Drunk and chic: meet Lapka BAM, a breathalyzer for design nerds

What would a breathalyzer look like if it were designed in the iPhone era? It probably wouldn’t look like the BACtrack Select S80 Professional Edition, a heap of plastic with a ‘90s-era digital readout, which is Amazon’s top-selling breathalyzer. Russian designer Vadik Marmeladov wanted to build a breathalyzer that looked like something James Bond would use if he had one too many Vodka martinis — the kind of tool he wouldn’t be embarrassed to pull out of his pocket at a club. He built the Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor, a handsome ceramic cylinder that monitors your blood alcohol content and sends it to your smartphone using sound waves whenever you blow into it. It’s up for pre-order starting today.


The Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor is an accessory for your phone that allows you to track alcohol metabolism over time, compare your measurements with friends and share them with the world. The device fits in your palm. You hold it in a fist and the edge of your hand becomes the mouthpiece. Just one blow connects the device to your phone and starts the measurement process. The overall appearance of the app reflects your reading. It adapts to your night. If you go wild, it will even check in on you the next morning. Whether you drink a lot or a little, the Lapka Breath Alcohol Monitor lets you be more aware of the changes your body experiences — and their relationship to where you are and who you’re with. It’s bigger than a conversation with your body.

iPhone Sensor Determines if Food is Really Organic

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Seems like there’s no end to the things that your phone can do these days.

Lapka is your “personal environmental monitor”, as the company describes it.  It’s a group of four interchangeable sensors that allows your iPhone to measure how organic a food is. Plug the device in the headphone jack, and then poke your food with the steel probe. The detector will determine nitrate concentration – nitrate is typically found in fertilizers that are used on non-organic farms and in non-organic environments.

Lapka also meaures real-time radiation levels, electromagnetic field (EMF) levels, and humidity levels.

Product release is expected by the end of 2012, with a retail price of $220.


Lapka — Breath Alcohol Monitor

This is the kind of design I love.

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