lape up

phake-zecon  asked:

The problem with fantasy is itll still attracted people who DO like it, Ive seen comments from practising zoos laping up zoo comics, no matter how 'fantasy' it is people who practice in real life will find it and enjoy it too, remeber that folks when posting anything on line! :3

I’d rather them enjoy fantasy images rather than the real thing, though.

- Snake Mod

Xena wasn’t drinking her water and then it dawned on me that she doesn’t know how to drink out of a bowl (which is weird because she’s already eating solid food). I had to teach her how to by letting her drink drops off my finger and then leading her to the bowl and once she started laping it up by herself I started tearing up.. honestly that might have been the most gratifying feeling ever. Omg omg omg 😢