Room Inspiration Saturday // October 27, 2012

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As much as I love vintage looking rooms - a mix of all things delicate like floral, pastels, lace, and all things linked to vintage.. I also have a thing for rooms dressed in black/brown and white. It doesn’t need to be just the two neutral colors though, maybe a few things would put more color to the room. The photos above are just some of my inspirations. My bedroom as of the moment doesn’t look like any of these. I have this very small room, with just a closet, a bed, and a bag rack in it. My walls and ceilings are painted in a very girly color which is baby pink (which is my mom’s choice, by the way) and I’d like to repaint it to light brown or flesh. My closet is pink and so is the color of the floor mat. Yeah all pink, I’m not even kidding and I’m quite sick of it >.<

One day I’d like to rearrange my room, again. But for the meantime, I have no choice but to stick to my oh-so-girly-pink-room. Who wants to trade rooms with me?

It was such a lovely and productive day!

It was such a lovely day and the sun was shining bright. Oh, i really love this day and many things happened that I really do appreciate whether its way big or small. I slept quite late on that Friday evening because I was making something for a friend who celebrated her birthday on the same day, that I really adore much and who happened to be as one of my inspiration of my blogging journey. I am trying to draw a figure, that I wasn’t able to do for such a long time since then. As much as I love to draw same of the feature of this girl was but it seems so tough to do so. Ahahaha! It was the first thing I wrote on my newly found fave notebook that I bought days ago. The printed cover of this notebook was Eiffel Tower and with adorable pages on it.


The product of the figure that I was able to make was like these images below and I know it was wasn’t good enough though, I am still recovering my skills out of this.

I adore anime, manga whatever you call that, since I was on my elementary years. If ever you ask me something about those, I maybe can share something. I am really fond watching them. 


When I wake up this morning (saturday), I feel the sunlight hurting my eyes. I covered my face with a blanket but it doesn’t help though. The sun was shining so bright, I need to be out on my bed and start prepare for church. Yes, go to church for I wasn’t able to go last weekend because I need to take over my boss’s place because he needs to go somewhere.



Just a side note:

On my surprise I found out that this lady named Lydia who owned the Eerie-Silence blog followed me!  Ow! The feeling was so extreme and I just can’t explained how happy I am.

Its an achievement on my side that no one can ever take that on me. Lydia was been on my arts and inspirations tab since then and just like her, it gives more than inspiration on my blogging and its really a big deal on my side. 

After church, I was out on a date with my lovely anak anakan named Esther on a coffee shop named The Bean Connection. The place was quite famous in our place I guess. We wasn’t able to celebrate her birthday on her day so we spent time together on Saturday afternoon. 

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lapetitefawn  asked:

Hey love. Don't take it seriously when someone unfollows you. People's interests changes everytime. I was on hiatus and I lost like more than 500 followers but I don't feel bad that much because there are still people who sticked with me. Cheer up! :)

Oh my gee! It’s Jean guys!!!! She’s baaacckk! OMG. This made my night! Hi Jean! It’s nice seeing your URL in my dash again! And thank you for this message! You never changed. You’re still the sweetest <33

Yes, I won’t take it seriously next time. It just hurts, but I’m perfectly fine now! Thanks to you and to those who are still there! :) 

lapetitefawn  asked:

Hello Kath! This is so random but I just wanna say I enjoy reading your posts. Whether its about guys, life, your random thoughts.. everything. It just makes me smile and it's like I can hear your voice (as if I knew how it sounds like) in my head whenever I read your posts. Hahaha. Hope you're having a lovely day <3 ps; I really like your ombre wavy hairrrr.

Hey Jean, this message touched my heart okaay? it’s so beautiful, I was sooo surprised, I opened more my eyes and mouth while reading this haha. And thank you so much, I think the ombre effect would look good on you ;)

I remember being four years old and picking up daisies on a cloudy day was my favourite thing to do. I bring them home and wait for them to wilt and when the time comes that they’re started to fall out, I put them between the pages of my favorite bedtime book. My mom would scold me for doing it. She told me that it might leave yellow stains on the pages, but I didn’t care. I refuse to care ‘cos doing it makes me happy. I remember being four years old and I was carefree.

I remember being eight years old and having bike races was my least thing to do. My childhood friend tried to teach me how and I’d only get knee scratches every time I try. He would laugh at me at every fall but still reaches out his hand for me to hold, helping me to stand up. I remember hitting my knee on a huge rock and screamed at the top of my lungs. I had a big scratch on my left knee. I remember being eight years old and thought God sent him to me to ease the pain of the fall.

