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Northern Lights over Norwegian Laplands

Planning a Scandinavian trip anytime soon? Check out Norway’s Resplendent Rest Stops.

Bye bye for 4 weeks!

My dears, I will get withdrawal symptoms, but the next 4 weeks I am going to roam the wilds of Swedish Lapland and the Norwegian Finnmark. WLAN is highly unlikely, if possible I will post some pictures of my travels. Today we packed our things and prepared our flat, because a colleague of my husband is his stand-in in the holidays, otherwise there would be no music in church. So she stays at the seaside in my bed. So it is not clean, but ultra-clean and that status took 12 gruelling hours, because our house is from 1905 and has the original doors, pitchpine floorboards and terrazzo floors. These white laquered doors are hell to keep clean. But I love the flat.

I prepared myself Phrack-wise:

- talked to stepdaughter. She is massive MFMM-fan (which I just discovered yesterday) and I guided her through making the MFMM-titlesong her ringtone. Successful. She likes Essie better than Jack, I can live with that.

- uploaded some of my videos from my PC to my phone, so I can watch them if I need to.

- in my iBooks are an unmentionable amount of downloaded fanfics from ao3.

- mrsjohnsfarmhouse has got my mobile number to alert me when there are any news about season 4 - good or bad! (We call it the “Phrack-emergency-line”)

I will miss you all, if there is anything I should not miss, please tag me, so I can find it faster!!! Byeee lovely phrackites and followers!


Purple hues.  

Few shots from top of “Pyhitys” hill about 20 minutes before sunrise.

July 2015. Pyhitys, Syöte National park (299 km2), Finland.

“Syöte National Park (Syötteen kansallispuisto) is a national park in the Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland regions of Finland. Syöte National Park is a chain of old-growth forests, part of which is high altitude forest. One fourth of the area of the park is covered by mires of different types. ”

by Tiina Törmänen | web | FB | IG |

Sami or Faroese?

For my anthropology class, I have to do a report on a dead or endangered language. I was given an option between Sami or Faroese. Sami is the language of the Laplands, also the language of the people Frozen was based off of.  Faroese is the language of the Faroe Islands, and it is close to Icelandic. Its seeming like I’ll have an easier time researching Faroese than Sami. Besides, Icelandic is just a bad ass language in general (looking at you Sigur Rós.) 

But Sami is also a lot closer to being endangered than Faroese is because even in their own setting, Sami people are being forced to learn another language be it in Norway, Sweden, or Denmark. Its quickly dying out and that makes me unhappy. This will be a tough decision…

Sunrise. So calm & serene.

I really love these countless small ponds / lakes what we have here. 

18th June 2015, Taivalkoski, Finland. 

Taivalkoski is located near official Lapland border, Russian border is not so far away either. So this is basic Lapland landscape. You can see the difference in Lapland landscape only when you go up north when coniferous tree line ends. 

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