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Desucon Frostbite 2015, Finland

Oh yeah, these butts made me so happy with their DA:I cosplays a week ago. I had heard from Lapirin a day before seeing these that they’d have a group on the next day, and I hear my face was priceless. And when I actually saw them later I was so happy I fell to the floor. And I had to snap a picture or two.

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Who are you head cannon consplayers? Alpha and beta kids All 12 Trolls (Aradia, so loud those guys) And anyother you have for honestuck.

(This took a longer than I expected I’m sorry!!! Never doing this—- Again. Too many URLs to tag, Sorry!)

Ah geez, I have tons of headcanon cosplayers. I’ll post the kids then I’ll have to break it down for the trolls (and I’ll even add Dancestors and a few other characters ♥) so the post doesn’t expand dashes too much. [Headcanon’s URL’s will be linked in the pictures to the selected photo sets, other links will probably be in the descriptions if they were taken by photographers (clickable)/Some may have more than one]

Let us start:


John Egbert

Dave Strider

Jade Harley

Rose Lalonde

Jake English

Jane Crocker

Dirk Strider

Roxy Lalonde

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Gokudera you want, Gokudera you get.

These are old, like super old but still most likely ones of the best derps. You can use your imagination to decide what the hell is going on here. 

Also Desucon 2009, oh the memories. Also, I love Spanner’s socks. 

Gokudera Hayato - me

Spanner - Lapirin

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I know you cosplay lalondes but do you have any favorite lalonde cosplayers?

YES MATTER OF FACT I DO (even though I’m the pickiest of people when it comes to my Lalonde babes) 

Instead of stealing one of their pictures and creating a long post about them I’ll just describe why they earned their place on this list!

All time favorite Rose cosplayers: 

Lapirini has always been an inspiration. She inspired me to cosplay Rose in the first place and continues to be one of my favorite cosplayers of all time. I don’t know her personally but I can tell that she is so sweet and funny and beautiful in one package! 

Princerits is definitely one of my headcanons also. Their cosplay flows so well I’m so jelly haha! Their way of portraying Rose in general is spot on in the photos I’ve seen. Plus they’re a total hoTTIE DUH

All time favorite Roxy cosplayers…I usually don’t pick out my favorite Roxy cosplayer because I’m SO DAMN PICKY. 

BUT THEN AGAIN BB’s ballgown dreamer cosplay caught my eye! The craftsmanship in that dress is astounding and it makes me want to try out a huge project like that! Her photoshoot in her cosplay makes me smile so much! They way she interprets comedy with her photos makes her stand out from the rest because I find Roxy a funny gal. Also I really adore her facial expressions??? Her face is just perfect for Roxy in my opinion. Overall she is a fantastic Roxy and is holding her place as my headcanon! 

Thank you for asking this! I want these cosplayers to get noticed for their brilliant cosplays. 

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2, 7, 9, 27, 35

yesss yesss thank youuu

  • 2. Favorite case?

3-5 aka the T&T final, goddamn that one was a good one… That one had me guessing how the murder went down until the very last trial and the build-up is just incredible and one of my favorite ace attorney-quotes is from that case

“It’s only natural for living creatures to fight to protect their own lives. But what makes us human is that we fight for others. ”

damn phoenix dont make me tear up

  • 7. Favorite murderer?

oh dang this is a tough one

in terms of who was the most satisfying to break, gant or dahlia

in terms of who i felt really bad for, acro and ini… justice for all had some fucked up shit man

  • 9. Favorite witness?

Bellboy ok he was just trying his best like i dont think he even lied? basically a totally underrated character, probably the least douchey witness to date

also lotta hart because heeeyy name twins also she’s great

  • 27. Apollo’s perceive, Phoenix’s magatama or Athena’s Mood Matrix?

gotta go with the magatama because it made investigation mode so much more fun plus the cool music

  • 35. Opinion on the soundtrack of the Ace Attorney-franchise?

i happen to have the orchestrated album, jazz album and cadenza in my music library

for real though nothing gets you pumped like cornered themes and different tracks just have so much personality it really is a huge part of the storytelling

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Dragon uvu

- my favorite pokemon of that type - dragonair, so marysue

- my second favorite pokemon of that type - palkia is pretty cool

- the cutest pokemon of that type - altaria and dragonair uguu

- the most stupid or dumb (looking) pokemon of that type - dragonite, just.. yeah.

lapirin replied to your post: I’m not the only one who didn’t like Days.. right?

I never beat that game because it was boring as fuck… and the story was pretty bad too.

I had been so excited for it,
I’d find out more about the organization and Axel and Roxas!

Turns out it all revolves around a ragdoll called Xion,
I’m not even going to bother to explain why I dislike her,
who spends half of the game in a comatose (sound familiar? *cough*kairi)

not to mention the graphics and the camera. ugh.