I remember being fourteen and falling in love was the most beautiful thing in the world. There’s this boy I bumped into when I was making my way to my fourth afternoon class. We exchanged glances for a second then passed through each other’s sides. Months later, we started dating.. and became official on the 4th of July. We believed we were each other’s soulmates. But we had to separate ways and only God knows why. I remember being fourteen and got my heart broken for the first time.

Today, I’m twenty and all those precious moments are now part of the history. Memories… that’s what they call it.

Replied Post

lapetitefawn replied to your postReplied Post

Trying hard? Not at all! I love presents! :) Its so thoughtful of you to make one for me. Aaaahh wish we lived in the same city! <3

Hahaha! I mean it gwaps! Let’s just say you are the person that drives me to do something I wasn’t able to do for so long. Ahaha! And you know, its a bit of me that I am just sharing. Yes, I am also wishing that but nothings impossible gwaps! Your on the same island where my Romeo is. We will meet pretty soon and I will not fail to bring something for you when that time comes. 

lapetitefawn replied to your postIt was such a lovely and productive day!

Thats such a cute notebook! I love Eiffel Tower and everything linked to France <3 Also, thank you soooo much for the lovely present Elisha! I appreciate it :)

If you are just near enough for me to give that kind of notebook gwaps! It’s so affordable. Ok, alright, if ever there are stocks left on that store of where I bought that, I will buy one for you. Your not really that far though. Hahaha. Ahaha! I told you am trying it hard! Nyah! thanks for appreciating. :P

eerie-silence replied to your posteerie-silence replied to your post: It was such a…

You really have a wonderful blog. I am jealous I must add. My blog has been boring and lonely. Hopefully I get back at it soon. Keep up the good work with yours!

Haha! Your blog isn’t boring I must say. Just that you just got no chance to post something lately but your blog is so wonderful and that’s one of the main fact why your on my arts and inspirations tab you know? And your photography? Oh dear, you just dunno how am trying to edit my own photos like my photo on “the bloggette” just to do the same on yours. Ahaha!

eerie-silence replied to your post: It was such a lovely and productive day!

That was such a sweet thing to say about me. It means a lot. Thank you :3

Oh dear! You just don’t know how I really so soooo glad! Thanks for doing so and hope you will stick on all the way! #shy

Lovely comments from my lovelies! ♡
nixsayo asked you:

Ang ganda ng theme mo! :)

eternallywritten replied to your photoHello everyone!

It looks so beautifully simplistic!! :D

anotherhannah replied to your photoHello everyone!

So pretty!! I like it ;)

lapetitefawn replied to your photoHello everyone!

Pretty :)

littledandere replied to your postLovely comments from my lovelies! ♡

yeah, its lovely :)

You guys makes me blush and smile like crazy! Thank you all so much for appreciating haha! But seriously, thank you so much for the compliments! Yes, I’m taking it as a compliment heehee! Thank you thank you thank you! :“> 
lapetitefawn replied to your postHello Kath! This is so random but I just wanna say I enjoy reading your posts. Whether its about guys, life, your random thoughts.. everything. It just makes me smile and it’s like I can hear your voice (as if I knew how it sounds like) in my head whenever I read your posts. Hahaha. Hope you’re having a lovely day

Haha I never thought you’d reply publicly! But anyway, you’re welcome precious. I’m considering the ombre hairrr ;)

Well, I really liked that message so I wanted to save it, you know so I can read it anytime I want. 

A Beautiful Saturday

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Friday midnight, a call woke me up from my sleep. It was him. He called to say goodnight and to greet me on our month anniversary. The call lasted for almost nine minutes. We exchanged I love you’s and I slept with a smile on my face.

Yesterday was one of the most wonderful Saturdays I ever had this year. It’s a special day for us. I woke up earlier than the usual time, called him ten times to wake him up but I failed. We’re going to see each other! But I had to wait ‘til four in the afternoon for me to see him. Four-thirty and my phone rang. “Hi.” he said. “Where are you? Who’s with you?” he added. “I’m in the living room, alone. They’re upstairs, asleep. Where are you?” I replied. “Open the door.” … I knew it. He was at the doorstep. I had this huge smile while opening the door and there I saw him, smiling. We hugged each other, oh so tight, as if we haven’t seen each other for so long (though we just saw each other the day before).

