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How do the Nordics behave when they are super drunk? Love your blog sweet cheeks!

Thank you so much lovely! Here you go!!


  • It takes a lot to get him drunk (Denmark is one of the drinking capitals of the world) but once he is, he gets super emotional.
  • He’ll start crying to the bar tender until someone has to drag him home.


  • Pretty decent tolerance, though it’s not too hard to get him drunk. When he is, he’s like a totally different person. Alcohol makes him super giggly and happy.
  • He’ll hang around Emil, hugging him and asking him to call him big brother. He’ll basically act like a child.


  • He has the smallest tolerance out of all of them, so after like three drinks he’ll be drunk. Will try to strip. His morals go out the window.
  • Gets like super provocative like what the hell Emil. Eventually, after trying to give some random chick a lapdance, he has to be brought home by Lukas.


  • Pretty good with alcohol, but when he’s drunk he gets a lot more talkative.
  • He’ll most likely be hanging out with Tino, the roles completely switched. Berwald will be taking his ear off, meanwhile Tino will be super quiet.


  • Best tolerance out of the whole group. He’s rarely seen drunk, even though he does several shots of vodka every time he goes out. When he is drunk though, he gets downright scary.
  • Like he will start a fight don’t mess with him.

what is it about a girl who loves to give a lap dance that gets me so worked up? 

it’s a lot of things.

the anticipation after she shows she is in complete control, placing you down in a chair or pushing you down on a bed.

the idea that she, and she alone, is responsible for getting your dick rock fucking hard…and how much knowing that turns her on.

the simple yet insanely sexy little things.

hands on knees, sliding her ass up and down my throbbing cock, one with the bass. slow, teasing and gentle at first, but dirtier and more forceful as she realizes how much she wants me inside her. she looks back over her shoulder, shooting me a dirty little smile that lets me know how sexy she knows she is.

turning around, straddling me and working her pussy lips up and down my shaft, through jeans, panties or a skirt. or even skin to skin if she is feeling really naughty.

pushing my face hard into her sweaty tits, giving me something to lick, suck and drool all over as she grinds her hips deeper and deeper into mine.

the moment when neither of us can take it anymore, and she whips my aching cock out, squeezing as she guides it into her dripping pussy. leave the lingerie on…just pull it to the side and let me the fuck in.

this is the best fuck EVER — a continuation of the dance, except now every one of her hip grinds is rewarded by me thrusting deep, deep into her with everything i got. forehead to forehead. sweat and spit everywhere. fucking otherworldly. 

hands on her hips, squeezing. hands on her tits, squeezing and burying my face. and my favorite: one hand yanking her hair back, the other one fingering her ass as she rides and moans.

the option to cum anywhere she wants it without having to move. on her face as she’s kneeling in front of me, licking and sucking me to finish. all over her stomach and tits. all over her thighs so it drips off the sides and down her knees. whatever she wants.

that’s why i love a girl who loves to lap dance.


#lapdances #girlxgirl

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Juice as an Old Man would include <3

Having video game competitions

When you’re drunk, loser has to take off an article of clothing each round

Cuddling every night

Being as close to Chibs as he is

Giving him lapdances

Him sending flowers to your job randomly

Shaving his head for him to get it perfect

Running your fingers over his scalp and playing with the peach fuzz as his hair grows back in

Him worshiping you

Picking up on what triggers his OCD and avoiding it

Him calling you throughout the day just to hear your voice

Not being able to ignore each other for long after a fight

Rubbing his back at night to put him to sleep when he can’t

Slipping a pair of your panties into his bag when he leaves for runs

Him admitting that he already grabbed a pair

Hot showers together before bed

Him taking care of cooking when you had a bad/long day

Him pampering you every chance he gets

Hundreds of I Love you’s a day ❤️

His Private Stripper(HARRY STYLES SMUT)

Harry walked through the door of his mansion after a long day at the studio,“Kenzy darling?” He closed the door and proceeded to walk upstairs,“Kenzy baby?” She wasn’t answering.He opened the bedroom to see her in lace lingerie,his favorite,dancing to Rihanna-“birthday cake”. Her curves stood out in her sexy outfit.He didn’t take his eyes off her,“Someone’s horny,someone wanted daddy’s attention when he got home.” Kenzy bent down and bounced in her 6 inch heels. Harry was getting aroused by the minute seeing Kenzy like that.
He finally closed the door behind him crossing his ankles starting to lock eyes with Kenzy again.She came over to him and made him sit on a chair by the door and put her foot on top of his leg,“Daddy I’m going to give you a show today.”
Harry quickly his unbuttoned his shirt growling,“Wait until I fuck you,You’re going to scream.” Kenzy gave him a lapdance,“Dadddyy your boner is hurting my bum.” Harry slapped her ass a couple times.
Kenzy got up to entertain him again.She started grinding against a pillow,“Harrryyyy”.When she looked over at Harry again she noticed he unzipped his pants and had been masturbating to her beautiful body muttering curses under his breath. She got up again to walk over to him and kisses his neck,“Babeee do something to meeee.”
Kenzy squats between his legs taking his cock from his hand,“Dadddyyyy mmmm,Daddy you’re bad.” Harry moans,“Little girl put it in your fucking mouth now!” Kenzy obeys him placing into her mouth licking it up and down.Harry tangles his hand in her hair,“good girl.Tell me when you’re ready to fuck.”
Kenzy feels his hand feeling her breasts as she sucks him off,“mmmmm”.Harry raises off the chair fucking her mouth hard before finally standing up fully,“Bend over little girl let me see that pretty pink pussy.” She does as he says.
Harry’s finger slowly grazes her clit from behind making her whimper,“Daddy fuck me now.” Harry squeezes her waist,“If you say so.” He begins to thrust into her,leaning over in her ear,“tell me what I caught you doing when I came home.” Kenzy starts screaming,“Harryyyyy!mmhmmmhmmm”.He grabs her hair and pulls it back,“ Answer me now!” Kenzy tries to answer,“Daddy you caught me doing something naughty again.You saw me stripping tonight.” Harry smirks and thrusts harder.
Kenzy looks back at him,“Daddyyy!” Harry pulls her hair harder and bends over to her ear,“I told you when I fuck you tonight it might hurt.After its my night isn’t it??”
Harry pulls out,“Turn around and suck my cock now.” Kenzy did as told.She felt his piercing green eyes staring down at her,“Kenz I love you so fucking much darling.” Harry brushed her hair back,“I love you lots Harryyyy.”
Harry held her head back,“Babe I’m going to cum now.Are you ready for me to do it in your mouth?“Kenzy nods,“Alright Kenz.” She kept sucking him off and heard him say,“Fuckkkk”
She felt white cum seeping out the corners of her mouth.She sucked even harder,“Kenzyyy swallow now.” she did as told.Harry cleaned the rest with his fingers and fed it to her.She sucked his two fingers,“You’re such a good little girl.”
He pulled her up kissing her on the lips,“I want you forever princess.”

