Kikyo Zoldyck // Photographers: Overski & Jesmo

This is one of the ugliest costumes I’ve ever made, both design- and craftsmanship-wise. I’m honestly surprised that I got into the Hall Cosplay Contest. I’m also gonna add this on the “list of characters I never thought I’d cosplay”.


I’m so incredibly self-conscious that I usually hate seeing cosplay photos of myself that aren’t retouched by me, especially when I’m wearing a costume I don’t think really fits my body type. But I’m mostly happy with how these pics turned out (which means a lot by the way).

Eli Ayase // Photographer

Ah, shit I’m already spamming pictures.. I wasn’t exactly planning on wearing this costume, but I kind of ended up putting it on anyway. Idk, apparently she’s my spirit animal and I had fun so whatever. 

Hange Zoë // Photographer