lapfox traxs

AAA Rotteen from Halley Lab is so adorable and her backstory and her palettes is so interesting!!

Sorry for the absence again but I’m finally finished with college and I’m currently on summer holiday so I can get to make more artworks!

Rotteen d’ Moon belong to Ren Queenston, Recobox, Halley Lab / Lapfox Trax
Do not claim their character or my artwork as your own

‘Halley Labs (tribute)’

(I will try to make it short, hopefully I’m saving you some time ^^’)

Here’s a huge tribute to a great label very dear to me among my other music tastes. At last, it is done! Phew…

I’ve been a die hard LapfoxTrax (Halley Labs) fan since more than.. 5 years, perhaps? Times goes so fast, ahahaha
I discovered it thanks to a [YTP MV] called ‘This Could’ve Been Nice’ under Renard Queenston’s alias, since that day I’ve never thouht that my admiration would go deeper than that.
So, I just wanted to share with you all guys how much Ren’s creations mean to me throught this fan art. I have been working on this since more than a month listening to nothing but LapfoxTrax. This sure helped me a lot to boost my inspiration and imagine how the Halley Labs place would look like (with few easter ewgs :) ). And I am very pleased to behold how it amazingly turned out! I hope you are enjoying it as much as I do. :)

I’ve been mainly starting it thanks to many media-related references, mostly the superb Framedrag album cover from the amazing @McArson, few personal Ren’s elements and then put them together with few of his aliases (one of my very favorites). I didn’t wanted to put every aliases in this fan art, I mostly wanted to imagine the interior of the Halley Labs “HQ”, imagine a place where Ren could feel like home. I mainly believe he can recognize many things upon it.

Ren, thank you, for having produced awesome music for a long time. All the hardwork you’ve been making for the pleasure of our ears only is what makes me will to stay a devoted fan for many other years to come. Be blessed!

Also thank you to @TakuyaRawr, who gently authorized me to use his outstanding fan art of the (almost) complete Lapfox squad (at the very top left). I really wanted to put it among this tribute, because all of those guys need a place among the label, whether they are left, back, still here, I am really, really enjoying all of them like hell.

On that note, enjoy!

If the wallpaper resolution isn’t enough for you, you can get the fan art in higher resolution right here (5000x2812) :

Characters from this fan art such as (from left to right) Emma Essex, Darius Halley and Rotteen belong to Ren Queenston, the Halley Labs creator.