Take All Of Me

read it on the AO3 at

by pensversusswords

Bitty has an idea. Jack isn’t prepared for it, but he’s more than happy with what Bitty has in mind.

Words: 3635, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

#lapdance 😇

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Being Kozak's old lady would include?

Constant hugs and kisses

Sneaky ass grabs at club parties or really any function

Playful jokes and pranks being played on each other

Random middle of the night rides

Cuddling in bed together when one of you can’t sleep

Him always slipping in the shower with you

Him giving you hundreds of little goodbye kisses on your cheek when he leaves in the morning and you’re still alseep

Adopting a dog together 

Him getting annoyed everytime Tig talks to you or even looks in your direction

Playing pool at the clubhouse, loser has to give the winner a lapdance

He always cheats so you lose

Always being his confidant

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Geez man. 😕 the first thing I thought of when you said "Christmas oneshots" is Clarke in a skimpy Santa suit giving Lexa a lapdance. My arousal is officially painful 😕😕 -OG

well now all i can think about is clarke singing ‘santa baby’ while wearing red lingerie and an askew santa hat rip

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How do you think Rick would react to old/new self harm scars on both thighs due to severe depression? I'm very insecure and awkward about mine.

Rick laughed softly as you climb onto his lap and press your lips against his neck. “Feisty today huh?” You smile and nod. In response rick reaches behind you and grips your ass roughly. “Good I like when you’re bold, now get up.”

You’re more than happy to listen to him as you get off and stand before him. He leans back, his arms spread wide across the couch as if he were about to get the lapdance of his life. “Pants off.” Your smile falters at the request and you feel your heart sink. He had seen you naked before but this was different. It was so bright in the living room and his eyes were all over you.

Well…maybe he wouldn’t notice? It had been a month since the last time you cut and the other scars were mostly faded. Pale lines that served as a reminder of your self harm. Silently you slip them off and you’re relieved that your t shirt is long enough to cover them. Rick licks his lips hungrily as he eyes you, clearly excited to be able to see you with such bright lighting. “Shirt too.”

You knew this was going to happen and despite you’re best efforts it seemed as if the jig was up. Slowly you slip the shirt off and let if fall beside you. Rick sits up as little more, a wolf getting ready to devour it’s pray. “Now take off the-” He cuts himself off when he sees them. Before you have a chance to cover them he reaches forward and grabs you by the hips to bring you closer.

“So…how recent are these?” He asks nonchalantly as if he were asking about a tattoo or something. You feel yourself getting ready to cry. “A month…” You move to reach for your pants but his firm grip keeps you in place. “No, don’t move away it’s okay.” He leans forward and presses his lips against the marred skin. You shiver, nothing has touched that spot except for a razor and the smooth skin of his lips is incredibly bizarre. “I used to do it too. Long time ago, most people assume the scars are from an adventure.” He lets go and slips his lab coat off. Rick rolls his sleeve up to reveal some very faint white scars.

The sight of it leaves you feeling dizzy. “It’s rough babe but I mean…” Rick shrugged knowing there wasn’t an easy answer. He got on his knees in front of you, hands reaching back to grab your ass again. His lips brush against your tighs as he kisses every single scar yet again. The sensation makes you shiver. “…they’re a part of you now. You don’t have to be ashamed. You’re still here and we’re having fun. That’s a big accomplishment.” His words are punctuated by kisses and licks along both thighs.

He places his hands on your inner thighs and roughly pushes them apart. “You’re still a fucking knock out.” His rough fingers press against your slit. The thin cotton of your panties prevent full contact but this is still enough to set your body ablaze. “Rick…” He presses harder against you for a brief moment before sliding them up to rub small circles around your clit. This causes you to tangle you finger in his hair for purchase. “Rick please!”

For once he listens to you rather than making you outright beg a couple more times. He slips your underwear off and he leans forward to give you a lewd kiss. “Okay, but only because you’re so f-fucking cute.”

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clarke taking the suit off layer by layer with beyonce playing softly in the background in front of lexa who is smirking smugly but also blushing profusely

Anonymous said to decalexas: Clarke lapdance while Lexa is trying to not faint

good, good…. we are getting some quality visuals here