inspiration that I’ve found in the Instagram community. It’s truly made a marked and positive impact on my life. It’s weird to say about an app, but it’s really so much more than just that. 😊