External image

We really didn’t plan anything for the day, so we ended up ordering pizzas for dinner and watched television shows while we’re cuddled in each other’s arms. He was about to leave at ten but then it started raining so he decided to stay the night in. We had coffees at two in the morning and spent the next hours talking. We talked just about everything. High school memories, reminiscing the days, our first year together. We didn’t noticed the time ‘til it’s four-thirty AM, and so we decided to sleep. Woke up at eight and had our breakfast at nine. Eleven AM and it’s time for him to leave.

It was a perfect lazy day. I didn’t feel anything but pure happiness. Happy second, love ♡

Life Lately (in 1.3 megapixels)

Bonjour, November! Can’t believe you’re finally here. I’m so excited for you to come because, one: you’re my birthday month, two: that means brighter and happier days ahead of me, and three: Christmas is just a month away! I can hear them angels singing!

Going back to October: I can barely remember the things I did during the last days of the month. It’s been a month of mixed emotions and late night calls and unproductive boring days.. except for the last day. I spent the 31st with C. I accompanied him to school to manage some papers and enrollment stuff for the upcoming semester. We spent the whole six hours walking here and there and gaaah was it so tiring. Anyway, here are some photos I snapped!

External image

External image

DYK? Blogger Adrianne and I go to the same school! But my course’s building is located at the main campus (downtown) and Iya and boyf are from here (talamban campus). It’s a small world but I haven’t met her yet :(

External image

Around 3pm, after the school works and all, we went to a park just a ride away from school. It was a perfect way to relax after all the long walks. Although my feet hurt like hell, I enjoyed strolling around and playing with the animals. Yes there’s a zoo there! Few photos of them under the cut. Meantime, here are some views of the park. The sun was peeking on us!

External image

External image

I didn’t feel like going home yet so we went to his place and watched The Hunger Games. It was around 10pm that he decided to take me home. It was a very tiring day for us. Body pains all over the next day but it was all worth it. Perfect way to end the month :)

More photos under the cut!

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Where art though, Petite Fawn

First of all, I want to welcome all my new followers! Hello there ladies and gents, thank you for following my blog. My name is Jean, and I am a nineteen-year-old walking soul. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts :) And to the old ones, thank you so much for sticking around! You guys are amazing.

Sooo, how long was it? Almost a week of not updating. Sorry for being missing in action lately, I know my broken camera had been my lame excuse for the past weeks, but I was recently having ‘internet connection’ problems which is also a contributing factor. If you’re following me on twitter, I’m pretty sure you’ve read the rants flooding on my profile. I wasn’t able to access Tumblr for three days (which made me really upset). But no worries, I got it all working now! Yeay! Thank you google forums and genius people :D

External image

What’s been happening the past week: i. I’ve been having late night road trips with le boyfriend. First time I sneaked out of the house! Craaazy minds. ii. Went out to the mall twice with mom and cousin. iii. I sketched a faceless me on the first page of my moleskine (I know the first page shouldn’t be touched but I liked it that way). iv. I’ve been having nightmares lately, for three consecutive nights. It was horrible. Reason why I’m up at dawn, crying my heart out, and not getting back to sleep. I’ve learned not to sleep while tummy is full (it will increase chances of having nightmares!). Note to remember!

I guess that’s pretty much it. This week went by so fast. October 22nd is fast approaching (cousin’s birthday) and then it’s my turn on the 9th of November. Can’t believe I’ll be twenty in less than a month! Not really looking forward to it. Hehee. Have a wonderful weekend, you guys

Take me to Caffé Florian!

Hello everyone! Guess who’s back from the said semi-hiatus but it turned out to be an unsaid long hiatus. I apologize for being missing in action. Anyway, I miss you guys soooo much! We still don’t have our internet connection (yes til now) and I’m getting really impatient about it. I guess we’d have it back by next year, hopefully. Meanwhile, here’s a queued post for everyone. Happy Holidays! ♡

If you’re an old follower of this blog, I’m pretty sure you already know that I have love for coffee and little bit for tea. Sitting in the third place on my bucket list, is to visit different coffee shops from different countries. I’ve already listed some lovely places to visit and one of them is Caffé Florian.

Caffé Florian is a historical coffee house (oldest cafe in Venice) situated in the Procuratie Nuove of Piazza San Marco, Venice. I fell in love the first time I laid my eyes on the place. History and good food all in one - perfect.

