hey guys. So I was thinking…

Yellow and Blue Diamond are very emotional, Yellow being angry and Blue being sad, but why?

Their gems are located in their chest, which is pretty much associated with the heart.

Blue’s gem has a shape that’s similar of a water drop, associated with saddnes, and Yellow’s one is more ‘straight’, simple and symmetrical, that can be understood with how perfectionist and strict she is. 

Now, Blue’s most “important” and “powerful” gems have the same shape as her, a water drop. I know sapphire doesn’t, but her uniform has a similar shape i guess. These 4 have are related to sadness maybe (Holly Blue has anxiety?? idk?? Sapphire is serious, and her emotions consume her, Lapis is melancholic and let’s say Aquamarine is kinda perfectionist, but she’s a second era gem so probably se wasn’t build to feel)

I don’t know if these 3 gems count, but here they are:

And Yellow’s gems are more symmetrical sharp, and pointy. Topaz is hella serious (well, she pretends to be) (i mean, she almost killed Jaime) and Jasper is angry af. (hey, what if Bismuth was from Yellow Diamond??)

This got me thinking, what if White Diamond’s gems are very clever (by the location of white’s gem)?

This let’s the theory of Pearl being White Diamond’s pearl even more real.

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I've noticed that tear-shaped gems seem to be associated with Blue Diamond (ex. Holly Blue, Lapis). The exception seems to be Sapphire. What would you read into this?

Hi there! I found this a very interesting question. And I’d like to integrate another ask into this response.

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Discuss Aquamarine and the Topazes’ gem placements next PLS!!!! And thx u…

1. On Blue Diamond’s gems

I talked about this in my character analysis for Aquamarine and the discussion concluded with the idea that Blue Diamond’s gems tend to be associated with the colour and their gem weapons (if they can be called that) and gem abilities tend to be affiliated with water, such as Lapis and her hydrokinesis and hers and Aquamarine’s water wings, as well as Sapphire’s cryokinesis, where it’s highly the ice is drawn from water moisture.

Nonetheless, I think this is an interesting question because when talking about the cut of a gem, it’s usually what suits its position the best. For instance, the impression we have of Jasper’s tetrahedral gem is that it’s because it’s supposed to read as a nose. 

In contrast, Blue Diamond’s Earth Jasper has a round gem, similar to Amethyst’s, similar to all the other Quartzes in fact.

This leads us to believe that the cut of a gem is determined by it’s position and what visual cue it gives us. Eyeball also has a gem in the place of a major sensory organ, but it remains circular because it’s supposed to signal an eyeball.

By default, I think that the average gems are round. We see this for Ruby, Sapphire, Quartzes, Pearls and Rubies. For other gems, the cut of the gemstone seems to emphasise their aesthetic, for instance, Peridot and triangular shapes.

For our Lapis in particular, the teardrop shape of the gem highlights her affinity with water. Also, its position on her back makes a lot of sense for it to be teardrop-shaped. On the dorsal side of the human figure, there is a lot of movement originating from the scapulae or the shoulder bones (these would be the two plates that look as if they rise and fall with the movement of one’s arms). 

If Lapis’ gem were a perfect circle, large arm movements and shoulder movement would be inhibited by the gem in the way. Having the top of the gemstone narrow would then be ideal so as to not get in the way of arm rotations.

Holly Blue’s gem prevents her from tilting her head backwards, and it’s consistent with her character of being unable to see what’s behind her back unless she’s specifically looking for it.

When we look at Aquamarine, it seems that her gem is the opposite from Lapis’ functionality and more similar to Holly Blue’s limitation.

2. On Gem Placement

The major muscles of the face, also those responsible for a lot of facial expression in the cheek area are the zygomaticus major and minor, as well as the risorius and masseter. Her gem specifically sits on top of those muscles.

In my character analysis post, I talked about how Aquamarine has a baked-in expression because of the teardrop on her face and how this may show she isn’t great at feeling emotions for herself and empathising with others. Again, it’s not that she doesn’t know what feelings are, she probably knows exactly how to portray certain feelings because acting in a certain way to elicit a reaction from others gives her a comfortable feeling of control. 

At the same time, though, being able to see emotions and recognise them when she reads others, doesn’t mean she feels them for herself. That her gem is positioned in a certain way, over those muscles, means that it plays a role in inhibiting the movement of said muscles.

This includes the possibility that gems don’t have the same musculature that human beings do.  Even if this were the case, just having the gemstone in the position it’s in makes it more difficult to see a lot of the more subtle moments of her face. 

Having her gem right on the face but not on a sensory organ means that her gemstone is integral to her identity. We often associate faces with the individual and gems associate their gemstone with who they are. This is why they never cover their gems (an exception to this is Amethyst, who straddles the human-gem line and has either gem or her face half-covered a lot of the time). 

And I think this is the hint we’re being given that Aquamarine isn’t trying to cover up any deep dark secret. She’s being as transparent about herself as she can be, once again drawing parallels to Peridot. There is no deep dark story behind her being the way she is. She really does feel entitled to the things she’s saying and doing for the various reasons I’ve discussed about her context.

I hope this was able to answer your questions! I wanted to have a comprehensive character analysis that talked about your asks more, but the post was lengthy as it was. :D

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