Decorated page with coat of arms in Petrarca, Francesco: Canzoniere Petrarca, Francesco: Trionfi; commentary by Bernardo Lapini da Siena. Canzoniere; commentary by Franciscus Philelphus. Venice: Reynaldus de Novimagio and Theodorus de Reynsburch, 1478. Opening page of the Canzoniere (a2r) with an eight-line initial “V” supplied in gold on a square ground of white-vine decoration defined in crimson, blue and green, which extends into the inner and upper margins; the lower margin is decorated with a border of white-vine decoration in the centre of which is a partially defaced or worn coat of arms incoporating a shield flanked at each side by a green ribbon which is looped around the initials “P” and “D”; paragraph marks supplied in alternate red and blue. Sp Coll Hunterian Be.3.7 (part II).