External image
External image

One thing very attractive is the beautiful original interiors. If I ever get the chance to visit this place, I don’t think I would ever get tired of taking pictures of just about everything. Everything is just so beautiful! Oh and there is a live music at night - small orchestras playing :)

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

I hope you enjoyed the picture-filled post. All photos are from flickr and edited by yours truly, credits to the owners (I’ll put proper credits when I’m officially back).

On a different note, if you want to catch up with me, you could add/subscribe me on Facebook! Just please let me know (through message) that you’re a follower from tumblr so that I could accept your request. I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH, I REALLY DO. I can’t wait to be officially back and respond to every single message I have in my inbox. Oh by the way, I’d like to thank everyone who left me messages, to those who still stick with me, and to those who still remember me. You guys made me feel really loved. I’m blessed. Til then, xoxo.

La Petite Fawn

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(photo seen on Tumblr; not mine)

Yep, Catalleya is now La Petite Fawn. All of a sudden, I have to change my URL due to personal purposes. I just found out that one of my relatives, my not-so-close cousin (who has this attitude I can’t deal with), knew about my personal blog and it makes me feel uncomfortable. Oh why do I have to do this, Catalleya means a lot to me and it’s been with me for months now. But guess I have to embrace this new URL, La Petite Fawn. Sounds cute to me! ;) New header and sidebar pic is up! Hmmm I’m thinking about getting a domain, what do you guys think about this?

By the way, I Support (ad exchange) section will be officially opened by next week! If you want to be in it, feel free to drop me a message! x

Des photographies et des Souvenirs
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“Jay Maisel always says to bring your camera, ‘cause it’s tough to take a picture without it. Pursuant to the above aforementioned piece of the rule book, subset three, clause A, paragraph four would be… use the camera.
Put it to your eye. You never know. There are lots of reasons, some of them even good, to just leave it on your shoulder or in your bag. Wrong lens. Wrong light. Aaahhh, it’s not that great, what am I gonna do with it anyway? I’ll have to put my coffee down. I’ll just delete it later, why bother? Lots of reasons not to take the dive into the eyepiece and once again try to sort out the world into an effective rectangle. It’s almost always worth it to take a look.”

External image

External image

I was going through my old folders and saw these photos which were taken earlier this year, when boyfriend took me out to a pool date. It was the same day I taught him about shooting in macro. I can’t really remember which was his work but I’m pretty sure the first and second photos were taken by me. :) I was experimenting with photoshop last night and so happy I’ve created a new action! I used it with these photos. What do you guys think?

P.S. I don’t think I owe anyone an apology but I’m so sorry if I haven’t posted anything about my birthday celebration. It wasn’t that great (as some of you expected it to be) and remembering it saddens me a little. But I’m gonna post about it! Probably this weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful day xo

After a Long Break
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It has been a year since I last logged in and posted something in here. Way back 2012, I made a post saying I’m going on a short break due to unstable internet connection but that ‘short’ break turned into a long break which I didn’t expect. I hadn’t posted regularly in over two years and I admit somewhere in those years I realized I had fallen out of blogging and lost passion. Even though I did not closed the blog, not posting made me feel sad and a bit guilty.

So why did I come back? So much has changed in two years- I’ve been really busy with the life outside the cyber world. I’ve got myself a job, tried to live independently, and lived the life away from the web. But sometimes I feel like something was missing out of my life. That’s why I came back. Blogging was very much a creative outlet for me, to document my everyday life, to share my thoughts, to be inspired and being able to inspire others. I am very much happy to be blogging again and hoping that this new journey would be as memorable as it was three years ago. :)

P.S. If you’ve been following this blog since the hiatus and you’ve changed URL, please do let me know through the comments (Disqus) or you can message me. It would be lovely too see old readers! xx

The Osmena Peak Experience

This is an overdue post but I’d like to share to you guys my first ever trekking experience two months ago. We spent one wednesday to trek the highest point on the island of Cebu - Osmena Peak. I was with my boyfriend, a close friend, our supervisor at work and his husband. We left the meeting place and spent almost three hours (three hours of super fun joyride and kpop music blasting in the car) to get to the foot of the peak. We arrived there at almost two in the morning and the weather’s freezing cold!

