Sailor Adventure Time at Katsucon! Feel free to reblog and add your name as a tag if you’re in this picture! :)


Sailor Marceline: Salem

Sailor Cake: Abby

Sailor Fionna: Kisa

Sailor Bubblegum: Emi

Sailor Flame Princess: Zolo

Sailor LSP: Ash

Sailor Ice Queen: Carly

Photographer: Me

Ash has mentioned that you can find them all at Otaku Rush here on tumblr! :)

A male!Vriska that I’ve seen on tumblr before, as well as their friend, cosplaying a trickster!Jake!

Awesome cosplays, guys! :D

(I’m horrible at keeping track of things I saw before, so as I’ve said in previous posts, if this is you, let me know and I’ll mark and tag it accordingly! :) )

Male!Vriska Cosplayer: Tonantcultist

Trickster!Jake: ???

Photographer: Me

Oh hey, it’s meee!!!

So I got my hair cut and dyed today! It’s a lot shorter than before haha.

Watching my hair fall to the ground was so sad ;w;

But I really like it haha

I really hate taking pics of myself, wow, it’s like, I can never get good pics lol