I wanted to do a redraw of my fan fusion moonstone! And I decided to do a little comic with it! 😊😊 this feels like one of the few scenarios in which pearl and lapis would fuse, if there were no other gems to help, and Steven was in danger, because they would both do anything for Steven 😊💕 and it would be the goal of making sure Stevens safe that would make moonstone stable! Otherwise I feel like she would kind of fall apart..she’d be a pretty depressed gem because of all pearls and lapis’s past truama 😅 but she would move heaven and earth to protect Steven! 😆💕 so I hope u enjoy it! 😊 


Crystal Gem Sprites 

I had planned on starting a Patreon focused on Blender tutorials but I started school recently and I just haven’t had the time for it. 

My first project was going to be rendering crystal sprites but I never got the chance to finish it (all the component parts are done. I just have to edit them together) 

These are some of the examples I had made using the technique. I plan to get the tutorial done eventually – and I upload the source file (and the models for these sprites) when I get to it! 


Some more of the canon designed gem characters! Started out as a silly little idea but it just kept going and got all the gems involved, including the new Over-Cooked Ruby! Kinda based on the idea of what would happen if a gem type that’s already pretty small got over-cooked like Amethyst? The Ruby here is about half the height of a regular Ruby.

This one’s going up pretty late like the other one but I hope you guys still enjoy!