External image

External image

We met locals from the area who were very generous in offering to guide us without any fee. Three kids accompanied us and they were only wearing shirts, shorts, and slippers. I almost didn’t believe they’d make it because seriously the weather’s really cold and I was already shivering wearing thick jacket and shoes! We trekked for almost three hours and reached the destination at four AM. The sun wasn’t up yet and the weather’s way much colder up there! But despite the cold weather, I got to sleep with nothing but my bag as my pillow and blanket as bed. Haha, crazy right? When I woke up at around five-thirty in the morning, it was really foggy. The sun’s up but you can’t really see it because of the thick fog surrounding the area. We stayed there for two good hours, took lots of photos and met a group of trekkers as we made our way down the mountain.

External image

Going down the mountain was much easier than going up. The cold weather was replaced with sunshine and it immediately painted a smile on my face because finally I get to take clearer photos! These photos were taken with my phone as we were making our way down the mountain.

External image

External image

I never thought I get to experience this kind of adventure - well not at this point, not this year. It was exhausting and quite painful (painful? well for me who has a weak stamina) but the experience was worth the pain because I got to prove myself that I can do things I thought I couldn’t do. Maybe for some of you going up a mountain might be an easy pie but for me it’s not. And also, I got to see another amazing, breathtaking creation by the Man up above. Nature is love, nature is life.

Go trekking - done! Now I have 95 things left to do in my bucketlist! :) Now, what’s next?

Friday Favorites // 01
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This was supposed to be published yesterday but I really had a bad internet connection last night so let’s just pretend today’s Friday, okay? ;) So… These past few days I’ve been blog hopping looking for some new blogs to read and then I stumbled upon a lifestyle blog on blogspot (sorry I couldn’t remember the url tsk), she had this blog link-up party on her blog and I really had a good time reading the entries and visiting the blogs that were linked up on the post. So I had this idea, to do my own blog link up called Friday Favorites which I will be posting every Friday (obviously) and it would be all about my favorites! From my top three favorite movies, to top three favorite bloggers, to favorite indie songs, etc. It’s one way of letting you guys know more about me, so why not try it.. right? You guys can also do this and have your blog linked up to mine (through the widget at the end of the post) and together let’s have some fun finding new blogs and friends! It will be cool! :)

So today’s favorite would be all about my top three Instagram favorites!

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Life is but a train to the next stop..
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It was a monday, around 11 pm, and I was having a depressing night. Sad thoughts all over my head and I needed someone to vent it out. Someone who doesn’t know me, someone who won’t judge me. And for some reason, the word ‘omegle’ popped out of my head. I’ve heard of the site before but didn’t bother about it, but that night I decided to give it a try.

The stranger said hi, I replied hello. He asked where I’m from and without thinking I replied “From the other side of the world. I’m a lost soul. Wandering. I found my death.” Woah what made me say that? Because of depression? I don’t know. I pretended I’m a lost soul and I thought he would laugh at me and call me crazy. But instead he replied “Surely all the lost can be found? But why are you still here? Can you not see the light?” I was quite shocked. I expected the opposite response. So the convo went on and stories have been made. Every line seems to make sense.

“But.. life is a train to the next stop. When you die, you arrived. What lies beyond that next stop? Another train?” He asked. “I don’t know. I guess death. It’s just like a bus stop.” I replied. I didn’t know what else to say and I was getting a little bit sleepy and tired so decided to leave the chat. But before we ended it, he told me, “Keep on wandering my friend, til you find that next bus. Til you see the light.”

I don’t know what I’m pointing out here or if this post makes any sense at all but I’m glad I found comfort, somehow, from a stranger. But his question though, still bothers me. What lies beyond that next stop?

Life Recently
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Recently I’ve been…

Reading // This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith. I usually finish a book in just a day or two, but this book takes me forever to finish. Not because of the plot or any reasons related to the book but because I don’t have that much time anymore. Work has been stressful lately and whenever I reach home, I just wanted to spend my time in bed and just sleep throughout the day. I am that tired most of the days. *sigh

Listening // I made a new playlist of indie songs last tuesday and I’ve been listening to it since. Some of the tracks were Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Daniela Andrade, Little Worrier by Kina Grannis, and a few Regina Spektor songs that were used as soundtracks in movies. My love for indie music will never fade.

Watching // I’m currently finishing an anime series - Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori. The story revolves around a girl named Ai Enma, who’s also known as Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). Her job consists of carrying out grudges on the behalf of the people who request her service. She’ll help you send people to hell (easy, right?), but the hardest part is you will also be sent to hell.. that is after your natural life comes to an end. Interesting plot, eh?

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